View Full Version : MI 2 problem

05-21-2004, 01:57 PM
hey ive got a technical question.....i have almost no knowledge whatsoever as far as computers go.....i recently purchased the monkey madness package with all 4 MI games....wel part 1 sem to work fine part 3 i havent yet tried...part 4 works fine...but part 3 i have no sound at all,i dont have any kind of sound card or anything but since part 4, i figured would have higher system requirements,seems to work fine i cant figure out why part 2 sound is not functioning.Any suggestions would be very helpful

05-21-2004, 03:03 PM
MI2 is an old dos based game which doesn't work on newer systems such as Windows XP and therefore won't run. Sorry.

No, I'm not that heartless, :D, there is something you can do. Go to this website:
and download a program called "ScummVM Quick and Easy" (scroll down and you should find it)

This is an extremely small program taking a few seconds to download on the slowest internet connection. Double click the icon from wherever you downloaded it to and click on the 'daily build' button which should download everything you need to make the game work and put it all in the right place for you (in again, very little time).

Then just choose your game, sort out some setting and find the path of the game (it should be on the CD drive somewhere under a folder probably named Monkey2). then just click run and it should work. Don't worry about the copy protection screen, just put in any values and it'll work and click on the hard version (the soft versions too easy) and there you go.

By the way, MI2 has no voices anyway, if you were expecting them, but it has a killer soundtrack and some nice sound effects so it's well worth all this (and none of this take up much space at all)