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The Golden Star is a mythical-fantasy set in a planet known as Verayad which houses many races, cultures and people. The life-force of Verayad is Seralope, commonly known as Magic. Centuries ago, the wise men, known as Healers sealed various forms of Seralope in Magic Balls or Magic Spheres. Each Magic Ball having it's own, unique powers. There were thousands of Magic Balls spread across Verayad, left to be found.

Continents: The main landmass is a roughly square continent known as Rawyuk. Below Rawyuk lies a triangular continent known as Ho'foryuk.
Jutting out of Rawyuk to the east like a flag is Ocenia which is also triangular. The western part of Ho'foryuk is a mystery and is thus given a diffrent name, Abayuk.
A great Island in the Eastern Sea is known as Sa'coyuk.
There are many islands littered in the Western and Eastern Seas as well.

Races: There are many diffrent races in Verayad, Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Orcs, Minotaurs, Dragons, Zube Hanataars and the Raijigars.

The Heroes: The story starts in a village known as Whichneerg, and is concentrated on a boy of 15, Mazicorn, better known as Mazi and his tough, dim-wit friend, Edwan.

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Mazicorn was floating in a black void. There was nothing save himself. There was plain darkness everywhere and not a soul to be seen. "Hullo?" cried out Mazi. The voice never came out of his throat. Instead, some murmuring began. It grew louder and louder and more chaotic. Soon, a more harsh and loud voice rose above the others and it died out. The murmuring faded away with it.
Then out of the darkness, a ball appeared. Mazi looked around. Several such balls appeared, but in different colours. All of them seemed to have two metal rod running around the ball and where the rods intersected, there was a button.
The balls filled up the void and then, a powerful, golden light struck from the top. Mazi looked up and found a large, golden ball shining above him. As he touched it, he heard a voice.

Teth alon fense daer pol tunise, Qadiz radik wener di'linse , it said and suddenly, Mazi woke up.

It was morning and dawn had just passed. He got out and walked over out of his house. People had got up and said their "Good Mornings" to Mazicorn. Birds chirped merrily on the trees and a slight, cool breeze passed from the east. Mazi yawned and strecthed and went ahead to the Qudurnahik, the village stream. His village, Whichneerg was just a settlement of houses around a road. In the village, the road diverted north-east, crossing the stream and heading for the Famous town of Lond Ore.
Mazi walked past the road's divertion and went towards the banks of the Qudurnahik. He headed right, towards a small hillock, bordered with bushes and ferns. He crept under some bushes and kicked the ground. The ground crumbled and another kick broke it, revealing a passage. Mazi crept through the small passage to the the other end, where he climbed out.
He was inside the hill, inside a cove known only to him and his friends. He took off his clothes and dived into the water. The copve was dark, but shafts of light entered through cracks in the hillock. Mazi went underwater and up, thinking about his dreams and the strange words. Though he didn't remember the dream much, the words were etched in his mind.

After some time, he got out and dried himself, lying in some bushes on the top of the hillock. Then he went back in got dressed. He found Edwan coming out as he approached passage.
"When did you come?" asked Mazicorn.
"Some time back, I saw you collapsing into the bushes, you naked kid!" replied Edwan, chuckling.
With that, the two walked away into the village, chatting together.
Normally, they would be three, but their third friend, Ferina was not there. She had gone to Lond Ore with her uncle, who was a well-known merchant. The three were the oldest kids in the village and would talk around the village, play or help others.

Mazicorn lived with his mom in his pleasent home. His father was lost four years ago, while hunting. Mazi's mother would say that his father, Dulen was a great hunter and because of him, the two are now living so merrily. One day, Dulen went hunting and never returned. Search parties were set up, but he was never found, neither was there any trace of him.
Mazi's mother was an excellent cook. She would experiment with various foods and write the best combinations in her recipe-book. She even sold her recipes to the Coolwater Inn .

His friend, Edwan was older by five months and usually getting into trouble. Edwan's parents were explorers and lived far away and often got into advenures. Edwan was thus, left at their hometown with his grandparents. Edwan's grandfather was the best blacksmith was miles around. Each time a knight or a great warrior came into town, he would visit Edwan's grandfather's shop.

Ferina was younger than Mazi by one month and was the coolest among the group. She was the most clever and her ideas were unbeatable. She, although being a girl was tougher than any boy of her age and thus, used to hang out with the two boys. She lived with her parents and often went to the city of Lond Ore with her Uncle Scawn, who was a merchant.

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So, a fantasy this time eh? Beginning looks good. I've tried to start a fantasy once, but i couldn't transfer the world as i envisioned it to the readers... Zube Hanataars and the Raijigars.

Uhm... Could you give some more info on those races?

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You shall learn about these creatures later in the tale. The Zube Hanaatar shall be featured in later episodes (60-70) and the Raijigars will have a short role in Book One. They will be mainly focused in Book Two.
Mazi slumped on to a bench beside Edwan. It was near noon and the sun shone brightly, warming up the lively grass. The bench faced the road, which was the only street in Whichneerg. Mazi still had the dream in his mind and however hard he thought, he couldn't shake it off.
Edwan didn't take long to realise something was bothering Mazicorn.
'What's wrong?' asked Edwan.
'N... Nothing wrong. It's just... a dream... it's... it's driving me crazy.' stammered Mazicorn. 'A dream you say? Tell me about the dream then.'
Mazicorn explained his dream in detail and spoke aloud the words in the strange tongue that had been etched in his mind. As he completed, they both heard a gasp. It had come from behind the bench. They turned and found the Great Healer. A central authority of healing and magic, next to the Elder Healer.
'Great Healer! You were eavesdropping on us!' exclaimed Edwan.
The Great Healer left his astonished pose and became calm, like his usual self. He then turned to Mazicorn.
'What did you say your name was?' he asked, kindly.
'I never to... Mazicorn.' Mazi replied.
'Mazicorn...' murmured the Great Healer. 'Follow me, Mazi, will you?' he requested, turned and proceeded to a building known as an Hospic.
The Hospic is a healing center, where travellers and warriors heal themselves and revive the fainted or seek honour for the fallen.
Mazi got up and walked around towards the Hospic, when his hand was caught by Edwan. 'Where do you think you're going?' he asked.
'To the hospic, of course.' replied Mazi.
'Wait for me.' ordered Edwan and got up and went with Mazi.

The two walked on a paved path which led towards the Hospic, a pleasent stone building. The Great Healer was already inside, waiting for them.
'You're finally here!' said the Great Healer, flinging his hands up. He then looked at Edwan. 'Who is he and why is he here?' he asked rudely.
'This is Edwan, my friend.' answered Mazicorn. 'I don't care who he is! Get him out! This matter is between you and me only.' ordered the Great Healer.
Edwan looked scornfully at the Great Healer and walked away. 'Now,' said the Great Healer, 'come this way.' Mazi did as he was told as proceeded through rooms and corridors and lower and lower. He ended up in a dark room where, on a fire, sat a cauldron. It was filled to the brim with some green liquid, boiling. There were other bottles and chemicals in the room, which was lighted by the bright, green liquid.
The Great Healer took a stick and put it's end in the fire, then in the lantern. The lantern was lit and glowed brightly. The Great Healer then told Mazicorn to stand next to the cauldron. Mazi did as he was told.
The Great Healer then took a bottle from a shelf, containing some blue, crystalline substance. He took it near the cauldron and sprinkled it onto the liquid. Great bubbles rose from the cauldron and thick fumes arised. Some shimmering was seen in the liquid, like a net of diamonds. The Great Healer took the net out, the powder sprinkled in had become large diamonds. He threw it on Mazicorn.
The diamonds sizzled and scorched, but Mazi felt nothing. 'Now, do you feel anything?' asked the Great Healer, suspiciously. 'No.' replied Mazi, looking at the net on him.
'Then you truly are one who is fated to the quest!'

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You shall learn about these creatures later in the tale. The Zube Hanaatar shall be featured in later episodes (60-70) and the Raijigars will have a short role in Book One. They will be mainly focused in Book Two.

:eek: You have this thing thought out across two books and more than 70 chapters already!??! Impressive.

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Actually, I've planned three books. Each book containing upto a hundred chapters. Then, I will release diffrent books in the same universe.

Am I good, am I good, or am I too good?

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:eek: :eek: :eek: <- this is the best expalnation of how i feel right now...

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:D :D :D
Mazicorn was even more confused now.
'Quest?' he asked.
'Yes! A quest! A quest where you will encounter mysteries, monsters and magic!' answered the Great Healer. 'But come now, we must talk in my chambers.'
The Great Healer led him up the stairs to a room at the top of the Hospic. Following them was Edwan who had sneaked in and listened to everything.
The Great Healer's chamber was a simple, large room. Sitting on the wooden floor of the room were tables, bookcases, shelves, wardrobes and one bed. The entire room was a mess. Books lay, half-open all around the room and chemicals boiled on the table.
The Great Healer took no notice of all that and pulled out a ball from his cape. The ball glistened and shined. It was of a bright azure colour. The Great Healer pressed a button which was on the ball and flung it into th air. The ball shined and zipped here and there. Mysteriously, objects aligned to where they were. Books flew back to bookcases, chemicals to their cases. The carpet was dusted automatically and the room was sparkling clean.
The ball then zipped back to the Great Healer's palm. Mazi could help but stand in wonder. 'What... What was that?' he asked, pointing to the ball with a shaky arm.
'That, my boy, is a Magic Ball. A Seralopé Tunisé, in the old language. This is the Neat Ball, known as Ongor Tunisé.' replied the Great Healer.
'Tunise, that word.' said Mazicorn.'It had come in my dream...' Mazicorn tried to recollect, but the Great Healer answered the question.
'The one who will master the balls, will kill the dragon. That is the prophecy made by Great Healers of old. You see, it's a long story, but it must be told.
Long ago, Dragons terrorised the land of Verayad. There were many dragons. Some were large and black, some small and green. Some were yellow and red and some were actually colourless. In a brutal war, we humans defeated the Dragons and earned the right to call this land ours. The Dragons went through a Location Warp to a place unknown to us, but they went somewhere.
The humans were reluctant to find and finish the dragons before a second war. However, their Elder Healer came up with prophecy. The prophecy said that the one who can withstand the test of the Féréro Alangas (Burning Salt) will be the one who shall wipe out the dragons.
It was also prophesized that this warrior will dream of the Dracol Elal (Dragon's Voice) and the Seralopé Tunise. You were the one who dreamed so and have also passed the test of the Féréro Alangas. Now only one trial awaits you.'

Mazicorn took some time to digest everything and looked up to the Great Healer. 'And my last trial is...'
'To kill the Dracona Harant Klosan, the Dragon of Ultimate Doom. He is also known as the Apocalypser. You, Mazicorn Sarask must defeat the dragon forever and bring piece of his hide, the Dracol Diegn to me.'
Mazicorn couldn't believe anything. He thought he was dreaming. His pleasent, everyday life was now disturbed and murdered by the words of the Great Healer. Mysteries, Monsters, Magic the words echoed in his head. To an unknown land. His head was spinning, he was going to faint.
The Great Healer grinned and held Mazicorn's head and took him to a chemical case. Opening it, he took a white liquid and made Mazicorn drink it. Mazicorn's head cleared and somehow, he realised everything, he didn't even panic.
'I suppose you got all that into your head? Good. Now come come with me. We are going to get you a Seralopé Tunisé.'

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The two then went down to a room at ground level. It looked like a small hall, with tall windows on it's eastern wall. The sun shone through them, like a bright ray fired at the ground. The room was bare, with a few tables here and there, one large bookcase adorned the northern wall. The room had a magical feel to it. Probably it was an invisible aura from the strange, greenish bricks whixh made the room, or it may be a magic laid to the building at some age. Whatever the reason was, Mazi could not tell for sure.
Mazi waited near the door as the Great Healer went ahead. He pushed some tables aside, pushing a medium-sized one in the middle and continued to the bookcase, where he began searching something. He searched for a long time and left Mazi to explore. He went over to a window and played with the floating dust, then he stood, staring at some of the houses and the stream beyond, it went all the way north and turned a bit east, from where it was out of sight. The road ran parallel to the stream and them jumped across it as a bridge and continued east, through forests, grasses and who knows what. Mazi was suddenly interrupted by a sharp and strong hand at his shoulder.
Mazi turned around, expecting the Great Healer, but it was Edwan, his fingers at his lips. 'What are you doing here?' whispered Mazi, glancing at the Great Healer.
'Shut up! I know it all. I'm coming with you, of course. That...' he was cut off by Mazi who pushed him out the window. The Great Healer turned and walked towards the arranged table. Edwan crept to the outside wall and stuck to it, listening.
The Great Healer carried a large box, made of dark wood and with strange inscriptions and designs on it. He set it on the table and opened it, revealing three palm-size balls of diffrent colours. One was white, with a bit of purple mixed. The second was maple-coloured and the third was orangish-red. The Great Healer pointed at the balls and began.
'These magic balls will aid in your quest. You see, you can start with only one ball. Then you find a ball which is similar to this and another and so on, making a chain. The lore of Seralopé Tunise is great and lengthy. We, the healers choose to study it and make it available to the rest of the word.' His voiced slowly lowered to the last word. He sighed, and continued.
'To get a ball, touch the ball of your choice. If the ball is "compatible" with you, it will join you and never leave your side. Why don't you start with the first ball?'

Mazicorn considered and touched the white ball. His hand stuck and a breeze washed Mazicorn. His hair flew back and he nearly left ground, but the breeze died. His hand was removed from the ball.
Mazi then turned to the Maple-coloured ball. He touched it and his hand stuck once again. This time, he felt his bones tickle. They went beyond tickling and shook the muscles. The hand vibrated and then shook vigorously. Unlike the last ball, this ball was merciless. It shook to the brink of breaking itself. Edwan would have jumped in and assasinated the Great Healer, but he controlled himself. The hand then calmed and therewere no more effects. The hands was still stuck. The ball quickly shrunk to the size of a marble and dashed into Mazi's palm. The Great Healer clapped loudly. 'Congratulations! Mazicorn, you have just been accepted by the Vibration Ball, or, Fèrtan Tunisé!'

The Great Healer then said something to Mazicorn, which Edwan could not catch and together, the two left the room. When all was settled, Edwan jumped in.
'Great fool! He left his collection of over-sized marbles here!' he said to himself as he walked over to the table. He fingered the box and his hand came by the red ball. It stuck to it like metal to magnet. Edwan panicked, he looked around with a ghastly face, yanking his hand away. His hand got hotter and hotter, until he thought he was going to die. He closed his eyes and mumbled. His hand was still burning. After it's peak, it cooled and gradually, returned to normal. His hand had no burns or blisters either. The ball then whacked into his palm.
Edwan was busy moving the hand to see if it was alright. It took a moment for him to realise that ball was not leaving him. He threw it, he zipped back. He kept it, it floated back, Edwan cursed himself and jumped out the window.

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Mazicorn was then briefed some unimportant details and let out of the hospic. First, he felt like as if he was just dreaming everything and suddenly, reality has slapped him, but it was not so. His ball was in his hand and he was standing in front of the hospic. It was about noon now, and Mazicorn had to go home.

As Mazicorn explained everything to his mother, the Great Healer arrived. Mazicorn's mother started telling the Great Healer about Mazicorn, but the Great Healer explained her all. Mazicorn's mother was a believer of such tales and did not jest or laugh at the fact that her son was off to kill a dragon. She knew Mazicorn was old enough to live a life of his own and can weild a sword with ease.
She ruffled his hair. 'You're so old...' she said, tears in her eyes. 'It's time now. Your destiny is foretold, then. Go and kill him, for it is your destiny. I know you can do it. I'm counting on you. Now, have lunch.' she hastily retreated back to the kitchen.
The Great Healer looked out at the kitchen. 'Your mother is brave.'

After an amazing, delicious farewell lunch, Mazi and Edwan went over to Edwan's place. His Grandfather greeted them. 'Welcome, Welcome! Edwan told me all. At first I didn't believe him, but the Great Healer confirmed it. Now the entire village knows!'
Edwan sat beside his grandfather. 'The... weapons...' he whispered. 'The Weapons! Ah, yes, the weapons!' He got up and observed the two. Then he nodded and retreated. When he returned, he had two, 4-foot swords and two longknives.
'Here you go! These are for you!' he handed a knife and a sword to each. 'You know how to weild them?'
Mazi chuckled, 'With you as our teacher all these years, we feel like battle-ready warriors!' 'That's the spirit!' said Edwan's grandpa. It was now late afternoon and about time the group should leave.

As the duo now left, with swords, they found an entire village at them. Some trying to talk to them, some touching them, one of them even jumped and hurt himself, just to see the warriors' faces. The duo, with the help of Edwan's grandfather, waded through the crowd and went over to the Eastern Gate of village.
'Where will you be going now?' asked Ferina's father. Edwan's Grandfather walked near the two. 'Go to Lond Ore and equip yourselves. From there, make your way through Oceyuk into Rawyuk. Think about your plans!' He patted both of them and dispersed in the crowd. People asked countless questions out of which, Mazi and Edwan could answer only a few.
Strangely, Mazi's mother was not at the farewell. It was getting late, the sun had tilted to the west and it looked like, there were only two or three hours to sundown. Mazi and Edwan then turned and walked, waving their hands their hands as they left. The people waved their hands back and shouted out 'Farewell's and 'Goodbye's.
When most of the crowd had dispersed, the duo had followed the road to a sharp turn to the north. To their left was a bush-forest, beyond which lay the village of Whichneerg. Then, Edwan saw it. He grabbed Mazi and pointed to a roof of a house. The Great Healer stood on it, a stern expression on his face and his hands folded, a look of power and highness. Mazi turned away. To his right was the stream Qudurnahik which would later become a small river. Soon, another sharp turn took them back east and a bridge allowed them to cross the path.
The village seemed a bit away now and the crowd had vanished. But there was still a person perched high atop the roof, looking at the two travellers.
The two then walked away on the road, trees to their left and grass to their right, away into the horizon.

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It was now dawn and Edwan stretched himself and got up. He swung his arms around and got up. Mazicorn was clearing his throat and drank fresh water from a stream. Edwan's memory had run bleak in the last night and he had forgotten that he was not in his cozy home anymore. They duo had wandered into a forest, and set a camp near a stream. Edwan passed into sleep just as Mazi said the words, 'We'll camp here!'
After an unusual breakfast of berries and fruits, the two young travellers went back on road and followed it. The sun was away ahead, shooting his rays at the helpless people on Verayad. The march continued heedlessly, though. The grasslands on their right were gradually diminishing and far away, the southern coastline of Ocenia. Flowers and shoots rose from the ground and the forest to the right seemed to be clearing.
By an hour before noon, the forests had upgraded to tall pines, standing like pillars holding the sky. There was a lot of gap in between. On the right, the coastline came closer and closer and suddenly it ran away, then came back like some curious, timid animal.
Finally Edwan had to stop and Mazi agreed. The two dropped onto a natural stone bench and heaved. Mazi pulled out his waterbottle and drank a few draughts. Edwan seized the bottle and drank more than his companion. Still heaving, Edwan started a conversation. 'Doesn't it feel a bit strange?' he asked, 'That the Great Healer was a bit rushing up, like hurrying to tell you the story?'
'Maybe.' replied Mazi, 'He may have felt the need urgent and important at hand.'
'Sure, but wouldn't he ask for counsel from more Healers? It sounds very awkward if you ask me.' With that, Edwan got up and took off his backpack and set it on the ground. Then he sat again. The two lunched on some meat and fruits they had collected, gushed down by lemonade from the village. It was an half-hour rest and the two got up and marched again. Edwan kicked the rocks ahead as he walked, and Mazi was unusally grim.

The pines on the left were breaking away from each other and a grassy road could be seen going into the forest. There was also another road visible far on the other edge of the forest. As the two went on, a great pine was seen, the last on the road. The coast on the right was now near and away, the two could see a cliff on which they were to go. Across the sheer, white wall of the cliff lay a great, sandy beach. The white cliff wound away southwards a bit and turned sharply east again and north, but that was too far for any eye, save an Elf's, perhaps.
Five hours after their break, the two companions trudged a bit slowly. On their right now, was the giant cliff, over what was seen a great and endless sea. The sun had jumped over them and was on the other side of the great blue dome. The last, enormous pine came atlast. For another break, the two travellers walked north a while and sat at the feet of the pine. The trunk was huge, five times that of any pine and the height was thrice of normal. There were many scratches and marks on the trunk. There seemed to be a cool aura around the tree.
A cool, minty smell rose in the air and a bluish mist surrounded the place. The two travellers dropped down once again and looked all around them. West, the forest thickened into a black room full of invisible pillars, North, the grasslands stretched away till the northern coastline. South were the great cliffs which dropped as they ran East. And East, far away was a red wall and buildings after that. The traffic was less there though, they had not encountered any as they had travelled to the city. After another small feast, they set out, weary. The mist lifted and the sky ahead lay black like some painting. Stars shined away. How many were they, nobody could tell. The cliffs were reducing and lowering until they finally me sea level, where the first boats were docked. There were a few shacks around there, lit from inside. Ahead, the city now came into view, as innumerable lights flickered from the buildings and windows in the battlements and walls. Behind, the sky was deep, dark red. A jolly, happy blue dome turned into a dark, lamenting agonising dome.

Mazi's eyes were drooping downwards and so were Edwans. 'Shouldn't we walk faster?'' asked Edwan, quickening his pace.
'Good Idea.' said Mazi, but he just hung his head down and walked like a drunken zombie.

07-22-2004, 07:01 AM
It was night, and yet people were about. This could be expected from a merchant city like Lond Ore. The two travelled, gazing at the lights and buildings in wonder. Only twice had they come here, with Ferina. It took them some time to decide what inn to settle into. Finally, they came upon to a certain 'Middleore' inn.
Edwan booked a room for two and entered the room staggeringly. He lost memory of himself, after he dropped to bed.
The morning was bright and cheerful. The windows of the room showed the busy market of the city, bustling with traders, merchants, sellers and what-not. Many people were there, dwarves, halflings, men, even minotaurs carrying loads. However, it wasn't that what startled Mazi. A sharp rap on the door and Mazi sprung out of bed. He was watching a dream and warping out of it was disturbing.
Another rap followed and Mazi staggered to the door.
'Who is it?' asked Edwan, who sat up.
A tiny voice on the other side replied, 'Breakfast!'
Mazi opened the door, it was a small halfling girl. Very cute, and about half of Edwan's height. She quaintly served Breakfast on a table and went away. Before exiting, she stopped and pointed to a rope on the left of the door. 'Need anything, pull this.' she said and went away, gently closing the door as she went.
'Wasn't she cute?' Mazi asked, only to be answered by Edwan eating like a mad wolf.

After the good breakast, Mazi and Edwan went downstairs. The bartender greeted them, 'Hello my little friends!' he said. 'I see you are less sleepy than yesterday, eh? I'm Rodalf, and this is my Middleore Inn, welcoming you! Out somewhere?'
'Exploring,' Edwan started, 'You see, we're on a que...' Mazi cut him off, 'Quest to find a good bag of food.' He grinned.
'Wel, strange for Lond Ore, but I respect your customs! Oy! New customers!' The Bartender went to greet a group of men.

Mazi and Edwan had stocked up on food they might need for a week, a lot of weight to be carried. Mazi suggested on buying a packmule to help them lessen the load, but they were out of money and a mule would prove an hindrance at times.
They explored the busy streets of Lond Ore, bring pushed, pushing others and buying equipment. Edwan eventually bought a brown, studded leather helmet as well. Edwan spotted a bright knife and rushed to take a look at it, while Mazi wandered into an alley.
'Edwan!' he called out, but no one answered. He ran back to the main road and was tapped on the shoulers by a hand. In the crowd, Mazi couldn't tell which. He searched the crowd until he came up to a familiar face. 'Ferina!' he cried. She was there, bold and beautiful, in a deep violet dress. 'Where's your uncle?' he asked.
'Oh he's gone to buy some travelling stuff... What are you doing here?' she replied. 'Uh, well, you see, we, can we talk in a private place?'
Ferina nodded and guided Mazi to her uncle's home, passing her uncle on the way. Edwan followed and joined up.

The house was huge. To start off, there was a marble hall which seemed like ice. Paintings and bookcases adorned the walls. Sofas and armchairs of red cushion, from the city of Par Isle were littered across the place. A fireplace was set at the western wall. It was currently not burning.
There was a fashinable clock on the mantelpiece and other figures of Silver, Gold, Londore and such. Edwan and Mazi wandered the place open-mouthed.
Ferina took them to another room, which had a warm tone to it, in constrast to the hall. There was a large bed, all made nicely and some cupboards. Ferina plopped onto one of the saffron armchairs and relaxed. Mazi and Edwan sat on the bed.

'So what is this... private matter?' Ferina asked. Edwan sighed and told the entire tale, slowly, often aided by Mazi here and there. Ferina listened intently, her eyes opening wide at times and at times closed. She would seem a bit nervous at times
After Edwan finished, Ferina opened her wardrobe. She rummaged through her clothes until she found something. She took it out and showed it to the boys.
It was a Magic Ball, icy white in colour, with a slight violetish tinge to it.

08-18-2004, 11:39 AM
Edwan threw his hands into the air. 'Alright! So you're in this too? And you never told us?' he flamed.
Ferina backed away. 'It... It was nothing. I found it on the road. It was pretty... and... and I can't resist on picking it up!' She fondly caressed the ball. Then she looked back sharply at Mazi. 'When I touched it, however,' she said, 'I felt a strong gust of wind, coming from the ball. Sounds crazy, I know, but It's true!'
Mazi gazed and the ball and spoke, not taking his eyes off the ball, 'Yes, apparently the user of the ball must face the effects of the ball before he can use it. If the ball accepts him, it's in. Otherwise, it won't touch him, or her.'

Their little "conference" was stopped quite abruptly, however. When least expected, the ground shook and everyone lost footing. Edwan and Mazi rushed to the windows. Large balls of fire, approximately four meters in diameter fell on the city. Buildings were burned, people crushed and mayhem was all about. Ferina gave a call and the three rushed down.
People ran amok in the burning city. Away on a mountain, north of the city, a castle stood. The Lond Orian Knights charged into battle and the soldiers of Lond Ore, with the flaming red armour strode in with lances. Another badge came with long-axes and a third group, with armour, came with swords. Bounty Hunters, travellers and others gave up and drew any weapon they had and waded through the city.
The next batch of flameing rocks came shortly and fell on many buildings. Pirates stormed the city, stealing, killing and any other evil practices the devil can concoct. Soon, even the Castle became a target. The Army of Lond Ore fought valiantly, even in the city-streets, which they were not used to.
Mazi and his group was not unprepared, though. They fended off the Pirates with their balls. Then, Mazi and Edwan fought with their swords and joined the fray. Edwan was cut here and their and he even fell down, writhing in pain. Mazi came to his aid and asked Ferina to take him to a hospic. Meanwhile, lances thrust, swords swung and axes chopped in a Battle that was definately worth a mention in the Lond Orian History.

Mazicorn ran and got up to the roof of a building. Ferina came back, with Edwan. 'Huh? Edwan! Get to the hospic!' Mazi ordered. 'No! I will fight. Atleast with my tunisé if necessary!' Edwan retaliated. He pressed his ball so that it grew in size and threw it into the Pirate mob. The ball made and explosion and pirates flew everywhere. Mazi and Edwan high-fived each other.
'Over Here!' Ferina called. Mazi walked cautiously on the hay roof, with Edwan, to the edge of the roof where Ferina stood. She pointed to the shore. Two large ships were docked, and there was a larger ship behind. There was an uneasy feeling, looking at the ships. But that wasn't what Ferina was pointing to. On the shore, Pirates jumped down from the twin ships and at the head of them, stood a lead pirate. Dressed in fine red, he was a veteran, undoubtedly. His eye-patch confirmed it. He held a piratesword in his right hand and a ball, or a pearl in his left. He issued commands to the pirates as they landed on the ground. 'So he's the boss, eh?' Edwan said. With good timing, he threw his ball in the direction.

An explosion sounded. The Lond Ore navy was here. On board, the captain asked, 'Curse those pirates! Attacking the Golden City! Arr! Load the guns! Fire at Will!' The first mate rushed forward. 'Sir, the entrance shot we fired was our last cannonball.' The dwarven captain got furious and hit about the ship. 'Full sail!' he commanded, 'Dock those ships and sink 'em, lads! Get those Underwater Ballistas ready!'

Mazi expanded his ball and 'fired' with it. A ray of vibation hit the ships and shook them. The pirates who tried to jump were thrown off-balance and fell unpleasently on the rocks or the rough sand. The Pirate Captain looked the shaking ship and using the ball in his hand, pointed it to the city. A huge wave came up from the sea washed onshore. It cleaned the dead bodies, and filled the armour of the soldiers with water. Ferina jumped to a nearby building and Edwan ran from rooftops, with Mazi following.

The ship was now on the sands, due to the waves and the legendary Pirate Captain entered the battle fray. His fighting skills were top-notch. Mazi and Edwan couldn't help but look at the amazing strength and flexibilty of the Pirate. The last ship, away at sea still stood like a sentinel of the sea. Ferina expanded her ball and unleashed a powerful wind that managed to budge the ship a little. Her continuous force, doubled with Mazi's vibration shook the ship heavily. Edwan's ball zipped back after finishing with a few more pirates, now burned and charred. Edwan expanded his ball to full size and threw it at the ship. His good range of throwing made the ball hit the ship and an explosion racked off a quarter of the hull.
The Lond Orian Navy arrived and docked. The Lond Orian Navy soldiers battled the Pirates on the docking boards. The Navy was known for it's tactics and cunningness. They were displayed well in the battle. When the Lond Orians retreated from the ship-bridges, they would set fire to the bridges, burning the pirates and setting new boards for connecting both ships. They also held a strong barrier wall of troops at the rim of their hull. Slowly, this barrier advanced over the connecting boards and in a matter of an half-hour, the enemy ship was taken.

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But the battle was not over yet. Upon the great creaking sound, the ship slowly submerged. There were cries, wails, moans, creaks and any other sound from the ship as the Piratews dived into the water and swam to shore.

Mazi and friends ran to the beach, where a heroic Knight, in bright red armour stood. At his waist hung a sword, in his hand was red, devilish lance and a Knight Axe hung at his back, tied to a strap. The horse was magnificent and strong, and still no short in speed. His great white skin shined in the sunlight as he charged down the Last Lane, onto the grass, coming to a beach. On the beach, flotsam and jetsam was all around and the Pirate Captain, with a few other Pirates stood ground. The Knight rushed ahead, his sleek, red helmet with the Y-shaped visor looking all the more demonic. The horse slowed down, being cautious to move on the sand. The Pirates, who brandished Sea-axes in each of their hands jumped out. The Knight equipped a sword in his left hand and let go of the horse's reins. A precarious position, but then, a famed and fearless Knight of Lond Ore knew no dangers.

The first pirate to come within a foot of the Knight ate a powerful sword stroke. Mazi, Edwan and Ferina reached the place and Ferina used her ball to push back a jumping Pirate. The knight thrust his lance into another one, killing him before he had a chance to attack. On seeing another messing with his foe, the Knight looked back sharply at the young warriors. He then charged at full speed at the Captain. The Captain roared his warcry and rushed into the fray and managed to duck the horse and jumped over the pushed Pirate. The latter, as he tried to get up was miserably trampled by the Knight's horse. The Captain tunrned back and took out a ball. From it, a fireball shot out and hit the Knight off the horse.

The horse ran freely away into the city and trampled on anyone he saw. The Knight got up and shook about. He put his lance back at the left end of his back and with his longsword, dueled the Pirate. The Pirate's curved Piratesword and his opponent's fine longsword clashed and out them in a lock. The Knight put his weight on the sword and removed the lock, lunging ahead. The pirate dodged and hit the Knight's back. The blow merely scratched the armour, but the Knight fell down. He turned and hit the Pirate's leg with his sword. Mazi used his ball, with Edwan's fire to throw and injure the Captain. The Knight looked at them again, and got a boost in getting up with Ferina's ball. The Pirate struck the Knight again, at the back of his neck. Edwan roared and jumped ahead, and a sound of crunching flesh was heard as Edwan hit the Pirate.

The Captain pushed Edwan back, but shook terribly, thanks to Mazi's ball. With Ferina's boost, not only did the Knight get up again, but the Pirate was also lifted into the air. The Pirate, despite his vibration's, threw his sword accurately at the Knight. The Knight was prepared this time. He caught the sword in free hand and rushed at the pirate, armopur-clad, with two swords. The Pirate took out a grey ball and threw it at the Earth. Immediatly, there was a great flash and when the flash faded, the Pirate was missing and the beach was covered with smoke.

Mazi held his breath and covered his nose. The others followed his example. The Knight was standing on a sandy mount, looking down, at the Piratesword. He threw it at the sea and turned to the walled city and ran in. His horse came soon and he departed with the horse into the city.

Mazi and the rest entered soon later and fought the remaning Pirates inside, until they finally dropped in exhaustion. The Army supported them and they were taken to the hospics, as Young Heroes.