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06-04-2004, 04:03 PM
Every month I think it would be cool if a clan leader, decided on the Clan Forums (http://swbclans.proboards28.com), would make a simple report which would tell everything that has happened in the clan world that month. I will go this months. Enjoy

Clan Report #1
Late April 2004- June 1, 2004

Well, since the announcement of the Imperial Expeditionary Force the clan world of Star Wars Battlefront was the signal for the beginning of something great in the clan world. Prior to the IEF's entry Hire on Demand, a clan led by the talented Van Lingo, was the sole clan in Star Wars Battlefront. With the entry of the IEF the administrator created the clan forum on the forums which signaled the entry of new clans.

First was Clan Comic, a clan which is planned to truly begin when the game actually comes out. The clan will be lead by Doomgiver. The 194th Glider Infantry Regiment, currently actively in the Battlefield 1941 clan world, also plans to be a Star Wars Battlefront clan once the game is released.

Clan REB was also formed in late April. This clan, led by RebelCommander, is currently the only Rebel only clan for Star Wars Battlefront. Now with a website, REB has the ability to become one of the stronger clans for Star Wars Battlefront.

At this time there are three clans that are considered the strongest for Star Wars Battlefront. The Outer Rim Garrison internationalized the clan world after many weeks of formation. Its leader, Antakah, has created a very solid clan that has attracted many Dutch and Belgian players. The website is arguable the best designed out of all the clans.

Hire on Demand was the first clan that was established for Star Wars Battlefront. Though the clan didn't create its own thread and truly make itsaelf known until late April, Van Lingo has been slowely forming this clan since January when he asked the community to help him pick a name. Hire on Demand has organized a strong group of people and is thought to be, in some peoples opinion, the #1 clan in Star Wars Battlefront. With its talented members and strong leader Hire on Demand appears to be a permanent feature for Star Wars Battlefront.

The Imperial Expeditionary Force was created by me, Boran Chistanger. The clan is currently the largest clan in Star Wars Battlefront with 12 members. The IEF isn't just quantity though, it is also quality. IEF members are all experienced gamers and mature. The IEF has recently created a European Division in order to Give the Outer Rim Garrison competition. THe brand spanking new militia system allows for people interested in forming their own clans to create an IEF sub-clan. The IEF is also thought to be, in some people's opinions, the #1 clan in Star Wars Battlefront. Following a 2 day situation with a hacker the IEF is now stronger than ever.

Many helpful tools for those interested in forming and joining a clan have been created. First A Guide to Clans was created by Boran Chistanger however it was deleated by the hacker who disrupted the IEF for two days. Van Lingo proposed the creation of a Clan Database and after many weeks it was finally created by me. The website is www.swbattlefrontclans.greatnow.com. Clan leaders all have assisted others in numerous helpful ways and in very few games are the clans so friendly towards each other.

So what does the future hold for the Star Wars Battlefront clan universe? You can expect the three strongestr clans, Hire on Demand, the Imperial Expeditionary Force and Outer Rim Garrison to continue to grow and expand. You can expect many new and talented leaders to emerge and form new clans to challenge those already formed. You can expect to find the good will atmosphere to continue but also to expect inevitable conflicts to occur. In few games have a clan world of this kind happened so far away from game released and I feel honored to be a part of it.

With best wishes to all clans currently established and those that will be established in the future

-Boran Chistanger
Co-Leader of the IEF
Writer of the June Clan Report

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**creates the uber clan**

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Excellent idea.