View Full Version : Use The Spoiler Tag!

07-02-2004, 06:22 PM
That's right, even though the game was delayed until sometime around February 2005, already spoilers are coming out for the game.

Now I'm NOT talking about official stuff posted on LucasArts.com with pictures of the weapons or the official trailer.

And I'm not JUST talking about spoilers for the game's ending or storyline.

Since Republic Command is INTIMATELY linked with the prequel films, specifically Episode III, this means that spoilers in the game are also spoilers for the movie.

So at least through May 2005, we're going to have to be VERY CAREFUL with any spoiler info for Republic Commando.

Keep in mind the game will be out BEFORE anyone has a chance to see the movie, and many of us want to remain spoiler free for Episode III (yes, I realize that rhymes!).

Here is a simple way to warn about spoilers (people SHOULD warn about spoilers in every case, when in doubt, better to warn) in the following manner:

1) Put *spoilers* in your thread title. This warns people before they read it.

2) Do NOT put the actual spoiler in the title! An example (if this game were about ESB) would be:

"Vader is Luke's Father. What do you think of that?"

That is an example of what NOT to do with regards to Episode III and Republic Commando! So saying "*Spoiler* New Character*" is better than saying the name of the character. If you fail to do this, a moderator will edit your post/thread, but the damage may already be done. Many of us do not WANT both the movie and game spoiled for us, so use discretion.

3) Use the [/Spoiler] tag! This is most important of all.

Do you guys know how to use the Spoiler tag? No? Well it's easy. You just put the word Spoiler between brackets in front of the text you want to cover up and then after the text, but with a backslash in front of it. Here's an example:

Your spoiler text here. Notice you can't see it without highlighting? Good!

You highlight the "white" area with your mouse to see the spoiler. So you can't say you weren't warned.

If you forget, you can go back and edit your own post and put in the spoilers.

It's also important to note that many magazines and websites don't care about spoilers, so they will post them with wild abandon. If you are posting a gaming video or screenshots that contain spoilers, post the LINK to the site, rather than the actual material so people will have to go offsite to see it. Also give a warning if the linked content has spoilers so people have fair warning.

Now have fun, but be considerate!