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Please disregard that. I have now found out that my RPG is gone, and I forgot what it was about...

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You're forgiven, naturally.

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05-28-2004, 12:34 AM
I've come up with a new plot for this:
It's actually to be called...
Star Wars Battlefront: The Shadow Empire

Okay, this is less than 1 year after the end of the Yuuzahn Vong conflict. The New Republic is in turmoil.
However, something has happened.
The secret son of Desann (Jedi Outcast) was intentionaly found by Luke when he was 4 years old on a distant planet. Not knowing that he was Desann's son, Luke took it upon himself to train him. When the Vong conflict was at it's peak, the boy was 7 years old by human standards, 17 by Desann's species standards. Then, he left the Jedi Order secretly after a "program" kicked in--a "computer-like" program implanted in him thanks to Desann by the force. Assain (his name) heads to a distant forest world and discovers what his destiny was--to awaken hidden Mandalorians and Sith Troopers from the days of the Old Republic (as can be seen in "Knights of the Old Republic").

That was when he was "19" by their standards--2 years later. For half a year, until he became "20," Assain began preaching them his teachings, and they became entranced by his spell. And thus, upon hearing word from one of the 5 dispatched Mandalorian spies in their Imperial LAMBDA-class shuttles, he discovered that the conflict was over, the New Republic crushed very much. So, he decided to strike. 2 months later, after intense planning, his fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers (the Imperial Remnants hidden in this sector joined in) (5 Super-star, 20 Imperial, & 2 Eclipse), former Republic ships (30 Republic Assault ships from the clone wars, filled with thousands of Sith Troopers and 25 Republic Gunships,) over a hundred Sith and old Mandalorian craft, and thousands of newley created Raider-class starfighters, the fleet headed toward the Republic and began its terrible fight...
Now, it is up to the New Republic to stop this threat before it get's to serious, or fall trying.

-The Shadow Empire (Aissan's forces)
-The New Republic
-Non-allied Imperial Remnants (1 Super-Star Destroyer, 5 Imperial, 8 newly-discovered Republic Assault ships and 10 Republic Gunships

Which will you choose?
Age: 12/"22"
Profile: Leader of the Shadow Army, Aissan commands all fear in the galaxy and the most powerful military force conceived since the Sith and Great Hyperspace Wars--perhaps THE most powerful force (excluding the Yuuzahn Vong). All of his forces are fearful of him.

Extra RPG Info (To be added):
-A new command ship, the RAIDER (spec ideas to come) is being construction on Kuat, the 4th world to be conquered by the Shadow Army. All Republic Assault ships and 2 Super-star Destroyers stay behind to protect it, as well as 500 TIE fighters, 500 TIE Interceptors, and 1,000 Phantom TIEs, a BRAND new and improved form of TIE fighter created by an Imperal remnant group taht joined in with the Shadow Empire.

Note: Please PM me for a post as to not flood this with requests.

05-28-2004, 12:41 AM
The majority of the Grand Fleet of the Shadow Empire chugged in at Lightspeed into New Republic space...
(This does not include the forces at Kuat, 5 Imperial-class Star Destroyers, and 1 Eclipse-class Star Destroyer, as well as some Mandalorian ships and on the surfaces 5000 Sith Troopers and 10 Republic Gunships.)

"When will we be in range of the Republic Fleet sent to intercept?" Desann asked sturnly from the bridge of the IMPROVED Eclipse-class Star Destroyer Conquest.
"Sir, our estimated time is 10 minutes at lightspeed. There are 25 ships sent to intercept as well as 5 squadrons of fighters...They are weak and yet don't realize how large our fleet is thanks to the cloak...They only know of the old Sith Ships and the Conquest."

"Excellent. Tell the other ships that once we get there and open fire, decloak one by one every 2 minutes." He laughed an evil laugh and shown an evil smile.
"Yes, sir." The Admiral of his fleet bowed.

((Note: The Empire could use some forces, so just request...))

05-29-2004, 12:24 PM
OOC: Hmmm... Shadow Empire!

Name: Ergo Fin.
Race: Mandalorian.
Age: 'Does it matter?'
Profile: His DNA was taken from an Ancient Mandalorian sith lord and kept in stasis in a sith building in the core of Naboo. There, he was cloned into his present form, and he received the standard mandalorian battle armor, (Like Boba Fett's one.) and instructions on sith training. When he was ready, he went to the surface with the sub that was prepared for him to fulfill the one order programmed into his cloned mind: Destroy the jedi. Now, he has joined the Shadow Empire's Mandalorian forces as commander of an elite force, hoping to be able to take out some jedi. If he is allowed to grow to his ultimate, trained form, he will almost be unstoppable.

Boy, sometimes i even amaze myself. Let's hope i can play him without godmoding...

IC: Ergo and his men stood ready to attack the republic fleet. He was waiting for a message from Aissan. They had them surrounded. Ergo hoped there were jedi aboard. While he was thinking up ways to kill his first jedi-victim, his comlink beeped. 'You are to Decloak one by one every two minutes. orders from master Aissan himself.' 'Roger that conquest.' Ergo replied. 'Like Aissan said, they'll never see us coming...'

05-29-2004, 05:59 PM
"Sir," the Bridge officer of the Eclipse-class star destroyer CONQUEST began, "we are entering Republic space."
"Excellent. Order all the non-cloaked ships to open fire once we arrive. And tell the leader of the Elite Mandalorian Force to decloak first. Then the rest of his Mandalorian team should decloak following him. For the first 5 minutes of battle, however, I want the 5 decloaked Imperial Star Destroyers and 8 decloaked Victory Star Destroyers to attack. The CONQUEST will be the last to decloak. Oh, and I want several squads of TIEs out there."
"Yes sir," the officer replied, and carried out his order.

Within moments the battle had begun...