View Full Version : Kotor 1.5 will Rock!

Cassus Fett
05-10-2004, 09:55 AM
Hey guys, there is so much talk about KotOR 2 but I hope everyone realizes that there will not really be any KotOR2. What am I talking about? Well everyone knows by now that KotOR2: Sith Lords is supposed to be released early 2005, right? That is true but if you read the magazine and web articles that have come out to date, the developers at Obsidian are really not planning on making too many changes to the original formula.

I say that this is good. It's better if they try not to get too complicated and just stick with what works in the original game. Sure, we would all love to see them make the game as incredible as possible BUT to make to many changes to the original game programming take TIME!! LOTS OF TIME!!! I for one am not patient enough to wait 2 or 3 years or more just for them to come out with the next KOTOR game.

Take for example Halo and Halo2. The sequel I'm sure will be incredible but &^%&^%$%^$ how long is it going to take them to release it? I've run out of patience and I don't want to wait so long for KOTOR2: Sith Lords.

I've read a hundred different posts about how gamers would like to see the game improved and most of it I agree with BUT I just hope that Obsidian will just KEEP IT SIMPLE and don't mess up the stuff the made KOTOR good.