View Full Version : Okay here is a BIG problem also need some help on pther stuff

04-24-2004, 07:47 PM
Okay here is a BIG problem also need some help on pther stuff

Hi its the noob, i gotten better at the game, specialy as a sniper stiiff i got this problem that im serouisly stuck, fisrts of all i tried searching for a forum where all the error stuff is posted on but i dint found anyhting, so i just cam here. well here is the problem I got this very modern com, now when i try to host a game, it doesnt appear on the game list, but here is the big ojne, when i try to host a game and in advance I put (it think it is called like an utomatic hosting that a computer runs the hosting ) its there on the right side of advamnce options, well when i puit yes and clvik m okay and click begin, the game crashes and JA closes. plz help me!!!!! also whre can i find tutorials for QEravesn map design, but thats second plz answer my other question first, im desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also can some one give me a link to where i can actually change stuff in my accoutn like my screen name. picture email password etc? but plz answer my main qiestion first. im desperate here
PS: Thabks for your supprt to people like me

als thnks dark ryht i hope the answer to my question is found here.