View Full Version : Apostates are now recruiting (Starsider)

05-13-2004, 08:39 AM
Apostates (APST) is a Rebel/Neutral PA whose focus is on PvP, PvE, RPing and most of all having fun. The five founding members are close friends who have been playing since launch, and have been in the same PA since beta. We wanted a fresh start, and since none of the other PAs interested us, we decided to start our own.

Our recruitment policy is very strict. We will only accept people who we think we could become very good friends with. We don’t like being in a PA where the members are just acquaintances, or where the members just “get along” with each other. This will of course limit who gets allowed in, but the PA itself will be stronger because of it, and the members will have more fun.

Our main focus at this point is PvP, although we are not forcing anybody into it. We have seen everything that the world has to offer, and now we are looking for something new. Since players are unpredictable, PvP offers us a new level of gameplay. We currently have a scheduled “war day” with at least one PA (maybe two soon), and whenever we’re looking for some quick action, we just go overt in a major city.

Although we’ve seen everything the game has to offer, that doesn’t mean PvE is out of the question. PvE is the only way to gain experience, so the majority of our members are out hunting regularly, whether it be quenkers, Geos or just NPC stormtroopers. Most of us are grinders, and will help each other get whatever kind of experience is needed. We also go on big hunts from time to time, although they are rarely planned out. Loot is usually collected at the end, sold, and the profits split (unless a character can use a particular piece of loot). As we get more members this wont be as easy, but for right now it works out well :).

Role-playing is not enforced or discouraged. We have a very laid back attitude in the PA. If you want to RP, go for it, and somebody will probably join in ;).

We are all friendly people who help each other out. We dont grief, we aren't rude to entertainers :p, and we respect our enemies.

The reason we named ourselves Apostates is because of our outsider attitude…

Apostate - One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.

The “cause” from the founding members’ point of view was our original PA, and also the Rebellion. We are rebels, but we are not part of the organization known as the Rebellion. We fight Imperials because they hinder our freedom. Basically we are outlaws.

If Apostates sounds like a PA you would be interested in, post a little something here, PM me, or contact Grask, Ryxx or Arina ingame.