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Black Knight of Keno
06-20-2004, 02:38 PM
Ok, you may be a pirate or some country's ships captain. Every nationality must be English, French, Dutch or Spanish. This takes place in the Caribbeans.

Name: Jack Holmes
Pirate name: Captain Jackson
Nationality: English
Ship count: 3 (Merchantman, Frigate, Sloop)
Flagship's name/type: Queen of the sea/Frigate
"Land o'hoy!" Shouted the man up from the mast. Jack smiled and pulled his telescope out. He looked the town infront of the ships. He saw the red-white flag of the English town of Port Royale. "Finally. We arrive into port Royale. Prepare the ships for arriving to the town! Lower the pirate flag and put the English flag up!" Jack shouted and put the telescope away. He climbed down to the cabins. He went to his cabin and dressed onto his British captain uniform (http://www.civilization.ca/hist/balls/images/ball12.jpg).
Once he was ready, he climbed back up.
"Prepare the ramp! Lower the main sail!" Jack shouted and smiled as he heard his best men shout orders in the other two ships. The ships slowed down and anchored to the port. "Here is your weeks payment. Go get yourself drunk" Jack smiled and threw tens of small leather bags to the deck. He kept two as his own, as he was the captain. In the mean time, in the other ships was the same routine made.
Jack walked to the ramp as it was being lowered down. "Oh, McGordon, make sure the ship will be cleaned by the slaves" Jack said as he stepped down onto the ramp. McGordon was standing next to the ramp and nodded. "Yes, captain" he said and watched Jack walk down the ramp and to the ground. He smiled to see te good old Port Royale. He headed towards the tavern.

06-20-2004, 08:39 PM
Name: Gabriel Hidalgo
Pirate name: Captin Gabriel
Nationality: Spanish
Ship count: 1 (Frigate)
Flagship's name/type: Lord of Atlantis


the spanish juggernaut sailed valiantly through the open water as it spots a trading vessel
" captin! a trade vessel up ahead"
" HAHAH very good, very good indeed, make sure our ramming spike and plates are securly set and put full speed towards it, we are goign to put a hole in that ship, only a small one though, we don't want to sink it too fast"
" aye aye sir!"
the crew hustles about as they get to the oars, capint gabriel looking fiercly onward" RAM IT!" they ship speeds up and it punctures a hle in the ship, the crew gets out and boards the ship
Gabriel also boards it and starts shooting and slicing up the helpless crew" find their cargo and quickly haul it on board, this ship is going fast, the crew gets all the cargo they can find and hops back on the ship Gabriel does the same and streers the ship away form the sinking ship and sails onward once again

Black Knight of Keno
06-21-2004, 04:38 AM
((*Coughgodmodecought* Really... Hey come on. Port Royale is an English town. You would be destroyed if you:
1. Had pirate flags
2. Attack an English vessel


Jack looked his ship getting no damage. He smiled as the forts opened fire and sunk the Spanish Frigate. He went to the bar


06-21-2004, 08:39 PM
(ok, your right, i'll edit it or something)

06-22-2004, 04:34 AM
Name: Katherine Roberts
Pirate name: N/A
Nationality: English
Ship count: 1
Flagship's name/type: #34/something that can barely stay afloat (for reasons to be revealed in first post)


Miss Katherine Roberts looked frantically around, hoping that someone would come by soon. Her ship was barely holding together and if someone didn't come along soon, she would have to start hanging on to a piece of the broken ship.

"Sometimes, the rewards are scarcely worth the risk," she muttered to herself. Suddenly, her face brightened. Another ship was headed her way, a cargo ship. In an instant, she dropped below deck and knocked a hole in the hull.

In an attempt to appear frantic when they approached, she started climbing up the rigging, a difficult task to perform while in a dress. The boat was sinking, so she didn't have much time. That cargo ship had better get there soon.

The wind was strong, which was scarcely of any help to Miss Roberts at this time. The cargo ship drew along side her ship and made haste to get her off of it. She played the distressed maiden perfectly and it was not long before she stood on deck with the captain who had rescued her. Together they stared into the water, where they had last seen the mainmast of her ship. Then, he turned to her.

"May I ask what you were doing on that leaky tub?" he asked. Her face flushed.

"I'll have you know that was my uncle's ship," she said indignantly. "It served him well for eight years. How was he supposed to know it would give out the very time he attempted to cross the ocean with me aboard?"

"According to some," the captain answered, eyeing one of his men, "it's terrible luck to bring a woman aboard a ship of any kind, large or small."

"In some cases, it would be far worse not to," she retorted. The captain allowed himself a little smile.

"Was it the case in this incident?" he asked timidly. "Oh, and I never caught your name. I'm Captain Jacob Wallace of the Merry Mary."

"My name is Katherine Roberts," she answered. "And yes, I was of great luck to my companions, though not to myself. I was below deck when the hole opened. I warned the others, but in the rush to leave, they forgot me... and any oars they could use to come back. You might have seen them."

"Well..." Captain Jacob Wallace never felt more uncomfortable in his life. He had seen a lifeboat, but it had been capsized and empty. Miss Roberts appeared to catch his discomfort and her face paled.

"It was empty, wasn't it," she said dully. He nodded and she turned away.

"I'm sorry," he said. He led her to the quarters she would be using... his. Then, he left her alone to mourn her loss.


Later that night, Captain Wallace stepped in to check on his guest... much later that night. She was not sleeping, which he found odd, but she seemed relieved to see him, so he stayed. They talked for an hour, at the end of which, she leaned over to kiss him. In that second, he saw a flash against the candlelight and tried to pull away, but too late. A sharp pain lanced through his throat and he tried to call out, but all he could manage was a gurgle.

"And you seemed so nice too," she said in mock sorrow. Then, she rose and wiped the knife on his coat, making sure she didn't get any of his fluids on her dress. Removing her shoes, she slipped to the door and out into the fresh salt air. She knew she would have to move quickly.

Just outside the door, she ran into two guards. She smiled at them kindly and asked, "Are you making sure nobody attacks me?"

"Yes, miss," the men answered. "Captain's orders. Didn't the captain go in to see you?"

"He did, but he was so tired he fell asleep," she answered, still smiling. "And now you will too."

At first they didn't catch her meaning, but she bent over slightly and tugged lightly on the skirt of her dress. It lifted ever so slightly to reveal two deadly looking knives in sheaths strapped to her legs. In a blinding movement, she drove both knives into the throat of a man, one on either side of her. Both dropped without a noise.

She returned to her room and dressed in clothing customary for a man and left the room again. One by one, she eliminated the crew. Then, she took the helm and directed the ship to a nearby island. On this island, she hid anything of value. She would return later.

Returning to the ship, she directed it toward Port Royale. When she got there, she demolished half of one of the docks by 'being a civilian who knew nothing of sailing'.

"I'm so sorry," she said slowly. "It's just... I..." then she slipped into unconsciousness from loss of blood and they took her to the doctor.

06-22-2004, 12:31 PM
(man, she's crazy)
"where to now captin?, the old hiding place?"
" yes, that is where we are headed, TO THE ISLAND OF THE DAMNED!"
''AYE AYE SIR!" and off the sailed unitl the reached the island and tthere they unlaoed thier treasure amoung the other loot that they have inot their chamber os gold(somewhat like PotC)
" haha! soon we will be able to forge all of this gold onto our ship and make golden ramming places and spike, it iwll be glorious"

Black Knight of Keno
06-22-2004, 01:32 PM
((You ever played Pirates!, Pirates! 2 or Pirates! Gold? Because you're both kinda messed up. Wildjedi, this was supposed to be a pirate-thread. Not some wacko-lady-destroying-ships-until-crashing-into-half-of-the-docks RP... Get a grip!!!))

06-22-2004, 01:48 PM
((You should have named your RPG in a more descriptive way... to me, Pirate life sounds like we are just talking about the things a pirate would do.

pi•ra•cy \"pi-re-se\ n, pl -cies 1 : robbery on the high seas; also : an act resembling such robbery 2 : the unauthorized use of another's production or invention

By this definition, our characters are pirates and we are telling of their lives. If this isn't what you meant, you should have made that more clear.))

06-22-2004, 03:42 PM
(he's got you there tepe)

Black Knight of Keno
06-22-2004, 05:29 PM
((Damn you wildjedi...))

06-22-2004, 06:46 PM
Originally posted by Darth Tepe
((Damn you wildjedi...))

((Now be nice... if this isn't what you want the RPG to be about, just state it clearly. Then, there will be no more of this squabble.))

06-23-2004, 03:01 PM
(enough fo that now, lets get back to rping)
as Gabriel and hsi ship came through the cavern where they stopped, eh sees a battle ship up ahead
'AHA! finaly a worthy advesary, full speed to that ship!"
" but he is twice outr size"
" yes but we are twice as fast" so they headed toward the ship and made a small hole in the side, cannons fire, people fore and get shop, sword fights take place as gabriel sneaks around to the toher side and throws up some explosives and he climbs up and kills a few men then BOOM! a huge portion of the ship blows up and alot of either sides men die, unitl it is only gabriel and the other ships captin left
"you are very good pirate, but i practice everyday wiht this sword"
" thats very nice" Gabriel pulls out his pistol and shoots him in the head "i'm a pirate, you fools never learn" gabriel looks to see that his and the ship he is on are both sinking ''Damn!" gabriel quickyl gets a lifeboat makes a mast and a sail for it and sails off, he heads to the nearest port, port royale

07-26-2004, 03:56 PM
((OK, well first of all this is my first time at this RPGing, so wish me luck...

Also, you guys have seen Pirates of the Carabian(sp) way too many times!! But I like it too ;) ))

Name: Guybroom
Pirate name: Troezen
Nationality: English
Ship count: 1
Flagship's name/type: A kiack


Troezon paddeled to the harbor, everyone staring at him, "Ahoy everybody."

He was soon out of the kiack and was walking along the street. Looking around,"now where be the grogery?" said Troezen

He found a bar, he walked in and walked over to a man in an English navy uniform.

"Would you happen to know a Captian Jackson? He is a mutinous crew member of my crew, and I would like to see how my ship's doing. But I'm so sorry to interupt a good navy man such as your self over a personal grudgery."

He walked away from the small table, turned around again and said "Acctually" he pulled out his cutlass and put the tip of it up to Jackson's throught"So how is the 'Queen of the Sea' any way?"

Black Knight of Keno
07-26-2004, 04:09 PM
((Never seen the movie. I made this after i played Sid Meier's Pirates! Gold))

Jackson recognized the voice. As the cutlass touched his neck, he drew slowly his dagger. "Very fine. It's even in better shape when you were the captain" he said and made a swift turn, leaning away from the cutlass. His dagger clanged into the cutlass, making the blade point into another direction as Jackson himself drew his pistol. "How naive. You never was a good captain" he said and put his pistol away and let the cutlass go. "How ye' been, old chap?" he said, as they had know each other for a long time before he had gotten the Frigate to himself.

07-26-2004, 05:22 PM
((You should see it, Jonny Depp is absolutly great!!!))

"Well I ahve travelled for miles in a kiack. How do you think I feel?" Troezen put away his cutlass and looked around. People were starting to stare. He gave Jack a hard look and walked out. As he was out the doors, he quickly got out his pistol and shot the bar tender right between the eyes.

"Have a drink Jack" and he ran out as fast as he could.

07-26-2004, 11:09 PM
Gabriel sailed in in his makeshift boat then once he arrived on shore he walked staright off towards the bar, as he walked in he saw a 2 men at each others throats, one left then shot the bartender and then ran like the dickens
"damnit! i wanted a drink too! anyone else care to be a bartender?"

07-29-2004, 04:00 PM
Troezen ran down the street, suddenly he stopped, then he heard a stupid person ask some one else to be a bar tender.

"What idiot would be a bar tender in there now? I'm only goinf to kill them like the last guy. Like this"

He got out his pistol once more, aimed at this man's head... BANG!!!

A middle aged woman behind the pirate fell down dead. "Oh **** I missed"

He put away his pistol and got out his cutlass.

"If shooting you wont work, then I'll have to do it the fun way - let's play the normal rules: First one to die, looses"

07-29-2004, 07:15 PM
"what the hell are you thinking, i want a drink and you shoot a woman, what kind of person are you, and idiot thats for sure, but hey if you want to play that way sure" Gabriel takes out his cutlass, then throws a knife above troezen and it cuts the sign off of a wall, the sign drops and misses troezen by an inch, but Gabriel has already sclaed the wall and is on top fo the bar walking to the other side where he drops down and grabs a small keg and walks off down the street.

07-30-2004, 01:36 PM
"I'm a pirate, I kill people, that's what I do!" Troezon called.

Suddenly Troezen saw a platoon from the English navy ran towards him, and another group following the other pirate up the wall. Troezen put away his cutlass and ran towards a small pontoon. He looked around, took a deep breath and dived in the water.

"Come on, you navy dogs." He said and swam away from them.

He swam in a large circle and got out of the water. He ran past a few people, but his shoes were wet and he slipped over. Every thing went dark.

He woke up in prison.


07-30-2004, 02:13 PM
Gabriel sat down and drank some ale, but then he saw some navy soldiers coming towards him, gabriel stood up and drew his cutlass, as did the soldiers, the three soldiers advanced and gabriel engaed them in combat, he block on person, kick the other and slashed at the third, they backup and then came again, gabriel ducked and rolled into them, tripping over 2 of them, then he turned around and sliced the third soldiers chest, and then stabbed one of the other soldiers in the stomach, he then took out a throwing knife and threw it at the first soldiers, it hit him dead in the forehead, gabriel satisfied sheathed his cutlass and ran off down the road.

07-31-2004, 04:00 PM
Troezen stood up and walked around his small cell. "I've got out of worse jam's than this before"

He ran his fingers through his hair thinking. He sudenly noticed that there was a bone on the floor. He made a sligh grin as he also noticed a sleeping gaurd and a small dog with keys in his mouth.

((You can see what's coming, can't you?))

He picked up the bone and put it through the bars. He wistled, "Here doggy, come hear with those keys, get the nice bone" the dog didn't move.

The gaurd woke up.

"Damn" said Troezen

07-31-2004, 07:19 PM
( i have a proposition for you, try to be as original as possible)

" alrighty, i have made a mess of this port, its time for me to steal a ship" gabriel quietly said to himself as he approached the dock, he snuck aorund the side fo a boat and then peaked up and noticed only 2 guards, he climed aorund to then and sliced both thier throats, then he threw them into the sea, he untied the boat and started off, he saw some navy crewmen chasing after him, but by the time they got to the dock, he was already almost into the open seas, he had done it again, stolen a fine boat and gotten away with it.

08-01-2004, 12:50 AM
((OK, I think I'll come back in here now, though my character won't be so crazy any more. I promise!))

Katherine Roberts woke up in the doctor's office. Her arm was bandaged, but she couldn't remember why. She sat up slowly and looked around. The doctor came in, a smile on his face.

"Good to see you up again, Miss Roberts," he said. She smiled slightly.

"Thank you, sir," she said, forcing herself to use more cultured words. Within a half hour, she was back out on the street. She made her way directly to the house she owned in Port Royale. It was small, but it worked for what she wanted, a small place to relax in between her adventures.

08-01-2004, 09:44 AM
Troezen was in the prison for hours. He knew what to do, but he hadn't had a chance, until now.

He started talking to the guard when he woke up from a sleep.

"So, what' s gonna happen to me then?" said Troezen

He found out he was to be hung at noon the following day.

"But I havn't eaten for days, I came to Port Royal to get some food, if I will starve by noon."

The gaurd was confused, he couldn't see what would be wrong with this.

"If I'm dead, then I won't be able to be hung, what will they think of you? They will put you in a cage for letting me die before I'm hung. So obviously I need food."

Eventualy Troezen got the gaurd to give him some food. The guard put some bread through the bars, but as he did this, Troezen gor the bone and hit the gaurd around the head. The gaurd was out cold.

Troezen took the unconsious gaurd's keys, opened the cell door, locked the guard in the cell and locked it. Then Troezen took his cutlass, pistol and his other things and ran off.

08-03-2004, 09:53 AM
((I hope I'm not tool ate to join and if I do something pathetic then tell me and I'll leave. And also I've seen Pirates of the Carrabien too. And way too many times.))

Name: Dan Forwet
Pirate Name: Captain Firwet
Nationality: English
Ship count: Currently 1
Shiptype: A man o' war ((if it's allowed if not then it's an old fashioned battleship.))
Shipname: Breath of Posiden.

((Has anyone here played Pirates of the Carribien the game? I have and it rocks.))

Black Knight of Keno
08-03-2004, 10:21 AM
((Tepe has blown guybroom's head off
guybroom was brutally owned by Tepe

Tepe says: That's what happens to godmoders and too dumb people

You have godmoded too much, guybroom. Stop it. Your char has been blown to hell by the English militia standing infront of the jail))

A line of english soldiers load their muskets and shoot Troezen to swiss cheese as he tries to run from the prison

08-03-2004, 02:47 PM
((And I thought I god modede alot back in Alpha Centaruie but, THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... but, you can't blame him. He is a N00B to RPing like I was back then.)) Dan had just arrived at Port Royal. being the adventurer he is he was hopeing that there would be some caves on the island. And he hoped that the caves had treasure. Dan wasn't a pirate altho he has a few suivaners from a few encounters with them. He would have certinly been dead if it weren't for the English Millitary who came to has aid all the time. He docked at the port and paid the dock master some money then Dan continued to the tavern. He sat in the tavern enjoying himself.

Black Knight of Keno
08-03-2004, 04:27 PM
((You still are a n00b for my eyes... I must say thought, that your grammar is much better and your roleplaying skills have too gotten better))

08-03-2004, 08:21 PM
Gabriel tried to sail the ship away form the port to the nearest island to get a crew, he finaly docked at the port, he paid the dck master and went into the tavern, he puffed up his chest and yelled " anyone who wants ot join me as a pirate come wiht me to the docks"
unfortuanlty he only got 4 guys, 3 who weren't the greatest people , btu the third was very promising, he displayed sword skills as well as boaitng skills, he set them on the ship then walked aorund the port to try and find more crew.

Name: Raphael DuBroi
Pirate Name: Raphael
Nationality: French
Ship count: 1
Shipname: Unknown

08-04-2004, 10:08 PM
((Umm Curt you don't want to go JOIN ME AS A PIRATE!!!!!!! on port royale. The Millitery would come bargeing in and arrest you immideitly.))

08-11-2004, 02:34 PM
Originally posted by Darth Tepe
((Tepe has blown guybroom's head off
guybroom was brutally owned by Tepe

Tepe says: That's what happens to godmoders and too dumb people

You have godmoded too much, guybroom. Stop it. Your char has been blown to hell by the English militia standing infront of the jail))

A line of english soldiers load their muskets and shoot Troezen to swiss cheese as he tries to run from the prison

First of all: 2. No character control. This is a special category of godmoding. Do not control what someone else's character does, says, or thinks. At least not without permission, preferably prior. Without such consent, this is godmoding.

So I am NOT dead.

and secondly, when was I godmoding??? I only meant to have some fun with my guy. I am sorry if it sound like I have been godmoding. I got carried away, I wanted my guy to be talented (and clumsy - just look at how he ends up in prison).

If I have been godmoding I sencerly apologise. I'll make him change his ways. But I'll wait for you to tell me if he is dead or not, considering he was shot, and being alive would surly be considered godmoding :p

Black Knight of Keno
08-11-2004, 03:15 PM
the person who starts the RPG just makes rules for it, not decide the outcome of all fights; however if problems arise, whoever started the RPG is still in control

Here are some godmode-situations you have done:

Eventualy Troezen got the gaurd to give him some food. The guard put some bread through the bars, but as he did this, Troezen gor the bone and hit the gaurd around the head
He sudenly noticed that there was a bone on the floor

AND: You have a kiack. You can't survive even a day in a kiack. And that got too much when you just flipped out and killed the bartender, you n00b. I don't want to give you the same lecture I did to LukeKatarn. Now, you are dead, try again

08-12-2004, 11:42 PM
((Both Tepe and guybroom are correct as to the rules. However, both of you aren't paying attention to the situation :p

guybroom: Tepe didn't control what your character did, actually. You posted that he ran off.

Tepe: guybroom was playing the prison guards, not you, and in fact the entire jail setting was his. He was not godmoding; they were his characters and he is free to make them as stupid or as smart as he wants; and what he did was something any of the other characters could've done given a bit of luck.

I don't know what a kiack is so I can't speak for that :p

If you don't like the sort of stuff he's doing, then edit your first post and add the rules you feel he's breaking, so he'll actually be breaking those rules. ;)

And let's not start throwing around insults...tsk tsk))

08-16-2004, 01:09 AM
Originally posted by Redwing

I don't know what a kiack is so I can't speak for that :p

:D I think they mean kayak:D

08-16-2004, 03:09 PM
Originally posted by LukeKatarn
((Umm Curt you don't want to go JOIN ME AS A PIRATE!!!!!!! on port royale. The Millitery would come bargeing in and arrest you immideitly.))

(luke, if you read my post carefully you would have noticed i wasn't on port roayle at that time, i was on an island that was more piratey and villanous, so frankly i don't see anything wrong with my post, other than thats probably not how pirates recruited, but whatever)

08-17-2004, 01:56 PM
((Originally posted by wildjedi
:D I think they mean kayak:D

...Oh. :p :D

I knew that...really...


08-18-2004, 05:13 PM
So am I dead or not?

Can I continue with Troezen or not?

Was I godmoding or not?

Am I going to ever get an answer or not?

Will I ever stop talking **** or not?

(Wait, don't answer that least one)

10-12-2004, 12:14 PM
((I know this thread has been dead for a while, and I know that was partialy my fault, but is it ever going to get bac to where it was before? I would post something but I'm still waiting to know if Troezen is dead or not. It was a cool thread before the godmoding argument, can it restart?))

Black Knight of Keno
10-12-2004, 12:19 PM
((IMHO, you are





Damn right it was your fault


Nope, if you don't want to make a new Pirate RP))