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Before i start, i want you to know that i haven't forgotten about my other story. I'm just out of ideas for that one. Secondly, who didn't like it may like this story, cause i've improved quite a bit since then. (IMHO)

starwars: a mercenary's tale

The galaxy is engaged in a civil war. The reble alliance struck the Empire hard by destroying their secret weapon, the death star.
Darth Vader made it his personal quest to hunt down and kill all members of the Rebel alliance. Because of the manay losses on the alliance's hand, their leader, Mon Mothma, was forced to hire mercenary's and assassins in their struggle for victory. This is the story of a few of those mercenary's...

Chapter 1: The first job.
Conder was sitting at a table in the corner. He looked around. His contact still wasn't there. 'Barkeeper.' He said. 'Gimme another Juri Juice.' As he drank his Juri juice, he thought about his mission. Am i doing the right thing? he asked himself. Is it wise to help the alliance? sure, they pay good, but it looks like they'll lose in the end. He hardly even noticed someone took seat in front of him. 'Hello. you must be Conder.' 'Yeah. You my contact?' He asked. 'Better a year as a rebel than a lifetime Imperial.' Conder nodded. It was the password. 'Alright. the cargo is on the loading dock. Your mission is to get it to Hoth.' 'Hoth? What is the alliance doing there?' 'Shhh...! Not so loud! Everybody here could be an Imperial spy!' 'Alright. Sounds easy. When will i get my payment?' 'As soon as you arrive. Make sure you're not followed. Goodbye, Conder.' His contact dissappeared as sudden as he came. 'the cargo is on the loading dock' Conder said in his comlink. He finished his Juri Juice and walked out of the bar. Suddenly he heard a voice. It was a voice he'd rather not hear. 'Hands up, Conder.' the voice said in huttese. 'Thought you could get away from me that easily?'
'A man has the right to try, Beedo?' 'Silence.' The rodian said. 'Jabba doesn't like it when you lose his cargo. Remember what happened to Solo? He can't go anywhere without being shot at. If you go to him now, he might not kill you.' Conder grinned. 'You can be happy if i don't kill you.' In a split second, he grabbed his trusty Blastech DL-44 and ducked just in time to dodge Beedo's shots. Then he kicked the gun out of his hand and punched him on the ground. He put the blaster to Beedo's chin.'Looks like the tables are turned.' 'Conder. You wouldn't kill an old friend, would you?' 'Sorry Beedo. But mercy hasn't got anything to do with mercenary.' Then, the door behind Conder opened. 'Need some help, Beedo?' Conder turned around and was facing three heavily armed Rodians. He started running, while a firefight erupted over Beedo's head. Conder got one of them, and then he got hit in the arm. He looked to the walkway under them, and jumped off. The rodians kept shooting, as Conder ran to his ship.
'Quick Nami, get us outta here!' he shouted as he entered the Shadow strike. It was a small freighter, ideal for Conder and his group. It had room for all their equipment and to smuggle goods. 'What happened?' Nami asked. she was the pilot of the vessel. 'I had a little disagreement with Beedo.' 'Again?' She joked. 'The cargo is aboard. Where do they want us to take it?' 'Hoth.' He replied. 'Don't ask.'
The Shadow strike exited Nar shaddaa airspace. 'Hang on, we've got company!' Nami shouted. Two Z-95 fighters started blasting their shields. 'Spast!. Must be Beedo's little friends. Furball, man the turret!' The wookiee did as he was asked and climbed up the ladder that led to the gun turret. 'Blast it! Shields down! I'm gonna have to go, NOW!' Nami said. 'Do it! make a blind jump!' Conder replied, and the ship entered Hyperspace.

'Well, we should be safe for a while.' Conder said. 'I'm gonna have the droid fix my arm. Furball, you try if you can get the Hyperspace receiver fixed. It's still broken after that run in with the Empire last week.'
Conder was happy to be part of the team. They met eachother in an Imperial prison. He and Furball were cellmates, both arrested for smuggling. Furball had been mind-probed for so long that he forgot almost anything. That's why they call him simply Furball. Nami was a discovered rebel spy and helped them escape. When they got out, Conder and Furball agreed to help the alliance to return the favor. Nami got her old ship out of it's hiding place, and they became a team of mercenary's in service of the alliance, with Nami as their leader.

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Wow! This one is too cool, man! Waaay better than the last one. Keep it up, and Juri Juice rules. (Isn't it Jawa Juice?)

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Thanks for the feedback, sabretooth! And Jawa juice and Juri juice are both different drinks.

The Shadow strike came out of hyperspace. Furball growled. 'I don't know where we are.' Nami replied. 'I'll check the map.' She turned her chair and pushed a button. A map of the galaxy appeared on the screen. 'Hmmm. Looks like we're somewhere near Yavin. The alliance had a base there a while ago. With any luck we can find some supplies there to repair the damage done to the Strike'

Nami put the ship down next to the largest Massassi temple. She knew that it housed the former rebel base. 'Why are we landing here?' Conder asked. 'It was a former rebel base.' 'Then why aren't they here anymore?' 'After the Empire found us here, we where forced to move.' 'So that's why the rebels are on Hoth now.' 'Excactly.' Nami opened the hatch and walked out. Conder came along, but Furball was still trying to get the receiver fixed.
'Pretty creepy.' Nami said. 'Last time i was here, this was a hangar. Now it's entirely empty... Well, anyway, we should find some spare parts here.' 'Alright. Mind if look around a little bit?' Conder asked. 'No, no. Go ahead. I'll go check some supply closets.' Conder walked around a little bit. He stopped in front of a door. 'What's behind this?' 'Oh, that's the command chamber. I don't think you'll find much of interest there.' But Conder took a look anyway. As soon as he opened the door, he heard people talking. He slowly sneaked closer and peeked around the corner. Stormtroopers. 'Have you found anything yet?' A stormtrooper with a yellow shoulder pauldron asked. 'Not yet sir. But they should be around here somewhere.' What are they looking for? Conder aksed himself. H slowly exited the room again. 'Nami!' He shouted as soon as the door was closed again. 'There are stormtroopers here!' 'What? What could they be doing here? Hey Furball! Take these crates inside, will ya. We'll fix her up in orbit.' Then she grabbed her blaster and followed Conder to the command chamber. The troopers were still busy. 'Sir, i may have found something.' 'Let me have a look. The hoth system? But those are dozens of planets, and all of them as dead as a rock. It will be hard to find them there.' 'We must act fast.' Nami whispered. 'If they report to the others, the Empire knows where we are.' She took aim on the commanders head from behind the corner, and fired. The other troopers immediatly fired back. 'Great plan.' Conder said, while dodging some laser blasts. 'Well, do you have a better idea?' Nami replied. 'Yes i do. Let's run as hell!' Conder ran to the door, followed by Nami and a few troopers. They ran trough the big empty hangar towards the Shadow strike 'Furball, i hope you fixed a few things already cause we have to go fast!' Conder shouted, while Nami Ran to the cockpit. Furball grunted and growled, meaning he already fixed the shields. 'good.' The Shadow strike took off into outerspace, but a star destroyer emerged from behind Yavin. 'Spast! We can't do anything against that! Direct all power from the weapon systems to the aft shields!'
They were being chased by TIE fighters, but they didn't use their normal weapon systems; They were equipped with ION blasters, wich disabled all the ships systems. 'What the... Why didn't they destroy us?' 'Don't know. Maybe we got something important.' The star destroyer launched a boarding vessel. The helpless Shadow strike could do nothing. 'Furball, get your bow. This is going to get nasty.' Sparks appeared around the hatch. They were cutting it open. Conder and Furball took position around the corners. Then, the hatch opened. Dozens of troopers entered the ship. They could hold them for a while, but the troopers kept coming. 'We're not gonna win this. Nami, what are you doing? we need you here?' Nami exited the cockpit and backed against the wall, next to Conder. 'I called some friends. We must hold on for five more minutes.' 'Alright, i can do that.' Conder nodded towards Furball, who growled. He grabbed a thermal detonator form his belt and threw it towards the troopers. 'Get down!' Conder shouted, and moments later they heard a giant blast, followed by the screams of the dieing stormtroopers. 'That should keep 'em busy for a while.' Then, Rogue squadron dropped out of Hyperspace and began firing at the boarding shuttle. It was destroyed in notime. The strike docked with a larger rebel transport and while Rogue squadron kept the star destroyer busy, it dissappeared into hyperspace again, en route to Hoth.

As soon as they arrived on Hoth, they told the others about the possible threat. Nami greeted her old friends, and Conder and Furball were accepted ito the rebel ranks. Then they unloaded the much-needed supplies. But, the rebels fear of being discovered became even greater as they began picking up Imperial codes on their transceivers, and when Chewbacca discovered an Imperial droid, the rebels prepared to be able to evacuate at any moment. And they were right, because a few days later, an Imperial star destroyer dropped out of Hyperspace.
'He's just in sensor range.' The commander said. 'maybe it's just a coincidence?' A soldier asked. 'I don't think so. Prepare the transports for evacuation. All pilots to their fighters.'
'Hey nami, where you going?' Conder asked. 'I'm a fighter pilot. I need to keep the Imperial forces at a distance untill you all get away.' She answered. Then she put on her helmet and walked to the hangar. Furball growled. 'Yeah, i think we better get ready to leave as well.' Conder said.

A heavy battle erupted around the base. The rebels fought braveley, but they were no match for the Imperial AT-ST and AT-AT walkers. Nami piloted a snowspeeder. 'Maybe we can use the tow cables to bring those big walkers down.' Sounded trough the comlink. Nami steered her craft towards one and her gunner released the cable. 'Nice shot!' she shouted. She steered her craft around the walker's legs, causing it to fall over. Now they could hit it's weak spot; the topside. It was a pretty hopeless battle, but they didn't have to win. If they could keep them busy long enough for the rest to evacuate, it was enough.
'First transport is away!' sounded troughout the base. Everybody took the time to cheer. 'we're with the next one, Furball.' Conder said. 'Is everything working again?' Furball grunted and nodded.
'Good. I wonder how Nami's doing?'

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keep it comin doomgiver. i like it so far.

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You'll want to make a new paragraph when a new guy starts speaking. Makes the dialouges easier to follow. More detailed descriptions of the environs wouldn't hurt either.

- ST

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Thanks for the tips! I'll try.

Then, the second transport lifted off. Conder and Furball had to escort it in theshadow strike.
'alright Furball. You take the guns. This'll be a rough ride.' Conder said. Furball nodded and went up the ladder. Conder transferred all shield power to the front, and increased engine capacity to get them out of there fast. Then, hell erupted. They went right trough the blockade of Star destroyers. I twas Conders job to draw away the fire from the transport, together with all the other fighters.
'Furball! we're getting hit hard! See what you can do about the fighters! I can avoid the bigger shots!'
The transport entered hyperspace, but the strike didn't. The hyperdrive motivator was hit. 'Uh oh. Furball, get down here and fix that hyperdrive!' Furball protested, claiming that they would be blasted to pieces if he let go of the turret.
'Would you rather take your chances out there with those star destroyers? I heard the Empire uses wookiees for slaves. Now come over here and fix that thing. I'll re-enforce the aft shields!' Conder replied. 'If there's enough power left for it...'

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At that moment, the last transport left the planet, escorted by a few fighters.
'looks like you could use some help, guys!' Nami's voice sounded out of the comm. 'Nami! Am i glad to see you!'
Nami's X-wing fighter broke loose from the formation and fired at the strike's attacker. 'Furball, how's that hyperdrive doing?'
'uuuhroaar!' 'alright, that should at least get us out of here!'
The ship was getting hit hard, but they made it into hyperspace.

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We interrupt this prgram to bring you...

the main character's biography! (when new characters are being added, i'll edit this post, so if i have any fans they might wanna check here after a while.)

Name: Conder Sliden.
Race: Mandalorian.
Gender: male
Age: 35
Conder was born on Nar Shaddaa, and on Nar Shaddaa, even the most honest person is involved in crime. Conder too. He began smuggling for a local Hutt crimelord at an early age.
He continued with it for seven years, untill he was caught by the Imperials for smuggling. He was thrown in the cell where he met Furball and later also Nami. After Nami helped them escape, he joined the Rebel Alliance to return the favor. The rest is yet to be determined...

Name: ??? AKA Furball.
Race: Wookiee
Gender: Male.
Age: 105.
Furball, like most Wookkiees, was born on the Wookiee homeplanet, Kashyyyk. When the Empire came, he was one of the first wookiees to be enslaved by the trandoshans aiding the Empire. He was also one of the first to escape. After he strangled his guard and took his rifle, he stole a TIE fighter and flew back to Kashyyyk. There, he was found by Han Solo and Chewbacca, who just happened to be around. They introduced him to the rebels, and he was happy to join them. Since then, he had been snuggling weapons and other goods for them, untill he was caught again by the Empire. He was tortured so much that he partially lost his mind, but he didn't release any information regarding the rebels. Then, he was locked away, but again, he escaped, with the help of Nami. Since he could hardly remember anything, he re-joined the alliance under Nami's command...

Name: Nami Anterra.
Race: Human.
Gender: Female.
Age: 29
Nami was born on Alderaan, a planet that heavily supported the rebel alliance. Nami didn't really interfere. She was a small freelance freighter pilot, and she shipped cargo for pretty low prices. Untill one day, when she was out on a mission, her entire homeplanet was destroyed. She vowed revenge, and joined the alliance. Since then she has participated in many rebel covert operations, raids, and spy missions. On one mission however, she was caught and thrown in jail. But thanks to her experience, especially as a spy, she managed to escape, together with Furball and Conder. Now, she leads their little mercenary group inservice of the alliance.

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Alright, let's get on with the story then.

Furball, was still tinkering on the hyperspace transceiver. But this time, he actually fixed it. A hologram of Mon Mothma appeared in the middle of the room. 'Conder. Where's Nami?' she asked. 'She escorting one of the transports that evacuated hoth. We don't know whre she is now...' 'Wel, i have a mission for you. We need you to infiltrate in an Imperial base, to see what the're up to. We believe there are strange things going on on this planet.' (the hologram dissappeared and a hologram of a planet took it's place.) 'Our bothan spy couldn't tell us any more, because at that moment, he was caught. Therefore you must be very carefull.' Then, the hologram faded.
'Well, Furball, what do you think? Should we wait for Nami?'
Without waiting for an answer, Conder input the planet's coordinates and engaged the hyperdrive...