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04-27-2004, 10:01 PM
Things you will need to know

mobile armor (MA) A large, non-humanoid variety of mobile weapon. When the Principality of Zeon sets out to develop a new type of space combat vehicle for the era of the Minovsky particle, one of the proposals considered is a high-speed spacecraft equipped with manipulator arms and armed with a mega particle cannon. Though this concept is ultimately rejected in favor of the more versatile mobile suit, the idea is later resurrected in the experimental mobile armors that appear at the end of the One Year War.

mobile pod An older type of spacecraft, derived from the space worker pods used before the introduction of the mobile suit. The RB-79 Ball, a spherical fighting vehicle equipped with maneuvering verniers and manipulator arms, is a classic example of the mobile pod. Another example is the Med which Hathaway Noa uses to stow away aboard the Londo Bell flagship Ra Cailum. [Gundam, Gundam 0083, Char's Counterattack]

mobile suit (MS) A highly maneuverable humanoid fighting machine, designed for short-range combat in an era where the Minovsky particle has made radar obsolete. The typical mobile suit stands about 60 feet tall - ten times human size - and is operated by a single pilot from a cockpit in its torso. While the first mobile suits are created for space combat, the basic design proves flexible enough to be adapted for land and sea warfare as well.
mobile weapon A general term which encompasses mobile suits, mobile armors, and any other machines based on the same technology. This term is often employed for devices, like the armed base Orchis used by the RX-78GP03 Gundam, which otherwise defy classification.

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http://www.gundamofficial.com/ Ok this 300 years after mobile suit gundam there are two sides The federation of the milky way glaxy (or TFOTMWG) the side that has justice and is in command of The milky way glaxy and there is Zeons Reerection Team (or ZRT) who wants command of the galaxy and disorder everywhere.

Side (Nueteral TFOTMWG or ZRT)
Mech (MS MA or MP) (Nueterels can only have MPs unless they get cought in a assult in their home and join a side)
Mechs name
Mechs Equipment

my Char
Name Jarek Lort
Age 18
Gender Male
Mech 2 MSs
First Mechs name RX 90
Second Mechs name Gundam v3.0 name Judo Gundam
Mech 1 equipment Jet pack, 2 buster rifles, 1 green beem sword, 2 shields one the MSes arm can hold onto the second mounted into the MSes right arm. 2 mach equipment 1 special link system where the pilot stands up and whatever motion the pilot makes the gundam makes this is very effective 2 Beem sabers 1 green one pink, 2 vulcan cannons mounted on the head 1 extreamlt strong beem rifle, 2 beem lasers, and 1 Jet pack.