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04-24-2004, 05:36 PM

Calo Nord: Pinnacle of Bounty Hunter's

And so is told the story of the greatest bounty hunter time contains. Incredibly deadly, vastly intelligent, heavily armed and most dangerous of all, without emotion or remorse.

Calo Nord is that of a legend in his time alive and was known throughout the galaxy as a blatant ghost who was not to be trifiled with, who killed those who even spoke with him, and who delt only with those he knew would have the credits.


Calo Nord sits quietly in the corner of a busy Cantina. Lower Taris was bustling with activity at this time of year, while the underlords of cities preyed on the greater traffic of information... and bodies.

(Thugs approach Calo...)

Jeker: "Look Vahn, see that guy there... thats Calo Nord!"
Vahn: "WHAT? That little runt, hahahha! I could drop him in a second."

(Mandalorians are caught by the comment and look over to the ensuing battle)

Jeker: I almost can't belive it myself, this punk is CALO NORD?"
Calo Nord: Go away.

Vahn: Ohhhh, looks like the little punk is trying to get tough. Your nobody you punk.

Calo Nord: One.

Jeker: One? You trying to scare us? Ha! Hey Kucken, Groth get over here, this punk thinks he can tell us what to do.

(Two thugs get up from a table and move over to them, one a Rodian the other a Old Twi'lek.)

Vahn and Jeker feel somewhat more secure with the added backup, and are looking for a fight or at the least to investigate this so called Legendary hunter.

Vahn: So what do you want to do you punk? You think your going to take us all on?

Calo Nord: Two.

Vahn: I don't think you know what your getting into there Nord. Or are you even him? Probablly some lowlife trying to climb the ranks in Taris. Hah.

(Vahn drew a vibroblade and at that time, Jeker pulled out a blaster pistol, Groth and Kucken took out blaster pistol prepared to fight)

Calo Nord: Three.

Before Vahn could move closer to Calo or Jeker could fire, a beeping flash mine lay at the feet of the thugs, the Mandalorians didn't at all feel threatened by the event but did lay their hands on their heavy repeaters.

(Calo draws two heavily modified heavy blasters as the mine explodes with light, the group of thugs are blinded in the cloud of bright light there was the sound of 3 blaster shots and the cry of pain)

(The light level returned to normal and all could be seen was the 4 thugs dead on the ground. 2 Had been shot in head, Jeker had a blaster hole in his chest that seemed to match the location of the posterior positioned Kucken who received the end point of the blaster bolt.)

Calo Nords black goggles glistened as he turned to face the awestruck mandalorian mercenaries. Calo Nord turned, replaced his blasters away and began to walk out of the Cantina at a staggered pace. One of the mandalorians stood up in Calo's path.

Maiker: Heh, nice job pal, you handled yourself well.

(Maiker still had a hand laying on his heavy repeater)

Calo Nord: Go away.

Maiker: Whoa, I' am just appreciating your work, you see I'am in a similar buisne...

Calo Nord: One.

Trevlon, Maiker's mandlorian friend knocked on his arm and gestured for him to sit down. Maiker was shocked by the repeition of routine and Calo's lack of verbal exchange. Facing any other foe he would have took action immediately by this insult as he rarely commented anyone, but he wasn't sure what to expect form this stout killer.

Maiker: Alright I get the idea, I'll be out of your way then pal.

(Maiker sits down)

Calo Nord: Smart.

Calo then walked out of the bar as he didn't like to stay at a 'hit' scene too long as his blatency had limits as did his patience. Business elsewhere had to be dealt with.

[Note: Please stay true to the starwars mythology, and don't bring in any lame names or references to modern time or pop culture or any other garbage, if you know what I mean. If I feel a post has driven the story in the wrong direction I will just say scrap last, and continue from before. So you know, Calo is from Knights of the Old republic, not your usual SW style character in that he is quiet and takes absolutely NO BS. The best analogy I can make of him is 47... the HITMAN]

Black Knight of Keno
04-24-2004, 07:44 PM
Alpha Shaddaa walked down the street when he heard some blasting from a cantina. This might not be very wise, but he still sneaked to the door of the cantina. His white Mandalorian armor(If I can have one :D If not, look at my av) was covered with a grey cape. He saw someone coming to the door and climbed upwards to a very small platform over the door and waited as the man walked past. He didn't see the man's face and so jumped down. He ran to a hoverbike and threw the rodian on it to the wall next to the bike. He climbed on the hoverbike and speeded next to the man. Alpha didn't see yet the man's face and so spoke to him. "You caused all that trouble in the cantina?"

04-24-2004, 08:15 PM
Wait he put the dead rodian on his bike and went to catch calo?

Black Knight of Keno
05-09-2004, 01:43 PM
((No, he threw the rodian off the bike and went after Calo))