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05-18-2004, 10:25 AM
O.K., I am working on Chiss skins for the JAB. I need some references. Here is what I need:

1. What a Chiss fighter pilot looks like. In a certain book (I think it was the NJO series) it said that Chiss had Imperial TIE Fighter uniforms with other stuff. I need to know the other stuff.

2. What a Chiss soldier/troop looks like. I know from the Survivor's Quest book that they have black suits. But, I don't know the other stuff.

3. Any other Chiss people.

4. Pictures and descriptions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


05-18-2004, 11:36 AM
1. Okay, I don't have the books on hand - but the uniforms worn by Chiss pilots is nearly identical to that worn by Imperial pilots, simply because the Chiss (through Thrawn) were so closely tied to Imperial culture. Certain pilots included other things (like Corellian bloodstripes, I believe may have been on Jag's) but those would be specific to the individual. For more clarity, reference Ruin, book 2 of the Dark Tide duology of the NJO.

3. Thrawn.
Chiss bartender from JA.
That's about all I can do for you at the moment.

05-18-2004, 03:59 PM
Yep, I already knew all of that stuff. Please, a lot of information is needed. Thank you.


05-18-2004, 07:13 PM
Well, I got the Military Chiss Commander down.

Here: http://pcgamemods.com/5373/


05-19-2004, 06:48 PM


[EDIT]Whoops, I just realized you wanted Chiss fighter pilots. :dozey:

05-20-2004, 03:32 PM
Thanks, but I can't make models. I'll tell the JAB leader about it incase he wants Chiss Clalwcraft in the TC, I know that I do!!


06-11-2004, 03:55 PM
O.K., I can't make stuff for the JAB because they ran out of staff members and shut down.

But, I can still make stuff for me. So...BUMP!!