View Full Version : ScummGUI v0.6.2 - Some new features

05-03-2004, 03:02 AM

I've released a new version of ScummGUI today.
Because the last update was more a bugfix release, this
one has some cool new features.

This are the changes in v0.6.2

- Check for ScummGUI updates (right click on titlebar)
- Create desktop shortcuts with game icons (right click on titlebar)
- Changable path for configfile, saves, docs and ScummVM (inside ScummGUI folder or on your system drive)
- Global Settings are in the titlebar now (right click on titlebar)
- Code cleanup (starts quicker now)
- Fixed Sam&Max entry in the gamebox (it was not highlighted after setting the gamepath)
- Removed zak256 target
- Cosmetically changes to the messageboxes
- No seperate ScummGUI CD version anymore

Have Fun