View Full Version : I think I found bug!

05-16-2004, 05:29 PM
I notice that something missing in movie list in game.

After my party members and I escape Taris alive.

I exited game and I click "movie" on main menu, I notice something missing "escaping taris" or something like that did not appear on list. It is about that Ebon Hawk take off and escape from Taris being destoryed. also, I could not find another one that show me Star Forge blew up.

Did you see it on list before patched any version from 1.00 version or on version 1.00?

I read dialog.TLK, I notice "escaping taris" along listed like "Taris Destoryed"

05-16-2004, 09:19 PM
Yeah, I was gonna say that they might be in the same movie. Is the star forge sequence mixed with the credits or is it called like 'End Game' or something?

05-17-2004, 02:36 PM
I know it! I found bug! I took look at Dialog.tlk file

{42192} Tatooine Vision
{42193} Manaan Vision
{42194} Kashyyyk Vision
{42195} Korriban Vision
{42197} Intro
{42198} Escape Pod
{42199} A Strange Dream
{42200} Swoop Bike Crash
{42201} Revan's Death
{42202} The Leviathan
{42203} The Leviathan in Position
{42204} Taris Destroyed
{42205} Escaping Taris
{42206} Dantooine Arrival
{42207} Dantooine Departure
{42208} Tatooine Arrival
{42209} Tatooine Departure
{42210} Kashyyyk Arrival
{42211} Kashyyyk Departure
{42212} Manaan Arrival
{42213} Manaan Departure
{42214} Korriban Arrival
{42215} Korriban Departure
{42216} Unknown World Arrival
{42217} Unknown World Departure
{42218} Bastila's Flight
{42219} Battle Above the Unknown World
{42220} Ebon Hawk Flyby 1
{42221} Ebon Hawk Flyby 2
{42222} Ebon Hawk is Hit 1
{42223} Ebon Hawk is Hit 2
{42224} Hyperspace
{42225} Dantooine Vision
{42226} Incoming Fighters
{42227} The Ebon Hawk Victorious
{42228} Captured by the Leviathan
{42229} Escaping the Leviathan
{42230} Shadowlands Descent
{42231} Shadowlands Ascent
{42232} Sub Descent
{42233} Sub Ascent
{42234} Harvester Destroyed
{42235} Ancient Firaxa Poisoned
{42236} Revelation
{42237} The Star Forge
{42238} Boarding the Star Forge
{42239} Capitol Ships Under Attack
{42240} The Sith Defenses Collapse
{42241} Defending the Star Forge
{42242} Sith Onslaught
{42243} The Republic Defeated
{42244} Dodonna's End
{42245} The Infinite Fleet
{42246} Assault on the Star Forge
{42247} The Star Forge Destroyed

but two is missing "escaping taris" and "The Star Forge Destoryed" In game main menu, I clicked on movie where I can watch that so far unlock as I go though game from. Now, tell me, don't you see two of them 1.00 verison or higher? bug must be reported and fixed if can! Why someone don't report bug?????????