View Full Version : game crash after install

06-13-2004, 06:36 PM
alright, i have a computer running windows 98se, it's got a 530mhz processor.

now, when i first bought grim fandango, it ran perfectly fine. that was a few years ago. well, now, when i try to play it, the install goes fine. i download the patch and patch it up, and to keep the graphics and cut scenes playing fine, i copy those files to my harddrive.
i've also disabled my anti-virus, made sure the graphics were 16 bit and made sure the only thing running in the background was windows and my systemtray.

the problem i'm having, is when i get the load up graphic to start the game, where glottis and manny are in the bone wagon, they display the graphic and it'll crash to the desktop with my start bar missing. sometimes, it'll let me play as far as talking to glottis in the garage, but as soon as he tells me to get the slip signed, i crash. i don't get it.