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04-13-2004, 05:41 AM

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2: No God Modding.

3: No controling other people's characters. (NPCs are excepted from this rule.)
4: No killing other people's characters. Characters can die if the person who created the character is okay with it. (Everyone will have multiple characters so some will be expendable.)

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7: Keep your actions in the city. Basically the city is the whole world. I'm not going to be nit picky about it but try to stay in most of the time if not all the time. Like no bringing reinforcements from out of the city. If you leave the city, like flee the city because everyone wants you dead, then the characters who flee the city will be unoffially out of the story. Not the player, the character(s).

I'll edit with more if any more need to be made.

from this point on keep it as strictly story as possible.

----------------*The Vampire Wars - Part1 - The Shadows of York*----------------

The city of York spanned for miles in every direction from Tathar's Tower. Tathar's Tower, as it is called, is the oldest structure in the city. A monument, a tourist attraction, the center of the city. The tower was thousands of years old.

The top of the tower was two hundred and fifty feet high. A park surrounded it's base, with fresh grass, trees, flowers, park benches, sculpted monuments, and three fountains. During the day it was filled with friendly citizens. An old man who fed the birds and squirrels could be seen almost daily. Children played frisby while parents walked the dog.

But at night it attracts a different host.


To most of the citizens of York the war raging beneath the surface was a shadow. And the very man named after the tower did not really exist. They went about their normal lives oblivious. The occasional disapearences, murders, and spilling overs resulting from the war were concealed as muggings, kidnappings, and gang wars. It's really quite shocking how few human crimes take place. The criminal world is generally run by a more mysterious race of men and woman...the VAMPIRES.


Tathar's tower markes the center of the Red Shadow's relm. Streatching out like a nova the Red Shadow faction spreads it's influence and control. Tathar, the eldest of the vampires, has led the Red Shadow for a three hundred years, back when the tower was first built. Tathar's mansion faces the tower and the surrounding park from across the street. From the tower the surrounding buildings rise like a set of stairs. Houses and shops surround the park, taller buildings surround them, and finally office buildings and skyscrapers surround those. From there the city scatters in a random pattern until it finally dies at the outskirts.

Beneath the city the metro carries people from place to place. And winding service tunnels sewers provide sanctuary for whoever would dig out a home in the damp, dark, and dirty underworld.


But here in York Tathar and his Red Shadow Faction rule. Unoposed until now...

04-13-2004, 09:14 AM
[OOC: I know we're not supposed to do OOCing much, but this thread kinda tickles me because I live near the original York....]

*York. A town of mystery. Famed for it, tourists come for the attractions of the "haunted" buildings and walks to famed sights where vampires supposedly lived and werewolves hunted.

If only they knew the real horror. But it was a group of brave men and women who held the line between normality and the city erupting into hell on earth. As vampires fed in the alleyways and werewolves howled beneath the full moon, figures atop the cathedral watched, and waited. A figure stands in an alley, biting a woman's neck. A second figure lands behind it, silent as a shadow. It smashes a bottle of water over the first's head, then watches as it melts away. It places a cross in the dead woman's hands and leaps back upward, and into the night..*

"Another one for the Neo Templars"

Darth NeoVenom
04-13-2004, 05:08 PM
Deep in a certain part of the sewers of York, people occassionally hear howling and growling. Some are in fear of what lurks in the shadows. In this place, the Shadow Hunters call it home. The sewers allow the Shadow Hunters to journey around the town. They sometimes camp in buildings that are unoccupied and journey thru the streets. Conflicts sometimes occur when they meet up with other races, but someday hopes for the conflicts to end.

04-13-2004, 06:30 PM
In the slums of town there have been an increasing number of murders. Up till now, nobody has cared, all those taken have been hobos and beggars. Until now.

The Glorious Shadows have hit it big time, capturing and killing an important werewolve. Now they have been going from one of the weakest factions to one of the more powerful. However, with this increase in power has come an increase in responsibility, and recently they have also began to fight for justice as well as pleasure.

Black Knight of Keno
04-13-2004, 06:47 PM
A plashing sound is heard from the sewers as the lizardmen come from their hunting journey. They enter a small crack in the wall and light a torch. They took the seven murdered men to the nest where they started to eat their flesh. There was screams of the lizardmen as they tore the bodies apart and ate them. The lizardmen had nothing to do with the other creatures, they just wanted for the human life to end forever. They know that they would have to fight the other species for the human lands but their population was growing hole the time and many of the workers were being trained to be soldiers.
These seven bankers were a delicious meal and a victory for the lizardmen.

04-13-2004, 08:17 PM
In the tallest of the tall buildings, in dusty towers and decaying churches, observers if there were any could have seen a recent increase in the number of stone gargoyles that perched on cornices everywhere - bat-winged statues that basked in the sun throughout the day and vanished at night. But there were no observers yet, and those who happened to notice attributed it to York's legendary ghost population.

In reality, these stone statues were sleeping watchers, scouts. When they were not asleep, not a soul saw them, though they flew high in the sky and crept along the lowest of the sewers, investigating and observing everything. They were preparing for the coming of their leader, the dark High Priest called Black Crystal. York was to be the beginning, and the time was drawing near. The scouts stayed hidden for now, as their brethren had for centuries, but they could sense that the time for hiding would soon pass.

04-13-2004, 08:55 PM
[OOC: Hmm, if you don't mind I might be taking on some of the outer-city types (of course I'll keep it mostly in the city)]

*On the outskirts of the city, where some brush and tree were allowed to grow. The indigious population of humans was neither aware nor hinted that just maybe the forest near the city that was creeping up ever so closer every year, had eyes and ears...*

*With in the centre of the city, a man, or at least it seemed to be walked the alley ways hooded. He needed not to care in these times, other then humans. Vampires can't turn a pagan, for they aren't human in orign.

But Lycans ((thats your guys the warewolves, just thinking it'l be better to call em that :D)), the Gargolyes and the Lizardmen, may or maynot be as equaly curious to their intentions or outright despisal.

For it was Pagans belief to not interfere with any other races affar, how ever then humans industralization, they needed to act, due to the humans poisioning their mother, Earth...*


*The figure was on his way to find a certain stronghold, this pagan wanted something important to ask of who ever he was going to...*

04-13-2004, 11:15 PM
When the sun slept, the moon awoke, and the vampires with it. The Red Shadow Faction has been unoposed for years, ruling the city from it's core. Perhpas that was one of their weaknesses, perhaps they were over confident being the largest power.

The Night Hawkes were a team of scouts and warriors who's job it was to keep watch over the city at night. At the moment there were no serious need for them, but the occasional Werewolf or Human hunter could not be let to roam free. For the Vampire's own survival and preservation.

Miryia, eldest daughter of Tathar, often went out with the Night Hawkes as their unoficial leader. But Sain was their leader and greatest warrior.

There seemed to be an increase in the werewolf population recently, though Tathar the Mighty took no notice Miryia wanted to be careful. She took some Night Hawkes with her and scoured the city. Tonight there would be blood shed.

The usual Silver bullets eaquipped, the Night Hawkes set off into the night. From the rooftops they observed below. There were twenty Night Hawkes out tonight, more than there have been in years. Tonight, the wind spoke of somthing foul, a begining of the war.

Darth NeoVenom
04-13-2004, 11:28 PM
At one of the main sewer gates, NeoVenom escorted a group of ten Shadow Hunters. "Tonight, we will avenge those of our kind that have been slaughtered. Tonight, we shall feast on the blood of our enemies. Tonight, it is war. Move cautiously and don't attract too much attention. Sources tell us that one of our fellow companions has fallen to the hands of vampires. I don't know which clan it is, but just in case..." NeoVenom taps his desert eagle with his other desert eagle and says, "We have special bullets for them."

After that is said, NeoVenom and his group move out of the subway tunnels and enters a door leading to a local subway station.

04-14-2004, 02:23 AM
From the center of the city Miryia dispatches her Night Hawkes throughout the city keeping an eye on every inch of it. They keep in contact with small speakers on the inside of thier wrists and earpieces in their ears. Guns ready, eyes narowing in on the crowds of people walking the night streets. From rooftop to rooftop they jump, searching in every alley and lane.

Taking sections of the city the group of twenty split up in pairs.

Matt(X), and Tais(*), a turned vampire with enough skill to have been accepted into the skillfuly demanding Night Hawkes, pair up and scout out their sector.

From the rooftops they detect no unusual activity and so they report Miryia.

Miryia's voice is heard on everyone's radio, "Everyone split up, I want one above looking down, and one on the ground checking everywhere. Keep in contact at all times with your partner."

Tais keeps to the rooftops and Matt dropps below. Matt walks along the sidewalk passing through the flow of normal people. Tais follows in an overlapping mannor, leaping a building ahead, then watching until Matt is a building ahead.

Matt looks down every alley, sniffing for the werewolf scent. But finds nothing. Finally he comes to the subway station. "I'm goin in."

Tais pearches on an apartment building's roof and watches as Matt disapears into the station, "I'll keep an eye out from here, gimmy a shout if you find anything. Don't do anything stupid Matt, we're a team here."

Matt chuckles, "Yaya, I gotchya."

The subway isn't as full as it would be during the day, but there are still enough people to blend in with. Matt looks around and makes his way to the center of the station. He sniffs around a bit but doesn't smell anything...at least, not at first. His hand slowly drifts to his gun...

((OCC: Mat is (X) expendable.))

Black Knight of Keno
04-14-2004, 11:36 AM
A small hissing is heard in the metro station. A large bang is heard and then the lights of a metro appear from the tunnels. The train stopped next to the station. The lights there blinked and the wires fell from the roof of the metro train. Then the doors opened with a hiss and a ripped body fell out. The humans thought it would be a human but Matt noticed it was a vampire. Four quiet figures crawled into a small sidetunnel only a ten meters away from the station and carried eight human bodies to the nest.

Two appearing to be men in long coats walked down the main street. They watched up and down only to see the figures of vampires. They suddenly disappeared into the sewers with a hiss. They reported to their groups leader and then got to the metro station as soon as they could. Ssachak(X) walked and stopped next to Matt. He drew a small, curved dagger under his jacket and stabbed Matt. The lizard discuised as a human now walked out of the station. He didn't stay there to see if the vampire was going to live or not.
The war against the vampire population was on.

Darth NeoVenom
04-14-2004, 12:49 PM
Travelling thru a narrow hallway leading to three doorways, NeoVenom lifts up his left hand indicating for his group to stop. Peters(X), a turned member of the Shadow Hunters, questions NeoVenom, "What is wrong sir?" NeoVenom sniffs the air around him. He growls and says, "....Vampire". He continues to speak, "I smell another scent, but I'm not too familiar with it." He continues to walk forward until him and his group are about 10 feet from the door. "Get ready men." NeoVenom says as he checks his gun.

He approaches the door and opens it. A commotion already broke out. People running straight to the exit. Moments later, the subway station was nearly empty, except for a person kneeling on his hands and knees. Peters raises his gun and fires at Matt. Ultraviolet light can been seen out of Matt's mouth as his skin begins to diminish. NeoVenom says to Peters, "What happens if that was a human? We are not animals to be killing everyone. Go...kick his gun over here. You killed him, you get it." Peters walks towards what is left of Matt's body and kicks over Matt's gun. NeoVenom stops it with his right foot. Picks it up and puts it away in his trench coat.

Black Knight of Keno
04-14-2004, 04:00 PM
Two long coated human looking men walk to NeoVenom. "NeoVenom, I presssume?" the first man spoke and got a rude look from NeoVenom's men. A hiss was heard from the other man as the other continued. "Our leader want's to make a deal with you. I believe the Vampires are our mutual enemy, so-" suddenly, a bang and the talking man fell down with a bullet in his head. His hat fell off when he hit the ground and let his lizard head to reveal. The other man panicked and hissed angrily at one of NeoVenom's soldiers that had took his gun out, like blaming him. The lizardman took his hat off a little, revealing the yellow eyes and green skin on his face. A single word was heard from the angry hissing. "Die..." the lizardman hissed and then left to the metro rails. Then he disappeared into the darkness.

Asshkar got quickly the news about his warrior. "Get me Sshaka and Hisska!! NOW!!!" Asshkar shouted and hit the table infront of him, making a loud bang. His two best friends came now to him and they made plans. Asshkar decided that he would like to meet the Leader of the werewolfs first, so he left the message to Sshaka. Sshaka left soon to the metro station and started to track NeoVenom

Darth NeoVenom
04-14-2004, 04:23 PM
"Who shot him?" NeoVenom questions his men. "Peters? Did you?" he look at Peters angrily. "Not me sir." Peters replies quickly.

NeoVenom looks down at the dead body of the lizardman. "What are they? They look like lizards." NeoVenom says. Jacks(X), also a turned member of the Shadow Hunters, replied, "I heard of a clan that is filled with these creatures. I am not sure what is the name of the clan, but I heard that they also live in underground passages like we do."

"I see..." replied NeoVenom. "Come Peters. Let us take another way out. I have a feeling thru that very exit there are more comrades of him." He points his gun at what is left of Matt. Jacks kneels down before the dead body of the lizardman and puts some of the blood in a small tube. "McKain can study more of this creature's blood." NeoVenom nods.

Black Knight of Keno
04-14-2004, 04:32 PM
A strong hiss was heard. It came closer to NeoVenom and his men. "Sstop!" a sound shouted and some of NeoVenom's men turned. Then Sshaka dopped from the roof and turned back to his own skin. He walked towards them. "Massster NeoVenom, I am terribly ssorry about the incident. Our Leader wantsss to meet you..." Sshaka hissed and stopped. He continued: "...only you" and pointed at NeoVenom.

Darth NeoVenom
04-14-2004, 04:39 PM
"Only me?" NeoVenom asks. "How can I trust you?" His men looked upon Sshaka angrily as they pointed their guns. NeoVenom motioned his men to put down their guns. He took steps closer to Sshaka. "How do I know this isn't a trap?"

Black Knight of Keno
04-14-2004, 05:02 PM
"We lizardmen have allways been a peaceful population. We dont want anything but the human to die" Sshaka said and bowed. He noticed a soldier pulling the trigger and drew a dagger from his coat and it found it's way to the soldiers head. Sshaka looked at NeoVenom. "Masster Neovenom, you can take two of your mosst reliable men. As a treaty of our peace, you may take your weapons with you" Sshaka said and started to walk towards the tunnels. He then stopped and looked back if NeoVenom would come

Darth NeoVenom
04-14-2004, 05:11 PM
"Alright. Zeno......Draco, follow me. The rest of you return to base." NeoVenom, Zeno, and Draco followed Sshaka as the rest went thru the very same door in which they arrived at the train station. "Alright, we ready to go." NeoVenom says as he puts away his desert eagles. Zeno and Draco puts away their guns aswell.

Black Knight of Keno
04-14-2004, 05:29 PM
Sshaka nodded. "My name iss Sshaka, by the way" Sshaka said and led the group throught a small crack in the wall and into a dark hallway. Then a light came from the end of the hall and two yeallow vested guards came to Sshaka. "Sir, Asshkar has been waiting for your arrival. He is awaiting in the palace" the other guard said quietly and looked at the strangers. Sshakar hissed something on their own language and led the werewolfs to a large hall. They kept going and then entered a beautiful gate into the palace. Sshakar walked first to Asshkar. "Sir, Masster NeoVenom wouldn't come without his guns or two of his men" Sshakar explained and Asshkar nodded. Sshakar walked to the werewolfes and told them to go forwards. Asshkar looked the group coming closer

Darth NeoVenom
04-14-2004, 05:40 PM
"I've came with my guns and two of my men for my safety." NeoVenom said "As you already know, my name is NeoVenom, leader of the Shadow Hunters. You have request to see me, so here I am." NeoVenom slightly bows his head to show respect to Asshkar. He then stands up straight and crosses his arms behind him awaiting for Asshkar to speak.

Black Knight of Keno
04-14-2004, 05:53 PM
Asshkar hissed something to the guards and then looked NeoVenom. "Sso, Masster NeoVenom, I wanted to talk to you about our mutual enemy, the Vampires." Asshkar leaned forward, revealing his sharp teeth and red eyes. "Both of us would need each others information and connections. We have a large network of spies and tunnels under the city. You might need our maps..." Asshkar explained and walked towards them. "You want our help?"

[ooc: Sorry, but notice that Asshkar speaks English better(no double or triple s's). So you might like to notice that when you speak to him...]

Darth NeoVenom
04-14-2004, 06:23 PM
NeoVenom nods and says, "Whatever helps us avenge my kind is useful." Looking around, NeoVenom continues to speak. "I don't know if you heard, but one of my kind has fallen to the hands of a vampire. Do you have any information on who did it? As I sign of our truce, you may want to study this." NeoVenom walks over to a table and places a spare gun of his on it. "It's bullets contain Ultravoilet light, a very deadly element to the vampires."

Meanwhile, Peters, Jacks, and the others arrive at Dark Shadows, the headquarters of the Shadow Hunters. Jacks heads off to the room in which McKain is in. "Sir, I have something for you." Jacks places the small tube from his coat on the table. McKain picks up the tube and taps on it with the tip of his nail. "Interesting....what is this?" McKain questions. "It's blood from those Lizard creatures. One was killed, so I obtained a small portion of it's blood. I thought you would like to study it." Before McKain spoke a word, Solnina barged into the lab. "Where is my husband?" Solnina demanded. "Lord NeoVenom is meeting up with the leader of the Lizard creatures." An expression of worry crosses Solnina's face. "Alone?" Jacks replies, "No, with Zeno and Draco. I think he is planning an alliance with them."

04-14-2004, 06:32 PM
*The cloaked Pagan reaches a Lizardmen stronghold. Standng only to the west of it. He waits.*

*Meanwhile, at the other side of the city, two other pagans also cloaked, stand in the shadows of an alleyway, with their backs agenst the brick wall. Around the corner was a tower that was ran by the Neo-Templars, a stronghold most likey.

They wait before attacking...*

Black Knight of Keno
04-14-2004, 07:26 PM
[ooc: Scar, like you would be near the Lizardmen stronghole... First, it is a nest. Second, the Lizardmen live in the tunnels beneath the metro and the city. And for third, no Lizardman qould let you get that far, not even if the stronghole would be underground...]

Asshakar nodded and the guards came to escort the men out of the nest. The guards stopped next to them. "We are most happy to have you as our allies. Let it be a good one. Now, we have many urgent plans to activate, so sorry, but you must leave. I shall send all my data to you when he have copied everything neseccary for you" Asshakar explained and let the guards open tthe doors and lead the wrerewolfs out.

Sshaka ran down a corridor, collecting any urgent data about the latest spottings of the Vampire's. The lizardmen's assault team was allready mobilized and on the move to hunt the scattered vampires from the slums.

04-14-2004, 08:39 PM
((strong·hold ( P ) Pronunciation Key (strônghld)
A fortified place or a fortress.

A place of survival or refuge: one of the last strongholds of an age-old tradition.
An area dominated or occupied by a special group or distinguished by a special quality: a feminist stronghold; a stronghold of democracy


04-14-2004, 08:50 PM
A group of Glorious Shadows vampires explored the area around the Red Shadows' stronghold. Some of them were carrying a big bag. The rest were gaurding them. They set up gaurds surrounding the group. Finally they arrived at the tower, they waited to be noticed.

04-14-2004, 09:44 PM
High above the clouds, a group of shadowy winged shapes rides in on the wind above York. On a deserted rooftop, nine gargoyle scouts wait expectantly, looking at the sky. Single gargoyles perch on the roof of each nearby building, all also looking towards the sky. One, the leader of the scouts, Rasserk [***], speaks into a wristband.

Rasserk: Everything is clear. You may approach.

A stream of shadowy winged shapes flies from the outside, passing high over city borders and into the dark York skies.

04-14-2004, 09:58 PM
Backtracking a little...

Matt stands in the center of the train station. All around him are people, but none of them seem dressed in the wherewolves manor or smell of the sewers. Matt reports to Tais that there are no Werewolves.

Before he heads up he hears the train comming and decides to wait. But as the train grinds to a halt there doesn't apear to be anyone on it. Suddenly a dead vampire falls out of a door and Matt notices somthing scurry off in the tunnels. "Somthing's in the tunnels," He reports into his wrist's speaker.

However the people's screams drowned Matt out and Tais repeatedly tried to get a reply, he heard only screaming on his end, and Matt could not hear Tais because of the screaming.

Caught in the crowd of running people Matt couldn't move.

When they finally started to clear Matt suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. He dropped to one knee and clutched at his painful stomach which had been peirced through from behind by a blade. Matt's hands were covered in blood but he still tried to get up. Turning around he saw a cloaked man walking away.

Matt hissed showing his vampire fangs as he sat on his knees in the middle of the empty train station.


Tais leapt off the rooftop and headed into the street which was filling up with people as they fled the train station. Trying to push his way through the crowd Tais eventually made his way down the stairs and into the station.

Just in time to see Matt take a bullet in the chest. Tais' jaw drops as he sees his freind suffering on the blood painted ground blue ultraviolet light streams burst out of him and become wider until they vanish. Matt lays motionless as a partly disintegrated carcas.

Tais moves behind the wall so not to be seen. His sorrow turns to anger and he clenches fanged jaws. Taking out his Walther P99A (http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v83/Psylis/th_Walther_P99A.bmp) he vows vengance.

Tais contacts Miryia with his radio. "I've found the werewolves and some other hostiles, send the rest of the Night Hawkes here now." He's careful to keep it a wisper so that the werewolves do not hear.

"We're on our way." Comes Miryia's reply.

Glancing around the corner Tais sees the werewolves talking to two other men. Their guns are amied and Tais' rage gets the better of him, he blasts one of the men in the head and ducks back behind the wall. He doesn't care if they come after him, he would welcome the fight. But they don't even seem to notice, so Tais slumps to the ground and lets go of his rage for the moment.


After some waiting the first pair of Night Hawkes arrived and knelt behind the wall with Tais. "Ah, Max(X) and Lester(X), glad you made it, Matt is dead and the werewolves will pay." Both Max and Lester were pureblods.

"Hold on Tais," Lester cut Tais off, "We should wait until Miryia's command before we attack."

Tais hit him lightly, "You fool. By then they will have gone, who knows how long it'll take the other's to get here, we have the element of surprise and we're much better trained then they are, I say we should attack now!" Tais saw that there was no convincing Lester, he was as loyal to Miryia as a soldier can be. Tais looked to Max. "What about you, Max? Your with me arn't you?"

Max crossed his arms and frowned. "It can't hurt to wait," He started.

"Bah!" Tais yelled and whipped around the corner pistol pointed ahead, he was not waiting, he would have his revenge now.

But they were gone.

Tais cursed and stomped his foot. He ran over to Matt's body.

Max and Lester came around the corner when they realized the werewolves were gone. They saw Matt's bodie and looked in confusion, "What happened to him?" Max asked.

Lester noticed another dead werewolf by the train's doors. "Take a look at this guy," He said examining him. "He's not one of ours."

Max and Lester seemed more concerned about the dead vampires. But not Tais. Sniffing the air Tais looked back and forth in two directions.

Max and Lester noticed this, "What is it, Tais?" Lester asked.

"I've got two scents..." Tais said, but was concentrating more on the individual scents then the other two vampires.

Four more Vampires came into the subway guns drawn. Max and Lester were buissy answering the wondering newcomers' questions when Tais suddenly bolted into the subway tunnels.


As Tais(*) chased the scent of a small number of werewolves and a similarily sized number of strange scents Max(X), Lester(X), Jason(X), and Chester(X) follwed closely behind him.

And back in the subway Miryia(***) arrived and waited for the rest of her Night Hawkes to arrive.

fourteen Vampires gathered in a small subway station and prepared to follow the werwolf scents.

Darth NeoVenom
04-14-2004, 10:11 PM
NeoVenom, Zeno, and Draco walked towards the same route they took towards the palace. NeoVenom stood dead in his tracks. "What's wrong sir?" asks Draco. "I caught sometime. Scents of vampires." NeoVenom growled and drew out his guns. Zeno and Draco drew their guns as well. NeoVenom fires into the darkness and looks around. "Quick, let's go thru here." NeoVenom lead Zeno and Draco thru a tunnel not far from them. They gain speed as they ran thru the tunnel.

04-14-2004, 10:36 PM
Tais runs through the tunnel with nothing but vengance in his mind. The other four running at a slower pace behind glance around in a worried manor, none of them like running blindly through random passeges. They start to wonder how keen Tais' senses really are.

Suddenly Tais stops, he sniffs the air a bit noticing the scent of werewolves getting stronger. then gunshots sound from up ahead and he ducks in a reflex action. The other four see blue flashes from the Ultraviolet bullets but don't know what they are.

Tais takes off running again at a much faster pace.

As Tais rounds a corner he sees three fleeing werewolves. Tais fires two burst rounds then chases after them firing more less well aimed shots as he runs.

Max, Lester, Jason, and Chester follow Tais, each with a walther P99A.

((OCC: The Walther P99A is a semi-automatic pistol for those of you who haven't seen underworld.))

Black Knight of Keno
04-15-2004, 11:40 AM
Fifteen lizardmen soldiers from the underground company was mobilized to check if the werewolfs would be safe. They saw the warewolfs being chased by vampires and reported. The soldier chased the vampires, but left ten to the subway. The ten left back, walked slowly towards the metro station and stopped when they senced vampires. They requested backup and only four minutes later, ten other lizardmen from the underground company came to assist. The soldiers ran swiftly and quietly only a few meters from the station and stopped. They waited for a good time when the vampires would be not looking at their way. The lizardmen attacked.

The five lizardmen kept chasing the vampires that were chasing the werewolfs. They caught up with the slowest vampire and one of the soldiers threw a very fine made spear that with only a luck hit the vampire to the leg. The lizardmen hid in the darkness and waited if the vampires would turn.

Sshaka walked to his men. "You know what you are supposed to do... Get your vampire suits and attack Asshakar when he is checking the perimeters..." Sshaka said and then left his men. He walked to the main gates and looked around. He started to plant somekind of a bomb when four royal guards(Asshakar's loyal guards) took a grip from him. Two stayed there and took the bomb. The guards walked to the palace and gave Sshaka to the palace guards that got Sshaka into the jail. The royal guards walked to Sshaka's loyal men and tolf them to be at a precise spot in the palace when Asshakar would start his perimeter check. The time past(You can continue from the time before this) and Sshakas men got to the spot. Suddenly, twenty guards opened fire at the ten spies. They were executed at the same time Sshaka was being held in a jail closed for everyone. He was going to be there until he was executed for tratury.

04-15-2004, 12:28 PM
The group of vampires looked up at Tathar's Tower. They went in, and blended in. Finally one of the one's protecting the others took up his pistol and shot four times.

"We would like to speak with whoever's in charge of this floor."

Darth NeoVenom
04-15-2004, 12:55 PM
NeoVenom took a quick glance to the back and notice that the vampires were still after them. One they reached a long narrow passage way, NeoVenom says to Zeno and Draco, "Now we lose them...". With that said, they picked up tremendous speed and speed off to the end of the long tunnel. Once they reached there, they went thru a serious of tunnels zig-zaging left and right.


(Out of Character: By me saying "...they picked up tremendous speed...", they are running as fast as when Lucian (in Underworld) was running after the car that Selene and Michael were in.)

04-15-2004, 05:06 PM
((Oops sorry Jokemaster, forgot about you waiting in front of my place.))

Tathar was sitting at his dining table eating with his wife when a pair of guards entered the room. "Sir, there are some vampires from the Glorious Shadow faction outside, I think they may want to speak with you."

Tathar mused about this in his mind, "...hmm...Send Sain to meet them, let them believe he is our leader until we find out what their true intentions are." Tathar dismissed the guards.


Sain, escorted by six Night Hawkes with some twenty regular soldiers standing nearby aproached Tathar's Tower.

Sain shouted up to them, "Come down from there so we may talk. What is it that brings you here?"


In the sewer tunnels

Tais raced on ahead after the three werewolves while the other three vampires turned to the wounded Jason.

Jason pulled the spear out of his own leg, he shouted in pain and swore. Max and Lester aimed their guns into the shadows behind them, despite their enhanced night vision they could see nothing. Chester helped Jason limp off to the side. When he was seated behind a chunk of rubble Max and Lester began to advance slowly.

Tais, still chasing the werewolves, soon found himself in a maze of tunnels with nothing but their scent to follow, which he soon lost within the sewer's smells. He walked through the tunnels cursing the whole way, waiting to be pounced on.


The train station

When all the Night hawkes gathered Miryia dished out their orders. One pair was sent back to the mansion with Matt's partly desintegrated body while the others made to follow the werewolf scent through the door. First Miryia tried to contact Tais and the others over the radio.

"Tais come in! Where are you? Report!" Miryia half shouted.

But it wasn't Tais who reported, it was Chester, "We're in the sewer tunnels chasing werewolves, but I think we may be under attack by something else."

Miryia swore, "You guys are causing us alot of problems. I'm splitting the remaining Night Hawk in half, you six will be met by another six and then return to base while the other six of us follow the werewolves until we find where they have gone, tomorow night we shall return in full force and eliminate the werewolves if indeed they do lead us to their base."

"Yes that's a good plan, but Matt's dead so there's only five of us, Jason was wounded by a spear which we still don't know where it came from, and Tais has run off chasing some werewolves by himself. Just get here fast before we're all dead you should find us easily, just follow the scent."

Miryia swore repeatedly before answering. "You shall all be held responsible for gepradizing the mission when we get back," She growled, "Especially Tais!"

"Yes mam." Chester said solemly.

"Just stay where you are, if Tais comes out of there alive he's in big trouble. out."

Miryia divided the vampires in two and went with five others through the subway door the werewolves had come from. While the other six headed for the sewer tunnels.

The six at the sewer tunnels suddenly stopped as they saw a large number of lizardmen rushing forward. Six Walther P99As opened fire on the lizardmen then the vampires split up taking cover where they could.

Clive(X) headed into the train and fired out it's open door. Sam(X) walked backwards firing constantly as the others bolted off and remained fairly out in the open. Derrik(X) ran behind a pillar and shot from behind it. Adam(X) took cover behind another pillar. Lucus(X) went behind a wall and leaned out from behind it to open fire. Jack(X) ran straight towards the lizardmen firing, when he neared them he holstered his gun and drew out two small blades, he leapt into the heart of them blades slicing.

((Tepe, it might be a good idea to let us know what kind of weapons your using, knives and spears are all you've used in the past.))

Black Knight of Keno
04-15-2004, 05:44 PM
[ooc: When the lizardmen do something in the darkness and hide, they use spears or knifes. When they really start attacking, they use old model M-4's]

The lizardmen opened fire, ssome taking cover but somethat had vest's kept advancing. The vampires hadn't yet realized that the stomach was the weak point, so the lizardmen had the advantage. They shot many bullets and hit many vampires. As jack advanced to melee combat, the attacked lizardman took swiftly a nice made blade under his long coat. The blade cut nicely the vampire head off. Two lizardemn fell down from Jack's blades.Four lizardmen took Sam as their target and many times shot him on the leg and arms. Then one bullet hit the vampire on the head. The row of the advancing lizardmen was scattering to the sides after third of the row was gone. There was only 12 lizardmen standing now and half of those took took Adam as their target, half of the last took Derrik as their target and those that were left opened heavy fire on Luckus.

The five lizardmen, now looking at the hidden vampires stayed in their positions. One lizardmen stood up from a corner and walked from their towards the vampires. "Hello? I heard ssomething here... Do you need help?" it said and hissed in a very quiet tone. It looked the vampires like searching. It was one of the spy trained soldiers. The lizardman walked forward as the other changed very quickly places to get a more clear firing place.

Darth NeoVenom
04-15-2004, 05:46 PM
The dark sewers tunnels and smell provided NeoVenom, Zeno, and Draco to flee. "We will feast on their bloods." NeoVenom says thru clenched teeth. They were tired of running. All three tossed their guns and clothes to a ledge that was above them and growled. They began to morph into their werewolf forms and hide away into the shadows, waiting for a chance to finish off their chasers.

Back at the Dark Shadows

Solnina approached Ziltro and spoke to him. "Ziltro, you and 10 others head off and find NeoVenom, Zeno and Draco. They are taking too long to return." Ziltro nodded. The gate of the Dark Shadows opens as Ziltro, Peters, Jacks, Smith, and others walked thru. Some of them carry Uzi's, while others carry Glock-18's (similar guns to the Walther P99A). They make their way to the tunnels leading to the subway station.


(Out of Character: I didn't rush on Tais because he is a (*) character. So after you post, I'll post their actions.)

04-15-2004, 05:59 PM
*In the sewers, relitively near NeoVenom, Zeno, and Draco,.. Five Pagans(5*X) whom were on recon, picked up the sent of their warewolf form.*

*They looked at each other, then attempted to localise where the three Vampires are. They pull out strange sticky orbs, roughly the size of a football. [american :D]*

04-15-2004, 06:58 PM
((OCC: Just a note, Night Hawkes are the vampire version of swat, or navy seals, or spec ops. So don't dispatch them like regular thugs. Just because their (X) doesn't mean you can kill them in one easy hit. Just letting you know for futur refference. When fighting them remember, they are extremely accurate and deadly, and most of them are pure bloods and are much stronger than regular vampires.))

The train station

Jack flew threw the air and landed with each blade stabbing into a lizard man. He pulled them out, blood sprayed from the wounds, and blocked a blade on either side of him. He felt a pain in his leg as a lizardman stabbed him, that lizardman was shot and fell to the ground. Jack pulled the plade out of his leg and looked up just in time to see another blade coming straight for him, but it was too late. His head flew from his body and rolled away, his body fell flat on it's stomach a stiff corpse, blood sprayed from the severed neck hole.

Sam layed the cover fire and when the others had reached cover he turned to take some cover of his own. As he leapt over a bench he felt a bullet peirce his leg and arm. He landed on the other side of the bench and clutched at his wounds. Poping up from behind the bench he fired another burst just before a bullet peirced his skull. His body went limp on the bench.

Adam leaned out and fired at the lizardmen, when a large number of them fired at him he ducked back behind his pillar, dust and tyles flew past as bullets tore at the pillar.

Adam looked over at Derrik who was sitting with his back against the pillar and holding a bloody arm. His pillar also being torn by bullets.

Lucus turned back behind his wall as bullets zipped past. He keyed his radio, "Miryia we're under attack by some strange lizarlike men. They came out of the tunel behind the train and just opened fire on us, we're all pinned down."

Miryia's voice came back, "We're hot on the werewolf trail Lucus, we need this lead, can you take them or do we need to come back?"

Clive, the closest to the Lizardmen noticed they didn't seem to realize he was there, or so close. As the lizardmen advanced Clive decided not to give away his position and stayed out of sight in the train. Then he saw the window at the front of the train in the cart ahead. Seeing the oportunity he ran towards it and leapt through it. He landed in a roll as shattered glass crashed all around him. Now he was behind the lizard men. He took this advantage and usued the rais from the track to the station platform for cover and fired over it at the lizardmen who were now caught in a cross fire.

Of the twelve remaining lizardmen most of them were quickly wounded or killed from behind with no chance. Adam noticed the stop of fire at his pillar and leaned out pumping lead into the green skinned lizards. Derrik remained uninvolved as he was wounded. Lucus saw the turn of the tide and also fired at the lizards.

When the dust settled there were no lizardmen standing.

As quickly as it had started it ended.

"It's okay Miryia, we've got it under control." Lucus said into his radio.

"Good because we're hot on the werewolves trail. Report if you find anything else."

"Sam is dead, and Derrick is wounded."

"Just do your best and hold together, this is getting out of control and you need to find the others and get out of there as quickly as possible."

"Affirmative, Lucus out."

The radio conversation ended.

((OCC: I have to go to work now so didn't get to continue the Tais part in the tunnels. It's okay for you to engage him and even beat him, I'll let you know when and if you can kill him.))

Darth NeoVenom
04-15-2004, 07:55 PM
Miles away from their base, Ziltro, a pureblood, and the other members of the Shadow Hunters, half purebloods and half turned, toss several small gas gernades into several holes and tunnels. Once the liquid in these new gernades are exposed to air, it forms into air and kills the scent of werewolves. "Hopefully, McKain will find a way for all of us to be unscented, but these will do." Ziltro says. He then stops and holds out his hand in an upright position. Ziltro motions to the group to split up in groups of five. "Proceed steathly" Ziltro whispers to his group. With their guns drawn, they split up.

Back at Dark Shadow...

McKain mixes a small portion of werewolf's blood with the same liquid that is found in the small gernades.. "Ah ha!" he exclaimed. Solnina walks into the lab and looks at McKain. "Have you discovered something new?" She crosses her arms in front of her as she waits for McKain to answer. "I found out that if we inject the same liquid which are in these small gernades into our blood system, we will become unscented. I've tested it with a small portion of my blood and it works. At first I thought it wouldn't work, but by trial and error, it did!" He grins at his new discovery. Solnina approaches and says, "Inject me with this liquid then." McKain nods and gets a needle. She sits down, relaxes, and suddenly feels a small prick on her arm. "It is done." McKain says. "In about a minute, you will be odorless Madam. I will arrange for everyone to be injected with this. We should get it done by today, if I have assistance." Solnina nods. The news about this new discovery spread throughout the headquarters.


(Out of character: I'll hold back on the part with NeoVenom, Zeno, and Draco part. Also, If this whole thing about werewolves being unscented is not fair, then please tell me. I created McKain, the scientist, so that he can improve on such things. I believe that such a thing can be done, but that's only me. It's a new discovery such as the discovery of silver nitrate and ultraviolet light bullets.)

Black Knight of Keno
04-15-2004, 08:31 PM
The beaten lizardmen were beaten with heavy injuries and deaths. Asshakar got this message and wanted to see himself what were these super-creatures that had beaten twenty of his well trained soldiers. He equipped his two blades, M-4, USP and a sharp souvenir for the one that would now be the only to survive. The sharp souvenir was a knife kind of but in the end of the handle, was the Green hate's logo, Two green knifes and a M-4 in a cross. He mobilized five of his most elite troops that he had trained himself. Their vest's were thick and some had helmets.
Asshakar(***), Shimmer(X), Arssess(X), Assodyrrill(X), Hatassess(X) and Hissimyri(X) travelled the long way where their fine soldiers were slaughtered. They saw nothing of the vampires that had killed them, so they started to "sniff around". Arssess got a slight smell of blood and they followed it.

04-15-2004, 09:41 PM
The lead vampire went up to Sain.
"We do not come to fight."
To empazise, he dropped the clip currently loaded in his gun.
"Now you do the same. "

04-15-2004, 10:39 PM
((OOS: Scent is caused mainly by bodily odor, etc, I believe - the meta-science there seems a bit iffy >.>

I think I need to post faster, dammit. :D))

Rooftops, York outskirts

Gargoyles drop from the sky onto the cluster of rooftops. The tallest gargoyle, a female with long, backswept horns and black skin, folds her wings regally as she lands and approaches Rasserk. Rasserk bows and greets her.

Rasserk: Welcome, High Priest of the Gods, Black Crystal, Re'lethi. My scouts have found and prepared sanctuaries throughout this city for our kind to rest. We have completed the temple for you and the lower priests. We shall take you there now.

Rasserk steps to the edge of the roof, opens his wings and leaps off. The other gargoyles follow in an eerie train. They circle higher, cloaking themselves in the clouds to avoid human detection, before heading outwards.

Re'lethi: What have you found about the inhabitants of this city?

Rasserk: Their world of light is controlled by the Tira, the humanfolk. Their underworld is controlled by a clan of Tira vampires called Red Shadows. Other clans of Tira wolven lycanthropes, other Tira vampires, vigilante pure Tira, and Letha lizardfolk battle them in the dark and shadows. Other creatures of smaller numbers lurk amongst them as well, but not in numbers of significance.

Re'lethi: If they are consumed with their infighting, so much the better. All shall fall before the gods of Black Crystal.

04-15-2004, 11:18 PM
((I need to psot more too))

*Woods outside York...*

*A circle of pagans whom enplant themselves in the ground. At one portion of the circle at a slight incline, was the oldest and wisest among the Pagans.*

Talon "Children of Terra, our time grows near. For long our kind had become setient, and did not protect the Mother from the tyranny of Mankind and all whom had been created from such! They'd be better off if we'd destroy them rather their own kind, fighting their wars amist themselves, for them to kill massive amounts of their kind, only for truce till they fight once more!!"

*All* "For mother Earth, Terra, we fight for her!"

Talon "Grendal, how are the preparations?"

Grendal "Thus far proceeding as forseen, scouts have penitrated the city. One of Human strongholds scouted will fall tonight. The lizardmen's hide out shall be located and flooded with our Frog Spores."

[OOC: Frog spores, which i got my pagans carrying in the sewers. each 'orb' or 'egg' rather, spawn three frogs, that move fast at the nearest non pagan, and explode rather harshly, due to their chemical make up.]

Talon "As for the Vampirical and Lycan factions?"

Chimera "Their strongholds will be found, and exploited. during their slumber at a time more permitted by Mother's plan..."

[OOC: IE: weather permitting, aka clear skies :)]

Talon "The Lycans?"

Chimera "Mining the Mother, to procure a supply of their weakness, is unthought of. We'll have to find other means to eliminate them."

Talon "Speak no further. We'll attack Vampircal strongholds, at one time and pin the blame on the Lycans. This will infurate the Vampires, causing them to hunt down those abominations one by one."

Grendal "My lord, what of the Gargolyes we spotted?"

Talon "Truely they want every threat eliminated. But out plan is to eliminate the humans, and what was once human. The gargolyes on the other hand, aren't human. And are threat to us. Even if they deside to attack us, they'll soon relise they need us to survive as their air thins."

04-16-2004, 04:22 AM
The sewer tunnels

Tais walked slowly, his feet splashing in the small puddles of water formed by leaky pipes which dripped from the celing. Suddenly he caught a wiff of werewolf scent but he couldn't tell where it was coming from. He slowly readied his Walther P99A and continued forwards...then stopped suddenly, he caught a scent which seemed to come from above him. Slowly he continued walking, pretending he hadn't noticed, then spun around and fired up at the place he had smelt.


Chester kneeled beside Jason with a large chunk of Rubble behind them shielding them from the direction the spear had been thrown from. Chester aimed his Walther P99A into the shadows up ahead covering the backs of his other two companions.

Max and Lester each took cover at oposite sides of the tunnel and aimed their guns at the oposite wall. Their they remained, waiting for the others to arive.


Adam helped Derrik walk by letting the wounded vampire lean on him. Lucus carried Sam's dead bodie over his shoulder. The weight was no burden, Lucus was a strong pure blood. Clive took point and lead the group.

As they neered the place where Lester and the others were waiting Clive radioed Lester, "Lester, it's Clive, we're coming in now, we can smell your scent. How are you guys doing?"

Lester replied on the other end, "Fine so far, the attackers don't seem to be making a second attempt."

"Good, well just hold on there, we're almost there."


The train station's back areas

Miryia finished talking on the radio and the group moved on. The werewolf scent suddenly became extra strong and Miryia sensed they were near the werewolf HQ.

((OCC: NeoVenom, describe what your base looks like from a spy's view please. Or as much as we can see without being spotted. Remember, Night Hawkes are excelent stealth soldiers and could smell if a guard was nearby, so unless somthing unavoidable happens don't let us get spotted. Like no guard casually walking past and decides to look somewhere he wouldn't normally, cuz we'dd smell him and move. Okay? thanks. Corse I'm not going to strangle you if you do spot us....anyway I'm babling and abusing my own OCC rule haha.))


Sain had not drawn his weapon, nore was it visible, and he made no move to do as the other vampire did. "You'll forgive me if I don't, I simply don't trust you. But if you want a truce I will not refuse it. We are battling the Lycen now and have no particular desire to fight you. If you would like to talk peace I am willing to do so now, here." The guards around Sain kept their distance and seemed a little less tense now that they overheard the other Vampire's intentions.

Sain spoke again, "What terms of peace would you like? Do you propose a truce? or an alliance?"

Black Knight of Keno
04-16-2004, 04:55 AM
[OOC: Scar, I yhink you should ease off a bit. You're like: "My soldiers come immediatly into the sewers and attack with something called Frog spores to the very well hidden nest of the lizardmen and the very well hidden base of the werewolfs"]

Asshakar lead his soldiers towards where the vampires went. They noticed that the place was the same where the lizardmen attacked one of the vampires. They radioed the lizardmen to prepare themselfs to be attacked from the back. asshakar continued and soon hid behind a small corner so the travelling vampires wouldn't see them.

After the lisardmen warriors got the message from Asshakar, they drew their M-4's out and started heavy firing towards the vampires. One of the soldiers took an eye on the back and would alert the other if attacked from there.

Asshakar lead his men after the vampires that went in from the small door and towards the other vampires.

04-16-2004, 06:17 AM
((OOC: Well Tepe, Scar's creatures have been around for....a long time, so it's not impossible that they already knew where it was. You may be upset that it may seem like your gonna loose or something, but it's not a win loose situation, it's a progressive story and whatever happens hopefully will be for the better of the story. If you feel like Scar's not being fair perhpas there can be some compramising. But let's see what Scar has to say first.))

The sewer tunnels

Max and Lester ducked behind their cover as machine gun bullets tore at the weak crumbling walls. Lester took out a Silver Nitrate Grenade. Despite the lizardmen not likely to be weak to the silver it would still be effective. Lester pulled the pin and chucked it up ahead into the midst of the five lizardmen. The grenade exploded sending balls of silver in all directions injuring most of the lizardmen. Then Max and Lester peeked from their cover and opened fire on the lizardmen.


Clive and the other's heard the gunfire and began to run towards it, then an explosion sounded and finally more gunfire.

Lucus set Sam's dead bodie down and Adam let Derrik lean against a wall, then Lucus, Adam, and Clive ran around the corner and finished off the lizardmen.

When the dust settled Clive, Lucus, and Adam stood looking past the dead bodies of five lizardmen at Max and Lester on the other side.

Lucus and Adam went back for Sam and Derrik while Clive went up to Max and Lester.

04-16-2004, 12:52 PM
"We'd like to propose an alliance." The men carrying the bag came out. They opened the bag and dropped the body of one of the Lycan's important leaders onto the floor.
"I think you'll find this appropriate. "

Darth NeoVenom
04-16-2004, 01:28 PM
In the sewer tunnels

Seeing the opportunity NeoVenom, Draco, and Zeno pounced on Tais while his was busy firing upon the ledge. NeoVenom came from behind, Draco came from the left side, and Zeno came from the right side.

In the train station's back areas...aswell

Ziltro and his group continue to walk silently thru the hallways and tunnels. Ziltro pauses as he hears something. "What's that? Quickly hide....hide." he whispers. Some hid behind pillars while others hide in shadow.

In Dark Shadows

"Why haven't my scent diminished, McKain?" Solnina angrily asked. "Well, my calculations have been wrong Madam. It takes about two to three days for the odor to dissipate. My apologize, Madam. In the meantime, I had the liquid installed into our ventilation system until all of us no longer have our scents."


(Out of Character: Ziltro and his group were heading the same direction as Miryia and her group was, so they were bound to run into each other. Don't worry, I know how well trained the Night Hawkes are, but there are about six well-trained Dark Hunters in the Shadow Hunters group. Peters, Jacks, Smith, Bickler, and, and Jones [X] are not members of the Dark Hunters, so therefore they don't have the same training as the others. Also, Tais is firing at the clothes, right?

Now about the base. The only part a spy can see of Dark Shadows is it's pair of large steel doors, which are opened from the inside. The walls surrounding the door is thick tunnel walls. In front of those door are about 10 highly trained Shadow Hunters know as Dark Hunters (There are other Dark Hunters inside the base aswell.). There are exits and hidden exits inside the base, in case of invasion.)

04-16-2004, 02:45 PM
((You see Frog spores are a mere creation, they aren't perfect.

although I may have to think of new weapons that the pagans would use, I certainly cant say that they'll use guns.

For that matter they have a very strict technology curve that everyone else doesnt have

even the gargolyes, cus red used radios to communicate with each other from the tower to the sky (i think)

as for me gitting the advance on ya, sorry, besides it doesnt mean that I'll win ;)

just not easily :)))


*The pagans heard the gunfire and thought it was aimed towards them, they scatter to courners in attempt to blend in with the walls.

The head pagan threw a frog spore in the direction of Max and lester. It hits the ground sliently, and spilts open, where two toads crawl out.

One of them senses Max, and starts hopping innocently towards him. Then the other searching in another direction.*

Black Knight of Keno
04-16-2004, 04:26 PM
((Scar, sorry 'bout that... But just don't try to get in two minutes throught the gates that can be opened only from the inside and the gates are very well hidden. They look like its a dead-end...))

Asshakar heard the gunshots and walked in front of his men to towards the gunshots. He saw the vampires only by a small flash, but then hissed. He saw the vampires stop and draw their weapons at him. "Hmm... Shoot me, please do... So my people will have even more reasons to kill every one of your kind" Asshakar hissed and stepped towards the vampires as his men hid.

04-16-2004, 04:32 PM
((Yeah, i know))

04-16-2004, 07:06 PM
The sewer tunnels

((OOC: I thought you were up on the ledge...))

Tais let two bursts go before his clip ran dry. A rat sniffing at some rags fell off the ledge and it's bullet torn corpse splashed in a muddy puddle below. Then three werewolves emerged from the shadows straight for Tais.

Tais holstered the empty gun and in the same fluid motion drew a silver throwing star in each hand tossing one to each side, Draco and Zeno both took a star in the chest.

But Tais didn't see Neovenom coming from behind...


Lucas picked Sam's bodie up and hefted it onto his shoulder, Adam let Derrik lean on him, then a lizardman seemed to apear from nowhere, Adam and Lucas both had a Walther trained on the lizardman.

Both vampire's eyes narrowed at the lizarman's comment and they didn't budge.


Clive walked over to Chester and the wounded Jason. Gun shots sounded in the maze up ahead and the vampires drew their guns at the sound of it. Clive motioned for Max and Lester to follow, Chester would stay to help Jason.

"We'll check it out, Tais is probably in trouble, when we get back we'll all head back to the mansion." Clive said to Chester before heading off, Max and Lester started after him.

Max saw the frog only a second before he stepped on it...((OOC: whatever the effects are I think it's best that you post them Scar. And I thought four frogs were supposed to come out?))


Train station's back area

Miyia lifted her right arm and made a fist, the group stopped. She sniffed the air and made a wave motion. The group parted to both sides of the wall with Miryia standing in the open ahead of them...((OOC: Neovenom, did you plant those scent grenades here so I can't smell you?))


The mansion

Sain looked at the other vampire for a while, examining his honesty. After a few seconds he said, "An allaince is accepted."

He waited for the other vampire to respond but still had something else on his mind.

Black Knight of Keno
04-16-2004, 07:25 PM
Asshakar looked the vampires and walked only a few steps closer. His hands were behind his back, holding his USP and knife. Asshakar stopped only a few feet from the vapires and then hissed. "My name is Asshakar, I am the leader of the mighty lizardmen... And you...?" he hissed to the vampires, making a nod as a greeting to them. He waited the vampires to lower their guns so he could draw his knife and USP to kill them.

Darth NeoVenom
04-16-2004, 07:26 PM
(Out of Character: They did actually plant the gernades while they were moving, so techincally, the liquid sticked to them. If you read the post before this one and the other one, I wrote "Ziltro, a pureblood, and the other members of the Shadow Hunters, half purebloods and half turned, toss several small gas gernades into several holes and tunnels." Also, I said that NeoVenom, Draco, and Zeno tossed their clothes upon the ledge, so therefore I thought Tais got the scent from that. So is Tais dead? I haven't posted anything with NeoVenom, Draco, and Zeno.)


In the train station's back area

Ziltro and his group waited as quietly and as patiently as they can. Looking from the Shadow, Ziltro could see one of the Night Hawke. Without hesitating, Ziltro opens fire with his uzi and his men then opens fire upon Miyia and the others.

04-16-2004, 07:30 PM
((whoops :D, maybe those ones are for more destruction

btw: you do relise that Max jsut steped on a practial moving claymore right?))

04-16-2004, 07:45 PM
"Good. We are sending some of our own vampires into a train station. All we ask is that you do not shoot at them. Maybe we can cooperate. "
A group of 5 vampires enters the train station slowly, carrying weapons w/ only silver bullets.

04-16-2004, 10:38 PM
((OOC: No Tais isn't dead, but it's your turn to attack Neovenom.))

The sewer tunnels

Lester was thrown against the wall from the explosion. He hit the wall hard and fell to the ground. Getting up he saw that Max had been blown to pieces and his bloody remains decorated the floor, celing, and walls of the tunnel. "What the hell was that!?!"

Clive felt the force of the explosion behind him but wasn't knocked over, parts of Max splattered on his leather coat and boots. A mixed feeling of disgust, and sorrow came over them both. Your friend's body being blown to pieces and splattered all over you can be quite a traumatizing moment. Perhaps Tais wouldn't be getting the help he needed very soon. Clive stood stiff as a board looking at the top half of Max lying in front of him, the bottom half had been scattered like feathers in front of a fan. Lester looked around in nervous shock, his gun shaking in his hand.


Lucas and Adam backed up a bit, "Don't come any closer!" Lucas said firmly.

Derrik eyed the lizardman suspiciously from behind Adam and reached slowly into his coat for his Walther.


The train station's back area

Miryia sniffed around but didn't smell anything, but she could swear she heard something...

She was just about to wave the team forward when gunshots fired and the werewolves rushed out.

Miryia ducked and ran behind a pillar, bullets followed closely behind leaving a trail along the wall. The trail of gunfire continued in the direction Miryia was running, but she wasn't there anymore. She had spun back from behind the pillar in the opposite direction, catching them off guard for a few seconds. Miryia siezed those precious seconds and dropped three werewolves with a few quick bursts and spun back behind the pillar before more gunfire pelted at her pillar.

The other five Vampires rushed forward to protect their leader. One of them ran up the side of the wall while firing taking out a werewolf and wounding another. When he landed back on the ground he took a bullet in the chest, knocking him to the ground where he died from the ultraviolet bullet slowly and painfully. The other four vampires rushed forward closely behind him raining silver bullets into the crowd of werewolves, but one by one they died thrashing on the ground with blue light streaming from widening holes all over their bodies, until the light faded and their bodies rested in peace.

Miryia watched over her shoulder, with her back to the pillar, as one by one the life drained out of each of her skilled warriors. They were dead and she was the only one left.

Miryia was sad for the loss of her companions. Her hopes fell with her teamates. Gripping tightly to a Walther in each hand she rose to her feet and took in a deep breath. It seemed even for an immortal, death was innevitable.


The mansion

Sain smiled, "I'm glad we have an alliance, would you and your men like to come in for drinks?" Sain ushered towards the mansion's main doors. "But what's this about the subway station? One of our leaders has taken some Night Hawkes to scout for werewolves and try to find their base, but what's this about a train station?"

((OOC: Miryia hasn't contacted Sain about the mission, he knows nothing.))

04-16-2004, 11:23 PM
*The Pagans crept along the walls, shrouded in the dark. They moved forward a few feet at a time.

The second pagan threw another Frog Spore, it too spawned two small frogs. As the survivor of the first spawning hops up ever nearer to the wounded Jason...*

((So you got Jason, Clive, Laster and Chester, I see.))

04-17-2004, 12:19 AM
The vampire frowned.
"We have some vampires poised to attack a train station, and we spotted some of your Night Hawkes. "

Darth NeoVenom
04-17-2004, 12:28 AM
The train station's back area

One of the Dark Hunters was dead on the floor as well as Peters, Smith, Bickler, and Jones. Two of the Dark Hunters eyes changed bright blue as they changed into their true Lycan forms. Ziltro and the others fire upon the pillar that Miryia was hidden behind and took cover themselves. One of the formed Lycan jumped up towards the ceiling and starting heading off towards the direction of Miryia as the other latched onto one of the walls and scale it in shadows in the same direction.

In the sewer tunnels

NeoVenom fiercely bite towards Tais' neck from behind as Zeno slashes towards Tais' stomach. Draco then pounced towards Tais.

04-17-2004, 02:16 AM
The sewer tunnels

Jason saw the frog jumping towards him, "Hey what's that!?" He shouted.

Chester turned to see the frog, but it seemed harmless enough, "It's just a frog."

"In a sewer?" Jason asked.

They both puzzeled about it, the frog hopped closer again. Jason, too paranoid to consider further and frightened from the many unusual things already happening, pulled out his gun and shot the frog, the explosion knocked Chester over. "What the hell is that thing!?!" Jason screamed.

When another one apeared Jason didn't stop to think, he opened fire on the other frogs, dirt sprayed around the frogs and then one exploded which also set off the last one. "Where are they coming from!?" Chester asked.

Clive, who had seen the spore pod fall from the shadows, fired into the shadows. After a his clip was dry he just stood there with his empty gun pointed at the shadows.

Lester stepped past Clive and aproached the shadows, his gun gripped tightly, no longer shaky. A new firmness came over him and he glared into the shadows confidently.


((OOC: Zeno and Draco's attacks would be delayed because they were hit by the throwing stars, so it's not a unison tri attack.))

Tais let out a yell when the Lycan's fangs set in, the Vampire grabbed at the Lycan's neck with his left hand, a useless desprate attempt. But with his right hand he took his knife from his boot and stabbed Neovenom in the neck. When Neovenom recoiled from the wound Zeno and Draco attacked.

Tais leather was ripped by Zeno's attack but Tais was virtually unharmed, however he was knocked to the ground when Draco pounced on him. As Tais went down he used both feet to fling Draco behind him and continued the backward roll rising to his feet.

Now on his feet with his opponents spread out Tais took out his last two throwing stars and threw them both at Zeno who was directly in front of him.

((OOC: Don't worry bout the stab to the neck, as a werewolf it won't hinder you much, but it was a silver knife.))


The train station's back area

"STOP!" Miryia shouted. As the Lycan paused to hear what she had to say, she sighed realizing she could not beat them. "If I throw down my weapons will you let me live?" She asked from behind the pillar.


The mansion

"I am sure my men will be able to handle themselves. If they get in serious trouble they'll contact us. But if it would make you feel better I shall contact my squad leader to let her know that your men are coming."

((OOC: The Night Hawkes can't contact him from the tunnels because they're underground, but Sain doesn't know that.))

04-17-2004, 03:30 AM
*The third and fouth pagans down the line look at the bullet holes that gone through them. Pagan's didn't quite have the same internal structure as a complete mammal had...

They look with their nocturnal vision at the lead Pagan, whom slightly waves the rest to set down the spores, this way they wouldn't spawn. They creeped up a little further, still mastering the darkness.

The leader had a nice idea...*

((Mand, is your PM box empty?))

04-17-2004, 05:11 AM
((OOC: No, but there are three old PMs in it, why?))

The sewer tunnels

Clive reloaded, "I'm sure whatever was in there is dead, lets just get out of here, I've had enough for one night." Clive started to back away.

Black Knight of Keno
04-17-2004, 06:13 AM
Asshakar stepped forward and then stopped. "if you truly want the death of the Lycans, you should come with me... now" Asshakar hissed and waited the vampires to step forward. They didn't so he suddenly made a very quick move, he was on their left side and drew his knife and USP. He threw the knife at Lucas's head and shot at Adam's head. They both fell down, dead. Asshakar walked to his soldiers and hissed them something. They left towards their nest.

Shadows appeared on the walls where Miryia and the Lycans were. Then the lycans and Miryia heard a clicking sound as seven lizardmen warriors drew their M-4's and pointed at the Lycans, ready to shoot

04-17-2004, 06:31 AM
Gargoyle Sanctuary, Somewhere in York Sewers

Re'lethi ascends a high pedestal to a throne seat, surrounding by tall black crystals, rectangular shaped with pyramid tops. She fingers the symbols carved everywhere and nods in approval.

"Good. You have done well, Rasserk. It is as it should be."

Rasserk bows. "The best alone for our gods and their high priest."

Re'lethi sits in the throne seat. "Have the other new sanctuaries you've scouted out fortified as soon as possible." She motions to two of her train of attendants, one a female gargoyle with bright blue skin, and one a male with skin the color of rust, who step forward. "Take Azure[**] and Tethys[***]"with you. Azure will observe for me, and Tethys will plan where best to position our warriors. I wish to begin this as soon as possible."

The gargoyles leave. Re'lethi looks at the high ceiling and smiles.

04-17-2004, 07:05 AM
The sewer tunnels

Derrik sees his two teamates fall dead, he points his gun at the lizardman, "You'll pay!" He screams while reaching into his coat. Derrik lets go a few inacurate bursts and pulls out his silver nitrate grenade. He fumbles it and flings the pin, then his trembling hand dropps the grenade...the grenade explodes, throwing Derrik into the wall and killing him, and pleting Asshakar with silver balls.

((OOC: Not killing him of coarse, only wounding him.))

The train station's back area

Miryia sees the Lizardmen apear suddenly and makes a run for it, counting on the Lizardmen's distraction to give her enough time to make it far enough down the hall to escape. She pushes through the door at the end of the short hall and continues running towards the train station.

Black Knight of Keno
04-17-2004, 07:46 AM
The train stations back area

The lizardmen suddenly disappeared after Miryia went throught the door.

The sewer tunnels

Asshakar flew o the floor as one of his soldiers was falling down, dead. That soldier had jumped to save Asshakar. The three soldiers left rose Asshakar up and they ran from a crack in the wall towards their nest. They got soon to the small hidden entrance on the side of the nest.

The nest

Asshakar was being treated in the medical section as the lizardmen were increasing the guards by two.

04-17-2004, 02:00 PM
((OOC: Do you mean that some lizardmen apeared in the room that Miryia is in? And how many apeared?))

Black Knight of Keno
04-17-2004, 02:34 PM
((They were in the back area where the Lycans were, and there was seven Lizardmen))

04-17-2004, 03:17 PM
Originally posted by Mandalorian54
((OOC: No, but there are three old PMs in it, why?))

((Was jsut asking, cus i believe i attempted to send you a message but it was full, you check the other folders? (ie sent and tracking)))

*The pagans pounce out of the darkness and at the Vampires. The first Pagan whom leaped, transformed his rigth arm into a long point, more like a wooden spear. And with that impales it into Lester's chest.

As soon as it was stabed in, the Pagan breaks it off of his arm, reclaiming his hand, and jumping infront of Clive, then darting towards Chester and Jason. Ment to distract Clive for another Pagan to pounce Clive from behind and hitting the upper back of Clive, mulitple times in attempt to 'knock out'.

The other three also performed the same transformation with their arms, but they swing their arms with in 15 feet of Jason, ment to break off their 'spear-like' attachments and send them rocketly towards Jason.*

Darth NeoVenom
04-17-2004, 03:46 PM
In the sewer tunnels

One of the stars hits Zeno in the shoulder while the other stabbed into his chest. NeoVenom pulled out the knife and tossed it to the side. The silver burned his hand, but he didn't care. Draco quickly pounces at Tais while he was busy flinging the stars at Zeno and fiercely slashes towards Tais.

In the train station's back area

Ziltro curses and says, "We let her get away! Quickly, let us take another route. There might be more of her kind at the train station." Ziltro and Jacks picks up the clothes of the two Lycans in their werewolf and they all quickly exits the back area. Ziltro, Jacks, and the four Dark Hunters head off towards another route.


(Out of Character: Being the leader of the Lycans, NeoVenom can phase off a certain amount of damage dealt to him. So the knife to the neck made him stop for a couple of seconds, which he used to pull out the knife. I'm assuming that the bite to the neck caused damage, right? It's really deadly when someone gets bitten by a Lycan while they are a vampire and vice-versa.)

04-17-2004, 04:41 PM
[Sorry, been gone a few days. Can someone give me a basic catch up, please? :) ]

*The Museum of Artifacts is the standard tourist fare. That is, except from below, where the Neo Templar base is. A group of them stand around a map of the city. Their leader, Helios, has just returned from patrol*

Helios: It's like Chapter 13 of Revelation up there! What's going on?

*Dyson looks at his computer*

Dyson: Unsure, but the police think there's a new major crime gang going on.

Helios: Leah? Any ideas?

*Leah looks up from her laptop, by which a stack of demon-lore DVD's rest*

Leah: Not now. This is very peculiar....

04-17-2004, 05:03 PM
*Out side the Museum, in the alleyway consealed within the blind spot, the pair of Pagans pull out two bottles, fulled with a dark green liquid.*

04-17-2004, 08:03 PM
"Thank you. We'd appreciate that." The man pressed a button on his belt.
The Train Station
The team, led by James, a turned vampire, got the signal. It was safe to go in. They started moving faster, looking for any Lycan in there.

04-18-2004, 06:19 AM
((OOC: Oh, sorry Tepe, I missread that.))

The train station

Miryia slammed through door after door making her way back through the station's back area towards the station itself. Along the way she shouted into her radio but got no replies.

Miryia burst through the station door knocking it off it's hinges, she stumbled and tripped over the door landing on the floor as the door landed on her back. Miryia pushed the door off and got up. Then she saw the Glorious Shadow vampires coming down the stairs. Miryia ran off to the side and jumped into the tracks where she crouched low with her guns drawn ready to attack, unaware of the newly formed alliance.


Sewer tunnels

Lester takes the wooden spear through the chest and falls onto his back gripping at it, his Walther thumps to the muddy floor by his feet. Lester coughs up blood and trys to pull the spear out and push himself back from the advancing threats.

Clive fires at the Pagan as it runshes past him and misses, but as the Pagan heads towards Chester and Jason Clive succedes in putting four of the six bullets in his two bursts through the Pagan's back before he is knocked out from behind.

Jason's gun, already drawn, went off instantly towards the new unseen threat. Jason continued shooting the Pagan as it ran towards him until his clip ran dry. His fear increased a notch when the strange creature seemed uneffected by the bullets. As the monster came towards the unarmed and fearful Jason, Chester leapt into the fray slaming into the Pagan. Chester and the Pagan fell into the oncoming spears. Three of the six spears hit the Pagan in the back and one spear pierced Chester's shoulder, the other two spears hit the wall above Jason's head.

Chester growled furociously showing his fangs. He ignored the pain in his shoulder and punched fiercely at the Pagan he was on top of.


Tais took the time to reload his gun as the werewolves were all down. But he had only just clicked the clip in when he heard Draco behind him. Tais half turned and Draco's claw ripped through Tais' arm, whipping blood and spinning Tais.

Tais spun around 540 degres and landed on his face, his gun flew out of his hand and he had no idea where it was. As he tried to get up he was pounded down by Neovenom with tremendous force and knocked unconcious.

((OOC: Hope you don't mind that bit of control, but I just used it as a way for you to beat him without killing him.))


The Mansion

Sain lead the Glrorious Shadow Vampires into the mansion to the main dining hall where they had drinks brought to them. On the way in Sain instructed one of his men to contact Miryia and let her know the Glorious Shadow Vampires had formed an alliance and would be helping them.

A guard then came to Tathar in his private dining hall and told him the news. Tathar and his wife began to make their way to the main dining hall where they would meet the Glorious Shadow Vampires.

Black Knight of Keno
04-18-2004, 07:56 AM
The train station

Seven lizardmen warriors hissed something to each other as they walked down the rails. Then one of them saw Miryia. Translated hissing:"Hey, isn't that the one we helped before?" "I think Asshakar called her Miryia" "What's up with her?" "Dunno, but asshakar said that we need to protect her from anything..." "Yeah... This sucks... I mean... Babysitting a vampire..." "You are doing what you are told to, so don't complaint"
The lizardmen were soon infront of Miryia. One of them spoke. "Do you need help, Miryia?" It said aand stepped forwards from the group. It was obviously the leader of the group.

04-18-2004, 03:08 PM
[Hey Mandalorian 54, ta for the info]

*Redford comes from the cellar*

Redford: We bagged one on patrol tonight, Helios. Thought you might want to talk to him.

Helios: Vampire?

Redford: Uh-huh. Follow me.

*Helios follows Redford down to the cellar, where two Templars have a vampire chained to the wall*

Vampire: Oh great. Just dust me and get it over with or else I'll suck you dry, manling.

*Helios takes a silver dagger from Redford's holster and jabs it into the Vampire's chest*

Helios: Listen to me you scum sucking filth. Tell me what's going on! Why are the vampires getting so strong?

Vampire:gagh! Alliance....

*The vampire falls unconscious. Helios stakes him*

Helios: Alliance? Damn. Gonna be a long night, Redford.

04-18-2004, 04:26 PM
((Aw wooden stakes don't work anymore? :)))

*The pagan below Chester was taken quite off surprise. With it's face shown in the light. It's face looking like a humans, but with a set of animal's teeth, and the skin looking almost like bark, but more animated, and not stiff.

A little bit of clearish green liquid drips a little from its mouth, showing that its blood wasn't quite blood at all.*

*The pagan attempts to push to enraged vampirc off of itself, but then turns its left arm into a spear and stabs for the torso. Then swings a right for the vampire's face.*

*Two Pagans leaped onto Jason, and performed the same spear technique, this time, taking the time to aim properly for the heart.*

*After the Pagan was through with Clive, it pounces on Lester's back to 'finish' him off, also aiming.*

((I'm just planing on taking two vampire's to get some 'intel' :D

*aims for Clive and Chester* :)))

04-18-2004, 05:00 PM
((OOC: Your welcome for the info, but stakes, garlic, and crosses don't effect vampires. And silver is only strong against werewolves. But I'm sure you'll have no problem thinking up new and improved ways of exploiting our weaknesses. And the vampire has to be one of Jokemaster's because mine don't all know about the alliance.))

The train station

Miryia sees the lizardmen and is caught off guard, she trips and falls onto her back with her guns aimed up at the lizardmen, "Stay back!" She yells trying crawl away.

The other vampires here her shout...

The sewer tunnels

Chester takes the spear in the chest quite painfully, he grips it with both his hands and yells in agony showing his fangs. The punch to his face knocks him sideways and the spear breaks off the Pagans arm. Chester pulls the speer out and huggs his chest tightly, blood dripping down his hard leather body suit.

Chester trys to get up but is pounded down by another Pagan. He is rendered helpless by the wound in his chest but he's fully concious.

Jason sees two Pagans comming for him and tries to reload his gun, but they are on him too quickly and he feels four spears stabb into him. His body goes limp and the gun slides out of his hand and thumps into the dirt.

Lester, still alive, fires at all the nearby Pagans until his clip is empty, then he reaches into his coat and comes out with his silver nitrate grenade. His hand trembles shakingly with it in his hand but he passes out from the loss of blood from the spear in his chest. The grenade rolls out of his hand harmlessly.

Darth NeoVenom
04-18-2004, 05:08 PM
NeoVenom was about to kill Tais, but soon caught the scent of vampires from the distance. Not only one, but many because of the strong scent. NeoVenom changed back to his normal form, as well as Zeno and Draco. Zeno clutched his chest in pain as NeoVenom and Draco grabbed their equipment and clothes and of Zeno's. They rushed towards a tunnel leading back to their base.

In the same tunnel that NeoVenom, Zeno, and Draco are taking, Ziltro and the others proceed forward. As they were running, Ziltro says, "I catch the scent of our kind." They rushed forward and soon met up with NeoVenom, Draco, and Zeno. "My Lord.." Ziltro takes out a gernade. "This will help you become unscented." Ziltro then throws a gernade in the muddy floor and soon the room is filled with the air from it. "Madam Solnina sent us for you. Quickly, let us take a different room." Ziltro informs NeoVenom, Draco, and Ziltro as they dress up of what they encounter in the train station back areas. NeoVenom and the others then head off thru a tunnel underneath St. Marks, which is far away from the train station that leads directly to Dark Shadows.


(Out of character: In werewolf form, Lycans sense of smell are improved. Thus, they could pick up scents at a longer distance.)

04-18-2004, 07:00 PM
((I meant taking them in like Deac gots with that nice Vampire

but now, I'll agree with garlic (rather stupid to use) Crosses (deac might have a problem with that, a little), not having an effect, with elder vampires.

but the whole 'no stake in the heart'. there at least has to be that

hell even in Blade that rule is still effect

not sure about in underworld, but I still doubt it.))

*Three of the Pagans pick up Lester, Jason and Clive, making sure that they remian unconcious. They bind them.

As for Chester, the Pagan whom pounced on Chester, cuped its hands together and hit several times on the upper back. Knocks Chester out, then the two bind Chester.

Chester is then picked up and carried.

The remaining Pagan, picked up the weapons, and made sur ethat the Vampire's didn't have any weapons wat so ever on them.

Then they took the four Vampire's back to Pagan Stronghold.*

((I'll wait til the story reaches morning-early afternoon to continue on this))

04-18-2004, 07:02 PM
Redford: What now?

Helios: Same old. Get the guns, load them up, and let's kill!

*A priest comes down the stairs*

Father: We have a problem. Ritual sacrifice. Demon markings. Leah makes it a type 6.

Redford: Oh sh*t

Helios: I'm on it. Redford, Father, get your gear.

*Helios walks up the stairs toward the equipment room*

04-18-2004, 07:17 PM
((Uh...Scar, you can't control or debate the metaphysics of someone else's race when it's completely their territory, like now. ;) Also, this is the same thing as it was in the Cantina RPGs - in a universe where Deac controls the metaphysics, crosses work on vampires if he says so. But in a universe where Mandy controls the metaphysics, crosses don't work on vampires if he says so. :D [/mod]

Okay, question for pretty much everyone: What time of day/night is it? Is someone keeping track? You know, with so many of our creatures with physical traits based around day/night cycles, this could get pretty important :D))

04-18-2004, 07:19 PM
((Red, I can disagree, but I won't control ;)))

04-18-2004, 11:32 PM
((Going on a trip for a week. Won't be on.))
The vampires heard her and ran toward her voice, hoping to help her.

04-18-2004, 11:46 PM
((00C: Scar, my comment about the vampire needing to be one of Jokemaster's was aimed at Deac. On another note, in the Vampire proposal thread I will write about the Vampire weaknesses and why. And Jokemaster, since your leaving is it okay if I control the vampires in the subway? Miryia is kind of relying on them, without your controlling them the story will have difficulty progressing. If you're already gone and don't respond I will assume comand of them by right of it being my game and I hope you don't mind. But if you really don't want me to and get a chance to say so before you go, then I will think of another way around it.))

The train station

Miryia paused and seemed to ease up when she realized the lizardmen said they were there to help her, she didn't fully trust them though and kept her gun trained on the leader. Then she saw the other vampires combing and couldn't tell who was on who's side.

Darth NeoVenom
04-19-2004, 12:01 AM
In Dark Shadows

After travelling for a few minutes, NeoVenom and the others made it to the front doors of Dark Shadows. After the steel doors opened, Zeno and Draco proceeded to the medical center to get the throwing stars taken out as NeoVenom went to the lab.

As NeoVenom enters the lab, McKain looks at him. "Ah Lord NeoVenom. I have great news. I discovered a way to get rid of our scent with this injection." McKain shows the needle. "Within two days, we will all be unscented. But in the meantime, we are using gernades which holds the same liquid that is in this needle."

NeoVenom grinned at McKain. "Great news indeed, McKain." Solnina burst in the room and hugged NeoVenom. "Where were you my love? I was worried sick about you." NeoVenom spoke angrily, "We were attacked by Vampires heading back towards the train station's back area."

"And this?" Solnina rubs the spot of blood that dripped from his neck. "I was stabbed by a silver knife, but no need to worry. I've tasted my attacker's flesh." He grins as he finished talking.
NeoVenom got his injection when Ziltro, Draco, Zeno, and the remainder of Ziltro's group went to the lab to get their injections.

04-19-2004, 01:20 AM
((OOC: Sorry Red, I forgoted. Assuming it's dark by 8, and I headed my guys out about an hour later and the actions here have taken about an hour...I'dd say it's like 10pm.))

04-19-2004, 01:54 AM
The group rounded the corner to where Miryia was, guns raised.

Black Knight of Keno
04-19-2004, 11:51 AM
There was clacking sound as the other lizardmen except the leader raised their M-4's and aimed at the other vampires. "Lower your guns!" the leader hissed at his men that lowered their guns, slowly. The leader hissed something sharply to his men, like shouting them. He then turned bak to Miryia. "Our leader want's to see you..." the leader said. He continued: "...You may take your little friends too. Oh, My name is Chariss" the leader said. The lizardmen turned and started walking the rails. Then a train was heard coming. The lizardmen let a wary hiss and jumped. They landed on top of the metro and jumped down throught a small window. They moved swiftly and killed everyone there. Then they ran throught tthe backdoor and ran across the rails. Some of them went throught a crack in the wall but some stayed to wait if the vampires would come

04-19-2004, 05:04 PM
[OOS: "A universe where Deac controls the Metaphysics...hmmmm" *Imagines world where the sound of the wind is Led Zeppelin. :D ]

*Helios, Redford, Father Aaron and Leah go to the equipment room and put on several layers of kevlar, including the collars*

Redford: What're we looking at Leah?

Leah: Type 6. Bazetuu. It normally takes human form, but can also shift into it's prime form on this plane. Fire doesn't hurt it, Holy Water nukes it, basically. Silver's also fairly useful.

Aaron: Never understood why Silver was good. It's not particularly Holy.

Helios: Delta Radition. Modern Science doens't know it exists, but most senior demonologist and mystics are certain of it. Silver emits it like Uranium.

Aaron: I see. *Grabs Silver Sword*

Redford: We all set? Holy Water and all? Then we should get going.

*The gang step toward the door. Dyson turns from his computer*

Dyson: I'll keep in contact all the way guys. Go bag us a bazetuu.

04-19-2004, 05:37 PM
((OOC: I hate to rain on your party or anything. I'm sure you'dd have lots of fun throwing water at everyone but in this story holy water is just regular water and throwing it at vampires isn't going to do anything. If you want you can put an acid in the water and call it holy water. But there will be no holy/demonic elements surrounding the vampires. Vampirism is simply a virus. And sunlight kills the virus. The virus is spread with a bite. The infected begin to crave blood which feeds the virus and prolongs life indefinetly. That is all, just normal people with a virus. Not a curse. Not a mystical magical supersticous un-holy anything. Get it? So at best you've got plain water which your gonna find out soon has no effect on vampires, or an acid which you call holy water. the choice is yours. Hate to spoil your religious campaign but that's how it's going to be.))

The train station

Miryia sees the train coming and jumps off the tracks up to the station. She sees the lizardmen enter the train and kill everyone and is shocked. After the lizardmen leave Miryia looks at the other vampires, "So your here to help me?"

Black Knight of Keno
04-19-2004, 05:51 PM
The lizardmen saw that Miryia wasn't coming. "Asshakar isn't going to be pleased... You two, Investigate" Chariss said and two lizardmen ran towards the vampires and suddenly disappeared. They had chameleon blood in their veins and so were the perfect spies. They sneaked behind Miryia as the other lizardmen hid in the small tunnel where they got into with the crack. The second lizardman behind Miryia sneaked behind the bigger group of vampires and took his curved knife out. He took a hold on one of the vampires mouth and then stabbed him on the back. The lizardman rolled the knife on the wound and then took it fastly out. Then it let go of the vampires mouth, hid the knife and sneaked back behind Miryia. It came closer to Miryia and whispered into her ear: "You should come or another like him will be killed" then it backed off with his friend. They waited if Miryia would make any move. Thay didn't have any other clothing except their vest's
(lizardmen are genderless)

04-19-2004, 08:23 PM
((OOC: 10 pm, huh? Damn. Should've reconsidered the whole "introduce my entire faction in the first day, wait till second day to have them embroiled in the conflict" idea :D

Will edit this post later, must run off to college ^^;; ))

04-19-2004, 09:14 PM
((Well time will go by faster soon because we're winding down.))

The mansion

The guest vampires have been seated and served a fine meal. Tathar arives and greets the guests, letting them know that he is the Red Shadow's leader Tathar.

Black Knight of Keno
04-20-2004, 05:29 AM
The train station

After the lizardmen saw that Miryia wasn't going to make any move, they came closer to Miryia. "You really should come..." the other lizardman whispered to her ear and then the two lizardmen ran towards the crack and to the other lizardmen.

The sewers

Four lizardmen were patrolling only a mile from the nest and were heavily armed. Their vests were extra thick as they were a center patrol

04-22-2004, 08:00 PM
[OOC: Calm Down! I never said the water was meant for VAMPIRES. Hence the term "Bazetuu". If I wanted to say "Vampire" I would have said that or "Nosferatu". I knew you were going with the whole Blade-style vamp thing.]

*Helios and the team enter a small van and head toward a small abandoned building downtown*

Darth NeoVenom
04-23-2004, 02:36 PM
In Dark Shadows

NeoVenom and the other Lycans start to have dinner. NeoVenom speaks out to the group in front of him. "Just to inform everyone, we have made an alliance with the lizardmen. I don't know where this alliance stands at now, so still be cautious amongst them." Maximus, the head leader of the Dark Hunters, speaks, "Lizardmen? Why should we make an alliance with Lizardmen." NeoVenom looks Maximus, "They hold information we don't have, Maximus."

04-24-2004, 05:50 AM
((OOC: Grrr, lucasforums wouldn't let me go on for a few days, the web site just wouldn't load up. Anyway sorry for the delay.

And I have some questions for Tepe which you'll find in the Proposal thread.

And I'm not going for the blade style vamp thing. I didn't really like Blade acctually. Blade2 was okay.))

04-24-2004, 01:54 PM
[OOS: I've not actually seen Underworld yet, but the ways to kill vampires seem to be similiar. And seeing as you don't really like the idea of planar travelling, I promise this Bazetuu will be the ONLY one, ok?]

04-25-2004, 05:09 AM
((OOC: Well Deac, you can make a teleporting creature if you want, I'm not sure what a Bazetuu is but if you want you can create it. Just post in the proposal thread it's pros and cons and a description and it's all good. You can create it any way you want but there won't be any supersticious element so you can just adjust the abuilities to a more realistic way.))

Train station

Miryia turned to the five Glorious Shadow vampires after the lizardmen disapeared. "If your here to help me take this," She tossed them her radio, "And tell Sain this leads to the werewolf lair," She pointed to the train station door. When the other vampires had understood her she then turned to where the lizardmen had gone, "I'm going to see what they're all about..." She started towards the tunnels in a bit of a daze. Then turned back to the others, "GO!" She yelled. They started to leave and she turned back around and continued onward.

Black Knight of Keno
04-25-2004, 08:03 AM
the lizardmen waited until Miryia was with them. They led her throught many labyrinths and into their Nest. They left Miryia into the palace. "Asshakar will be with you in a moment..." The lizardmen said and left. A couple of minutes later, Asshakar entered the room. "you must be Miryia. I am Asshakar, the leader of Lizardmen. We have heard that you are a big shot in the Vampire population. We want to offer peace to your people" Asshakar said, climbing onto his chair.

04-25-2004, 04:24 PM
Lizardman lair

Miryia thought about it for a moment, she remembered hearing some strange things over the radio from her Night Hawkes, and wondered if these Lizardmen were indeed going to hold to a treaty. Finally she said, "I don't have the power to grant a treaty just like that...but I will bring it before my father and the elders. If you truly seek peace I don't think they will refuse."


The mansion

A guard came to Sain while they were eating with their guests and took him out to talk privately. Two Night Hawkes had just arrived with a dead Night Hawke. They took Matt's partly decintegrated body to the lab to examine it while Sain spoke with the two Night Hawkes. Sain soon found out that Some of the Night Hawkes had been in trouble in the train station.

Then another guard came who recieved over the radio that the werewolf base was near the train station and Miryia may be in trouble.

Sain gathered six Night Hawkes and twenty regular vampire soldiers and headed for the train station.

04-25-2004, 04:24 PM
*The teamn pulls up at a building. They leave the van in their kelvar armour and carry large guns*

Helios: Remember, this one's going to be tricky. Don't go near him at close range, those claws will rip titanium to shreads.

*The team ascend the stairway to find a strange looking man atop him. Looking at Helios, he snarls*

Man: I know what you are!

*His skin appears to peel back, revealing his true form*

Demon: DIE!

*The party all begin firing as the demon charges*

04-26-2004, 01:22 AM
((I'm [probably] going to wait a few hours in-RPG time before posting again...just so no one thinks I've deserted :D))

04-26-2004, 01:52 AM
((Ditto :D))

04-26-2004, 06:53 PM
*The team pumps several rounds into the demon, slowing it, but it is still able to hit one templar with its claws, raking them across his chest. Aaron runs up to the fallen member as the others chase the demon down. It falls and is mercilessly pumped full of lead*

Helios: How is he?

Aaron: He's dead. A shame. He was new to the job.

Leah: This doesn't add up. This one was old. he shouldn't have been able to get here on his own- he was pratically dead when we found him...

*Redford looks over the side of the building*

Redford: I think I know why...

*several vampires are seen below, entering the building.*

04-26-2004, 07:55 PM
The Glorious Shadow's group of vampires followed Sain. Their guns were again loaded.

Darth NeoVenom
04-26-2004, 08:24 PM
(Out of Character: I'm assuming that the vampire can't catch the scent of the werewolf because of the gernades.)


After eating and getting there injections, Maximus lead a group of about 5 Dark Hunters to the outside. They exited from one of the back exits of Dark Shadows and proceed thru a tunnel leading to some stairs. Maximus took the lead in climbing the stairs. Exiting the stairs, they made their way to a dark alleyway.

04-27-2004, 06:23 PM
((OOC: Jokemaster, exactly how many are coming? ))

the Train station

Sain lead the Vampires down the steps and into the train station. The large number of vampires took up almost all of the platform. Sain stopped in front of the five Glorious Shadow vampires who had radioed him, "Where's Miryia?" They could only tell him that she had gone down the tunnel, and that she had told them that the werewolves came from the door. Turning around Sain faced his vampires and the Glorious Shadow members as well.

Miryia obviously couldn't be contacted, she had given her radio to the other vampires. So Sain had to go get her. They would worry about the werewolves later, for now he decided to find Miryia.

Sain lead the large number of Vampires down the train tracks, through the crack in the wall, and towards the Lizardmen's lair, allthough he didn't really know where it was. Soon he reached an area where the path split in three. Sain devided them in three groups and ordered them to keep in radio contact and report every step of the way.

Two Night Hawkes and eight regular Red Shadow vampires along with some Glorious shadow vampires, made up each group. Sain lead the first group straight.

((Jokemaster, post how many vampires you sent in total, and how many are going in each group.))

04-27-2004, 08:36 PM
((7 vampires in my group, plus the 5 that were already at the train station.))
James was with Sain. He described the Lizardmen as best as he could and told him everything they had done and said as best as he remembered it. The leader of the negotiating team was also in that group. He had by now introduced himself as Andy.

Black Knight of Keno
04-28-2004, 07:21 AM
The group of three guards in the center path came closer to the vampires. A group of four came from the left and a group of two from the right. Every group met tthe vampires and got the same question. "Miryia is heavily guarded in our nest. You shouldn't be concerend about her. She's with our leader. We can take you into a smaller hall under our nest. There you can wait" the lizardmen told after they got back into the cross section. Five lizardmen guards ran to the nest to give the newws to Asshakar as the left four led the vampires into a small hall throught a series of tunnels

04-28-2004, 08:41 AM
Sain agreed to the lizardmen's request and radioed the other two groups to tell them to agree. They followed the Lizardmen to their nest.

((OOC: I responded with Miryia in my second last post))

04-28-2004, 01:07 PM
[OOS: Anyone want to control the vamps attacking Helios and co?]

04-28-2004, 03:45 PM
"Nice place you got here" Said James, looking around.

Black Knight of Keno
04-28-2004, 04:20 PM
"Our leader should come here shortly" the lizardmen said and sat onto some rocks. Few minutes later, two lizardmen came to them and snapped to look each other. Asshakar walked from the small space left in the center. He was followed by Miryia. "I am Asshakar, the leader of the lizardmen"

04-28-2004, 11:16 PM
Lizardmen nest

Miryia saw Sain and ran to him, she leapt into his arms and hugged him tightly. Glad to see a friendly face after the slaughter of her Night Hawkes at the hands of the werewolves. Miryia wispered into Sain's ear with a worried voice, "I don't trust these lizardmen, let's just get out of here."

Sain smiled and hugged her tight. When she was done hugging him Sain turned his attention to the lizardmen's leader, Asshakar. "Now, why have I been brought here? What is it you want to talk about?"

Black Knight of Keno
04-29-2004, 01:03 AM
"We lizardmen are a peaceful group of... freaks as some calls us... We have made peace with the werewolfs and my group that was getting them safely out, attacked your attacking men. We have allso helped your kind. Miryia here can tell that later. Now we need to know, can we sign a peace treaty before we take further actions. I know that we have attacked your kind many times. we have executed the general behind all the attacks and we have allso killed his most loyal soldiers. So now we are only a peaceful tribe of... lizardmen" Asshakar said and stepped towards, looking at the soldiers sitiing on the rocks. The warriors stood up and walked into the nest's barracks. Asshakar looked Sain.

Darth NeoVenom
04-29-2004, 10:37 AM
On St. Marks

Blending in with the crowd on the sidewalk, Maximus and his group continue to walk in the same direction as everyone else. "So where is this place?" one of the soldiers asks Maximus. "Patience. I will tell you all when we get there." They continue to walk at a normal and cautious pace.

04-29-2004, 09:23 PM
Lizarmen's nest

Some of the tension seemed to leave Miryia after those words, but she was not totally convinced. She wispered into Sain's ears before he could reply and then left taking one group of two Night Hawkes and six regular vampire soldiers with her.

After Miryia and the group that went with her left Sain turned back to Asshakar. "I will bring this matter before Tathar, our leader. But in the meantime I'm wondering if your allegience with the werewolves will cause a conflict of interest. You see, we're enemies with the werewolves, and are currently hunting them down, if you've allied with them then wouldn't that make you our enemies?" Sain looked over the group of lizardmen caustiously, he didn't want his words to intimidate the lizardmen so that they would try to kill him and his men, if they did he wasn't going to let them catch him off guard.

The sewer tunnels

Miryia lead her small group to the last place she had contacted her Night Hawkes at. There she found the bodies of several of them but Chester, Lester, Clive, Jason and Tais were missing.

The small group spread out and began to search the off shooting tunnels and passegeways.

((OOC: hope there arn't any more frogs loose...))

Black Knight of Keno
04-30-2004, 01:09 PM
Asshakar smiled and pointed his guards to leave. The guards left and Asshakar stepped a little closer. The lizardmen leader was only an inch taller, maybe half inch. "We shall stay neutral until you decide. If some of our troops attack yurs, we are terribly sorry. We have been having problems with our connections to the outer partrols and they maybe won't get the message about the neutrality" Asshakar said and then turned to leave. "We shall await for your decision. You shall find one of our men guarding the tunnel that leads here. Speak to him and he will lead you here when you have made your decision"

04-30-2004, 01:16 PM
[OOS: No takers for a group of fire-and-forget vampires to attack my lot?]

04-30-2004, 05:39 PM
((All right, all right, I'm going I'm going))
"We'll be glad to sign a peace treaty if they agree." Said James, gesturing toward Sain.
James then turned and tried his radio. It didn't work. He whispered to a soldier and the soldier ran out and gave an attack team permission to attack
The leader of the attack team, Harrison, got the signal. He quickly looked through his binoculars again, up the building in case there were any suprises. He didn't see any. His team unholstered their guns and entered Helios' building.

05-01-2004, 12:39 AM
Lizarmen's Lair

Sain pressed his lips and rubbed his chin. He lowered his head and looked at his feet, "You didn't answer my question." His eyes shot up at Asshakar. Then Sain dropped the tension, he let his shoulders loose and shrugged with his hands, "Look, we're not enemies are we? All I'm saying is if your allied with the werewolves and we're fighting against the werewolves how are they going to feel if you also ally with us? What I'm saying is you need to choose a side. And when you've thought about that then we'll talk about an alliance, okay?" Having thrown that in his face Sain was ready for anything, he'dd seen it happen in plenty of peace talks. Sometimes they're reasonable and it turns out fine, others...but Sain was ready.


Sewer tunnels

Miryia motioned to the dead Night Hawkes, "Take them with us, we're bringing them back. We have to go now, we'll send a search party as soon as we get back." Her underlings followed out her orders and hauled the dead over their shoulders.

Black Knight of Keno
05-01-2004, 07:26 AM
Asshakar turned and grabbed Sain's neck. Asshakar raised Sain up. "We shall decide who our last alliance will be! Now, get out of my sight!" Asshakar shouted at Sain and let go. He left Sain lying on the ground and walked away.

Darth NeoVenom
05-01-2004, 08:55 AM
On St. Marks

Maximus and the Dark Hunters continue to walk and made their way to an abandon building. "Where here." he whispers to his group. He then motioned for the group to go thru the alleyway. Keeping an eye out, Maximus then followed the group. "Continue walking." he ordered. One they made it to the back of the dark alleyway, Maximus knocked on a brick wall with his fist. The members looked at him weird, but then a panel slid open. "Ahh...come in." a voice said thru the opening. What seemed like a wall was actually a door. Maximus didn't want to take any chances a threw a small scent gernade in a puddle in the alleyway. They proceeded thru the door and as the last member walked in, the door was shut.

05-01-2004, 01:46 PM
Helios: Right. Hold this floor. It's the stairs they'll likely come up, so we'll guard those.

Redford: We didn't pack vampire. All our-UV flashbombs are back at base.

Aaron: I might be able to radio for help

Helios: No point. They'll be listening. Lock and load.

Here they come...

*The team move to the door and wait for movement...*

05-01-2004, 06:27 PM
The vampires shot up the stairs, they knew where the humans were. Once they arrived at a couple of floors below it, they slowed down, and drew their weapons. There were 10 of them.

05-01-2004, 09:47 PM
Lizardmen's lair

Sain waved off a soldier's help and got himself up. He brushed some dirt off his coat and fixed his collar. Collecting himself he remained calm as if nothing had happend. He didn't allow his feelings to control him, unlike the lizardman, and proved himself better in doing so. Without a word he turned and lead his men back to the train station.

The Train Station

Miryia met Sain at the station. "What happened with the lizardmen?"

Sain frowned, "Well we're probably going to have more enemies to worry about." Sain headed up the stairs and Miryia followed along with the soldiers.

Miryia noticed his dirty jacket and wondered, but didn't say anything.

They radioed to the mansion that they were returning.

Now the host walked along the city streets drawing odd gazes from it's citizens, particularily the dead thrown casually over a shoulder. Thouh in the dark people could only speculate with uncertainty.

Sain and Miryia walked side by side. After two blocks in silence Sain turned to Miryia with a sigh. "I thought there were more than four that went missing."

Miryia looked back into his puzzeled eyes, "There were. We're going to send a search team when we get back."

"I see." Sain nodded. the rest of the trip drifted to casual talk and they found themselves at the mansion in no time.

05-01-2004, 10:39 PM
The Mansion
Now the Glorious shadows groups were merged and followed Sain back to the mansion.
"Well, I suppose this is where our paths part for now. Here, take this to contact us if you desire any help, and we'll contact you if we need help" Andy said, offering Sain a radio. He had been careful to not imply that the Red Shadows would need help, he knew they would probably not. Miryia especially, she seemed to be the only survivor of the battle. "It's an encrypted signal, only decipherable by these radios, so the Lycans, the humans, and those....Lizardmen won't be able to listen in. "

05-02-2004, 01:20 PM
*There are seven humans. Helios draws his two pistols and begins firing down the stairwell, as do the rest of the humans. The bullets are silver, [does that affect Vampires in this] and event this was designed for the demon it still hurts the vamps it hits*

05-02-2004, 05:45 PM
Two of the vampires dropped in the initial barrage, but the rest pressed on. They used normal bullets, knowing that'd be the most deadly for humans. They mostly had pistols but two had Ingrams. They took cover around corners and were careful in their aiming. The leader finally got within range and started firing. He emptied one 9 shot clip and reloaded, while the rest of the group caught up.

05-02-2004, 06:25 PM
((OOC: Silver is only as effective as regular bullets in this.))

The Mansion

When Sain and Miryia arrived they were greeted by their kindred with warmth. The night had been long and stressful. Sain headed straight for the main dining room where Tathar was eating with his guests. Miryia remained behind to help the servants tend to the dead. The other soldiers headed off to the armory to disarm and then headed for rest.

Sain entered abruptly and walked straight to Tathar, Sain wispered into his leader's ears. "Tathar, it would seem we have another foe which has allied with the werewolves."

05-02-2004, 07:15 PM
The Glorious Shadows vampries returned to their lair, where they were also greeted by their kin. They told stories of their escapades and reported a description of the lizardmen and the fact that they were probably gonna be allied with the werewolves. The leader of the Glorious Shadows was mysteriously not present.

05-02-2004, 08:43 PM
((Deac: Silver for werewolves, UV for vampires. ;)

Uh...so how many hours have passed in-RPG? XD))

Black Knight of Keno
05-03-2004, 02:53 AM
The lizardmen nest closed up as the guards changed. The lizardmen went to sleep after the night and the guards changed

((So that means that the vampire's didn't accept? Ok. Fine to me... When the sun comes up, my story changes from underground to the city and the what was it... 30 lizardmen))

05-03-2004, 11:27 AM
*Of one Helios' team goes down. The rest duck for cover*

Redford: These guys are highly trained. They got us completely foxed. We don't have any ranged weaponry. It's almost like..

*One of the team members, a man named Cox, suddenly laughs*

Cox: It's almost like this whole thing was a set up...

*Cox opens his mouth, where two large fangs are now visible*

Cox: Bribing one old demon was easy. Now I get a shot at the great Helios...

*He is suddenly thrown back as Helios kicks him in the face*

Helios: I'll take him! The rest of you cover the door!

05-03-2004, 05:53 PM
The vampires threw a frag grenede toward the group. They wait for it to blow up.

05-04-2004, 12:30 AM
((OOC: haha, well Tepe, your lucky Sain didn't start splitting wigs and busting caps in that joint right then and there. :p He displayed some extrodinary self control. So no, theres no peace. But in the Proposal thread you mentioned your son taking over so mabee we can take another crack at that if you learn some manners. :D

And Redwing...I would say it's like midnight now mabee?))

Black Knight of Keno
05-04-2004, 07:54 AM
((Yeah, I plan on something like Asshakar's son taking over the throne. Let's just see if that will happen. I made another post what WILL happen at some point))

Darth NeoVenom
05-04-2004, 12:14 PM
In the building of St. Marks (12:05 AM)

Maximus and his group walk thru a hallway and make their way to a backroom. Once entering, they can see several Vampires, Lycans, and Humans chat amongst each other. This place is known as the Assembly, the only place where Vampires, Lycans, and Humans can talk amongst each other in peace and not be disturbed.

05-04-2004, 01:49 PM
*Redford sees the grenade*

Redford: Grenade! *He kicks it, and it gets half way down the stairs before it explodes, causing them to fall through*

Leah: That'll hold them a moment

*Meanwhile, Helios and Cox are busy in hand to hand combat. Cox lunges forward*

Cox: So, is it true? You smell different. They say you're half angel.

Helios: Maybe. Perhaps not.

*Helios draws his silver dagger*

Helios: You still die if your head comes off, right?

05-04-2004, 01:55 PM
*The leader's name was Francis*
Francis: All right. Let's take care of these pests.
*The vampires once again charged forward, this time everyone was shooting. The leader aimed straight for Redford, knowing he was the one who kicked the grenede*

05-10-2004, 01:42 AM
Tathar's Mansion(12:05AM)

Tathar's chair screached as he pushed it back and stood to his feet. The Red Shadow leader directed his attention to the new ally sitting further down the long streatching table. "Please come with us, I want you to be present at my council." Tathar's eyes darted to a servant who took the hint and left to assemble the council.

All the vampires rose from their seats. Sain followed closely behind Tathar as he walked down the length of the table. Tathar eyed the Glorious Shadow leader when he aproached him, "A new threat it seems is at hand, the council must gather. Please," He turned to the broad double doors, "This way," And lead the way.

Tathar pushed the broad doors open. As Tathar strolled in two guards positioned themselves at oposite sides of the doorway. The Red shadow vampires present at the meal did not follow Tathar, they were not a part of the council. Instead they made their seperate ways through the various smaller doors of the dining hall. The room suddenly became quite active. As the diners left the elders entered and one by one made their way through the main doors.

Sain, remaining behind, steped beside the Glorious Shadow leader, "Go ahead, but your friends must stay with me."


Miryia had been leaning against one of the door frames watching. Her eyes met with Sain's and he smiled at her. A fait smile hinted on her face, but she wasn't quite comphorted. Miryia wirled around and left. Sain felt a longing in his heart but his place was with the guests.

In another room Miryia slung two gun straps over her shoulders and buckled a holster to her thigh. On a small dresser in front of her lay three guns. One by one she picked them up, loaded them, and holstered them.

Whirling so gracefully as she had done before she then strolled towards the mansion's front doors. She was halted with both hands ready to push the doors open. "Miryia!" A familiar voice called from behind her.

Miryia turned her head but not her body. "Miryia, you can't go out alone."

With a sigh Miryia spun around. "Jack." She said firmly looking into the brown eyes of the handsom black haired man before her, "I am going."

Jack stepped closer, "Then take a team with you."

Miryia's voice became hasty, "Tais may not have time, he could already be dead."

"He's just a soldier, and if he's dead or if he dies he'll have died doing his soldier's duty." Miryia grew impatient with Jack's words, "He's not worth it, you shouldn't go."

"I can't let one of my men just die."

"A search team will go, you've done enough tonight."

"I haven't done enough until every werewolf is dead."

Miryia turned around and yanked the door open a crack. Jack grabbed her arm firmly, "Be careful Miryia, they're not just werewolves."

Miryia shot Jack a suspicious glance.

"They're Lycan." Jack said, gazing deepley into Miryia's big pretty blue eyes.

"It makes no difference to me." She shot back. "They all die the same." Once again she made another attempt at prying the door open and was halted by Jack.

"Miryia would you just wait!"

"What!?" Miryia said in an impatiently angered shout.

Jack drew his gun between them and cocked it, "I'm coming with you."

Some of the temper subsided and Miryia hastily lead Jack out of the mansion.

Train Station(12:15AM)

Miryia and Jack stepped out of a black car and made their way to the Train Station's entrance. There they stood for a moment, side by side looking down into the station's glowing light.

05-10-2004, 11:29 AM
*Redford keeps his cool, aims his shotgun and fires directly at Francis' head. The others continue firing.

Meanwhile, Helios grapples above Cox, knife above heart*

Cox: Come on, half-breed. Show me your wings

Helios: Shut up

*Helios stabs the dagger into Cox's neck. He bleeds and begins to die*

05-10-2004, 02:39 PM
Tathar's mansion 12:05
The leader nodded. His escort stayed behind with Sain.
Train Station 12:15
A voice behind both Jack and Myria spoke.
"Going somewhere? "
Three Glorious Shadow vampires stood behind them. They had been left to warn the others if the Lycan, or lizards, left through there.
Building 12:13
Francis barely dodged the shotgun blast. It made him lose his balance and he dropped his gun. He fumbled trying to find it for a second, but the other vampires continued the rush. They kept shooting until they finally reached Redford's team.

05-11-2004, 01:21 PM
*Helios stands from the dead Cox. He sees the vampires gradually move closer and runs back into the fray, leaping on top of their leader with his silver dagger*

05-11-2004, 05:19 PM

The leader dodged, but the knife grazed his cheek. It was a small cut, and it healed fast. The leader turned, his gun already aimed at Helios.

05-11-2004, 11:13 PM
Tathar's Mansion(12:20)

Tathar sat at the head of a beautifully crafted table which streatched down the length of the room seating twelve on each side and one at each base. The table's beautiful wood glowed rich under the dim lamps ligning the walls.

The Glorious Shadow leader was ushered to the foot of the table oposite Tathar. Twenty elders sat along the sides with two empty seats.

When they had all settled Tathar spoke, "My fellow Elders." He greated with both hands held up in recognition. "First I would like to welcome our guest from the Glorious Shadow Faction." Tathar lowered one hand and motioned the other towards the end of the table, "Please, tell us your name."


Train Station(12:20)

Miryia was startled at first but realized who the three strangers were. Jack did not.

"What's it to you?!" Jack said agresively, taking a step towards the strangers.

Miryia pulled him back, "Relax Jack, they're Glorious Shadow vampires."

"Oh." Jack said and steped back.

Miryia advanced and spoke to the three Glorious Shadow Vampires, "Has anything unusual happened while we were gone?"

Darth NeoVenom
05-11-2004, 11:37 PM
At the Assembly (12:20AM)

Maximus walks to the center of the room. "Pardon for the interruption everyone, but I have very good news." Maximus than reaches into a pouch on his belt and takes out an injection. "This my friends is an injection that prevents us from having odor. Once injected with this, within two days you will be odorless." Many of the people in the room had a look of surprise on their faces. Sabrina (***), a pure blood vampire, stood up and spoke to the others. "You know what this means? We can roam freely without any problems." She then looks at Maximus and says, "Do you have enough injections with you for all of us?"

"But of course." Maximus replied with a smirk on his face. He takes out three more injections and motions his group to take out the injections they were carrying. "These will help you aswell." Maximus says taking out some non-scent gernades.

"All I hope is that this war will end soon." Sabrina says as she grabs some of the gernades from Maximus. "I hope so too." Maximus said.

05-12-2004, 01:07 PM
*Helios kicks the gun out of Francis' hand and leaps on him again, dagger aimed for the heart*

05-12-2004, 07:25 PM
Train Station
"No, that's what I'm worried about. Are you going in?"
Francis twisted, but the knife still went into his ribs, injuring him.
"You're going to pay for that, HUMAN!" Hissed Francis.
He took out a knife of his own, and stabbed at Helios.

05-13-2004, 01:17 PM
Helios: Not heard of me? I'm not quite human

*As the rest of the group watch on, Helios' coat flings off, and two holes are torn in his back as large white wings potrude out of his top*

05-13-2004, 02:20 PM
Train Station(12:25)

Miryia straightened, "As a matter of fact, we are going in."

Jack steped forward and decided to interupt, "Miryia, mabee it isn't such a good idea to go in on our own. How much ground can we cover? Theres more people missing than just Tais you know."

Miryia turned around and faced him, "Then you stay here and call for a search team, I'll go in alone."

"But it's too dangerous." Jack protested.

"But I have to."

"Wait." Jack though for a few seconds, "I'll call for a search team, then we'll both go in together, okay?"

"Fine." Miryia agreed.

Miryia turned back to the Glorious Shadow vampires as Jack radioed the mansion. "Are you three going to wait out here?"


((Don't forget to respond to the scene at the mansion, jokemaster.))

Black Knight of Keno
05-13-2004, 02:45 PM
((I just haven't gotten any place I could insert anything...))

The train station (12:25)

A hiss sounded in the subway. Asshakar stepped up to the train station and looked the vampires. He was alone and was wearing the usual belt and a USP and a knife with him. "It has come to my knowledge that you are looking for one of your kind. I came here to help you look" Asshakar said and radioed for the nest to get him a meeting with the lycans. "I shall speak to the lycans and ask about you kind. I must know his name so if I find him, I can speak to him"

05-14-2004, 03:05 PM
Train Station(12:30)

In one fluid motion Miryia spun around and withdrew a pistol. A bewildered look came across her face, "Whu-...huh?" She looked at the lizardman with her pistol pointed at him, wondering what his intent at such a stunt was. "Are you joking?" As she asked this she noticed Jack also had his pistol aimed at the creature standing at the bottom of the steps. "What are you talking about? How would you know that? Why would the Lycan help us?"

So many questions for the bold intruder.

Black Knight of Keno
05-14-2004, 03:10 PM
The train station 12:30

"I have my connections, Miryia. And you do know that Lycan's are your enemies?" Asshakkar said sarcastically. He looked Jack with his bright eyes and hissed. He did no move to draw his weapons

05-15-2004, 12:04 AM
Train Station(12:30)

Miryia holstered her pistol and flicked her coat straight, Jack did likewise. Miryia slowly descended the stairs, Jack follwed. As Miryia passed Asshakkar she said little above a wisper, "Forgive me if I don't trust you." And continued past him.

Jack eyed Asshakkar suspiciously as he passed and followed Miryia.

Black Knight of Keno
05-15-2004, 01:00 AM
The train station 12:31

Asshakar hissed at Miryia and turned to the way they were leaving. "You may not trust me, but then, do you trust yur allies? As the human scum says, keep your allies close, but your enemies closer..." Asshakar hissed and jumped down the steps and onto the rails. He hissed a bit and then vanished into the darkness. He travelled towards the Lycan base. If hiss intelligence would be correct, the Lycan base shoulde be quite near.

Darth NeoVenom
05-15-2004, 08:25 AM
At the Assembly (12:35AM)

Maximus and the other Lycans decided to sleep the night at the Assembly. Sabrina and two of her comrades exited the Assembly and made their way to a local train station. Sabrina was in a small faction full of only pure bloods known as the Night Stalkers. Her faction have no problems with Lycans, but only they,some humans, and the Lycans only know that. Her black trench coat waved and flickered as she walked the sidewalk. She wears a black belt that can holster up to two guns. Her choice of guns are Glock-18s.

At Dark Shadows

Several Dark Hunters patrol the entrace of the base, ready to fire upon anyone that isn't one of them and that isn't one of their allies. NeoVenom and Solnina slumber in their room as well as half of the Lycans in the base. McKain is busy mixing various liquids, attempting to come up with new discoveries. The after half are ready for anything, including war.

05-15-2004, 10:00 AM

05-15-2004, 04:07 PM
"We'll go with you" said the one who had first approached Myria.
"Human, or something else, you will still die!" Said Francis. Meanwhile, the rest of his team were trying to surround Redford.
"My name is Varon. And I am pleased that you have accepted our offer of alliance. We hope this relationship will be fruitful."

05-16-2004, 12:48 PM
*Helios draws his two pistols and fires rapidly toward Francis. The rest of the team begins fighting tooth and claw to prevent being surrounded*

Aaron: I've got a plan...

*Aaron leaps over the side of the building*

05-16-2004, 01:47 PM
The vampires ignore the man who jumped off the building, thinking him suicidal. Francis dodged some of the bullets, but some struck him.
"You cannot win. Why don't you just give up?"

05-16-2004, 05:40 PM
Leah: You may kill us, but we won't be turned. And we'll die for our beliefs.

*Aaron, has hung below a windowsil, and shimmys inside, beginning to sneak up behind the vampires on the stairs*

05-16-2004, 07:33 PM
"'And what are these beliefs you will die so readily for?"

05-17-2004, 09:29 AM
Redford: The right of man to live in a world where he doesn't have to worry about bloodsuckers like you ending his life. We're not cattle and we're not prey.

*Redford leaps onto one of the lesser vampires in a mad rush and twists his head, snapping his neck*

[That does work, right?]

05-17-2004, 03:19 PM
"Yet you treat other species like cattle." Said Francis. The rest of the group concentrated fire on redford.

05-18-2004, 02:25 AM
Train Station(12:40AM)

Miryia watched Asshakkar leave and glared at him.

Jack called back to her, he was already at the hole where the missing soldiers had gone. "Miryia, we'dd better pick up the pace I think that lizard thing is going to cause trouble."

"Ya." Miryia muttered not loud enough for Jack to here. Then she looked to the Glorious Shadow Vampires, "Okay boys, this way and hurry." With that she took off running until she passed Jack who waited for the Glorious Shadow Vampires before following.

05-18-2004, 07:37 AM
They ran after Jack and Myria, catching up fast.

05-18-2004, 01:24 PM
*Redford's Kevlar takes the brunt of the bullets that hit him, but he is thrown back*

Redford: A cow isn't a sentient creature. We are, you filth!

*Father Aaron has crept up the stairs behind the vampires with a shotgun. He fires, blowing one of their heads clean off before they realise what is going on. They are now pinned down*

Darth NeoVenom
05-18-2004, 11:18 PM
At the entrance of the train station (12:45AM)

Sabrina and her two companions make their way at the train station's entrance. "Where exactly are we heading to now?" asked Lucas with a puzzled look on his face. "We are just checking if everything is alright, that's all." Sabrina replied back. They looked around and then proceed their way by taking the stairs leading towards the train station.

05-22-2004, 10:21 PM
Sewer tunels 12:45AM

The mud squished between the crevices of Miryia's boot with each careful yet quick step. Miryia lead four other vampires through the dark damp sewers. The group was moving fast, there was no telling how much time they had. They were also cautiously searching every tunnel and passege for either hidden enemies or some of their many missing friends.

Miryia rose her fist and the group halted. They strained their ears to hear faint footsteps. Someone was coming. Miryia could tell there was only one person, and whoever it was was running very sloppy.

With a motion of her hand the other spread out obeying her signal. Miryia rushed forward and leapt around the corner into the stranger.

The Vampire princess didn't recognize who she had landed on until her barrel touched the mud spatten face of Tais. "Tais?"

"Who is it?" Jack(*) called from around the corner.

"It's okay Jack," Miryia responded. "It's Tais, we've found him."

Miryia climbed off Tais and hauled him up. He was weak, dirty, and bruised. From what Miryia could tell he'dd been doing some heavy fighting and was pretty beaten up.

"Where have you been?" Miryia questioned.

Tais rested his weight on the wall behind him and forced out one word at a time as he tried to catch his breath. "I...was...fighting..." He had to take an extra breath to catch up for the skipping to fit in words, "And...I...was....beaten..." He seemed to have skipped part of the story, like he was only letting out the bare minimum, he also paused again for breath, "Then I...Woke up on the ground." His breath started to come back to him and he could fit more in between each breath. "Where are the others?"

Jack and the other three vampires came up behind Miryia as she and Tais were talking. Tais caught the last question, "We were hoping you could help us there," He asked.

"I haven't seen them." Said Tais.

"We should get you back," Miryia sudjested, "A search team will get here soon to find the others."

Tais agreed and the group headed back to the station.

Darth NeoVenom
05-24-2004, 07:46 PM
(Out of Character: Darth Tepe, I was actually waiting for your lizardman to make it to the gates of the Lycan's headquarters. That'z why I didn't post anything about it.)


At the train station (12:47AM)

Sabrina lead the two Night Stalkers down the stairway. They looked upon everyone they past. They then board the Train and leaned against the closed door. "I heard something was up at the next train station. We are going there." Sabrina said. "What happens if we encounter any problem.?" asked Lucas. "Then we'll solve it." Sabrina said as she grinned. The door opposite to them closed and the train began to move.

05-25-2004, 01:41 AM
( I assume there are humans with you on this train? And, and do not forget, this is a subway, not a train station. ;) )

The Subway station, currently aboard a train. (12:56 AM)

As the train zoomed down the subterranean tracks, the three Vampire rode peacefully awaiting there destination. As they stood in the train, watching seemingly endless wall zoom past them, the train suddenly cracked to a halt, the lights in each of the cars flickering, as the train was somehow stopped dead in its tracks.

The front of the train was smashed, the conductor dead, glass shattering, the shards piercing his body in seconds, instantly killing him. The lights finally stopped flickering, but less than half remained on, the train now dim, and the passengers aboard becoming extremely nervous. This wouldn't be the first time strange things have happened in this subway...

The three Vampire now stood amidst the chattering humans, as they tried to figure out what happened, the dimly lit train obviously going no where.

Darth NeoVenom
05-25-2004, 09:47 AM
(Out of Character: The three characters, Sabrina, Lucas, and Max are Vampires, not Lycans. Just to let you know. :D They are in the second Faction I created, the Night Stalkers.)


In the Train (12:58 AM)

"What the hell was that?" Max said as he placed his hand over his gun. "I don't know, but we gotta get everybody out of here." Sabrina said. Taking out her gun and firing one single shot up to the roof of the train, everybody aboard the train screamed and stayed quiet, looking nervously at Sabrina. Sabrina spoke out, "I'm not here to hurt any of you. We are here to help you. Everybody head to the back of the train." People didn't hesitate and did what Sabrina said

Sabrina took the lead and open the sliding door. "Quickly and quietly." she said as the people that are following her. Being that it is late at night, Sabrina was relieved that only a few people were on the train. As she passes cart to cart, she told people to move to the back cart. Max and Lucas were in the back of the crowd with their guns out.

05-25-2004, 10:12 AM

Black Knight of Keno
05-25-2004, 10:37 AM
Near the Lizardman nest 13:00 AM

Asshakar walked throught the quietness of the sewers. He had heard something up ahead and has drawn his pistol ready. He sneaked towards the nest throught a crack in the wall but was amazed that this crack didn't lead into the nest, but just next to the gate. Ashhakar saw lycans up ahead with some of his guards and so he put his USP away.
"I didn't imagine you could get here so quickly, my friend!" Ashhakar shouted to the group and walked towards it.
"Sir, we have information that the vampires have founded what they searched for" a guard came to say him and Asshakar nodded. "I know it. I tailed them for a moment, but now you must alert the assault squad. The next train is passing the location in ten minutes. My friend's, have you heard of any new groups? I have a feeling something strange is happening soon..." Asshakar hissed, walking towards the lycans as a bomb exploded in the nest. There was screams everywhere and some shouted something like:
"The palace is burning!"
"Help! The palace exploded!"

Asshakar ran throught the gates and looked the damage that the bomb made. The palace was halfly destroyed, the armory next to it was nowhere to be seen and the so called hospital facility was heavily damaged. Soldiers, guards, medics and civilians ran back and forth in the nest as Asshakar looked the Lycans, peacefully. "I need to see NeoVenom..." Asshakar looked at the lycans that he had never seen.

((Hope this was ok, NeoVenom... And call me Tepe. Please :p ))

05-25-2004, 12:03 PM
(( Curt-man, I don't mean to sound like a jerk or anything, but did Mandy okay your race yet? I didn't see her post in the thread...Oh and sorry Neovenom, I edited my post. Thanks. ;) ))

Subway Station, the train. ( 1:03 AM )

The train now lay there, motionless in place. Sparks crackleing from the front car, the conductors bloody body hung over the broken front window, a large hunk of glass sticking up out of his back. Infront of the train was the source of this accident...a living growth, which had formed a ring around the tunnel. Behind it, the tunnel was covered in living tissue, expanding onwards, too far for any eye to see.

A small fire had started to burn in the front car, the sparks ignighting the thin carpet in the conducters booth. It was silent...to quite, infact...

Darth NeoVenom
05-25-2004, 01:08 PM
(Out of Character: The bomb damaged one of the Green Hate's nest? I'm a bit confused. If a bomb was placed near the Lycan's base, they would surely find it before it can set off. If a bomb does go off, the gates of the Lycan base can sustain a large amount of damage, same goes for the walls surrounding the gates. They are extremely thick. Just to inform you. Maybe I misread and it occured in one of the Green Hate's nest.)


In the subway (1:03 AM)

The fire in the front cart spread towards the second cart and it started to burn as well. Sabrina made her way to the last cart. She put her fingers between one of the doors and forced the subway door to open. "There's a door if you continue to walk the edge. It leads to a ladder that takes you above ground. Now go all of you." Sabrina said. The people ran thru the open door as Sabrina, Max, and Lucas followed them. Sabrina looked back towards the subway and saw that the fire was spreading to the third cart, then the forth and so on.

05-25-2004, 01:28 PM
The fire quickly moved on to the fith and sixth car, and begain spreading faster with each car it passed, as the three Vampire and there human companions flead the train, the seventh and eighth car where ingulfed with flame.

A few seconds later, an explosion rocked the subway, as the train exploded, the blast of it knocking them all off of there feet, Max, however, being the farthest one behind, was lifted off, and slammed firmly into a wall. ( I leave his life/death in your hands. ;) ) The area around the train still burning, though the growth barely had a mark on it.

People stumbled to get up, most being confused at what had just happened.

Black Knight of Keno
05-25-2004, 01:34 PM
((It was meant to happen in the lizardmen nest, and when did I say it damaged the gate, I didn't say that the gates damaged or were they left open as the guards went to get the assault team ready :p ))

05-25-2004, 01:50 PM
Rooftop, 1AM

*Seizing the opportunity, the rest of the Team begin firing at the vampires. Helios swoops in and grabs one, hurling him off the side of the building*

Darth NeoVenom
05-25-2004, 01:51 PM
{Out of character: Ohhh. Whoopz...sorry for the misreading Tepe. :D )


At Dark Shadows (1:04 AM)

The explosion at the nest vibrated the floor a little from where the Dark Hunters were. "What the hell that!?" exclaimed one Dark Hunter. The leader of the Dark Hunters spoke to Asshakar, "We will call him to come here to meet you." He then motioned to another Dark Hunter to communicate with NeoVenom. The Dark Hunter listened to his leader and went to the screen next to the entrance and pushed a buttom, allowing him to communicate with whoever was inside Dark Shadows. "Be Patient, this will take a while. Lord NeoVenom is asleep right now, but I'm sure he will come." The leader said to Asshakar.

In the subway tunnels (1:04 AM)

The impact on Max cracked some of his ribs and puctured some of his organs. "Go on. Leave!" He said to Sabrina and Lucas. Sabrina jumped down to the tracks and kneeled before Max. "I think I won't make it." Max said. He then handed his guns to Sabrina. Sabrina took one of Max's gun and point it at Max. She looked away and fires one bullet into Max's chest. Ultraviolet light streamed out of the bullet hole and out of his mouth as his skin begins to diminish. Sabrina then climbed onto the ledge and followed the others thru the door. Sabrina looked at Lucas with sadness. Lucas looked at her and looks down to the floor. "Let's go." Sabrina said.

Black Knight of Keno
05-25-2004, 01:57 PM
At Dark shadows 1:05 AM

Asshakar hissed unpatiently and looked the Dark shadow groups leader.

05-25-2004, 02:16 PM
Near the Lizardman base. ( 1:17 AM )

Three lizardmen, on a routine patrol through the sewers casually went about there usual route. There feet sloshed againts the wet dampness of the sewer, water being splashed slightly around them.

Rounding a corner, they continued to walk, however, the constant sound of sloshing was interupted, as one lizardmans foot came down with a squash. Looking down, as it tried to pull its foot loose, it realized it had stepped into some sort of growth in the sewer. The Lizardman pulled its foot free, and looking ahead. the three Lizardman saw that the growth expanded far beyond even there eyesight.

The growth pulsed slightly, almost like it had a life of its own, and it covered the walls, ceilings, and floor.

Black Knight of Keno
05-25-2004, 04:29 PM
((If I remember corrrectly, you must ask me if you want to use the lizardmen race in any other situation where I am not involved myself, but I'll let you have this... PM me what was the growth and what will happen in the next IC minutes between the growth and the lizardmen))

Black Knight of Keno
05-25-2004, 04:49 PM
Near the Lizardmen nest 1:19

"What is that?" The leader of the group hissed and made a small wave with his hand at one of the troops to check it out. The leader reported that something like a plant of somekind had taken over a part of their tunnel system, or only blocked it.
The soldier walked towards, grabbing his M-4 tightly against his shoulder, pointing now at the ground, but ready to start firing if the growth would attack.
"Wait there, we shall send patrol 567-AJF to assist on your investigation. We shall prepare out science lab for your found..." They reported from the nest, as the soldier got just next to the growth and started slowly examine it. The soldier touched the growth infront of him, and fastly pulled his arm away as the growth moved a little away from the hand. "Sir, it's alive!" the soldier reported and examined it even closer, touching it and taking some allready ripped "skin" from the bottom of the growth and handling it.

05-25-2004, 04:54 PM
Near the Lizardman hive. ( 1:22 AM )

The skin he tore only moved slightly, already deadend from the previous tears. The growth continued to pulse, as they stood there gazing at it. The growth made no action againts them. Infact, it was almost as if it shunned away from there very presence.

A putrid smell filled the air around the Lizardmen, the odre enough to make most humans throw up. The growth had released a defencive spray.

Black Knight of Keno
05-25-2004, 05:12 PM
Near the lizardmen nest 1:24

The lizardmen warriors were glad they had lived their whole lives down in the sewers. The lizardmen soldier threw his weapon down and took his knife and pistol ou, he threw them down allso. He came even closer to the growth.
The lizardmen hissed something to the growth, like the growth would understand. It was the ancient language, even the leader of the group didn't know what the soldier said, and so was quite amazed, well, the soldier had made the first degree in ancient languages in the lizard university.
The soldier smiled and pointed his hand out, like to greet the growth

05-25-2004, 05:51 PM
As the Soldier extended his hand, gradually the growth begain to settle down. The smell that it was emitting left the sewer, and it begain to pulse much slower than before. The ground they where on once again became stable.

Far ahead, only darkness could be seen. The lights most likely having been eroded and broken by the growth, and the water being sucked up.

Black Knight of Keno
05-26-2004, 05:55 AM
Near the lizardmen nest 1:30 AM

"What is it?" the leader of the group asked and stepped carefully towards the growth.
"Sir, stay back, It's somekind of a plant... A living plant..." the soldier said as four lizardmen ran right behind the corner and stopped just before the leader of the first patrol. They looked at the growth and the soldier next to the growth threw the small ripped skin of the growth to the new lizardmen that put it into a plastic bag to be researched back at the nest.
The soldier just next to the growth looked the growth and hissed something.
I am called Assher. What are you? Can you speak? Please, try communicating with us.

Darth NeoVenom
05-26-2004, 10:11 AM
(Out of Character: Back tracking a bit.)


In the subway tunnel 1:10 AM

Sabrina and Lucas follow the people and walk about of the subway tunnel. Even if Sabrina and Lucas wanted to go back inside, they couldn't because the door leading to the sidewalk can only be opened from the inside. "Come Lucas. Let go walking to the other subway station. It shouldn't be that far." Sabrina said. Lucas nodded and followed Sabrina to the other station.

Back at Dark Shadows, the leader of the small group looks at Asshakar and asks, "Why exactly do you want to see Lord NeoVenom?"

Black Knight of Keno
05-26-2004, 10:27 AM
At Dark Shadows 1:10 AM

"I need to speak with lord NeoVenom at a very important issue about the ever growing vampire population" Asshakar said and stepped towards the leader of the group.
"Or do you have something against it?"

Darth NeoVenom
05-26-2004, 11:50 AM
At Dark Shadows (1:11 AM)

The leader of the group grinned, "I'm just asking a simple question and if I did had something against it, you wouldn't be standing right now."

On the streets on York (1:20 AM)

Sabrina and Lucas made their way to the entrance of the subway station they were planning to go before the incident of the subway occured.

Black Knight of Keno
05-26-2004, 12:09 PM
At Dark Shadows 1:11 AM

"You were saying?" Asshakar hissed angry, taking a grip from the lycan's neck, gripping his pistol, but not drawing it.

Darth NeoVenom
05-26-2004, 12:29 PM
At Dark Shadow (1:11AM)

The leader begins to laugh. "I suggest you put me down, or I'll have all my men shoot you down right now." He snaps his fingers and 12 of the 14 Dark Hunters aim their MP5s at Asshakar. The remaining two took off their clothes and morph into their werewolf form. "I never recall me saying I had something against you."

A clacking noise come from the door and various gears starting to turn on the gate door. It opened slightly and NeoVenom stepped out. The door closed after NeoVenom finished stepping out. NeoVenom looks at Asshakar and the Dark Hunters. "What is going on?" he asks angrily. "I've been called here to witness this?"

05-26-2004, 12:37 PM
( The growth isn't sentient itself, it is about as smart as an advanced form a fungus. :) )

Near the Lizardman base. (1:33 AM)

The growth continued to pulse, but it had become more relaxed. It not longer released its fowl oder, and it no longer cringed from the Lizardmen. The ground that the growth covered had become nearly still, and walkable, almost as if it beckoned them to travel forward.

The growths only responce to the Lizardmans words was a slight croak as part of it pulsed up and down once more.

Black Knight of Keno
05-26-2004, 02:33 PM
At Dark Shadow gates 1:12 AM

Asshakar let go of the lycan that dropped to the ground. "I'm sorry to disturbe you on your sleep, Lord NeoVenom, but I came here to discuss about the growing population of vampires and what should we do to them. May we?" Asshakar walked towards NeoVenom and pointed towards the gates with his open hand at the end of his sentence.

Near the Lizardmen nest 1:31 AM

"Sir, should we keep the growth under supervision?" Assher turned and looked the leader of his patrol.
Patrol leader: "Yes, you shall have two others. Stay here and observe. Try looking around if there would be other growths"
Assher: "Yes, sir!"
The patrol that now had only three men and one of them came from the other patrol, continued their way. The others left for the nest, leaving one of them to the scene. There was now three lizardmen sitting on the floor the growth made and they started speaking. "Is there any way you could get the growth raise some chairs?" the other asked and Assher laughted: "No way, Jazer, we are here only to observe, remember. No luxuries to us"

05-26-2004, 03:54 PM
Near the Lizardman hive. (1:52 AM)

After over 15 minutes of waiting, the growth has made no action. It simply sits there, continueing to pulse. Nothing truely seems to be out of the ordinar, as it just sits there. It is peaceful and quite around the three Lizardmen, as they sit on the growth.

05-26-2004, 03:58 PM
(my mistake, i'll get on that or wait,whatever)

Black Knight of Keno
05-27-2004, 06:50 AM
Near the lizardmen nest 1:54 AM

one of the lizardmen rose up and streched. "I'm going to report to the nest, I heard that there was a bomb explosion near the palace and the connections are currently occupied only to emergencies and important messages only" the lizardman said and left after the other lizardmen nodded. There was awfully quiet around the growth, and nobody had past this tunnel for what seemed a life time for the bored lizardmen. Assher stood up and walked to the growth, seeing that the growth hadn't moved a bit in tthe last 15 minutes. "What is it, Assher?" the other lizardmen asked, sitting still on the growth. "I don't know, I'm just having this feeling, that we're being watched and this growth is only sort of a camer, observing US" Assher answered and looked the growth, trying to find anything looking like eyes or cameras

05-27-2004, 01:00 PM
Near the Lizardman nest. (1:56 AM)

The growth pulsed as the lizardman gazed down at it, though he could see no eye-like apendages, the growth had numerous holes throughout its structure, holes that where eerily black...now that he looked at it closly, these black holes did seemed to be turned twords them. Even the ones on the ceiling.

Black Knight of Keno
05-27-2004, 03:53 PM
Near the lizardmen nest 1:57 AM

Assher took a step backwards. "This thing is wierd... Come look at these holes, their turning" Assher said and the other lizardman came to look. Assher hissed and looked at the other lizardman.
The soldier next to Assher drew his rifle and pointed at the growth, allmost pulling the trigger as Assher threw himself towards the soldier and punched him. "You moron! The growth is a licing organism! There will be other like it soon here if you start shooting around!" Assher shouted and looked the startled lizardman soldier that took a punch and flew to the wall. "I'm sorry lieutenant Assher, I won't do it again..." the lizardman said and dropped all his weapons and sat down a few metres away from them. assher looked the growth and watched the holes watch him. "If you are a camera, better, inform your control room to send some people here before we get too anctious from the silence" Assher hissed and walked to sit down just next to the growth

05-27-2004, 06:07 PM
Near the Lizardman nest. (2:02 AM)

As the Lizardmen continue to sit and wait for some sort of action to happen, the holes continue to be pointed in there direction. The Lizardmen ocasionally are forced to move slightly, as they growth enjoys trying to bind with there flesh, as it has with the sewer...

The silence continues, the only noise being the distant sound of running water from the direction that they had first came from. The growth continued to pulse. In the time that they had been sitting there, the growth had noticably expanded down the sewers. Already about ten feet longer than it was when they arived.

05-27-2004, 10:02 PM
((OOC: I just realized we were forgetting about something very important... Police. With all this gunfire and explosions, the police would definetly be getting loads of calls. And since my faction is the ruling faction of the city from the start, they will be influencing the police. Which also means they'll be informed of disturbaces throughout the city.

And Since there's more than one subway station they should be labeled A, B, C, etc. in the order of their appearence.

And for the time, round it to the nearest five minutes. Every post should take longer than one minute and theres really no point in making a post take place one measly minute before another. It's also alot harder to determine how long something acctually would take place right down to the very minute, rounding it to five minutes makes it easier.))

Subway Station A 12:50AM

As Miryia, Jack, Tais, and the three Glorious Shadow vampires neared the subway station they heard voices, poeple moving about, and radios. When they got closer they noticed the police had arrived in response to gunshots. The police halted the newcomers but Miryia flashed her badge. At the site of her badge the police men apologized and let the group by. Someone asked if they needed help for their wounded friend but they declined the offer.

When they had ememrged from the now closed off subway station, Miryia, Jack, and Tais entered Miryia's car and asked the Glorious Shadow Vampires if they would becoming back to the mansion too or staying there.


Subway Station B 1:45AM

Police arrived at the subway station and began to escort everyone out, those that had called about the exploding train were interviewed and kept close to the site but outside of the station. Only a small police force was there and a couple investigators but the indepth investigation of this incident would be done by a higher power than the police. In the meantime the police just prevented anyone from using the train station.

With mysterious events taking place at two station in the city all the stations would be closed until further investigation cleared up any and all problems. In a short time police would be arriving at all the other stations to close them down.

05-27-2004, 10:45 PM
A distance from the Red Shadows Mansion. ( 12:55 AM )

( I won't mention the Glorious Shadows untill they give there awnser to come or not. )

Myria's car drove down the road, approaching the mansion. Rounding the corner, the car drove along side the sidewalk, the tires rolling across the jet-black pavment of the road, which the light of the moon beemed off of.

As the car continued to make its way down the road, Myria twisting the weel as they prepared to go around another curve, however, the left side of the car was quickly lifted up, as if she ran over a huge bump in the road, causing the car to spin, nearly running up onto the sidewalk...fortunatly, Myria's skilled driving kept them from a meeting with the local bakery.

Darth NeoVenom
05-27-2004, 11:56 PM
At the entrance of Subway Station A 1:20 AM

Sabrina stood at her place an looked back at Lucas. "We have a problem." Lucas looks down at the stairway. "Police..." he said with diasppointment. "What now Sabrina?" Sabrina sighs and says, "I guess we'll go home now."

Back at Dark Shadows, NeoVenom steps closer to Asshakar. "It seems like the Vampire are trying to find our hideouts, but I think they are done for today. They can't travel by day, so that gives us the advance."

05-28-2004, 06:45 AM
[Right...had enough of waiting]

*The Vampires go down. Helios lands*

Helios: Everyone back to HQ. This is bad. They're getting more organised. Aaron, nice work.

05-28-2004, 12:24 PM
At the entrance of Subway Station. (1:25 AM )

As Sabrina turns to leave, the subway is filled with the ear shattering scream of a human male. The other Police quickly scramble, trying to find the source of it.

"Where did that come from?!"

"It must have been Charly, we sent him down there to check out that fungus stuff..."

The screaming had stopped, and in its place was a eery silence, as the cops nervously tried to figure out what was happening in these subway tunnels.

Black Knight of Keno
05-28-2004, 12:32 PM
Near the Dark shadows gate 1:22 AM

Asshakar hisse and then spoke. "Yes, but then we must find their hide out in the matter of a few hours. I do not have the neseccary troops for that kind of movement in the upper world. I have highly skilled professional lizardmen up there, giving some small accidents to the police every once in a while, but for massive destruction and searching for bases cannot be done by them, and the others are just being trained near our barracks... So, you would have to make all the searching, I have the neseccary men to build a bomb, invade a house and more will come near the darker hours..." Asshakar hissed again and looked around at the lycan warriors.

Near the lizardmen nest 2:04 AM

Assher stood up to look around and noticed the growth had invaded more area. "We better kill this thing before it cover every corner of our tunnels... Go and get two flamethrowers from the nest. Tell them that the growth has to be destroyed before it blocks our most important tunnels... And try to get here as soon as you can" Assher hissed and the other soldier left, gripping his weapons and allmost running as Assher got closer to the growth and looked to one of the holes. "What are you up to now...?" Assher hissed and looked the growth even more amazed.

05-28-2004, 01:11 PM
Near the Lizardman nest. ( 2:12 AM )

The black hole turned ever so slightly, but it was clearly aimed right as his head. It staired at him straight in the face as he gazed back at it, ever silent at that moment, not even a pulse. As he looked around, he noticed all of the holes had been centered on him, as the other two Lizardmen had left.

The way that they looked at him, so cold, so unfeeling, so soulless, sent shivers down his back, as they continued to silently observe the lizardman before them.

Black Knight of Keno
05-28-2004, 01:40 PM
Near the lizardmen nest 2:20 AM

The two lizardmen that were before there ran back with flamethrowers on their back and one extra hanging between them.
Assher turned, took the flamthrower and nodded to the other lizardmen. They looked calmly at the growth and started the small flame in their flamethrowers.
The two other lizardmen got to the sides of the growths invaded part of the sewer as Assher stayed next to the growth itself.
"You didn't call your controller, and tried to block our tunnel. Now you are truly going to burn" Assher said and walked away, shooting a flame at the growth before running to the other lizardman. They started burning the growth away and stayed ready if there would now come someone, so they had their M4's ready hangiong from their back's and pistols ready too

05-28-2004, 02:19 PM
Near the Lizardman nest. ( 2:25 )

As they burned the growth with there flame throwers, wounds blistered up on the growth, and it visibly cringed in pain. However, following that, large podules begain to pop up around the most severe burns, as they popped up, the flames where repelled by there outer casing.

The podules covered every inch of the damaged growths skin now. The flame throwers had no effect on these strange things. The napalm merely beating againts them.

05-28-2004, 03:51 PM
Hearing and feeling the vibrations of the lizards nest blowing up, he decides to investigate, using his senes he sees more and more heat signals to guide him to lizardnest, he stops and slowly sneaks to a corner, eh looks around and he sees the lizardnest on fire and people with flamethrowers torching the place

" what are the doing, i want in"

he flies in, and soars high above the nest looking down on the many random creatures below

05-28-2004, 10:25 PM
((Well curt-man, The nest is underground. Feeling the vibrations of the explosion or not you would still probably be spotted by scouts long before you could get close to the nest, and you wouldn't be able to fly hight above it because it's underground so theres a celieling. You can't go above it at all. And the area beyond the nest is sewer tunnels so it's not likely that you could see both the nest and the men with flame throwers at the same time. Before you get to the nest you'll have to deal with Tepe's scouts.))

((I think Jokemaster is away so I'm going to act for his Glorious Shadow Vampires for the moment.))

Streets, near Tathar's Mansion 1:00AM

The three Glorious Shadow vampires were starting to regret their descision to go with Miryia. They were all crammed in the car uncomfortably and after the near crash a couple of them had banged heads. Tais, sitting in the passenger seat, tried to get out but the car was too close to a building for his door to open. After Miryia got out Tais climbed over the stick shift and out Miryia's door. Jack and the three Glorious Shadow vampires piled out of the back door.

"What the hell was that!" Jack directed towards Miryia before he was fully out of the car. Miryia, walking towards the growth they had hit, didn't answer.

The three Glorious Shadow vampires stood curiously by the car watching Miryia as she neared the growth.

"Miryia come on, we can come back and check that out, we should get back to the mansion with Tais." Jack voiced his reason.

But there was something compelling about the growth, and Miryia advanced, "You go back, I want to stay here and follow this fugus thing, you can come back for me with a search team. I'll keep in contact via radio, the mansion's just up ahead it's not out of range."

"I don't like this... You can investigate it in a moment wait until a team is assembled. Don't forget about the search team for our missing comrads. We can't do everything at once you know."

Miryia didn't respond right away, she curiously eyed a black spot for a moment before turning to face Jack, "Alright fine. We'll discuss it at the mansion." Then she headed back to the car.

Everyone piled back in and they took of towards the mansion again.

05-29-2004, 12:04 AM
Streets, Near Tathars Mansion. (1:07 AM)

The black hole in the growth slowly twisted and watched as Myria walked to the car. Gazing at the car as it zoomed away from it, twords Tathars Mansion. The growth pulsed slightly, and prepared to expand further.

Black Knight of Keno
05-29-2004, 07:13 AM
((Ok, Curt, beforw you got even near to the lizardmen nest, you would get shot. The nest is underground, so it would really make no sense that you could feel the ground vibrating, and if you would, so would the people in York, and so they would panic and get out of the city as the military strolls in. One more thing, the lizardmen with the flamethrowers are long way from the nest, yoou can see it from the times in my posts. there would be about a 15 minute run from a man, get the equipment and get back, butwhen you take notice that the lizardmen are stronger and more flexible than humans, well, you really can't say you can see the flamethrower equiped soldiers. And, the fire would allready be exstinct or been controlled by the lizardmen long way before the flamethrowers would get to the growth. Curt, read the posts, understand them, then post. I really don't like to see those kind of posts again. Actually, if I see any of those posts again from you OR LukeKatarn, I WILL get mad and start allmost shouting at you! SO GET LEARNING TO ADD PUNCTUATION!))

Near the lizardmen nest 2:27 AM

Assher and the other lizardmen stopped and looked the growth. "So, the flames won't hurt it anymore, so we will have too seal it inside this tunnel, before it get's to the more useful sewer tunnels" Assher said into the radiophone and took a grenade from his belt. So did the other s and threw them next to the walls, and ran away before they exploded. The roof and walls of the sewer tunnel crashed down and made new walls to block the way to the growth. Then they left to the nest.

Darth NeoVenom
05-29-2004, 09:05 AM
(Out of Character: Back tracking a bit...again. :D )


At Dark Shadows (1:21 AM)

"Ok. By morning, I will send a group of 5 Shadow Hunters to prowl the streets of York to scout. When they return, I will notify you of the bases, this way you can plant bombs from bellow. The explosions should collapse the buildings, but I am not 100% sure. If your men can spot any base of the Vampires, it will be good to inform us. I know there is a main base of the Vampires, but it is highly guarded and I never been there. Sources tell me that it is a huge mansion of some sort." NeoVenom says.

On the streets on York, outside Subway Station A

Sabrina and Lucas wonders why everyone is screaming and head down the stairways to investigate what is going on at subway station A.

Black Knight of Keno
05-29-2004, 02:31 PM
At Dark Shadow 1:23 AM

Asshakar nodded as a reply and turned. He hissed at the group leader and then left towards the nest.

05-29-2004, 03:56 PM
(sorry, i'm not to good at this one, i should have joined earlier, i'm out)

Black Knight of Keno
05-29-2004, 04:26 PM
((Eh, Curt, You should really, read. The point was to make your own faction, make many characters to it and RP with others not godmode. Try starting over and this time try revealing more about your faction. Think a good name for the faction and names for your people that you could really want to be a part of the hole roleplay for your part. Try it, you will see it's really fun, and remember to take example from other about posting and punctuation.
Ok, this was a hole OOC post, sorry, but I don't think Curt had looked at the other thread for a while...))

05-30-2004, 12:49 PM
Subway station ( 1:31 AM )

Sabrina looks on as several bloody corpses of police officers lay on the ground. One looking as if his head had been completely bitten off, whilst anothers chest was ripped wide open, body parts of other officers littered the area around the subway growth, and inside the growth, through the darkness, you could hear the sounds of Colt .45's being fired.

As they listened to the sound, the gunfire slowly stopped, one by one the seporate gunshots disapeared, untill there was only silence. They could hear the policemans cries of pain as they where met by some unseen horrar.

The lights of the damaged subway tunnel flickered on and off, and all was now silent, only the remaining carnage was left to hint at what might have happened here.

Darth NeoVenom
05-31-2004, 12:29 PM
At Subway Station A

Sabrina just gazed at the bodies. "What could have done all this?"she said to herself. Standing therewithout moving, Sabrina just looks around the subway station. Lucas places his hand on her shoulder and shakes her lightly. "We gotta go and inform the other." Lucas said.

"Right. Let's go." Sabrina says as her and Lucas head toward the stairs. They once again travel thru the streets of york and head back to the Assembly. Making sure nobody is following them, Sabrina and Lucas continue walking.

06-01-2004, 06:45 PM
Tathar's Mansion 1:10AM

The Red Shadow Elder meeting is interupted when Miryia sends a servant to request to speak to her father urgently. Tathar excuses himself and the meeting is paused.

As Tathar steppes through the large double doors, into the main hall, he greets his daughter with a stern face, "This had better be important, you have disturbed the council."

"It is father, it is." She assures.

Tathar nodds and sits down at the main hall's table. Miryia sits down beside him. "Father, theres something going on, everything is going crazy." She took a breath and he put his hand on her arm to comfort her. Then she layd it out, "The subway station is getting heated, some kind of strange lizardlike men keep showing up, offering peace, but then going bezerko. Then the werewolves turn out to be Lycan and we think their nest is near the subway station. Plus a whole bunch of our men have gone missing. And we almost crashed on the way here because of some growth on the road."

Tathar rubbed his chin, "hmm...acctually our scouts have been seing some strange things. I'm going to send out the Night Hawkes, but I want you Miryia to stay here, you've had enough excitement for one night."

"But father, I'm involved in all this, I need to be out there."

"Your too valubale to the faction. We can't have you disapearing, not when things are so uncertain." Miryia frowned at this, "But if you really feel you must, then I'm not going to stop you."

Miryia smiled, "I know what you mean father, but I really feel I need to investigate the subway."

"Alright then, take whoever you need, Sain will assign the other teams."

Sain was acctually standing near by and was ready to come when Miryia left.

06-01-2004, 07:26 PM
Im the street, near Tathars mansion. ( 1:16 AM )

After being hit, the growth continued to spread, uneffected by the impact. It slowly moved down the street from the manhole from which it came. It was growing twords the small all night bar that was close by. The food creating an easy source of energy for it.

The growth slowly spread up onto the sidewalk, just outside the buildings doors. None of them men inside the bar had yet to notice the strange thing growing ever closer to them, continueing to eat as they normally did. The growth would not take long, however...

06-01-2004, 10:52 PM
((It's the middle of the night you know, a diner would be closed. Why don't you change the diner to a bar.))

06-04-2004, 01:25 PM
(( By the way, I changed it to bar. :) ))

06-09-2004, 01:28 AM
Tathar's Mansion 1:30AM

Miryia now stood facing eleven of her best men, each uniformly dressed in black night stealth combat gear including black kevlar and helmets. Armed with assult rifles, pistols, knives, and grenades, they were a feirce looking bunch.

Miryia's team was ready, now she waited for Sain. Sain walked into the room just then and aproached Miryia, "Alright Miryia, I've assembeled four teams of twelve. I need to know what you know so I can send three teams out and one is going to stand by for back up if any of us get into trouble and need some help."

"Alright then..." Miryia agreed and backtracked through her mind to the events of the night. "First things first, the subway station. Theres the lizard men, Lycan, and our missing Night Hawkes. My search team and I are going after our missing persons, I think we should leave the Lycan for another day but keep an eye on the area in case the apear. The lizard men may need to be kept watch on as well but I don't think we should go any further than that yet. At least not until we learn a bit more about them first."

Sain nodded as he listened, "Agreed so far."

"Hmm...there was a strange growth I passed on the way here, it almost crashed us, one team might want to check that out."

"Okay, anything else?"

"No acctually that's it."

"Alright then, one team in the train station, one to check up on the growth, and one for back up, leaving one extra. And it's exactly what we need. See, while you were assembling your team our police network has been really buissy. The subway station is becoming more complicated and not long ago another subway station reported a strange growth as well."

Miryia nodded in agreement, "So the last team will go to the second subway station to check up on the second growth?"

"Yep, I think we're all set."

"Okay then, I'll keep in radio contact. My team is heading to the subway station if one of your teams want's to tag along. Where's the back up team going?"

"I, with the back up team will wait at a safe house in mid town in between the two subway stations so that they're evenly close to everyone. And a team will meet you in front of the mansion to follow you to the subway station."

They both agreed and Sain left the room.


Subway station A 1:35 AM

A pair of police officers, one with a box of donuts and the other with a tray of cofees, strolled merily down the sidewalk towards the subway station. Along the way they exchanged conversation. When they aproached the station they noticed no one was around. The both curiously made their way down the stairs and paused halfway when they noticed the horrific display before them. For a moment they stared speachless, the coffee and donuts fell down the stairs leaving splatter and icing all over the steps.


Subway station B 1:35 AM

Police cars arrive in response to distress calls and evacuate and baricade the station. The police are there only to prevent people from going in but make no attempt to enter or investigate themselves. A special team is on it's way for that.

06-09-2004, 08:09 PM
Subway Station A ( 1:41 AM )

As the two Police stood speechless, looking onwards as there fellow officers lay dead on the ground, a lone figure appeared in the shadows before them, quickly darting from piller to piller in the underground subway station. Both of the policemen, now shaking feverishly, pulled out there Colt .45's, there hands trembling rapidly, as they try and focus on the approaching figure.

"S-Stop...! Put your h-hands up...and c-come into the light!!" One of them managed to studder.

What they heard next, could have never been made by a human. It was a clicking sound, like you might hear from beetle, followed by several high-pitched chittering sounds. Before they had time to react, or speak again, the figure darted forward, and up to the first step of the stares. The light now clearly showed its vastly inhuman figure.

It stood around 4'8, its head looked like a strange combination of an ant and a bee's, its eyes where slick, red, pupiless, emotionless oval rubies. In between them where two constantly twitching antenna.

Its body was separated into different sections, like that found on a bee or wasp, though it did not appear to have a stinger, or any sort of appendage of the sort. The whole body appearing to be a carpase which covered every inch of its frame. On its upper body, it possessed two long, boney arms, not unlike an ants, but at the end, was a three fingered hand, the fingers ending in sharp points.

The legs on its lower half where similer to its arms, though longer, and slightly thicker. They also ended in three toes, two in the front, and one at the back of the heel, for balance.

It looked up at them, its inhuman chitter echoing throughout the subway station. One of the policemen's mouth hung open, his scream being frozen by sheer fright, he rose his gun roughly in the creatures direction, squeezing the trigger. The gun fired, bullets pinging off the floor beside the creature, the police mans hand too shaky to properly aim.

But he would have no time to regain himself. The insect leaped forward, its three fingered hand gripping his arm within its grasp. The police man suddenly cried out in pain as the sound of his arm snapping rang threw the subway station.

A louder, near-inhuman scream was heard again, as the creatures other clawed hand was plunged into the cops chest, the three fingers gripping several bones of his ribcage, tearing them loose, blood and marrow splattering on its carpase, as it plunged the ribs into the mans heart, blood shooting from it, as it attempted to pulse, even as the knives, that he once called his ribcage protruded from it.

The creature released its grip, the other man falling to the ground, lifeless. The other police man in such shock that he had only managed to aim his gun in this time, the bullets he fired wising well over the insects head. The creature quickly turned, gripping his wrist with its clawed fingers, sinking them into his wrist, blood pouring from the wound as the man screamed thunderously, squeezing the trigger, the gun now pointed at the ceiling, rapidly firing.

The beast twisted the cops wrist, its claws sinking deeper in, un till it reached his bone, breaking through it, the marrow mixing with the endless flow of blood, as it tore the screaming officers hand from his arm, leaving a spewing stump of blood, as he held it with his other arm, dropping to his knee's, screaming in tears. The chittering insect looked down at him, parting its large ant-like mandibles, before it lunged forward, quickly cleaving the mans head from his shoulders.

The head lay on the stares now, the eyes rapidly blinking for a few seconds, before it becoming still. The lone Acurade made its way back into the subway, going to rejoin its brothers.

Darth NeoVenom
06-12-2004, 10:08 AM
On the street of York (1:45AM)

Sabrina and Lucas proceed their way towards the Assembly. "I guess we have to investigate this whole subway incident tomorrow. Right now, we just have to tell everyone. Sabrina and Lucas look around while Sabrina taps on the wall. A slide panel opens and the door opens as they step in. Immediately, after Sabrina and Lucas stepped in, the door closes. Sabrina proceed to the communication center. She informs the rest of the Night Stalkers about the incident that her and Lucas encountered in the subway station.

Flicking on a couple of switches, Arcon, the leader of the Night Stalkers contacts Dark Shadows and informs the leader of the Lycans, NeoVenom, that there might be a new threat around the subway systems and to be aware.

06-15-2004, 10:25 PM
A small base under the Park [Time of the Train Wreck]

Ap slept in his bunk When Robbins came in and woke him up.
"Ap Sumthing just happend, what ever it was ut made this place shake a bit."
"Im up..." Ap stretched "What've we got?"
"I don't know much more than what ever it is it has Lycan and vamp all over it"
"So you're thining we should reveal our selves..."
"Im just saying we need to be on the offense for once! Ever since we woke up all you wantd to do was hide from all these problems!"
"NO! I WAS TRYING TO PROTECT US! What would people think if we had shown them what we could do? You know what happend when I first transformed? I was lucky to get out of there alive! If Turner(*) hadn't taken us in that day we would have been killed!"
"But we can fight these creatures! All we've ever done is go fight with the law...this is our one chance to take matters into our own hands!"
Ap sat there and thought for a while "Ok...we'll check it out...tell Turner to watch the place for us. Get the others and load up"

Robbins walked out happy with herself. She turned the light on to the armory. It was a small room with guns on all the racks. Robbins picked up her 4 handguns and holstered them. She grabed 2 Uzi's and straped them to her legs. Then she grabed her shotgun and put it over her sholder. She walked down the halls and got over the PA system "Guys....Its go time..."

[1:35am] The main entrance

The Group checked the security outside, Noone was around. They Opened the side door and walked out. When it closed it showed to be a grass and rock imitation to keep the door hidden.
They straped thier weapons down and ran down the path into the city.

[1:45am]Subway A

They arrived at the subway to see A group of dead cops. "No man could do this..." Ap said
"It looks like nothing i have seen before...These claw marks look nothing of Lycan or vampire..."Robbins observed the body"Drake what do you think?"
Drake(**) Looked at the body and then they heard a series of noises come from the subway ahead.
"I think we should take this up with Turner...He would know what to do.." Ap took some pictures of the the damage"Lets go and make it quick." Ap jumped to the middle of the nearest building and exchanged the buildings until he reached the room of one. The others followed in.
Robbins called the HQ "Turner We're comming in with some interesting material so get the lab ready."

[1:50 AM] The Lab

Turner was in his early seventies but he assumed command over strategies anyway, He looked at the pictures slowly "Definatly something difrent..Probably something we haven't seen yet."
Ap was a little uneasy "This isn't good...40 years and this is the first time to find this?"
Turner tried to calm him down "Look there is no telling what else could be out there. This is all more reason why you should do what i tell you and attack them on thier own turf!" Turner had always tried to get the group to transform more often, He claimed he wanted to use thier power as a benifit.
"Even if we did theres no gaurentee that we would be able to fight them."
Turner was beginning to get annoyed "Look, you remember what happend last time! I KNOW you would be able to help us out!"
"LOOK we will when I am good and ready to do so!"
The others left the room,Ap and Turner always fought about using thier power.
"I think we whould listen to the commander..."Drake said
Goecus(*) shook his head "Look Ap has more experiance on the matter i think its best we leave it to him"
James( looked to Robbins"Your second in command here what do you think?"
Droeck(X) interupted"Lets not start this...lets just find out what we're dealing with here"
They agreed and walked into the lab again
Robbins interupted the argument between Ap and Turner
"Look we'll continue this later, right now lets spread out through the city and find out what we can do."
Ap turned from Turner and stoped for a moment
"I...will not allow this team to change until I apsolutely need to."
Then he and the others walked out. Turner glared at the closed door and muttered under his breath "And you will my friend...and you will..."

06-16-2004, 02:45 AM
(( Actually, there was a whole group of slaughtered cops in the subway. :) ))

06-16-2004, 04:55 AM
Near the Lizardman nest. ( 4:45 AM )

Deep in the sewers, ruble was shifting, an explosion had taken place only a few hours earlier. A slight knacking sound was heared as a rock bounced its way down the pile of ruble, however, a much louder crack was soon heared, as the ruble began to tople.

From the crumbling rocks, a living mass of tissue which covered wall and floor slowly began to creep forward once more. The hive had began to move past the barrier the Lizardmen had tried to seal it in.

(( I thought I would give your Lizardmen something to do, since they haven't really had anything they could participate in. :) ))

Black Knight of Keno
06-16-2004, 05:11 AM
The lizardmen nest 4:57 AM

An alert sounded in the nest as two patrols had noticed the growth grow further down towards the nest. "Sir! It's moving fast down towards the main gate" one of the soldiers shouted infront of one of the computers. The hole room was filled with computers, and a platform in the back where was a leather chair for Asshakar.
"Get four patrols to the gate, we don't want it to get throught our defences. Corporal, have you made any contact with the growths controller?" Asshakar hissed, jumping up from his chair and walking to the ledge to see. "No, sir. It appears that there is no link between the growth and anyone" the corporal said, turning towards Asshakar.
Asshakar looked down and then sat back down to think

06-16-2004, 06:10 AM
Very close to the Lizardman nest. ( 5:00 AM )

The growth moved rapidly down the sewers, it was not acting as it had before. It moved as if it had a directed to its growth, not just a random spreading as before. The Growth continued spread across the floor, walls, and ceiling of the area of sewer it covered.

It grew towards the Lizardmen base specificly now, where as before it had spread itself around, as if it did not care where it grew. It was almost as if something was thinking for it now. The growth was now mere feet from the Lizardmens nest, visible to the guards stationed outside.

And it was getting closer, quickly...the strange growth was not acting the same, and that is one thing that could be said for sure.

(( If you wonder how the Growth found your base, it simply used its eye-camera's to track your patrols, which had kept a constant watch over it as it progressed, so, it really was lead to your base by them. ;) ))

Black Knight of Keno
06-16-2004, 07:23 AM
near the lizardmen nest's gates 5:01 AM

Asshakar hissed. "Take the patrols in and send Assher down at the growth. Now!" He shouted.
It took only a minute as the patrols were away and Assher walked throught the gates to the growth. "What...? You are still here?" Assher said and set himself down on one knee. He felt the growth rapidly coming towards him. He watched it come freely in something like anger. "So, if you have came here to observe, forget it, if you have came in diplomatic issues, you will talk to me or send someone that knows how to speak English"

06-17-2004, 07:44 PM
2:00am The main entrance

Ap had loaded up on all the weapons he could holster. He was about to climb in his car when Robbins stoped him."Where do you think you're goin?"
"Im going to do like you said at take this in my own hands, I'm going back to the station and im going to investigate.Turner is just going to bug me about it so I decided to go solo."
Then there was a voice from the darkness"Not without us..."Drake,Droeck,and Goecus steped out"You look like you're about to do something stuipid...We're in"
Ap smirked "Ok, follow me lets be quick about this."
Robbins got into Aps car and the others got into the other two cars.
They opend the front gate and drove into the city.

2:10am Subway Staion A

As they walked into the staion they noticed something they didnt before. There were scratches on the floor almost as if they were clawed by an animal. They cam in groups of three and there weren't very many of them.
"Looks like a...bileged...tri clawed...animal...And with scrqatches like this i think its the same thing that mauled the police." Drake implied
Ap rememebred the sounds comming from the right tunnel of the subway."I think we should go down there, most likely place to hide in a tunnel where the subway would go."
They all agreed "Robbins,Drake come with me. Droeck and Goecus stay out side the Subway,If any police show up radio us."

"Ok sir, We'll keep watch,you tell us if you have anytrouble ok?"
"No porblem"
Ap then walked into the dark subway with his shot gun in his hands.

2:30am Subway Tunnels

Ap and the others were only about 30feet in the tunnel when they stoped."You smell that?" Ap said
The others sniffed the air "Well...theres organic life and a strong strange bug and mold scent but thats not uncommon for that in a subway. I mean its ark and damp,perfect for it."Drake said
Robbins was a little tense "I dunno..somethings just not right..."
Ap felt that way to,why was there no lycan or vampire smell...not even human scent..

Deeper into the tunnels they heard some sparks and the smell of fire. There was a train stuck in the middle of th tunnel. As they gott into it they noticed it had crashed."Well looks like we found what caused your 'shake'" Ap said. As they walked to the front they found the cause for the crash, A strange growth in the way.
"Here's our threat..."
"You mean this stuff?"Robbins inquired
"Obviously it all makes sense, see this thing is here but look dow the tunnel." Ap pointed down the tunnel which was covered in this growth"See? What ever this thing is it didn't get here on its own, other wise we would've stoped it when it came in. My theroy is its something difrent...like its all one big organism and its trying to consume the subway for its home." Ap looked around at the little black dots on the growth "And these..."Ap moved from side to sid and it seemed to follow him"it looks like these things are watching us an this whole tunnel..."
"I don't know I mean...what if this isn't just some fungus?"
"This is one hell of a fungus"Drake said as he poked at it.
Ap looked at it and saw it pulsing"I think...this is just the begining...you kno like in that movie...what was it...Aliens where the queen took over the bulding and the gaurds atacked anyone in it" Ap just relized what he said. Robbins and Drake looked at each other and bustd out laughing. "IM SERIOUS what if this whole thing is just a way to hold the city for a huge being?"
Robbins a Drake finally stoped laughing
"Ok, ok supose i belived you...What being? I mean it hasn't dispatched minons on us."
"Well they didnt in the movie either till they posed a threat"
"I'm still sceptical..."
"You always are" Ap joked, the continued studying the growth not paying attention to the smell that was still wanding the tunnels...an organic...bug smell..
(Im kinda trying to make a point here but eh.)

06-17-2004, 09:24 PM
The crashed train. ( 2:35 AM )

The Growth slowly pulsed as the strange figures approached it. It was calm however, and continued to sit there, unflinching. It was not growing any further in this spot, for some reason. Though it still kept a watch on the figures infront of it, the black holes that where spread across its surface always fixated on them.

At the gate of the Lizardman base. ( 5:03 AM )

The Growth had come to within mere feet of the gate, but had odly enough stopped dead in its tracks, almost as if it was waiting on something. It sat there, pulsing as it had before, the black holes that where randomly positioned on its surface fixed on the Lizardmen guards outside it.

The guards then heared a strange noise off in the distance, it sounded like the sticky sound made when one of them had walked onto the Growths surface. Except there where many, hundreds. They where at a distance now, but they where quickly growing closer...

06-17-2004, 11:51 PM
2:35am Subway Tunnels
Ap was looking at the growth while Drake and Robbins were whispering behind him "You know we could just burn this down with our flames."
Ap heard but ignored it
"Yeah but SOMEONE won't allow us to transform anymore"
Ap finally had it "ALRIGHT" He turned on his transmitter "I want everyone to hear this, I am giving you all the choice to transform when ever you want.Over"
Ap turned to them "Ok, there fine you can do it when ever you want but i sugest not unless its a serious emergancy."
Robbins jumped up and hugged Ap she finally felt free
"Ok now, It's nothing, Infact im curious to see if we still have it."
"You won't regret this" she said
"Agreed" Drake added
Suddenly they heard sumthing, It was far off and suprising to catch but they heard squishing...lots of it.
"Thats not normal...somethings going on. I think we could..." Ap steped up on the growth"Seems stable..and it hasn't eaten me...but listen" Ap walked and the growth squished"doesn't that sound like..." They all looked at eachother and then down the tunnels.
"I don't think we should...I mean it sounds far away i'd say a good mile or so..."Drake said
"Yes, but it sounds like alot of squishing and not alot of talking, so that means it couldn't be people"
((Its not at the same time cuz somethings obviously walking on it toward the base and it would take some time to get there, this is why It's at this time and not yours.))

2:35 Subway entrace

Droeck(X) Couldn't belive his ears"Is this some kind of joke?"
Goecus was equally confused "I doubt it...He wouldn't joke like this"
"Then...WE CAN?!"
"Hold up now, He would only mean this for an emergency."
"True...I'm not going to chance facing his wrath" But in Droecks head he was thinking about changing as soon as he could

06-18-2004, 12:07 AM
Subway tunnels. ( 2:40 AM. )

The sound of inhuman feet hitting the ground over and over filled the subway even at a distance. Hundreds of unseen soldiers making there way to some unknown place, quietly marching, no words being exchanged. The constant marching noise never being broken for even a second, as a puddle begins to quiver.

Near the sewer entrance. ( 3:57 AM )

The Constant sound of Marching had traveled through the subway, and down into the deep sewers. The movement of the unseen troops never slowing a bit, almost as if they never tired. They kept up the pace without breaking step even once.

06-18-2004, 12:22 AM
2:40am Subway Tunnels
Ap heard the noise grow louder "Theres too many for our weapons, and we'd get alot of injury from what ever it is if we transformed."
After the rumble the others agreed. "Lets at least find out what it is."
Ap was curious on what it might be"Lets follow it, Just till we kno what it is."

06-18-2004, 01:06 AM
Upper Sewers. ( 4:08 AM )

The army had continued its forward march into the sewers, the growth always ahead of them as they quickly decended the cannals of the sewer, moving closer and closer to there target with each step they take, there strange, inhuman feet coming down with sploch each time.

They knew they where being followed. They knew ever since the hybrids had began walking on the Growth, the black holes always keeping an eye on them as they carefully followed. However, they had kept there distance, and where not worth changing the armies course.

06-18-2004, 01:29 AM
4:05Am Subway hole

Ap looked at the giant hole that the growth had made."Stinks...Most likely sewer" Ap jumped down but he held gentally. so he didn't disturb the growth"Be gental I just want to make sure this thing doesn't engulf us."
The others did the same thing but were reluctant.
Ap looked at the growth" Perfect for this, All this is like fertilizer. It needs to feed..." Ap thought about this for a moment."That would mean...it needs organic life...Anything..."
"Its trying to control the sewer until its strong enough?"Robbins inquired
"Well like in that movie Aliens2, the young ones needed to host on the bodies and im thinking it's about the same way.."Ap said
They heard the steps getting louder,theywere getting a bit closer already halfway through the sewers.

06-18-2004, 01:36 AM
Deeper into the sewers. ( 4:35 AM )

They where close, very close. There target would not take long to reach now, there journey was almost complete. It would not be long before they where at the gates of there advisary, and then they will see where things lead from there.

Would there be peace? Would there be war? Whatever was controlling them did not know for sure. But whatever was going to happen, it was going to happen soon.

06-18-2004, 01:43 AM
((Okay, what's with the huge time leap? Is all this happening at 2:40, or 4:05? I think it would acctually be better for it to happen at 4:05, and I know Ap that most of your stuff happened around 1-2 ish but pushing it to four will allow my guys to get in and out in between there for you. Except that by 4 other police will be there to clear up all the dead police and such.))

Tathar's mansion 1:45 AM

Miryia sat at the wheel of a black car, seven identical black cars were behind her each filled with four Night Hawkes. The cars sat parked at the side of the road parallel to the mansion's eight foot iron fence which lined the yard. Miryia's car was closest to the fence's gate as she watched Sain lead another seven cars through the gate and towards their destenations. Miryia followed the last car as it left the gate and her seven cars followed her. Sain was the first to part the group as he headed towards a safe house in center town. Another group left towards subway station B, and Miryia lead her group and the last group towards subway station A.

06-18-2004, 01:45 AM
4:40am Not too far behind the soldiers

Ap and everyone came to a dead stop as they saw shadows. They were odd shadows they hadn't seen. They looked around the bend and saw them for a brief moment. They were...giant bugs...Insects that were thicker from the neck down.They were all converging on one location."I'm not liking this, I'd run right now if i didn't think they already knew we were here." Ap wispered.
"What?"Drake was lost
Ap explained"Look the thing is, what ever this growth is, its connected to the insects, and this growth feels and see's us. I would not be suprised if it could hear us right now.
I think they dont think of us as a threat, so we need to make sure we don't pose a threat."
Robbins and Drake nodded."Ok lets stay down" They contiued to follow the soldiers.

06-18-2004, 02:06 AM
Very close to the Lizardmens base. ( 4:55 AM )

On top of there target almost, the swarm of strange insects began to march even faster than before, almost starting to jog rather than march. They where rushing to get to there destination now. As Ap and the others looked at them, they looked to almost be devoid of any and all emotion. All the same, all in perfect order.

06-18-2004, 02:18 AM
5:00am Out side the lizard mens base

Ap and the others finally knew where the soldiers were going, the lizardmens base. The lizardmen had caused a few problems for the group back when they were special ops. Nothing more than any Lycan or Vamp did but definatly an annoyance.
"Looks like they're going to fight back"Ap looked at the burnt peices of organic matter further down on the ground"I have a feeling they attacked this stuff looks like they burned it. This provesmy theroy, They are connected to this and they are hostile to attackers."
"So what do we do? We can't let it control the city. But we dont want to have an enemy like this,its too costly for our small numbers."
Ap thought a while "I think we should leave it be let it control mabye help it."
Robbins shot a look at Ap"What are you saying-"
Ap motioned to the eyes and the growth.
Robbins looked around "Yes it would make a great ally..."
Ap smiled and put a small walking camera to over see the fight.
"We need to know what they can do first."
They got down and watched the reactions

06-18-2004, 02:39 AM
(( Basically what happened at 5 AM is where we have arived at. :) ))