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05-16-2004, 02:36 PM
I have the Monkey Island Madness CD-ROM which, as many of you know, doubles as the soundtrack for Monkey Island 1. I would like to listen to the tracks in chronological order (Or as close as can be, since the tracks appear in a different order pretty much every time you play the game.) So what would be the order of the tracks be, in order to give the closest approximation of chronological order?

The Tingler
05-16-2004, 07:20 PM
I posted this ages ago on the iMuse Island forum (those were the days... hope mixnmojo doesn't go the same way).

01. DATA
02. Voodoo Theme
03. Mle Path
04. Following the Shop Keeper
05. The Church of Melee
06. Mle Island Overview
07. Chapter Screen
08. Guybrush & Elaine (Love Theme)
09. Scumm Bar
10. The Ghost Ship Shuffle
11. LeChuck Theme
12. The Circus
13. LeChuck Theme Song 2 (extended - end credits)
14. Short LeChuck Cue (second cutscene - Shinetop revealed!)
15. Monkey Island Overview
16. Onboard the Sea Monkey
17. End Credits Love Theme
18. Main Titles/Introducing Guybrush Threepwood
19. Stan's Used Shipyard
20. Elaine Is Kidnapped
21. No idea. (Still don't have a bloody clue)
22. Cannibals
23. Sound FX1 (Seagulls on Mle Dock)
24. Sound FX2 (the woods of Mle crackling)
25. Sound FX3 (Monkey Island noises)

That's a good starting point. It's late right now, so I'll let someone else do the dirty work here...