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Black Knight of Keno
06-28-2004, 05:55 PM
It is years before the Matrix. Before Neo, Trinity or Nebukhadnessar's adventures.
The rules are simple.
-You can't be an agent
-You can't kill an agent
-No film char's(his IS before the movies)
-If you want to create a hole new story for yourself with a new char, you have to get your old char killed.
-You aren't invincible ot THE ONE

Your info needs:
Status: (Freed or not freed)
Born: (Zion or Matrix)
Rank: (Operator, Captain, Pilot, Crew member)

My char's:
Name: Jack Whitefield
Alias: Tepe
Status: Freed
Born: Matrix
Rank: Crew member

Name: Jonathan Jackson
Alias: Saber
Status: Freed
Born: Zion
Rank: Operator
Tepe picked up a phone, wearing a pair of round sunglasses, a long black leather jacket and allso black cotton pants and shirt. "I'm in" he said and waited a while before hanging up.
His primary mission now was to find the next targets that will be set free. He walked out from the old house in the slums and walked to a small back alley to find a black streetbike. He walked to it and started it. Tepe looked around and then hit the gas. he was on his way towards the next freed ones home. He didn't know where the target now was, but he was sure that he would meet him in person in the next couple of hours. It was the mid-day and the sun was shining to the artificial city.

06-28-2004, 06:01 PM
Name:Trent Steel
Alias:Slash(to be)
Rank:Crew Member(to be)
trent walked to market looking for what he had to buy, just a few more things then he was on his way home, he still needed chicken,apple juice,vegetables and bread.
he found his things and walked all the way back to his car, put them in and started home.

06-28-2004, 06:54 PM
((Damn, tepe, haven't you learned yet? ALL matrix RPGs are doomed to die after a few months :p ))

Name: Pete Aguilar
Alias: jokemaster
Status: not freed
Born: Matrix
Rank: Future Crew Member
Pete walked along the street. He glanced at his watch. Damn, he was running late. He had followed the instructions in the e-mail to the letter and he was headed home now, eager to meet whoever sent it, especially since he had started noticing people following him. He wasn't sure if it was true, or just his own paranoia, but he was still nervous.

06-28-2004, 11:48 PM
((I'll give this thread 2 pages....3 tops))

Name: John Westhound
Alias: Apologetic
Status: freed
Born: Zion
Rank: Captian( Light Hawk)
Ap walked down the street in classic matrix get up ((:p )) and looked around calmly "Keep the target in sight"

Black Knight of Keno
06-29-2004, 08:01 AM
((Well, I keep on trying ;) ))

Tepe stopped behind a corner. He stood up and walked to watch the targets home.
He checked his pistols and looked his watch

06-29-2004, 02:16 PM
tretn got ut of his car and went to the door wiht hsi bag of food, he was about to open the door when he felt somethign strange, he dismissed ti and continued inside his house, he out down hsi groceries and then sat down and turned on the tv

06-29-2004, 02:42 PM
Pete arrived home and stopped at the door looked around. He saw some suspicious people, but he ignored them as usual and went inside.

Black Knight of Keno
06-29-2004, 02:53 PM
((Ok, Ap, I'm taking Curt's char, you takke Joke's. And for now, we are in one ship. Ap, you're the cap, say the name so we know :D ))

06-29-2004, 03:00 PM
( yeah i was going to say, who's taking who?)

06-29-2004, 03:18 PM
Status: Freed
Born: matrix
Rank: crew menber
Ewok stood on a tall building.
"ok. here goes nothing" and walked back a little bit and then did a run and jump reaching the other buildings
"ok enough mucking around. I must find my target" he said to himself.
But on his way down he saw agent getting out of a car. he loaded his two Pistols. He hid them in his pockets. And walked passed the agent luckly noticed and went to a pay phone.
"oberator"called a voice
"ok. Get I need a location for my target. I have agent on my tale said Ewok

Black Knight of Keno
06-29-2004, 03:39 PM
((Steven, UZI's are quite big. You don't hide them in your sleeves. And those shortened words are for the 5 year old n00b's that don't know how to write. So stop it. use better language in this thread, that counts to you too, Curt))

06-29-2004, 03:49 PM
(i used it once by accident . Anyway i need a target.)

06-29-2004, 05:41 PM
((How about you provide cover for either Apo or Tepe?))

06-29-2004, 08:22 PM
(its not my fault if i can't type, and besides why would i use the shortened words, i hate when people do that)

06-30-2004, 01:36 PM
(I don't see why it bothers u guys and to tell you the truth i don't really care :bdroid1: i just want a target

Black Knight of Keno
06-30-2004, 03:51 PM
Originally posted by Darth Tepe
((...those shortened words are for the 5 year old n00b's that don't know how to write. So stop it. use better language in this thread)...)

There, :bdroid1: that))

06-30-2004, 05:22 PM
((Can we get back to the story before the thread dies?))

07-01-2004, 11:49 AM

07-01-2004, 03:37 PM
(i agree to. so give me a target, i'll go on and on until u do)

07-01-2004, 04:44 PM
( your not giving the greates first impression)

07-01-2004, 08:36 PM
Name: Phillip "pappie" Thibideaux
Status: unfreed
Born: matrix
Rank: no, bathes often.

they came again. It had been a few weeks since they were around, but he had ben following thier movements for about three years. the modus was always the same: they would show up to teh home or apartment of some nobody for weeks just casing the guy or girl and after some time they would contact him or her and that would be the last anyone would see of the person they contacted; usually. Sometimes they would just leave the sap alone. there were rumors that they were some fanatical tech cult housed outside of houston or new york, but pappie could never find out exactly where they would come from.

he had followed one about six months ago through the streets of new orleans, but lost him when he went into one of the many building lining Royal st. he knew then that something was wrong so he started a little group and, together, they attempt to track the movements of these strange figures in black. Joe, one of his buddies, thought they belonged to the infamous government organization known as the "men in black," but they hardly ever wore suits and their research showed that non of those that disappeared ever reported being abducted by aliens. no, they were something different; something out of the ordinary.

He had gotten a call from Paul Thompson who lived in [you never said what city, so just insert one here]. Paul was a strange one way into conspiracy theories and secret government projects. He even had this one theory that the government was run by a super smart computer built int he 50's that became self aware and decided to use the human population of earth for its own plans. he's a bit excentric, to say the least, but very good at finding information for the group so his little quirks were usually just left alone. besides, on long stakeouts paul was always interesting to talk to.

paul had gotten to teh airport way early and spent his time watching and recording the people that past by. he kept a spreadsheet and a few other programs to record his observations. "one day they will believe me. one day i;ll prove it."

"Hey paul!" The flight had gotten him there on time and paul was sitting at one of the terminal entrances. his overcoat had seen better days and his hair looked like it hadnt seen the front end of a shower in a week or more.
"Pappie!" he picked up his equipment and headed towards his friend. pappie was one of the only ones that treated him like he was normal and he liked him. he also payed for the food when he was here and that meant steak and Outback.
"how ya doing, paul?" he held his hand out, but paul had way to much to carry, "why do you bring all that stuff with you? why dont you just use the laptop we got you last month?"
"i havnt had the chance to get it up to specs and I have a ton of information on betty and wilma that will take some time to transfer to the new one." he had to tell him what he saw, but here was not the place.
"lets get going. I have a reservation for us at Outback..." he had hoped he wouldnt seem to forward.

"Outback, again, paul? dont you get tired of that place?"
they both chuckled a bit.

it wasnt long before they were in the car. it was an older modle chevy with some rust spots, squeaky breaks and a felt ceiling held up with thumb tacks.
"so, what do you have?" he knew they wouldnt talk much about them at dinner so now was the time.
"well, I ran into the first group..."
"first group...you mean there are more than one this time?" this was unprecedented in his research. two groups. the excitement rose in his mind of the possibilities. "im sorry, continue."
undaunted by his friends enthusiasm, paul continued, "yes, the first group started casing out gentleman named, Trent Steel a few days ago. I think they are going in soon. Ive already set up some equipment to monitor it. dont worry...its good stuff. the second group is working on a gentleman named, Pete Aguilar. that started about the same time as Trents." he paused to let pappie absorb the information and for him to get a sip of Jolt.
"Amazing...two documented groups. ths is going to be an exciting visit, my friend, you get a Melbourne tonight."

Paul was surprised, but pleasently suprised, "ive done the checks...two nobodies that dabble in computers. they arent anything special. After dinner we can go check out hte survalience(ms) that i set up." he had become a bit nervous now, but he wanted to talk to pappie about something. most of the other guys just blew him off, but he knew his calculations were correct and pappie would believe him. he would have to. he would talk to him after dinner while they waited for desert.

"paul, you ok?" he had been around paul long enough to know when he seemed on edge.
"yea, sure...just excited" it was a partial truth.
"ok." he knew he was lieing. was there more to the story than what he was talking about? was there more to these two groups? bah, paul was just being paul.

arriving at Outback they found their table ready and waiting and engaged in idle chit chat while they ate.
"pappie, while we wait for desert I want to talk to you about something." it was now or never.
"sure, paul, shoot"
"ive been doing some calculations and keeping things recorded for some time." he fiddled with his spoon.
"I know. I helped you write the program, remember? did you find something?" he could feel his face switch to a concerned look.
"I think so. somethings dont add up and some things make more sense. basically..." he paused to take a sip of coke, " basically I think i have a way to prove that the government is controlled by a central computer and these people we see are actually sophisticated computer holograms." there it was said.

Pappie sat back and the waitress arrived with their ice cream. He knew paul was serious, but the thought that he was right made him nervous. "how so?"

flipping open Wilma it booted in less time than most notebooks. a graphical model was displayed on one portion of the screen and the only image of "the men in black" was on another. the bottom of the screen was filled with various lines of numbers and it was obvious that Paul really did know machine code. the next hour they spent going over the charts, graphs, models, formulas. they didnt touch the ice cream.
"paul, if what you discovered is true...then,"he paused for a second, "then, everything we know about computers and our country could change. you said that these two recents dabble in computers...and so do a lot of the others. perhaps they stumbled on the same thing. who else have you told this too?"

Paul understood what pappie was hinting too and his stomache started to churn. "just you. i havnt told anyone else. honest."
"good. lets keep this to ourselves. we need to get to one of the targets house as soon as we can. if what you say is true then that person and all the others are being assinated and we have to warn them somehow." pappie started to sweat. observing some super secret government group was one thing...and a bit of fun...but actually interfering with...with...thse things was another one all together. he knew that paul had a couple of hand guns and a shotgun at his hous, but would weapons do to holograms...sophisticated ones at that?
"paul, we need to help them, but if we are found out we run the risk of being killed as well. I'll understand if you dont want to help me, but I cant just let those guys die." paul was listiening, but not saying a word," here," sliding a business card across the table, "if anything happens to me tonight then contact this guy. he is a professer at Cambridge. tell him what you ahve told me. and dont worry he can be trusted. Ive talked to him about your thoeries before..."

Paul smiled.

this was going to be one hell of night if they werent too late.
"you said you recorded teh first group near this Steels home. we should go their first." this was going to be a long night indeed.

((btw, i know i write long posts in these stories. if it bothers you then i'll just go find someplace else to go))

07-01-2004, 10:06 PM
trent woke up to an explosion on one of the saturday night movies, he got up turned the tv off and went to his room turned on the lights and the computer, he got it running and went to his usual star wars forums(:D) then he checked his e-mail, then he opened up his document he was working on for a while "governments a fake!", and skimmed through it to the end and opened up the links to all his resources and video files, he was about to write some more when he heard the nasty squeak of brakes right outside his house, he went and looked out the window, there lay a really old chevy just sitting there, no one got out, trent got suspicious and went back upstairs saved his stuff even though he hadn't writen anything then closed down the computer, went back downstairs and sat down and watched some tv while watching the chevy out of the corner of his eye.

Black Knight of Keno
07-02-2004, 06:09 AM
((steven, you can be watching the matrix from the real world. That's yer' punishment for too much OOC and threathening... You should read the rules))

Tepe walked to an alley and opened a laptop on top of a large crate. He started hacking to Trent's computer, and managed to start it. He put the volume as loud as it could be and picked any sound there was in the computer. For Tepe's luck, it was some Heavy-metal music.
Tepe leaned backwards to see the house when he noticed a chevy. He should do this fast.

Tepe lowered the volume a bit and started watching the chevy. He allso waited that Trent would go to his PC to see what was wrong.

07-02-2004, 11:21 AM
Ewok got in a car and drove off. He reached the inner part of the city and it appeard a car was following him "Blast its a agent". He speeded up and the agent got out his gun and tried to shoot at Ewok. One bullet hit the weal cussing him to stop. But Ewok quickly jumped on another car and then on2 a lorry. He took out his Uzi's from his bult and shot at the agent while dogging the agents shots.Ewok shots hit the engine stopping the car. Ewok made an easy escape and went to a phone
"get me out of here"

07-02-2004, 11:40 AM
trent getting bored to see if the chevy was going to move, turned off the tv and went back to his document, when he went to his computer, he noticed the media player was open as well as a bunch of other files, trent at this point very worried and paranoid, he went an closed all the files but kept the media player open to listen to some rock, he then careuly ran through all the spyware programs and what not and he found an unusual tap he had never seen before, so he blocked that tap and then went to his document and started to write the ending for his document, after about 2 hours he had stopped and was asleep on his computer desk.

07-02-2004, 02:14 PM
it was a semi-quiet drive to the first persons house. Pappie wasnt sure if Paul would stay and help. one part of him wanted Paul to leave and contact his friend at Cambridge and the other welcomed teh ally that sat beside him.
"just pull into the usual and we can watch him on the thermals" it was standard, but he said it anyway. it has been a while since they got to a target before they came and the rush that they may see them coupled with the information that paul had confronted him with earlier made it that more exciting.

"i put some survalience equipment over there..."pointing to a tree across from Steels home, "i was also able to tap his line and plant a small bug in his computer room so that we could pick up some sounds." paul was proud. it was the first time he actually broke into a house and planted one of his bugs. he couldnt help but feel like tom cruise, but wished he could score as much. ahhh, the life of a movie star. so fake and so ruled by the public.
"this one doesnt do much out of the ordinary. I havnt been able to get into his computer, but I have Bam Bam, at home, working on a crack." The screen was up and the thermals for the area were coming in standard.

"It looks like he decided not to work on his computer and has opted for some entertainment. has he gotten any calls today?" it was a the same question pappie always started with. he hated his predictability, but him and paul were similar in that regards. probably why they got along so well. picking up Wilma he typed in a couple of commands and the phone records scrolled up. nothing but the usual he figured. nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
"do you know what he decided to watch?"

"no. he left the room and I didnt tap his cable just the phone line. if things stay simple tonight I'll do that later." this spy stuff was pretty fun. ever since he was a kid he wanted to join the CIA, but realized sometime later that taking orders and following some pre set operation just wasnt for him. Pappie found him on a website about conspiracy theories and they got to chatting. there was just something about the way he wrote that almost immediately got him to trust him. it was only a matter of time before they hooked up at the Outback in town and they had been buddies eversince.
"you interested in some cartoons? i have a couple of Flinstones on Wilma that I like." paul liked cartoons, but he liked the Flinstones the most. he couldnt figure it out, but he just decided it was because they had all this technology and not a single electrical plant in sight. that and Betty was a hottie. well, as for as cartoons go, anyway.

"perhaps in a bit. the target seems to be watching TV now. can you check with Bam Bam and see if he got into his computer yet?"
"im on that now. the signal seems to be a bit staticy right now. probably because of the solar storm thats passing through the area right now."
"solar storm? i havnt heard about one in a while."
"yea, started a few days ago and the affects are hitting earth now. really screws up my sat trans."
"let me know when you get something."
"will do. so, do you really believe me or just humoring me like the others do?" he had to ask even though he knew the answer.
"of course I do, paul. I havnt doubted you since we first met." well that was a lie. he had doubted him on couple of occasions, but they always turned out in pauls favor so he just decided not to doubt him that much any more. you have to be a bit skeptical in this line of work. work? nah, this wasnt work. in work you get paid and Pappie hadnt recieved a single paycheck in years. it was a good thing he decided to invest in those stocks so many years ago or he would be doing the regular nine to five like his two brothers. his apartment was scarce and filled with computers and research books. he hadnt been there in a few weeks and he really didnt miss it.
"ok. thanks" whisping a bit of his hair out of his face paul decided to check the bug feed. "thats strange..."
"I thought he turned off his computer to watch some TV, but Im litiening to some Dio right now coming from his media player." pecking at the keys he began to run the filter program incase he was picking up a local radio station.

"nothing is coming in from the phone lines and Im not picking up an radio signals specifically going to his house. perhaps we thought he turned it off." this was confusing.
"no. I specifically saw him turn it off and the bug picked up nothing for a few minutes then blamo." grabbing a tie back he pulled his hair into a pony tail and worked on getting the conection to Bam Bam. perhaps bam bam had gotten in, but the phone line would show that. "do you think it could be them?" why not ask?
"im not sure, what does bam bam have to say?" the thought did cross his mind as well, but he didnt want to seem to eager.
"nothing. he still hasnt cracked it. this guy seems to have some good skills at the computer." paul was giving a compliment and he didnt give them that often. it wasnt in his nature to acknowledge a player like that. his ego was too fragile for that.
"well, something started it up. lets keep an eye on the house. run that script and see if they are around."

paul had written a short script and with pappies help during desert they were able to pull the bugs out and get it flowing. but would it work the way they both hoped it would. if they were holograms then they would show up, but not knowing how they were created really put a damper on it. they had shown up in thermals in other operations so they were damn good holograms.

It didnt take long before they noticed steel turning off the tv and heading to the computer. the excitement factor rose a bit in the car and both seemed a bit intrigued on his reaction to the music. there was none and they both got a little disappointed. All he did was continue to work on his computer and, soon, was fast asleep on the keyboard.

"well..." pausing to look at paul, "looks like we are in for the haul. why dont you get some shut eye and i'll continue to work on that phone tap to get into his computer. ill monitor Bam Bam, as well." he knew paul had been up for a lot longer than he had and judging by the amount of cigarettes and Jolts he was drinking during the evening it was obvious he was forcing the fatigue out.
"i was thinking about tapping the cable line since he was asleep. I have the stuff in my bag and it should only take about four minutes." it would only take him about two, but he didnt want to seem overconfident.
"sounds good. im not picking up any activity so everything looks clear."

grabbing his bag, paul was out of the car in flash and pappie could have sworn he heard him humming the theme song to Mission Impossible.
"hes such a case. now, what episodes does he have..." turning his attention to screen he accessed wilmas media player and found a few episodes and a couple files that he was sure paul forgot were there.
Let's ride, with the family down the street...

Black Knight of Keno
07-02-2004, 04:01 PM
Suddenly, Trent's computer blacked out, like it would shut off. But the computer was still open(like in the Matrix).
Tepe checked the chevy and then got back to his laptop. He picked his cellphone up from the crate and placed it on his ear.
He heard the usual "Operator" from the other end and asked if there was any activity in the chevy that would involve him or Trent.
"I don't know, there's something up, but I don't know what. The agents have done something to the car. It seems that theres a bomb inside it..." Saber answered and Tepe put the phone down. He had the connection to Trent's computer.

A green text wrote on Trent's screen:
"Wake up, Slash" As Trent woke up, the text continued. "You ever had a dejŠ-vu? You ever felt something changing right infront of you but you never know what it is? You ever have the feeling someone is watching you, but you can't see anyone around?" Trent tried to shut the program, reboot and shut the computer, but nothing worked. The text continued
"I know you are trying to shut your computer or return back to your system, but you can't. We shall meet later today. Come to the Moonlight club downtown tonight"
The text disappeared as Trent had read the text and then the black screen disappeared, revealing the programs and files that were open on the screen to Trent again, like there didn't happen anything.
Tepe closed his laptop and packed it into a large bag that would be connected to his bikes side when he would take off. He left the bag at the crate and ran to the chevy. He banged on the side of the van(Hope it is a van).
He opened the backdoors and looked the man sitting infront of a laptop/computer. "Pack your things, there's a bomb in the car. I'll tell you anything you want to know later, but now you must pack your things and leave this car" Tepe shouted and then stepped backwards.

Saber changed his view to Ewok's place and then answered to the call. "Operator"
"Get me out of here"
"Ok, There's an exit in the corner of Lagoon street and Jackson Street. Hurry, you've got an agent right on your tail"
He watched Ewok go and waited untill he was near the exit. He called the payphone

07-02-2004, 06:28 PM
((i never really though about the actual vehicle...go figure...but a van seems more to Pauls standard so, sure))

"Pack your things, there's a bomb in the car. I'll tell you anything you want to know later, but now you must pack your things and leave this car!" the shout came as a blur as Pappie had started dosing off. a few instruments on wilma began going haywire and the noise and shouting had taken him by such surprise that he couldnt focus.
"Paul....stop screa..." he turned around to see one of them. or, at least he thought it was one of them. The intruder was wearing a black trench with matching color pants and his face was contorted in response to the intensity of his message. the sound was almost defining since it had been so quiet in the van for so long.
"huh? what? omg....wheres paul!" dropping wilma to teh floor board Pappie, at least, partially complied with the intruders message as he kicked open the door and went to the front of the chevy.
"PAUL!!" he looked around but couldnt see his friend. checking his watch it had been, at least, an hour since he left the van.
"PAUL! WHERE ARE YOU...THEY FOUND US!!" he looked back to see the intruder coming around the van at full speed. He didnt know anything else to do, but to run to the house and find paul or to plead with Steel to help him.
"oh my God...oh my God...help me....help me!" the months of take out, resturaunt dining, and hours in front of computers was quickly becoming evident as he got closer to the house. His bag...oh my God...it was pauls bag...where is paul? He didnt know where the intruder was and he didnt care. running to the bag he noticed that it wasnt even open. he didnt do the tap. hes been gone an hour and i was too stupid to keep track of him. Pappie was angry. he grabbed teh bag and turned to look at the van.

the sound was loud and it knocked him off his feet. his head fell backwards and hit something hard; a sprinkler perhaps, but pappie didnt care. the dark figure was approaching him and with the fire things were still getting dark. he was passing out and he knew, then, that this was the last night he would see. the taste of his mothers pork chops came flooding to his mouth and this confused him.
"im sorry mother. Im sorry Paul." then things went black.

Black Knight of Keno
07-02-2004, 06:41 PM
Tepe looked the fainted man. He cursed and dragged him to the alley where his bag was on top of the crate. "Wake up and listen" Tepe said with a calm voice, taking his sunglasses off. "If you think I'm one of the bad guy's, you're really lost. This is a computer program, controlled by machines. There are only a few hundred people freed in the real world. If I believe correctly, you're friend is in the hands of the agent's, the programs made to keep peacein this artificial world. Any more questions running throught you're mind? Oh, I'm so rude, I'm Tepe, or as the database calls me Jack Whitefield" Tepe smiled and sat down onto the crate next to the bag

07-02-2004, 06:52 PM
((If somebody doesn't interact with my char soon, I'll die of boredom))

Black Knight of Keno
07-02-2004, 06:57 PM
((Where the hell is Ap, when we need him?))

07-02-2004, 10:29 PM
Trent woke up to the strange message on his computer and then after trying to wake himself up he decided it was real but then a big explosion outside of his house(did the car explode yet) he checked out his window and it was the chevy he saw another man dragging a fainted man into an alley, trent grabbed his crow bar and ran after him, "HEY! don't touch the guy, what did he do to you?" trent readied his crow bar into lightsaber postion (:D)

Black Knight of Keno
07-03-2004, 05:17 AM
"Oh, we meet allready, Slash. I thought we would meet at the club tonight. Well, you better put that crowbar down. The chevy had a bomb inside it and he thinks I'm the bad guy" Tepe said, noting towards Pappie.
As Trent didn't lower his crowbar, Tepe drew one of his pistols and pointed at Trent. "We can take it the hard way, or the easy way. Wich one do you choose?"
Tepe pointed the USP towards Trwent, similiary watching Pappie if he would make any move towards him.
Suddenly, Tepe's cellphone rang and Tepe picked it to his ear. "You got two agents heading your way. You better get them to the safehouse. There's a car around the corner" Tepe hung up and took his bag. "We must leave. The Agents are coming, and they are not happy to see me telling you about the real world. Come, hurry" Tepe said, put his USP away and ran to a car. He opened the door, unlocked(Hacked open) and wirestarted the car. He drove it just next to the alley. "Hurry! Get inside! I'll tell you everything you need on the way"

07-03-2004, 07:02 AM
Originally posted by jokemaster
((If somebody doesn't interact with my char soon, I'll die of boredom))
(i'll "interact" with your charater)

Ewok soon got sent in to the matrix but with this time with a target, Pete Aguilar. As soon as Ewok entered he picked up the phone.
"hello, operator, please conect me to Pete Aquilae."asked Ewok
"ok. please wait a second. Ok your though"
bring bring bring bring....

07-03-2004, 11:47 AM
((I'm grateful, but please spell the character's names right))
Pete picked up the phone and looked at the ID screen. It was blank. He pressed the talk button.

07-03-2004, 11:53 AM
Trent still not wanting to go wiht him looks over his shoulder and sees 2 guys in black suits running at full speed towards them, and since they look like government people he got in the car and yelled " go go go! they've found me!" not realising that they aren't actually wiht the government

07-03-2004, 04:58 PM
He was moving. He knew he was moving and could feel his body shifting, violently, and slamming into something hard. he could hear screaming, but couldnt open his eyes.
agent? car? move? slash? operator?

what was going on and why couldnt he open his eyes. His head had a sharp pain in the back where he fell and hit something. what was I doing? why was I running? oh..the explosion...and paul. what happened to paul?

"wh..whh..." the words were there, but he couldnt make them come out to sound like anything.
"whats...." ok, thats one. "wh.." his head slid into something solid and he couldnt think. the pain cycled down to his legs and back up to his head then made a return trip over and over. He knew he had to open his eyes and gain a baring on his location.
Flinstones. Meet the Flinstones. theyre a modern stoneage family.....
"oh, my head...." all he could see where whisps of light and some wind smacked his eyelids shut. In a car. he was in a car moving very fast down some street. they were shouting back and fourth about a safe house and government agents. Paul, at least you were right.
"must sleep...wake...me...wake me.......when we...get home. will you, Dad?" Dad? he hadnt thought about him in years. he could still smell his cologne as he left the house to meet up with who knew who every weekend. mom would sit at the kitchen table and cry, but she would perk up when ever he entered the room.
"its nothing, dear. you go watch TV." was all that she would say.

"AAAAAAAAAAAA" it felt like someone snapped his arm in two as the car took another turn. no sleeping now...he was awake.
"WHATS GOING ON? WHO ARE YOU? WHERES PAUL? ANSWER ME NOW....WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?" looking over he saw the target with a strange look on his face.
"Steel? oh steel, I tried to warn you. We tried to get to you in time, but...but they killed paul, destroyed his van, and now they are taking us to die." looking at the driver and realizing he was the same one from the van.
"who are you? what are you? what the hell is going on?"

Black Knight of Keno
07-03-2004, 05:47 PM
"Ah, you're still with us. As I explained when you were uncontious, this is a computer program, controlled by machines. There are only a few hundred people freed in the real world. If I believe correctly, you're friend is in the hands of the agent's, the programs made to keep peace in this artificial world. I'm Tepe, or as the database calls me Jack Whitefield. I am one of the freed ones. You may see the real world in the next hour or so. It depends on the agent's" Tepe said, making a sharp turn on a corner of a block. He was driving fast towards the slums. He took his cellphone up to his ear.
"Saber, how many of the crew is allready at the safehouse?"
"Three- Wach out from the right"
"Down" Tepe shouted as a machine gun opened fire towards the car from the right, where a black dude had just transformed into an agent.
"Saber, directions"
"Right from here..."
Tepe made another sharp turn and another and another as Saber gave directions. Suddenly, Tepe hung up and put the cellphone away.
"Have you any more questions for me before we arrive to the place where you shall be set free?"

07-03-2004, 06:34 PM
the words sounded as if they were coming from the pages of some b-grade Sci-Fi show, but something in the mans urgency had pappie intrigued, scared, confused, and nautious. for some reason the gunplay around him had been ignored till a piece of lead grazed his shoulder and even then he only payed a mild attention to it. Could what this man said be true? Set Free? Set free from a computer world? was he a hologram? no. that couldnt be possible. holograms dont breath, bleed and stink after a few days without a bath. no. this man was on something, but he felt a ping inside him to force himself to believe, but at what cost.

"what?" it was all he could say. well, thats not true as he many things he wanted to say, but that was the only one that came out. he was in shock and he knew it. the world around him, again, became a blur. Agents? peacekeepers? paul? what happened to paul. of course the man said paul was being held by the "Agents," but why didnt they take him as well? he was half dozed off in teh van the entire time and would have been easy...ah, the bomb. whomever took Paul planted a boom in the Van, but why try to kill him? why? the blur became a dizzying affect and he felt the melbourne gyrating in his lower stomache.
"I dont mean to be rude..." a quick jerk by the driver had sent him flying onto the back floor and up against a door that looked as if it was on its last hinge, litterally, and good thing because where his back had called home since the last turn was now a mass of foam and uprooted springs. oh my.
"who is shooting at us? Steel, what is going on?" two more shells pierced the upper portion of the front seat he was hiding behind and his question was replaced with a shreek. They werent just trying to kill the driver or steel, but they were trying to kill all of them.

"Pauls bag..." bouncing up and almost into the front seat, "where is pauls bag? i had it with me before the explosion....what did you do with his bag?" the sting of another bullet graze went past his cheek, but his only concern was pauls bag. it wasnt in the back seat with him.

07-03-2004, 11:45 PM
" i got an idea" bullet winged passed trents face " how about you get down and be quiet, for some reason i believe this man, so stay down and he will explain more when we get to where we are going!'' Trent grabbed one of tepes pistols and stuck is upper torso out of the window and started shooting at the agents cras wheels until the car spun out fo contorl an dthe agents got out and dissappered then 2 peopel crossing the sreet turned inot them, the car hti them wiht full speed, they went flying, they turned a corner and trent went flying back into the car " i can't see them anymore!"

Black Knight of Keno
07-04-2004, 05:38 AM
"Your friend's bag is here. Don't worry. And if you want to know abou the ones shooting at us... Their the agents"
Tepe lowered the speed and drove onto the similiar alley where he had lef when he came to the matrix. Two police car's appeared in the street next to the alley. Tepe noticed that Trent had used all the bullets, so he grabbed his gun and gave it to Trent. "Use this only if you are chased by the cops. There's three freed ones inside the building. Go to the third floor. There's a man dressed in white. Go with him. Hurry" Tepe said and got out of the car. He walked to the end of the alley and watched as the policecars stopped to block the way out. He ran towards the police cars and stopped as the cops opened fire on him. He rose his hand and stopped the bullets infront of him. As the cops noticed this, they ran towards him. Tepe blocked all of the hits from the four policemen and then kicked one to the wall of the building. He hit one on the face, making him put his hands on his face and then kicked him onto the stomach that made him fly a couple meters from him. The two others came all over him. They jumped onto his back and made Tepe drop to the ground. They started putiing handcuffs on him, but just when the other was about to lock, Tepe swung his arm, throwing the other cop away. He took the handcuffs onto his left arm and hit the other police onto the face with them. He then threw them at the cop running towards him from the buildings direction. The handcuffs knocked him out. Tepe watched as all four cops were on the ground, bleeding.
Tepe noticed the sound coming when a human is transforming as an agent. One of the bleeding policemen rose up. The guy had transformed into an agent.
"Mr. Whitefield"
"Mr. Grey"
Tepe and the agent lunged at battle in the same time. Tepe was getting hits. Many hits. He knew he wouldn't be able to defeat the agent. Suddenly a machine gun sounded in the alley. tens of rounds of machine gun fire came from the buildings windows, making the agent busy with dodging them. It was Tepe's luck that the agent had threw him away only a second before the gunfire started. Tepe ran inside the building and started climbing the stairs. He hoped that Pappie and Trent were allready located and being fetched in the real world. He took his cellphone out and got the usual: "Operator"
"Are they located?"
"Not yet. Two seconds"
"Good. Ring the phone ready for us as I get to them"

((Tepe has now been fighting the agent for a small amount of time. So you must RP the pill section and the mirror thingy))

07-04-2004, 08:21 AM
Originally posted by jokemaster
((I'm grateful, but please spell the character's names right))
Pete picked up the phone and looked at the ID screen. It was blank. He pressed the talk button.

"Pete. You must go to the party with your friend." Ewoks hangs up.
Not long after that Pete's friends knock on the door inviting him to a party

07-04-2004, 11:37 AM
trent ran up the stair as fast as he could with pappie trailign behind, trent go to the floor where tepe told him to go and met the man in white " you must be the one tepe told me about" trent said wiht little breath he had.

Black Knight of Keno
07-04-2004, 01:19 PM
The white dressed man nodded and waited untill Appie was there too. "I'm Sparkle, throught here, please" Sparkle said and opened two large wooden doors that led into a medium sized room with three armchairs(like in the Matrix) and a small table that was holding two waterglasses and four pills. Two red ones and two blue ones. A man was sitting in one of the chairs ceperated from the other two with the table

07-04-2004, 02:31 PM
Slash went and sat down slowly and watching the man in the chair wonderign what the pills where there for

07-04-2004, 03:19 PM
A chill ran up Pete's spine, but he grinned.
"Any hot girls there?" He asked jokingly.
"Of course, why else would I come here?" Answered his friend, also grinning. They both walked over to his car and got in.

07-04-2004, 04:05 PM
((Where the hell is Ap, when we need him?))

((sorry guys but i've been sorta busy and away from the computer lately but im pretty sure i got things behind me so if someone could give me the rundown of the story ^_^

O and cer...With posts that long you probably should visit this:

Story tellin (http://lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=434) It's whats slowing me down in reading this ^_^'))

07-05-2004, 03:37 AM
But before Pete got out he heard his phone ring.

07-05-2004, 12:19 PM
Pete picked up and waved at his friend to wait.
"Who is this?"

07-05-2004, 01:05 PM
"ok. Then your at the party there should be 3 pole dancers on stage. When the middel dancer is finished i want u to follow her.

07-05-2004, 07:28 PM
"Pole dancers? What the hell are you talking about? Hello?" He only heard a dial tone. Swearing he hung up. He walked toward his friends and asked him
"Who's party is this?"
"It's Steve's bachelor's party."
"Steve's?! wasn't it three months from now?"
"Yeah, but they moved the wedding, so we had to crash-plan the party. That's why I insisted you come along. Thomas went to round up Steve and some of his friends, Roger go the entertainment and I picked up some food then I went for you."
"Thanks, Harrison"
They walked in. Like most parties, it started with a few close friends, but then goes on to attract the attention of every party-goer in a 15 mile radius. Now the party was nearing it's peak, full of life. He went to the make-shift bar and kept his eye on the pole-dancer in the middle. She was good looking, he probably would have asked her out if he met her in a restaurant or anywhere else. She seemed to make eye-contact for a second, but went on dancing. His freind noticed the eye-contact and went over to him.
"Hey, you want to meet her?"
Pete was about to decline the offer, but remembered the message on his phone.
"OK sure."
"Great, I'll introduce you two. She's a nice girl Pete."
A few minutes later the music died down and the pole dancer went backstage. Harrison grabbed Pete and led him backstage to meet her.

07-06-2004, 11:36 AM
Pole dancer:another one of your buddies?
Harrison wisbered somthing the dancers ear.
pole dancer: ok. follow me sexy.

Black Knight of Keno
07-06-2004, 12:19 PM
((Ok, steven. That goes too far. That is char controlling and besides, this is a Matrix Roleplay. I would prefer the old way. Now I just hope you have seen The Matrix(Not Reloaded or Revolutions))

07-06-2004, 02:04 PM
((*slaps steven on the wrist for godmoding* :p

You could at least skim the rules thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=123599) before posting, you know. ;) *hint hint*))

07-06-2004, 02:27 PM
(i changed it. happy?)

07-06-2004, 02:53 PM
" why am i here, what are these pills for, who were those guys in the suits?" Slash said in a stern tone

07-06-2004, 08:01 PM
Pete followed her hesitantly. He thought about Harrison whispering in her ear and remembered that he hadn't seen Harrison a lot lately. In fact, apart from a few occasions, he had barely even seen him lately. He stopped following.
"That's it. I'm not going a step further until you two tell me what this is about."

07-06-2004, 11:07 PM
((Im gunna have to get out of this Rpg cus Im trying to find out wat happend to my other account before I get into any other Rpg's beside i havn't done much and i might come once i get things sorted.))

07-07-2004, 11:30 AM
Harrison:Pete, it's nothi.....
Something started to happen to Harrison, he was turning in2 an agent, but a bouncer drew his guns and shot the agent before it could do anything.
bouncer:here to 2 pills. If u pick the red one u can come with my or the blue one to stay here and die. witch is it going to be?

(i'm sorry if i broke the rule about no agent killing, but in a sence i killed it's body not the agent)

07-07-2004, 12:29 PM
The room was pleasant. the sort of room you might expect in a College set aside for an important dean. In fact, thats exactly what pappie had thought it to be. what struck him as odd was that the room was perfect; almost too perfect. with the events of that night unfolding the way they were the surprise he would have normally had for finding a room like this--in this neighborhood--was nothing more than a spark.

Steel had been a bit more accepting of the events than he had and pappie still had a multitude of questions that needed to be answered.
"I'm Sparkle, through here, please" the white was overwhelmingly bright and stung a bit to look at. The wooden doors were nicely made and fit the ambiance of their setting nicely. in fact, pappie found the doors almost as nice as the rest of the room. He was admiring the doors a bit too closely; nervousness can do some strange things to the mind and he forced himself to stay focused.

in comparison the second room wasnt as ornate, but still pleasant. it contained three highback chairs and a small table with glasses of what he supposed was water and some pills of blue and red.
"im sorry, but could someone please explain to me what is going on here? things have been happening so fast ive hardly had time to register everything. I need some answers." the last guy had given him answers, however cryptic and absurd they were, but they were still answers.

Black Knight of Keno
07-07-2004, 03:41 PM
((New char))
Name: Steve Riverflow
Alias: Alien
Status: Freed
Born: Matrix
Rank: Captain of The Jungle
Alien watched the men. "Now as we have not much time aas the agent will be busy only for maybe fifteen minutes, I shall answer only some of your questions. Phillip, I cannot give you those answers you are seeking yet. Trent, You are here, because you know just too much. The machines won't tolerate that, so you have to be eliminated or freed. You are here, because you don't want to be killed. Those guys in the suits, as Tepe maybe told you, are agents. Programs, made by the machines to 'keep order' here in the Matrix. There are three of them for our count. Agent Grey, Agent White and Agent Black are their names. Tepe has his odd behavior that every time he sees an agent alone, he needs to fight him... Well, not every time, but still. And these pills... They are your way out of this hell. If you pick the red one, you shall get to the next room to be set free and located... but... if you pick the blue one, you shall wake up in your bed, remembering nothing about these last hours that concisted gunfighting, Tepe, Me or Sparkle. You shall remember nothing about us. You shall continue your miserable life. As why should you pick the red one, you cannot ask me. It is YOU'RE choise, not mine or everyone elses. The waterglasses are there to help you get then pills down" Alien explained, noting in the same time to Sparkle to get to the windows and open fire on the agents

07-07-2004, 04:54 PM
Pete stared at Harrison's body, shocked. He woul've killed the bouncer, except that before he died something had happenned to him. Pete threw up. He looked at the bouncer, took the red pill and dry-swallowed it.

07-07-2004, 11:14 PM
" well i got nothing to live for so if i die meh who cares" Slash took the red pill, and the glass fo water and swallowed the pill, he gaged a bit then he was fine " i guess i go to the next room then" Slash got up and waited for pappie to take one of the pills

07-08-2004, 11:04 AM
ewok smiled"lets get out of here. follow me to my car" he said "and remainber,theres no turning back now". Ewok headed outside went go into a cool sports car.

07-08-2004, 12:24 PM
The questions still remained and pappie was unsure on what, exactly, he had gotten himself into. just a few short hours ago he was getting off a plane and having dinner with a good friend discussing a theory that, for the most part, was just that--a theory. Now, Paul was gone, presumably dead or with these "agents;" the van was insinerated by a bomb...a bomb for goodness sakes; he was in his first high speed chase with cops, "agents," guns, and fights; and his head was killing him.
"i should have never come here..." the words trailed off as he made eye contact with the two men in the room, "but now i cant leave. These "agents" as you call them know me and presume that I know enough to warrent a death sentence. That other guy said that Paul was probably taken by them. He could be dead as far as I know, but I owe him enough to find out. If they only way for me to find him or, at least, know the truth about what is going on I have to give trust to complete strangers; and trust that you arent out to kill me as well. if that was the case im sure you would have done so by now, but who knows, you could be looking for a more poetic way to see me die...things just done make sense."

moving to one of the chairs and sitting down no one spoke. Steel had already taken the red pill and seemed to be ok. why the two pills...what do they mean and what will they do? his mind fluctuated as he made the careful calculations of decision that dictated almost ever facet of his life. Math. it was his way and thats what he used. his brother, Joseph, flipped a coin and his other brother, James, took too many chances. both have been more successful than him, but he didnt really care about that. perhaps he did take too much time in making decisions. either way he knew his time in that room was limited. He just didnt make rash decisions and he didnt like the idea of the limit he was placed in. His life was in order and any deviation from that set him in a state of uncertainty. His stomache protested and forced him to swallow what little spit there was in his mouth.

"I dont know..." he stared at the pills like they were poison and desert. One offered salvation, so they implied, and the other a return to what...his life? what life? he spent his days researching conspiracy theories and his nights in chat rooms talking to others that spent their lives researching conspiracy theories. He hadnt been home in weeks and spent more nights in a hotel room or at some "safe house" than he had ever spent at his apartment.
suddenly im not half the man I used be...theres a shadow.....why she had to go I dont know... why the song popped in his head he didnt know.
"now I long for yesterday..." closing his eyes he grabbed for the red pill and swallowed.

07-08-2004, 12:58 PM
Pete followed Ewok and the poledancer to the car numbly. Since he had hacked into that file and gotten that e-mail his life had become a twisted series of events that seemed to end with Harrison's death. He felt like nothing could suprise him now. You could probably tell him that humanity was going to become extinct and he wouldn't even blink. He got into the car.

Black Knight of Keno
07-08-2004, 01:58 PM
Alien smiled. He stood up and walked to two other couple of doors and opened them. He walked into the drk room where was high speed laptops, machines, a broken mirror and two chairs. Alien pointed the chairs with his open fist for the two men. "Gentlemen, is everything ready?" Alien asked, turning to the other men running in the room. Soon after, Sparkle came into the room and sat onto a chair facing a laptop. "Sparkle, get everything ready" Alien said. As the men sat down, Alien walked to the mirror. "The pill you took is a tracing program. We can now locate you in the real world in a no time. Look at this mirror" Alien said, moving the mirror infront of the men. The broken mirror started like liquifying and then stable down. It was fixed. It was unbelievable, but it happened right infront of the mens eyes.

07-08-2004, 02:22 PM
" what the.." Slash had always been on the crazy side so he touched the mirror and it came onto his finger and slowly crawled up his finger spread through his hand and then onto his arm " its cold.." slash had never felt this before, the other men in the room started shouting things he didn't care to listen to, he was becoming a human mirror then all of a sudden it went down his throat and he woke up in this pod he broke the surface of it, he looked around, it hurt to look, he saw billions of pods all around him on huge poles he could not see the bottom or the top of them, then a machine came floating by him and it looked at him, then started taking out the plugs in his arsm and back and all over his body, he then got sucked down a tube along with all the water he went winding down this tube his first thought was what the hell? and his second was WAHOO!! then boom he was shot out of the tube into a pool of water, it hurt to do anything he could not swim, his last memory was being underwater and seeing this crane like thing coming down to get him.

07-08-2004, 02:26 PM
ewok started up the car and drove off
ewok:ok, time for a quick intro. I'm steven.please call me ewok. This is Lisa. Those guys who are driving and shotting at us are agents. everything should be clear soon. do u know wher Paul Street is?

:ewok: :ewok:

Black Knight of Keno
07-08-2004, 03:06 PM
Saber ran to the hatch. He saw Trent's naked body being lifted up from the water with the crane. He ran back to the screens and put his headgear on. "Target 1 onboard. Jungle moving towards target 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... and hatch closing. Ok, get target 2 ready for pickup"
He put his headgear down and ran to the crane. He started controlling the crane that dropped Slash on the floor of the ship. "Welcome to the real world, kid" Saber said and helped Slash on his feet. "You shall meet the crew later. Now you are going to the medical section" Saber said and lifted him up. He got to the medical section in a couple of minutes. The needles didn't take more than two minutes to put and he got enought time to get back to the screens as they would arrive to target 2. As in the medical section, Slash fell asleep.

07-08-2004, 06:16 PM
it was cold. very cold. Pappies mind started floating and the actions of those in the room became a large blur. He saw steel reach out and touch the mirror, but he had no desire to do the same. His parents flashed in his mind. he could smell her perfume and see her smiling at the table. why the table? why always at that damn white speckled table? why couldnt he see her when she was truely happy? that ball that James always had with him. that stupid red and green ball. he would bounce it and bounce it and bounce it and bounce it on everything. Pappie tried hiding once, but his father found out and gave him a beating that had sores bleeding for a week. James apologized for it, but it wasnt his fault. Pappie was only playing.

the voices were croning now. he had given up on trying to focus on anything. his head hurt so much.
"wha...oh....huh?" his words were garbled and incoherent and even he couldnt understand what he was saying. Tammy? oh, he hadnt seen tammy since their prom oh so many years ago. And that awful corsage he tried to make for her. sure, she smiled and wore it for the night, but he could tell she hated it. she was so beautiful that night in that blue dress and her hair all done up on babys breath and a bit of lace that tied her salon styled blonde hair in a nice little bun. she was just as beautiful on thier wedding day ten months later. Surprisingly she looked just as nice when the judge made the divorce final only a year after that. He missed her, but it was for the best. they shouldnt have gotten married in the first place.

"we picked up Slash....well buddy, its your turn. happy landings!" he didnt understand and he wasnt sure he wanted to.

"whsoi" Pappie tried to speak, but something was in his throat. opening his eyes did nothing to help the situation as they were blurred by some type of liquid-like gel. Gelitan? no, what had they done to me? what have they done. the liquid was warm and he felt a sense of security and relaxation coupled with fear and an unwavering sense anxiety. it almost felt as if he was back in his mothers womb. "nonsense! how could I remember that?" but the feeling didnt leave. He had almost given in to himself and gone back into a slumber when the reality of the situation took over. some primordial reality that had him fearing for his life and the reflex to survive overwhelmed any sense of security that had taken root. Thrusting his hands away from him they landed on something solid, but maliable. it broke with little effort and his body quickly followed.

attempting to gasp at the sight only reminded him that he had something in his throat and a quick yank had his lungs filling with air. yes, air. He couldnt remember when the last time it felt so good and so painful to breath, but the sensation was quickly disapated by what was revealed to him when his eyes adjusted and allowed him to see what was around him. they stung and the pain behind them felt as if it was the first time he ever used them. it was stronger and more piercing than when they were tired of a 36 hour stint in front of his monitors. the light didnt help, but he was able to see...see.

There were pods...yes, there were pods for as far as his eyes allowed him to see; in all directions. He could barely make out the forms in them, but they were human. were they all like him?
"I must be dreaming! where am I?" looking down he noticed he was naked and had tubes coming out of his body. all of them were connected to various spots in his pod. tugging on them hurt and he couldnt take any more so he left them and continued to look at his surroundings.

The pods were similar in construction as his and were lined up very percisley on shafts that extended far below, above and to either side. there must be thousands upon thousands fo them. In any other situation pappie might have been impressed on teh order and disipline it must have taken to arrange such a precise network, but this wasnt one of those other situations. He was scared, confused, and excited at the same time.
"paul would have loved thi..." he didnt have time to finish his sentence before a horrific figure appeared before him. The best that his mind could decifer was that it was a robotic squid or octopus.

It didnt care about pappie as it had a job to do. another human was to be processed and flushed and thats what it was here to do. the human had a strange look about it, but it was the same look that it had seen a thousand times before and, without doubt, will see a thousand times in the future. the process was a simple one: unplug, clear the pod, unhook the pod and set it for processing. a new one would be placed in its spot shortly with a new source and the cycle would begin again. this is what it did. day in and day out since its creation a number of years ago and would be doing it till it was deactivated and replaced in 85.4565 years.

A switch was moved adn the plugs came popping out. the pain was minor. the thing moved a bit and the world around him began to get smaller. he was falling. he wanted to scream out and beg the thing for his life, but he knew that it wouldnt have made a difference. he was falling, but to where? the sensation was that of being on a water slide in some low budget theme park. it didnt make the situation much better that his bare skin was rubbing against a coarse surface or that he had no idea where this tube was leading. yes, Wet 'n Wild was much better and he had to go back there one day.

It didnt take long to reach the end and what awaited him scared him more than that thing he saw before being flushed. he was falling, but this time he wasnt in a tube. he was falling towards the ground. He flayled his arms in a failed attempt at slowing the fall. His journey was ended as quickly as it started. He didnt know if he was alive or dead as he blacked out long before hitting the whatever it was he was traveling to. His last thoughts fell back to an old song that he loved as a child and was the same one that he thought of what, now, seemed like hours ago on some distant planet.
"yesterday....how i long for yesterday..."

07-08-2004, 07:46 PM
Slash woke up a while later after he had fallen into that nasty swimming pool, he opened his eyes he was inside of a metal room lieing(sp) on a bed he had a grey somewhat torn shirt and black pants on, he looked around very confused slash did not like that he was in what resembled a prison cell but with only one door and no bars, just metals walls, slash tried to get up but fell back onto the bed, he tried again and was more stable this time, he opened the door to see a huge deck of a ship is what it looked like, but again it was metal he saw some people in the distance, there was grated floors and small ladders everywhere, slash walked up the grating towards the people, he had to go up some grated stairs but he could manage, he got to them and all he said was " hi".

07-08-2004, 10:16 PM
"It's right up ahead. Take a right, go straight for two blocks then left. It's an illegal shortcut for a couple of more blocks, but then to the left you exit there directly instead of having to take the highway." He rode silently for a few minutes then spoke again "Why did you have to kill him?"

Black Knight of Keno
07-09-2004, 10:57 AM
Saber was once again controlling the crane. He saw this time Pappie's body being lifted. As Pappie hit the floor, Saber sighted and picked him up. "Welcome to the real world, hope you liked the ride" he said and carried Pappie to the medical section. It took a couple of minutes to get Pappie ready. Saber was ina a hurry to get the crew out of the Matrix. He rang the phone as soon as he got back to the Operator post.

The phone rang. Alien picked the phone up and got transferred. The phone rang again. Tepe picked up and vanished. Again the phone rang and this time Sparkle picked it up. The three men from the Jungle were now back. Saber was busy unplugging the men as Slash and Pappie rested in the medical section.
Alien went to the medical section, Sparkle went to heat the food and Tepe went to the cockpit.

Hours went by and Slash eventually woke up. As he walked out, he saw Alien, Sparkle and Saber repairing something. Tepe walked out from the cockpit with some notes. "Welcome to the Jungle, Slash. Captain, we got five sentinels patrolling the next area. We are going a seperate sewer that isn't patrolled. It's longer, but safer" "Good work, Tepe. Won't you show Slash and Pappie the ship after Pappie has woken up?"
"Sure cap" Tepe said and walked down from the platform to the same level with the others.

07-09-2004, 11:19 AM
"If i didn't kill Harrison he could of killed both of us." Ewok reaches Paul street and says"Ok go and pick up that phone.

Black Knight of Keno
07-09-2004, 12:19 PM
((Steven, it doesn't work like that. The pill itself is only the device that needs to be traced. Allso, the liquid mirror, I think, is copying the form of the freed human. So, please, no more like that. Oh, and the killing the agent's taken over body is still just a program. The agent already delete's the human when he transforms. Think why exactly do the machines take the old pods away and replace them so often?
And by the way... Have you even seen any of the Matrix-films!?))

07-09-2004, 01:15 PM
((I'm starting to wonder that myself. You sure you've seen them, completely, beginning to end, paying attention, etc.?))

07-09-2004, 01:59 PM
((the mirror scene. when neo touched the program (mirror) a piece of it was transfered to his "model/Skin." when it did it began doing the same thing to Neo that it did to the mirror when it fixed...it replicated. when part of the mirror program got on neos skin it began replicating and replacing the previous skin with itself. im sure its more techy than that, but, i believe, that is the essence of what happened.

if i remember correctly, Trinity makes the comment that it was replicating as well, and, i presume, had it completed its full replication it would have killed neo right there after it finished. its possible the "hack" or "trace program" that neo was giving altered his program in the matrix to allow such an action by the mirror. i could be wrong, though.))

07-10-2004, 12:16 PM
(i know what happens in the fiml. i just like doing the things a differnt way)

07-10-2004, 12:31 PM
((understood, but there are certain frameworks that need to be acknowledged and followed. the rest, for the most part, is up to you))

07-10-2004, 02:30 PM
((Since I just CANNOT keep my mouth shut, what makes any of you think that there's ALWAYS a mirror involved when someone leaves the Matrix, and everything ALWAYS happens exactly as the one time we saw it in the movie? Not sure how that assumption came about. But in every Matrix RPG I see the opening sequences of the Matrix copied almost exactly, as if Neo wasn't the unusual case which he was. ;)

According to the Brothers Wachowski, the mirror was nothing but a mirror; its change was a hallucination invented by Neo's mind because of the pill. He was about to die but not because of the mirror. Morpheus and Trinity had no idea what he was seeing. (Although the effect does look like what happens when Agent Smith replicates himself onto other programs in Reloaded and Revolutions, so it does seem logical that the mirror is replicating itself onto Neo.)

Outside of the story, it's a reference to Alice in "Through the Looking Glass". She goes through a mirror (that liquidates) into the Looking-Glass world.

Also, agents don't kill people they take over. They normally leave and the person is none the wiser, wondering how they got to the place where the agent left them. ;)

*Ahem* I'll go back to lurking now. :D))

07-10-2004, 03:17 PM
((of course and I made note of that when i was discussing the mirror and its affects. the setting was determined by the people in charge and others, most notably, myself and Steel had no decision on the matter. we had to play what we were given.

it is safe to assume, though, that it could be all done by a ceremony like thing. these are your choices, red & blue, and you need to make that choice. that bald guy that betrayed in the first film had expressed anger that morpheuos didnt explain to him what it was really going to be like and, had he did, he would have chosen the Blue pill. from that, one can only pressume that a similar ceremony is the standard, but maybe with less dramatics.

ok, mirror aside, the remainder of the tracking and pickup may not change. they strap the sap in a chair, run whatever they need to get a location and then bye bye...off to wonderland. same thing for the awakening inthe pod. I dont see how much different it could be. perhaps some dont punch through before they are flushed, but others do. who knows. its an interesting sequence and interesting to play it out.

the flushing. like a drain...they are flushed from teh facility to whatever. strangely, though, morpheous says that the dead are liquified and fed to the living, but they seem to have flushed Neo. perhaps it was something in the script they him take as well as all the others they have freed. not sure. its speculation and a possible hole in the story.

either way, Im sure the mirror thing was just something that steel wanted to include in his posting as something fun. sure it wasnt original, but since this is a matrix RPG not a whole lot of originality can go into the makeup. Im sure youll see some originality and things as this thread progresses. hell, I even have a few ideas that I will be tosing in. the first major one was the flushing from the machines perspective and not pappies.))

Black Knight of Keno
07-10-2004, 03:54 PM
Originally posted by Redwing
((Since I just CANNOT keep my mouth shut, what makes any of you think that there's ALWAYS a mirror involved when someone leaves the Matrix, and everything ALWAYS happens exactly as the one time we saw it in the movie? Not sure how that assumption came about.))

((Umh... Cause we say so? :D

Yeah, go back lurking. Thank you for a respected visit...))

Originally posted by Cercueil
strangely, though, morpheous says that the dead are liquified and fed to the living, but they seem to have flushed Neo

((That is because Neo wasn't dead. He woke up. When a human dies in the matrix, the body in the real world dies too. So if a guy's heart stops in the matrix, it stops in the real world too. Neo's "skin" was still in the matrix as Neo woke up, that's why he was flushed. D'oh :D

But now, let's get back to Roleplaying, we are waiting for you, Cercueil))

07-10-2004, 04:49 PM
((alas, youre correct. on the mirror thing, Trinity did (i checked last night) say that "it" was replicating. it could have been them seeing the mirror or an indication that a foriegn program was invading neo. regardless...))

the house was nice. quant little three bedroom outside of Lafayette in Carencro. It was a nice place and a great place to raise some children. they were both smilling as the sky turned black and the hail started.
"pappie!!" Tammy had began to drift away as the wind picked up. his car had found in his neighbors living room and the Oak tree had almost insisted on dancing with him down the street. the grumbling coming from the house was loud...much louder than the wind, rain and hail. A metalic squid burst through the roof and its tenticles found their way to were pappie was standing.
"NOOOOOO!!!" he tried to scream, but the words were garbled as the squid thrust tiny pins throughout his body. the pain was unbarable, but he couldnt move or call for help.
"Come back to us. Come home." the words came from all around him and nowhere at once. he could could feel the water rising, but it was much thicker and colder than he it had ever been. the neighborhood was gone and replaced with the pod farm. Yes, it was a farm. a farm? "oh, tammy, i miss you greatly."

more of the squids came around and he began to get closterphobic (?) as the seal was replaced over his head. "Air? no, you didnt give me air!" his mouth filled with the gel as he gasped. he was drowning! he was going to die.
"pappie. Pappie? you there?" it was pauls voice.
"Paul, where are you?" but the words were nothing more than bubbles; then he saw him. paul was standing in a corner. his matted hair and clothes looked old and dirty. he had been crying and his fists were bloodied.
"they took me pappie...help me. im so scared. I think they are going ot kill me. why didnt you save me, pappie? why werent you there?" pauls voice got more hateful and the anger was obvious, "you left me. I trusted you and you left me. help me, pappie. why did you leave? why did you leave me?" the voice changed and was replaced with tammys. "yes, pappie, why did you leave us. I was there for you and would have been had you not left us. always running, eh, pappie? always running from what you need to do...from your commitments...from your friends...we hate you pappie. help us, please, we dont want to die." the voices were changing back and forth and pappie had a hard time following them.
"i have to get out of here, pappie, we have to get out of here...." the words trailed off and he was left in a see of blackness. Pappie couldnt see anything except a pinpoint of light. it was so far away and he wasnt sure how to get there.

"pappie! come on, man, dont give up on us!" the voice wasnt familiar.
"wha.." the light was now closer and he could feel himself being drawn to it.
"come on pappie....open them peepers." the light was much brighter and he could almost see a face in it.
"thats it. take it slow. dont rush it."
"huh...wha?" he couldnt make anything out, but a few shapes and that light. it was so bright.
"thought we lost you for a second there. your bios went haywire and we had to pump you some go-go juice." the voice seemed centered to his right. there were other shaps; othe voices, but he could only make out one of them.
"what happened? where am I?" the pain throughout his body was still there and he had a hard time moving, but he was moving. "am i dead?"
"No. youre not dead, but the way you hit the water out there you got pretty busted up. we have been working on you for some time. dont worry, everything will be explained to you soon. just rest up and get your strength back. "

pappie kept opening his eyes hoping they would adjust, but they just hurt so he closed them. "paul...pauls alive...."
"Im not sure, but you kept mentioning his name and one other, Tammy or something. your words were a bit chaotic there for a bit. thought you were going into a brain freeze. its not common, but it happens." the voice was pleasent and reassuring.
"but paul is alive. he spoke to me. he needs my help."
"regardless, youre in no condition to help anyone. Ill talk to the captain about finding your friend." it was a lie, but he couldnt very well say that, " you rest up. we need to get you on your feet soon. this isnt a daycare."

Pappie heard that and became a bit angry, but he was right. He had to find paul. he was alive and needed his help. this sparkle person might help him, but he would need to get up. yes. get up.
his legs felt like weights and his head was hard to control.
"whoa, there. take it easy." the tech moved over and helped pappie to a sitting position. this one was in a bad way and the tech new it. he would need more time, but apparently this one had something else in mind, " take your time and ask for help, next time, paps. we dont want you falling and breaking your neck.

his eyes adjusted better, but the tech was still just a dark form in the light.
"youre right. sorry. this has been one hell of a night and I could really use something to drink."

07-11-2004, 03:01 PM
Slash watched pappie struggle with his crazy dream, and felt sorry for him, but there was nothing he could do, he wasn't a doctor " you stay here, i'll get pappie the drink" slash walked a few steps then he stopped and turned around " hey, where is the kitchen?" slash then spotted it down the hall " never mind i got it" slash walked briskly down the hall towards the kitchen, he got a cup and filled it with some water and brought it back to pappie " here ya go buddy, drink this slowly".

07-12-2004, 05:02 AM
(what is the mirror scen again? i've 4gotten)

07-12-2004, 12:59 PM
((I had an idea, maybe instead of the mirror, maybe one of the glass panels of the phone booth. But then I remembered that Neo was strapped in and they checked...something, like his vital signs or something like that, so it couldn't happen))

Black Knight of Keno
07-19-2004, 05:15 AM
((Steven, anyone that has seen the Matrix more than three times, knows that... I've seen the original tens of times, but thats just some extra info about me :D ))

Tepe walked to Pappie. "How's it going?" he asked and turned to Slash. "You better get to Sabre, he'll download the basic programs into you"

Sabre drew a box of disks from below the table where was three large and four smaller screens and a couple of keyboards. He waited for Slash

07-19-2004, 03:04 PM
slash walked over to where sabre was"iyour suppossed to have some programs for me or something? like that?"

Black Knight of Keno
07-19-2004, 03:12 PM
"You could say that... Sit down" Sabre said and inserted a disk into the computer. As Slash sat down and leaned back, Sabre warned that this might hurt and inserted the plug. Sabre pressed enter and a flow of data was downloaded into Slash's memory. "You like it? Want some more?"

07-19-2004, 03:16 PM
"do you have to ask? i can't believe this is possible, i know hapkido, heh" slash sat back and let the skills flow into his brain.

Black Knight of Keno
07-19-2004, 03:20 PM
Sabre smiled and let the data flow. Sometimes he changed disks and so Slash had small times to breath

07-19-2004, 08:02 PM
"how long have i been doing this? like an hour or so right?" not knowing that it has been going on for at least 9 hours
" i can't believe the technology that you guys have its amazing!"

Black Knight of Keno
07-20-2004, 03:31 AM
"Nine..." Sabre answered changed another disk

07-20-2004, 02:21 PM
"9! oh man, time goes by fast here, i see i'm onto vehicle training now eh? cool, keep it coming man"