View Full Version : Siege Bug Exploits: Fixable?

05-15-2004, 01:07 PM
I already mentioned these to RA, but I'll post them here anyway.

There's at least two exploits on Siege Hoth.

-Once the bridge switch is activated, if somebody shoots the bridge (before it extends all the way) with explosives such as a few rockets, it retracts into the cliff side. There is some doubt over whether it stays there forever or if banging away on the switch can eventually re-retract the switch (then that begs the question if you can blast it back into the cliff side yet again). In any case, the Imperials can still advance, but it's much much harder if they can't use the AT-ST to destroy the shield generator (or alternately, if they have continually re-extend the bridge).

-If the R5 droid is shot up against a wall, his head floats up into the ceiling and stays there, making it impossible to grab it.

Then there's a possible bug on Siege Desert:

- Sometimes it seems after all the Droid parts are captured, the map fails to end, and the Rebels lose as a result. The bug seems to happen if droid parts are stolen BEFORE the shield is brought down and captured too quickly. I could be wrong about this, because some (idiots) have the tendency to take one droid part and hide with it (an unfortunate flaw in any game with capturable items, including CTF).

The general "hiding with the item to prevent winning" thing could be fixed with proper team vote kicking (without the need for general anything-goes voting which I'm told is being done now).

On Korriban it's possible to get blasted by mines or jump just right to end up on TOP of the pillars at the end of the map, and hide there with the Sceptor (and push people off if they try to follow you I suppose). This again could be remedied by the team-votekick thing.

Some of the other bugs, like the "camera view goes crazy when somebody gets on a Swoop bike" that often occurs on Desert and the "cloak stops working forever" bug on Hoth/Desert that is fixed only with a log clear and server restart....