View Full Version : Game Bug

Lord Kyro
06-03-2004, 11:52 PM
I just left Saul's Flag Ship the Leviathen after Bastilla takes on Malak so i can run. i destroy the sith fighters and i get to the part where Jolee asks where's Bastilla. Carth explains and when he is done it does nothing but stare at Carth. So i sat there staring at Carth for a moment think it might just be jumpy for some reason. It just stayed there on Carth and Carth looking around and stuff and the music and sound effects playing still. so i restart the game used my auto save and it does the same thing again in the same spot! and I have done it again and again and again and cleaned the disc, blew out the X-Box, even took the controller out of the port when the bug occured to see if i can like get it to skip over it, no luck. does anyone know what to do?