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04-19-2004, 12:50 AM
Name: Davenforth "Slide-In" Slaven
Nickname: The Slayer of Sleheyron
Sex: Male
Race: Twi'lek (Though you might not guess by looking at him.)
Weaponry: None
Homeworld: Sleheyron
Profession: Escaped Lunatic and Science Project
Davenforth Slaven was born under unusual conditions. On the Hutt controlled world of Sleheyron, he was one of a small number of Twi'leks not born into the service of an obese crime lord or sold into such service at an early age. However, that is not the prime oddity of the circumstances of his birth. He was conceived by the odd union of a male Ithorian and a female Twi'lek, a union that by all rights should not have produced offspring. Needless to say, Davenforth wasn't received well by the worlds.

Though he is a Twi'lek, he does not appear as one would expect a Twi'lek to appear. He is a pale blue color, not at all irregular, but he lacks the well-known head-tails. Instead, he has small flat stubs on his head where the tails would usually belong. Also, his forehead does not exhibit the nodular protuberance of most Twi'leks. Aside from problems in appearance, he is very small and slight.

His physical deformities weren't the worst of his problems, however. Growing up constantly taunted by Sleheyron society had a permanent effect upon his congenitally unstable psyche.

In his early childhood, he was disowned by his mother, and he never knew his father. He lived alone on the streets of Sleheyron, surviving by begging for food and water. To pass his time he would build his fragile body with ceaseless exercise, and he maintained this habit all his life.

In his early teen years, his exercise was starting to pay off. Although he appears thin and weak, he possesses extraordinary muscular strength. He still had to survive by begging and it was only a matter of time before hunger and the scornful jeers of society drove him mad. Davenforth suffered a complete mental breakdown and was arrested after he broke into Seborra the Hutt's palace, killed all the inhabitants and made a bonfire of corpses over which he roasted a Gamorrean.

After being arrested, he was tried and determined to be "more deranged than a dehydrated Gungan that had been snorting Tarisian ale through his gills." He was institutionalized and underwent vicious treatments to attempt to cure his illness. Instead of rehabilitating him however, the treatments made Davenforth more and more insane and hateful of all society. He was transferred to other facilities with the same result, finally ending up at a detention center deep in the Dune Sea of Tatooine.

He escaped a grand total of forty-seven times from the various clinics and prisons, each time managing to kill a minimum of three citizens of the planet he was. The forty-seventh time he escaped the Sunny Deserts Mental Facility, he wasn't recaptured by the staff. He was found by the Empire.

The Empire took Davenforth and placed him in a research facility, thinking that no one would mind if scientists experimented on a deranged Twi'lek. Unfortunately for the staff of that facility, Davenforth had a problem with it. He was victim of many bizarre experiments, one that actually restored the calm, reasoning part of his mind. His sanity regained, he planned to escape yet again, this time for good. He did manage to escape and burn down the facility after brutally murdering the entire staff, but not before they performed one of the most innovative and disturbing experiments of all time on him: they grafted a Trandoshan's claws to each of his fingers, filed his teeth to sharp points, and laced all of the sharp points with cortosis. They made him into a weapon, and he thanked the chief scientist by ripping his jaw from his body.

He was last reported to have been seen somewhere on Coruscant, but the rumors might have been unsubstantiated.

Sorry that was so long. After some people put up characters, I'll start the story thread.

04-19-2004, 08:10 AM
Name: Orn Carsin
Race: Male human
Homeworld: Alderaan
Equipment: Two Relby k23 pistols, 6-meter leather whip
Profession: Nerfherder

Although generally taken as dirty, smelly laborers, nerfherders were once actually very socially oriented. Before the Empire destroyed Alderaan, nerfherder holovids were one of its most common forms of entertainment. They were adept mount-riders, preferring four-legged equinars (hooved domestic creatures). They were also crack shots with pistols and assault rifles.
Now, they are more rare than nerfs themselves.

Orn Carsin was on Nal Hutta when Alderaan was destroyed, negotiating with the Hutts for rights to round up reek from Ylesia. The destruction of his home planet made him hate the Empire, and he spends his time now hunting Imperial spies and operatives out of sheer revenge. He dreams to one day breed a herd of reek.

He totes two Relby k23 blaster pistols (Cloud City pistols) and a 6-meter leather whip (often used to tangle the feet of runaway nerfs). He is extremely good with creature, ground, and hover vehicles. However, he has no knowledge of flying whatsoever. He is near-perfect with his pistols and can street-fight as well.


This ought to be interesting.

04-19-2004, 01:23 PM
So this is what the new story is called eh? well here's my character.

Name: ???, AKA shade.
Species: Mandalorian.
Age: Between 30 and 40.
profession: Assassin employed by Black Sun.
Homeworld: None, although he considers Coruscant as his home planet.
equipment: Sniper Rifle with silencer, Blastech pistol, some vials of poison, a vibroknife, an implant that let's him see in the dark and a black cloak.
Ship: The Shadow Stinger, A freighter modified by Black sun mechanics with secret compartments to hide his weapons (and perhaps bodies) and some extra lasercannons.

Bio: Shade was born aboard a starship. When he was two weeks old, the ship was attacked above Coruscant by the Empire for being suspected of smuggling and dealing with rebels. He and his parents escaped in in an escape pod, but when the pod crashed in a Coruscant flat, only Shade survived. He was found by one of the more important members of Black Sun, who took care of him and trained him as his personal assassin from the age of 5. He knows little of the outside world and can only speak basic and huttese.

Likes: To serve Black Sun, to kill.
Dislikes: Any threat to Black Sun.

[EDIT:] My character has grown up in the underworld of Coruscant, and therefore Huttese is his first language, and Galactic Basic is second.

04-19-2004, 08:14 PM
Yay! finally!!!

Name: Gen-Rash Plevtor
Nickname: Rash
Species: Human
Homeworld: Yavin IV
Age: 32
Profession: Rebel Soldier, Elite Ranged Unit Number 3
Weapons: Advanced Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators.
Ship: Yavin Jewel
Bio: He was born on Yavin IV in the early days of the rebellion, back when there was no hope of taking on the Empire. The Rebellion grew, as did Rash. He spent the first twenty years of his life in training.

His parents were arrested by the Empire, but he managed to escape. He hoped his parents were still alive, and he hoped to find them some day. But, for now, killing all the Empire supporters would suffice.

Strengths: Ranged fighting, Piloting
Weaknesses: Very emotional

04-23-2004, 10:42 AM
Why? Why am I always the late one to do things? Oh well...

Name: Haadar Tarim
Species: Rodian
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Profession : Gun-for-hire
Bio: Brought up on Coruscant, Haadar Tarim became the school bully from an early age, picking on anyone who was in anyway different to him. After being expelled from about 6 or so schools, he gave up on education, and, under the pretense of continuing at the last school avaliable to him, he ran to the gym, and gave himself extreme physical training.

After about 10 years of training in unarmed combat, Haadar Tarim got a job as a self-defence coach. Another five years passed, and he used his money to buy a small Z-95 starfighter. He got a job as a 'debt collector' for the Hutts, retrieving it by any means possible. However, recently, he jujmped off of the Hutt bandwagon, and decided that professional contracts were for him.

However, recent injuries caused by targets armed with blasters has taught him to stay away from the ranged stuff, using stealth and guile to get up close before unleashing his fists on the enemies when they east expect it.

Equipment: Fists
Z-95 Headhunter