View Full Version : Questions with .npc and .sab

06-06-2004, 04:49 PM
First my questions with respect to the .npc files:

1)Does the moveType function still work as listed in the documentation given by the sdk?
ex. moveType "walk" //did not work for my vader
2)Someone care to explain saberStyle has I have tried many different ways to force my npcs to use only a specific style or specific amount of styles, yet they will always usually use medium and sometimes rarely a style I told them to.
ex. saberStyle 3 -or- strong //did not work for my vader
3)If I give my npc multiple weapons, what is the basis of which decides which weapon they use most?

Now for .sab files:

1)The stuff added after retail I attempted to use in an .sab file again for my vader npc to restrict him from doing any acrobatic movements, but he still performed such moves. How does such stuff work?

2)I changed the taunt anim, but it still does the twirl the saber in hand taunt, how does it specifically work within the SP game?

If you would like me to post my Vader and Vader saber I will be glad to, Also vader is under the Desann class and so should be a slow mover, but he is quite fast. Help is appreciated

06-06-2004, 10:36 PM
I solved the problem for 2 about NPCs and 1 about SABERS, The names I were using were already in use by the hiltpack I had downloaded.