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06-01-2004, 07:19 AM
well juz to infrom everyone that the raj mod is not dead yet.

we are now holding talks with JKmods (http://www.jkmods.com) on a possible takeover of the mod to be continued by them,discussions are still going on and please kindly be patience and wait for any further news in the future


hope you guys can continue to support raj mod in the future :)

06-08-2004, 07:29 AM
How are the discussions going?

I hope this campaign will not die. It looked like a very promising SP project.

06-09-2004, 11:57 PM
it going very well but i can't assure it to you 100 percent of it sucess:D
Although i'm quite sure it will continue ,as he already got the files for RAJ mod.etc and also started a poll over there at www.jkmods.com with raj mod as 1 of the option in the most awaited mods poll

of course there is some problem like I'm in a different time zone from [Jedi]Adam which made the time avaliabe for discussion a lot lesser


So now i stop here and if there any more news about it i will post here again hope you guys can continue to support this mod if not apply to help out in some parts of it :D


06-17-2004, 07:44 AM
OK GUYS i Got More news update on the future of raj mod .

firstly,it is not a totally bad news.

and that is

Well the raj mod will be temporary halted for a while as JKmods is going to make up a Mods Network which is of more importantce.
(before that is me asking him about raj mod)

[JEDI] Adam :: JKMods.com :: ModsNetwork.net says:
becous me and my few mates are opening mods network
[JEDI] Adam :: JKMods.com :: ModsNetwork.net says:
right now
-ST-Stink(Woo Hoo!T_T!) says:
so raj thing stuff is delayed right?
[JEDI] Adam :: JKMods.com :: ModsNetwork.net says:
-ST-Stink(Woo Hoo!T_T!) says:
[JEDI] Adam :: JKMods.com :: ModsNetwork.net says:
I'll take care of JK Mods and RAJ after mods network will be ready
-ST-Stink(Woo Hoo!T_T!) says:
what mods net work abt
[JEDI] Adam :: JKMods.com :: ModsNetwork.net says:
it will be network of teams (like JK Mods) but on big scale for few games
[JEDI] Adam :: JKMods.com :: ModsNetwork.net says:
it will contain little network...
[JEDI] Adam :: JKMods.com :: ModsNetwork.net says:
of team's like JK Mods

so this news wouldn't be so disapointing as raj mod is juz temporary halted, as something bigger is coming UP! :D and hopefully RAJ mod can benefit from this ;)