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06-13-2004, 10:42 AM
well, im currently working on my first mod and i need some help. i want to create additional jedi classes.

1. Jedi Berserker (2 feats per level, 1 spell every 4 levels)
2. Jedi Forcemaster (1 feat every 5 Levels, 2 spells a level)

for jedi berserker 2 feats a level might sound too much, but you will have to learn feats like force jump, force immunity to stun/paralysis/mind manually. force camouflage will be avialable too.
jedi forcemaster will have some spells normally not avialable to the player. like force control, force regeneration, force combat regeneration, force freeze a.s.o. but the forcemaster will be no fighter, he will even have to learn liggtsaber profeciy manually. (jedi defense/sense/force sensetive is granted to him automatically)

but, i need help with the dialog (i think i was dorak, who gives you the jedi class) and i simply don't get it how to make my newly created classes to cast spells and gain powers.

so far feat progression/attack bonuses works fine, but they dun get any spells.

any ideas? setting the 'spellcaster' option in classes.2da does not do the thing. and i can't find the 2da file that assigns the 'guardian', 'selntinel' and 'consular' columns in spells.2da to the classes.

you can download the beta here (http://abi.sebastyle.de/newclass_beta.zip).
use the k_pend_door01.ncs you want to test. it gives you the new jedi class after you open the first door on the endor spire using trask. and dun worry about the class description in the character window it will say 'Jedi Knight' for Berserker and 'Jedi' for Forcemaster.

Colma Adawin
06-14-2004, 05:25 AM
so basically the jedi forcemaster is like the reborn master on Jedi Acaemy?
and the Jedi Berseker is just your avarge Jedi Guardianthat i would like to see, have you ever created other types of mods? MattCole

EDIT* i've just play KotOR with the new classes and i think its quite a good start, Well Done!!