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Das Mole
05-09-2004, 11:34 AM
well, as some of you may know...i'm in band. i play french horn.

yesterday, i had my audition for band next year, to get in either symphonic band (best band) or concert band 1 (middle band). i'm currently in concert band 2 (worst band) b/c i didn't practice for my audition last year, i pretty much sight read the entire thing. i'm guaranteed symphonic or cb1, though, b/c there'll only be 8 horns, and he (my band director) needs 4 for both symphonic and cb1, so there won't be an overflow into cb2.

so here's how my audition went.

first, they give you a packet of music, two sheets, with three musical passages, all of them about 12-16 measures long. so then you play those. then you play a sheet of nothing but scales, going up and down non-stop between lines. then they give you two passages that you have to sight read. the packet, you get about a month beforehand so you can practice it.

so i played the three passages first, i thought (i'll tell you what i thought, then what my band director said) i did well on two of them and the other one i thought i did okay on. i did the scale sheet, i thought i missed maybe 4 or 5 notes on it. i did the sight reading. the first passage i thought...on a scale of one to ten, about a six is what i did. and on the second passage, i would've given myself a 3. but that's okay. so then my band director says to me...

"well, you did an amazing job." (i'm gonna sum this up. he really talked to me for about 5 minutes, but just for my own sake so i don't have to type it all, i'll sort of abbreviate it, here) "some sections on here were worth forty points, and you got 39 on some of them. you missed only one note on the scale sheet. you had great overall tone, you have a good range. i think you did at least 100 times better than you did last year. you did a really good job."

then he asked me if i'd ever taken private lessons, if i take them now, or if i've ever thought about taking them. i said no to every one. so then he says "well, i'm impressed that you can play so well without any private instruction or anything, because i know some people that you're better than and they do take private lessons. and you know, most people take private lessons in order to kind of fix up problems they have. with you, i think it would only enhance your high ability that you have, because you have a lot of raw talent and i think with some private instruction, you could be first chair symphonic band, no doubt about it." and that was basically it.

i felt so proud of myself. i'm gonna find out the results on may 20, they'll be posted in the band room. i figure i'll probably make symphonic. i know two people for sure will stay in symphonic, he'd never demote anybody. and the other two that are already in symphonic are graduating, so that leaves two spots for symphonic, and i think i might be one of them! :D

Zoom Rabbit
05-09-2004, 03:35 PM
Well. Does this mean you're *horny*?


05-09-2004, 04:05 PM
Wow, I'm amazed we lasted this long without someone making that remark. Seriously, a whole beginning post without it.

But it's a French Horn
So now, how long before someone makes a remark about horny french women (cue Ray)

But hey, good work man, I knew you'd do it, I had faith in you man (I had no idea you were even in a band, but lets just pretend for now that I did)!

So Das, here comes the real question... any cute girls in this band of yours..eh?:D

Ray Jones
05-09-2004, 05:30 PM
Originally posted by Joshi
a remark about horny french women (cue Ray)

So Das, here comes the real question... any cute girls in this band of yours..eh?:D

*holds breath*

Zoom Rabbit
05-10-2004, 03:13 PM
Originally posted by Joshi
So Das, here comes the real question... any cute girls in this band of yours..eh?:D

:max: Isn't that pretty much what I said?

Anyway, good job on the audition! :D It sounds like you have a real talent at this, and you definitely should grab that mad horse and ride it as far as it will take you.

Music is the one area of creativity that I didn't explore as a kid. I always blamed it on not having any music lessons...but maybe I shouldn't have let that stop me. Heck, I'm not going to let it stop me even now...

*(Takes a battered old bugle on a crowded city bus and practices loudly for everyone's benefit.)*

05-10-2004, 03:35 PM
Originally posted by Zoom Rabbit
:max: Isn't that pretty much what I said?

No! No it isn't! Shut up! Stop Mocking me!!!!!

Whoa, art day flashback!

But yeah, I would have liked to play a musical insrument, but the nearest I got was a recorder (it isn't a musical instrument, trust me). I wanna pay guitar though, I heard it attracts girls, so that's something i'm gonna do during my summer before I go off for my first eyar of Uni adding to my full summer of working out at a gym to actually get some arms and working like hell for money. Ah, to hell with that, I'll just rob a national bank again, they're really lacking security ever since I sent in my exploding squid to the vaults, they just get get through the ink.

Das Mole
05-10-2004, 05:17 PM
yeah, i played piano when i was...4. until i was 7. then i quit. i was in third grade or something when i quit piano lessons. i'm still good at it, though. and then one year after that i started playing french horn, in fourth grade. so that makes it...nearing the end of my sixth year playing french horn. of course, i've evolved from playing a single horn to a double horn (does anybody even know the difference? probably not...). i played the recorder too. but that's only because just about every kid in the world is required to play the recorder in elementary school.

i'd never want to play guitar. or violin, or viola or cello or bass or any other string instrument. i think string instruments were invented by satan.

05-10-2004, 10:40 PM
I played alto sax for 7 years, but have only picked it up once since I graduated. I can fondly remember years of auditions with no preparation, proudly sitting like 3rd from the bottemin the bottem band, ah those were the times. Then there was the year where my audition was cancelled due to snow, so I decided to actually practice, wound up 3rd from the top in the best band, I think it shocked everyone.