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OOC: Here we are, one brand new RPG. Swearing IC is allowed, use with discretion though. Time period, original episode time. Let's get down to it.

IC: Picking his filed teeth and muttering darkly to himself as per his constant habit, Davenforth Slaven, infamous mass murderer, watched the movements of the ship's passengers with a morbid fascination. He lay in the ventilation ducts of a refugee freighter just out of starport on Coruscant.

Eyeing the passengers and their interactions, Slaven grew agitated. "They think they're ssssso ssssssuperior," he mused in his sibilant manner," Ssssslaven ssssshould teach them sssssome humility."

"They would laugh at Ssssslaven if he ssssspoke to them. Ssssslaven ssssshould eat them, he ssssshould," he hissed. He longed to be able to live among them, but he knew it was impossible, hence he crawled in vent ducts.

He continued muttering and musing for many hours, and he finally drifted off into a feverish sleep in the narrow airway. He never noticed when the ship was overtaken and tractor locked by an Imperial ship. He didn't even notice when troops prepared to board.

04-23-2004, 02:23 AM
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IC: "Let go of me you rancor-stinking, nerf-herding, core-slimes! You can't keep me here forever! You have nothing on me! Nothing!" The stormtrooper responded by slapping Rash in the face. He had to bite his tongue to keep from yelling out more insults.

The stormtroopers took him into a cell block inside of the cruiser. Rash saw his chance. He kicked the first one in the stomach, knocking his blaster away. Rash rolled and picked up the blaster, and, fired one shot. Both stormtroopers were laid out on the floor, one dead, the other just unconscious.

Rash ran out of the room and saw his gear lying on the table. "YES! What luck. Now I'm gonna bust outta here. " He ran through hallway after hallway, corridor after corridor. He was just about to give up, when he saw the hangar bay. He ran in, hid behind some boxes, and waited.

Fighting off sleep, Rash kept his eyes open until a shift change would happen. Lucky for him, a ship had been pulled in and searched, with nothing being found. He kept on waiting. A shift change had to happen soon.

Rash was just about to fall asleep when it happened. The soldiers went to the bunks. Rash took the opportunity and dashed into the ship. The stormtroopers heard the noise and leveled their blasters at him. The bolts hit the side of the ship. Rash looked around for a place to hide. He saw an air duct and jumped in. As he closed it behind him, his foot bumped into something.

04-23-2004, 06:52 AM
{rewind}, {rewind}... Here we go...

"Out of my seat, prairie man." The Chiss standing in front of Orn Carsin turned and squirted some kind of juice between his teeth. It spattered on the floor, and the bartender grumbled aloud.

Nestled deep in a corner of the Yellow Dragon Cantina, Orn continued chewing his dewback steak. "Go fong yourself."

The Chiss hissed and kicked the table over. Orn jumped back as steak and sauce spilled all over his lap and the floor.

"Is that your final answer?" the blue alien challenged.

"No." Orn stood. His right hand traveled effortlessly to swipe a Relby k23 pistol from its holster. Before the Chiss could blink, the Relby had spun twice and planted itself under his chin. "This is. Hopefully it's yours, too."

The Chiss backed away. Not wanting to attract more attention than he already had, Orn put the gun back in its holster, flipped a credit chit onto the bar, and sauntered out of the cantina.
Once outside, he squinted in the afternoon Coruscant sun and pulled a boarding pass from his pocket. A refugee ship... No wonder that chiseling scalper was so eager to get rid of it.
But the ticket was for passage to the Outer Rim, which is where Orn was wanting to go.

He found the port and saw Coruscant police cruisers lifting off. "Hey!" he called to a port guard, "what's going on?"

"That ship that just left was a refugee ship! But she's caught in orbit."

Crap, I'm late! Orn ran toward a cruiser that still had its loading doors open. The guard yelled but didn't move as the nerfherder jumped in and slapped the doors shut. "Okay!" he said into the intercom, "take her up!"

The pilot -- oblivious in the closed cockpit -- acknowledged and lifted the cruiser into the air.

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IC: Haadar Tarim sat at his booth, well, on a pile of crates that'd been left unattended. Looking around, he saw refugees everywhere. Why? The undercity of Coruscant wasn't that bad. At least they could get help from some kind citizens. At least there were places to hide, keep warm, sleep at night. On the outer-rim, you were lucky if you could find a street corner to rest on. People passed by them, oblivious to their lack of credits, on their way to the cantina for a cool Corellian ale.


For a Rodian, he had amazing eyesight. And hearing. There was a rattling over near the bulkhead. However, Haadar wasn't really interested. This was a refugee ship. Mass ratling from all over the ship wasn't uncommon. Actually, he was expecting a fire or two along the journey. Opening a bag, he pulled out a hydrovial, and emptied the contents into his mouth before going back to researching his destination.

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OOC: well, here i am. It sounds interesting , especially that gollum-like guy.. However, we should work on bringing our characters together, before it get's hard to follow. By the way, you don't mind if i speak huttese right?

IC: Shade and his master were sitting in the Yellow Dragon cantina. Shade was a bit shy, it was his first day out in the open. Until now, he only had to do some covert operations. He was sitting in a shady corner, looking out over the rest of the cantina. He was here to have a 'word' with a certain Haadar Tarim. The Gun-for-hire killed some people of Black Sun, and Shade was there to return the favor. He looked around from his shady corner. Nobody seemed injured, let alone a rodian. He sighed and walked out of the cantina. And there was his target, sitting on a pile of crates. Nobody was looking. He pulled out his gun and greeted him. 'Tugi Haadar. Kapa Tonka.' (Greetings Haadar. Put your hands up.) Then he smiled. 'Jor maja ix asha pi cho.' (I will enjoy watching you die.)

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Orn waited patiently as the Coruscant cruiser gently lifted into the Star Destroyer's main hangar. "Pilot," he said into the intercom, "dock with the refugee craft."

"No can do, Seargent. I don't have the clearance for that."

If this ship lands on deck, I'll stick out like a sore thumb... The nerfherder looked around for some type of disguise. Nothing.
I could always kill the pilot... But he knew he'd never be able to land the cruiser.

He tried again. "Hang clearance! Get me to that ship!"

Surprisingly, the pilot complied this time. "Okay, Sarge... But it's your uniform if the Commander finds out."

The cruiser hovered above the deck and matched up docking rings with the refugee craft, which was still stuck in the Destroyer's tractor beam.
Orn heard the rings lock. He opened the hatch and climbed across into the refugee ship, blasters in hand.

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IC: His haunting nightmares interrupted by some unwanted contact, Slaven's eyes snapped open and then quickly flicked shut again. He feigned continuing to sleep, preparing to pounce on whatever had disturbed his rest; he was very hungry.

At first, his target hesitated, waiting breathlessly to see if he had awoken the misshapen Twi'lek. Then seeing no change in his sleep, he relaxed and tentatively exhaled. Before he had completed his breath, he was staring into the wild eyes of Davenforth Slaven who quickly sprang from his position like a spider waiting for prey. He sunk his claws into the creature's arms and drew his face close to his own.

"What have we here? Ssssssomething disssssturbing my resssst? Sssssomething tasssssty?" he hissed. He opened his mouth and prepared to take a large bite out of the creature's raw face when the ship was rocked by blaster fire. Slaven was thrown off the creature and against the ventilation duct. His keen senses alerted him to the prescense of many stormtroopers raiding the ship.

"Sssstormtroopersssss? Thossssse are tasssssty! Thosssse impissssh, little devilssss," he muttered to himself. He slid out of the vent shaft in search of revenge against the Empire.

Revenge, besssst ssssserved cold. Besssst eaten raw.

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Orn stepped back as the air duct clattered and the horrible creature squeezed out. He leveled both of his blasters at the thing as it contemplated dinner.

"Emperor's bones!" he swore, "Who are you?!"

The thing frowned and grinded its claws together. Orn drew back the Relbys' hammers with a cl-click!

04-24-2004, 03:44 PM
OCC: Sorry guys, I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep. They need to make school at like one so I can sleep in.

IC: "The Thing," whatever it was, jump out of the air duct as soon as it heard blaster fire. Rash heard it too.

Rash flung himself out of the air duct, ready to shoot someone. But he didn't see stormtroopers. He saw a strange-looking monster, but it almost looked like... "Is that... A Twilek? Then he saw a man, holding a pistol, ready to shoot the creature.

Rash yelled at him. "Don't kill it! It doesn't deserve death. What has it done to you?

04-24-2004, 08:56 PM
IC: Blaster fire rocked the ship, causing most in the makeshift cantina to stumble, quite a few tripping over crates and spilling their drinks everywhere. Haadar Tarim didn't move.

He didn't even look up when his new found enemy raised a blaster towards him. He just sat there, thinking. Until...

"You know, Mr...whatever. These refuguee ships are a real fire hazard. Crates everywhere, and no fire fighting equipment. It'd be a real shame if a fire started here. So many inncoents might get hurt, you know?"

Then, Haadar put his hand on his belt, and flipped a small, unassuming switch. Immediately, a flash lit the room, from behind a crate on the other side of the room. At the same time, Haadar pushed back, rolling back over the crate, and kicking the blaster out of his enemies hand. sending it spinning acriss the floor.

Haadar crawled in between the crates, leaving his stunned opponent in a crowed cantina with shouts of "Fire!" coming from all over the place. Perfect.

04-24-2004, 09:20 PM
OOC:Hey everyone! I started a new story! Please give me feedback!

IC: 'Bantha pudu!' Shade cursed, as he searched for his blaster. Panic erupted all over the ship, and Haadar got away. Shade quickly made his way to the escape pods, only to see they were all gone already. 'Pudu!.' he cursed again. 'What to do?'

04-25-2004, 06:17 AM
"Relax. I'm not gonna shoot it if it don't attack me." With that, Orn put his blasters away, trusting that if the odd Twi'lek moved, he'd be quick enough to defend himself.

"Ya got a name, troll?" He winced as his heart wound back down. "You sure are an ugly fella."

Suddenly, the ship tilted to one side; Orn could smell blaster fumes sweeping through the airlock. "Crud, someone's trying to get rid of us the easy way!"

04-25-2004, 09:40 AM
IC: at that moment, the refugee ship was boarded by the Imperial troops. What they didn't expect was to find a couple of killers and mercs instead of some helpless refugees. Shade took cover behind some crates, with the fire behind him and the troopers in front of him. He did what he was best at. He fired at them a couple of times and hit a few of them, and the ones that tried to get close were pushed into the flames. 'Neechoo Allwanni!' (Die imperials!) he shouted.

04-25-2004, 02:23 PM
IC: Rash and Orn both heard blaster fire. "Dang it! Stormtroopers..."

Rash's mind went into high-gear. "Okay, both of you go kill some stormtroopers. I wish I could join you, but I'm going to have to pilot this ship outta here.

Rash didn't wait for a response from either of them. He ran down the halls of the ship, looking for the cockpit.

Rash found the cockpit, and instantly jumped into the chair. He started the engine and prepared to take the ship out of the Imperial Cruiser.

04-26-2004, 01:31 AM
OOC: Sorry... Been having some trouble with my ISP, but I'm back today.

IC: Slaven stared with a level hatred at the two blasters pointed at him by the creature. Too smart to pounce on an aware and armed target, Slaven sniffed at the air. Between the acrid reek of smoke pouring through the ventilation ducts and the sounds of blaster fire, he could still make out the distinct aromas of stormtroopers.

Laughing maniacally and baring his teeth, he turned away from the pair of blasters aimed at him and ran in the direction of the blaster fire.

Sssssssmoke? Blassssstersssss? Sssstromtroopersss? The cantina...

His run towards the cantina was only halted by a small boarding detachment of troopers. They ran in front of him in the corridor as they came out of the room they had just cleared. The first that Slaven leapt upon never had a chance. The others had a slim one.

Davenforth Slaven jumped onto the back of the leading trooper and broke his neck with a quick jerk of his hands. Riding the body to the ground, he lashed out at two other troopers with his cortosis enhanced claws, lacerating their faces and bringing instant death. He had just bitten the leg of a fourth when the last standing trooper brought his blaster rifle to bear.

"Hold it, monster! Hold it or I shoot!" he screamed. The other trooper wasn't keen on waiting for his partner's ultimatum.

"Just get it off, get it off! Awww, that hurts, get him off of me!"

Slaven knew he was beaten. He couldn't fight a blaster rifle.

04-26-2004, 12:42 PM
But slaven didn't have too. Shade killed the last trooper with a shot trough the head. But when he saw the 'monster' that killed three troopers, he decided it would be best to hide from it and he jumped back behind his pile of crates...

04-29-2004, 06:16 AM

Orn kept his gaze on Slaven; the animal had killed three stormtroopers before he could even put his guns away. Amazing!

He trotted over to where the wounded trooper laid. The poor fellow was moaning as blood ran freely from tooth marks in his armor plating. "My leg," he whimpered, "Help me get a medic."

Orn took a knee beside the man. "Tell me who tipped you off."

"I need a med--"

"Tell me who tipped your superiors off."

The trooper hesitated. "I never heard a name. Please get me back to my ship..."

"Nah." Orn stood. With one deft motion, he drew one of his pistols and drilled a bolt through the trooper's throat. "This'll be quicker."

The stormtrooper choked to death as the smell of boiling blood and charred flesh filled the room. Then he fell limp.

04-29-2004, 08:29 AM
'that guy is good.' Shade thought. 'If he isn't on our side, i'm gonna have to look out for him.' Then, he crept up on him from behind , grabbed him and put a gun to his head. 'Black sun. friend? or enemy?' He asked.

04-29-2004, 03:21 PM
Orn's gun dropped to the deck as the Black Sun stranger put him in a chokehold.

"Black Sun. Friend or enemy?" the man asked.

"Neither." Orn's nudged the man in the ribs, where his other Relby sat ready to fire. "Let go of me or everyone gets to see what you ate this morning."

04-29-2004, 03:34 PM
OOC: the little spelling errors my char makes when he speaks are because basic is his second language. I do it to heighten the realism. (boy, does that sound picky...)

IC:Shade said nothing. He didn't now what to say, he had just been beaten. But it didn't seem to be a good time to pick a fight, with a starnge creature eating stormtroopers is aboard. It might aswell wanna have a bite out of Shade. 'Pooto pateessa.' (Okay friend.)
'me think we best work together, with that... Thing crawling round. So i won't kill you.' And he softly added: 'yet...'

04-29-2004, 08:39 PM
IC: Slaven had missed the altercation between the Alderaan and the Mandalorian. He was preoccupied with the disembowelment of a stormtrooper he had captured in the now empty and no longer ablaze cantina. Listening the still, but barely, alive soldier's cries was very soothing to the Twi'lek as he made a snack of his entrails.

"Tassssty. You are a tasssssty one, pet." He continued to eat. It seemed that the refugees aboard the ship had been primarily bounty hunters and other various outlaws, and that they had fended off the initial rush of the Imperial boarding action, while others had managed to get the flames under control.

Ussssseful people, they are... Sssssskilled and sssstrong...

He was nearly finished with his meal when the ship gave a mighty lurch and rolled to the port side. "How issss thisss happening? Are we not docked?" Slaven's eyes went wide as he remembered the Rodian's words, "I'm going to have to pilot this ship outta here."

Slaven had seen once before what happened to a ship that tried to engage its engines to pilot out of a Imperial ship and its tractor beam. He wasn't suicidal enough to want to experience it again. Screaming a bloodcurdling cry, he stood upright and sprinted in the direction of the cockpit.

Oh no, Rodian, don't do what I think you're going to...

04-30-2004, 11:13 AM
IC: As he hid behind assortments of crates, Haadar Tarim looked out at the current situation. Trooopers all over the place. Blaster fire. People running. Crates burning. Everything.

Then, as a patrol passed him, he leaped out. Swinging his outstretched hand, he smashed the neck of the first trooper. The others, not expecting an unarmed combatant to jump out and kill their officer, backed off, stunned for a moment. This gave Haadar the time he needed to dive back into the crates.

Then, the troopers began opening fire on the crates. He was trapped. Eventually, they'd fire at his crate, and then him. He needed a way to get out without being seen...

04-30-2004, 03:20 PM
'Blasters...' Shade noticed. 'listen Wermo. You hold off the troopers here. Me will go check out that blasters. ' he said to Orn.
'But me have my eye on you. One false move and you're dead.'
Then he walked towards the cockpit to see what was going on...

05-04-2004, 04:05 PM
"Right. Go put your thing down." Orn twisted out of the chokehold and Shade moved toward the cockpit.

05-13-2004, 11:13 AM
OOC: i'd love to continue the RPG, but there's nothing for me to do. F-bomb, i hope you've got Email notification on this one cause we want you back. It's your friggin story!