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Eagle Warrior
04-11-2004, 10:21 PM
do you want to play defense or offense.

i want to play defense. it will be kool to build turrents and plan ambushes on the offensive team.:bdroid2:

i thought about this over night and i decided that offense is the best mode but defense hangs on the verge to be my best mod. offense has more action plus you can plan massive attacks diversions ect. :bdroid2:

04-12-2004, 12:27 AM
I was always D

04-12-2004, 12:28 AM
I agree. That would be sweet, but for awhile i thought that you would'nt be able to build turrets but i think it says you can on lucasart.com on the descition for either the pilot/engineer or the wookie smuggler. :jawa :jawa

dark jedi 8
04-12-2004, 01:11 AM
i prefer D, that way you can sit back, build you fortifications and rip the enemy apart. but then again O has the element of surprise, especially if they have a well placed sniper and can catch the D off guard. but i still lean toward D.

04-12-2004, 02:26 AM
i enjoy offense because of the constant thinking of how to break through the defense if one way doesn't work, and then trying to complete the ojective when you know there is going to be a good fight waiting for you after you break through any defensive barrier.

04-12-2004, 03:23 AM
I like both but i like offense more. Building up your defenses and protecting the objective will be awesome dont get me wrong, but i live for action packed moments such as taking a stronghold by force and raining down fire on the enemy in an x-wing and republic gunship. So, i'm gonna go for , you know it, offense.:jawa :jawa

04-12-2004, 11:43 AM
I'd like to be a pilot so I'd be doing a bit of both (flying a ship and building turrets/bunkers/whatever else).

04-12-2004, 02:39 PM
Defence and counter attack has always been a fav of mine

04-12-2004, 03:26 PM
good question. I tink I prefer offense, just because the planning how to attack whether it be sneaking up or just chraging in guns blazing. I think I just like attaking more than defending.

04-12-2004, 04:22 PM
I like offense just because of the bigger challenge in it. Instead of sitting back and busting caps on people from behind a wall, your facing turret and enemy fire, maybe some tanks, gotta use trees for cover and bushes and it feels so good when you kill sum1 on offense. you see the words SLAPSHOT16 KILLED SO AND SO pop up on the screen and if you kill three it feels like u've accoplished more IMO