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05-15-2004, 07:56 PM
hey guys, i searched everywhere through the sdk to try to find a correlation between the disruptor and the force sight. i looked for FP_SEE, WP_DISRUPTOR, g_forcedodge. none of those things yeilded something that would enable me to play around with the dodgeing ability. my plan is to make even the alternate fire of the conc rifle be dodgeable at force sight level 3 and not just the sniper.

05-16-2004, 03:15 PM
yay, i got it to work. thanks to Razorace for the headsup on Jedi_DodgeEvasion. first you have to go to the alt fire of the sniper code in g_weapon.c. once you're in there you'll see a peice of code for a jedi to dodge it with a high enough seeing skill and that code is:

if (Jedi_DodgeEvasion(traceEnt, ent, &tr, G_GetHitLocation(traceEnt, tr.endpos)))
skip = tr.entityNum;
VectorCopy(tr.endpos, start);

you then have to go all they way down to the conc rifle alt code and you get to it by searching for static void WP_FireConcussionAlt( gentity_t *ent ). once you're in there go to the func
for ( i = 0; i < traces; i++ )

under it place the if (Jedi_dodge... code i pasted above. but right before that you have to initalize the tracenet variable because its not in the conc rifle section so right above the code paste

traceEnt = &g_entities[tr.entityNum];

and this should allow you to get force seeing level 3 dudes to dodge alt conc rifle fire just like in single player :)