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Das Mole
05-18-2004, 10:14 PM
well, i got my yearbook today, and i was flipping through when i got to the band section at the back, you know how they have the little sections for stuff. well, it showed a picture of gianna hayner playing french horn, doing sight reading.

well, it turns out that "gianna" was really emma morrison! 1st chair symphonic band! and gianna (who i thought was emma) is at the bottom of the barrel! i'm better than the person who i thought was first chair symphonic band! because once at a pep band concert for a basketball game, while we were warming up beforehand, someone (another horn) says to me, "are we the only two horns here? oh wait. emma's sitting right next to me. duh." and the person sitting next to him was gianna! he either mixed up the names or was pointing to emma as she was sitting two seats down, and she wasn't literally "right next" to him.

so everytime i passed gianna (who i thought was emma) in the hall, i'd think "i wish i could be that good at horn", and i'd pass her name every day for the past two weeks as names of award winners were posted in the halls, and then i'd think of gianna (a.k.a. emma in my mind) and think "i wish i was that good."

and then of course, i find out that it's really gianna, who isn't even better than me. and for the past year i've been putting emma w/her face and gianna w/emma's face. i'm so confused. i still haven't processed this information yet! so now the person i thought was top of the line is really at the bottom of the barrel, and the person i thought was the scum of the earth was really a top notch hornist!

this is almost as, if not moreso, confusing as when tracey got executed on celebrity mole yucatan!

i'm so clueless right now :confused:. i can't pick up the pieces of my life and start over. my life, my hopes, my dreams, all shattered! broken into tiny bite-size pieces and flushed down the drain!

well, that's all. on thursday, i'll tell you my audition results, that's when i get them.

Das Mole
05-24-2004, 06:32 PM
okay, well, here are my audition results...

i placed, out of 7 french horns...7th. :rolleyes:

however, here's my scoring results breakdown:

altogether, i got 218 out of 250 points.
a more detailed breakdown:
the prepared music portion- 116 out of 120 points.
scale portion- 50 out of 50.
sight reading- 19 out of 30.
tone quality- 18 out of 30.
overall musicality and phrasing- 15 out of 20.

so that means that i placed at most 32 points behind the first chair in symphonic band. that's not too shabby, compared to some sections, where the last place player is like, 80 to 100 points behind. and i probably only placed a few points away from the person ahead of me. plus, the audition is designed so nobody can get a perfect score. unless, of course, you're super talented and you're the best player at your instrument to have ever been born, but that's highly unlikely. it's always the sight reading. i don't think anybody could get a perfect on the sight reading. so i'm actually closer to 1st chair symphonic than 32 points, for all i know, i could be 6 points away if as you went up the list of people, each person got one more point than the person behind them.

anyway...so i'm last chair concert band 1, but at least i'm not in concert band 2, i guess. *shrug*. and they're going to have challenging, so i can challenge the first chair person for first chair. if i took private lessons, i could kick her ass. because she and i are basically even. just about every other audition that we've had throughout 6th, 7th and 8th grade, she's done a little bit better than me. and then the one after that, i do a little better than her, etc. and she takes private lessons, and i don't! so if i took them...i'd surely be better than her.