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Live Undead
04-23-2004, 12:54 PM
Saying that hypothetically they made MI5 I would hope for all the returning cast unforunately whilst searching through my favourite actors work on IMDB (is there anything it can't do?) it says he retired from acting last year... does this mean we would (still hypothetically) have some weener doing a half arsed attempt at LeChuck :confused:

04-24-2004, 06:43 AM
Since there's no real news of MI5 this isn't really to much of an issue is it? Even hypothetically as you say, it's all time (and probably $$$) sensitive.

04-24-2004, 05:28 PM
I suppose yes, if we did have an MI5, they'd have to get someone else to do LeChuck and whether he'll be bad or good is really just speculation up until we actually get to hear the voice. of course it all depends on whether we actually do get an MI5

04-25-2004, 06:28 AM
Ah, but actors can not always be taken by their word, particularily when they say they are planning to retire. Remember Liam Neeson? He said Star Wars was his last movie, but he has done about a dozen or so films after that one, including the new batman flick. And we all remember child star Macaulay Culkin, who quit the business never to return, yet returned eight years later. Come to think of it the only actor I can think of that actually STAYED retired after they retired was Charlie Korsmo, who probably couldn't get work even if he wanted to come back because now that he is all grown up he has that whole Steve Buscemi homely vibe and the Hollywood community can only swallow one or two of such faces before they say enough.

04-29-2004, 04:29 PM
Charlie Korsmo retired from acting after recieving his physics degree from MIT. He's currently serving the US government in the Missile Defense Department as a special liaison regarding domestic protection policies.

I guess the lure of being perpetually cast as 'the goofy guy' in flicks like Can't Hardly Wait didn't stack up well against the opportunity to run as a Congressman someday.

04-29-2004, 04:48 PM
Of course saying that, all of these people came back into the limelight because there was a limelight for them to all come back to. What does Earl Boen have? A tidy paycheck and a few praising internet fans. I doubt he'll come back unless he feels a small sense of nostalgia for the game and wants to reprise LeChuck once more.

05-28-2004, 12:56 AM
If they make a MI5 game, and can't get both Earl Boen and Dominic Armato for some reason or another, they should just stop production right there. I could care less about anyone else. No wait, Murray has to be Denny Delk. No one else matters, as long as Elaine isn't done by the CMI elaine.

I think Earl would come back for the game. If he has any true appreciation of MI, which I have the sincere hope that he does, then he would come back. It's not like a he's acting in a movie or anything, and it wouldn't be a huge deal even if he intended to stay in retirement. Across the world, the only people who'd notice that Earl Boen did something would be big Monkey Island fans.

smokes o' pot
05-28-2004, 07:54 AM
I couldn't give a monkey's about the voices from 3 and 4. When I played one and two the voices I had in my head for the characters was nothing like what they where in curse. I was dissapointed with them, and I still am. Why would he have an american accent??? (Was it because $$$?)

05-28-2004, 03:13 PM
No it's becuase of legal crap. LEC funded the production of CMI and therefore as LEC is an american company with american funding, most of the staff have to be american, with a little leway given for international staff members. Rather than give up talented programmers and such because of nationality, they decided to have a full american cast.

I am of course talking ****, the real reason is dominic armato is a great actor (you should hear his range of voices and what not) and the people at LEC saw that and so hired him.
But yeah, I played MI1 and 2 wityh my own voices in my head (which is how I do my everyday things, with voices in my head) and the CMI voices were very different, but it didn't ruin it for me considering the CMI guybrush didn't actually remind me of the first two guybrushes so I just think of them as different people.

05-28-2004, 08:20 PM
I think the fact that this is a video game series and not anything major is the biggest reason why we have a chance of him returning.