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AC :: Cobra
06-11-2004, 09:41 PM
That's right!

We, Anti Consistory, offer FREE server trackers to the public. So far they support JK2 and JKA. The default maps come with multiple mapshots that are displayed on the Statistics page of the tracker.

The trackers include cool features like multiple mapshots, custom color schema, normal/compact mode, map transition style and more! For those that dont have much space on their webpages, the Compact mode was made just for you. Even better, you get to set the background color of the Compact tracker making it easy for the tracker to blend into your webpage.

Also included on the tracker monitor itself is a link to additional server variables, like what is seen in the game [under Server Info]. Soon, we may add an option so you can click on a button that will automatically connect you to the server. All you need to do for setting up your own tracker is the servers IP, port, and your decisions on a few additional features.

If you are in control of the server with the rcon password, you can now view and send commands using our internal rcon window. All you need to do is click on the title of the server name [once you setup the tracker] and a window should show up. Just enter the "RCON password", type in a command and press "Send". The status bar about the input defaults to green, though when you send a command it turns red letting you know the information is probing from the server. This feature is still in development and beta testing stages

Visit http://trackers.anticonsistory.net (http://trackers.anticonsistory.com) for more information or even check out the trackers in action at: http://servers.anticonsistory.net

Questions or feedback would be much appreciated. :cool:

- AC :: Cobra

Samuel Dravis
06-11-2004, 10:32 PM
Ah, those look really good. Now if I just had a server of my own to use it on...

I'd definitely use this if I needed to have one. :)

AC :: Cobra
06-11-2004, 11:32 PM

Thanks for the reply. We are so far doing our best to make these trackers enjoyable, high quality, and best of all free.

I personally enjoy them myself. Very fun and interactive, let alone flexible. I hope for those that do use our trackers find it as a good investment. May the servers be with you! ;)

- AC :: Cobra