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07-03-2004, 10:06 AM
Ok people I got some KOTOR 2 Sith Lord info I got this out of the PC gaming magazine and it has some details of your character and of the game(WARNING!! MAJOR SPOILERS! READ THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!)

Ok some of this reveals the plot to KOTOR 2 (read on if you want... you have been warned for spoilers!!!!)

some of this info for KOTOR 2 is offical

KOTOR 2 takes place 5 years after KOTOR

Reven has vanished to unknown region of the galaxy and after malaks defeat the republic is on its last legs.
The game starts with you cast as the last known jedi in the galaxy.

The first revelation!!!!

then..... theres no journey of discovery this time. You're Force-senstive and you know it!!!. The trouble is so do the sith. with the republic decimated by the second sith war the sith dark lords are looming large.

As the last unccounted jedi you are a potenial thorn in their side. YOU ARE THE HUNTED!!!..

It becomes apparent to you that the sith want to find out what you're doing as the last jedi and its immediately made clear that your presence isnt welcome.not just by the sith but also by other factions.

theres no turning to the jedi order for help either.

As a disgraced army leader in the mandalorian war that preceded KOTOR. YOU FOUGHT ALONG SIDE REVEN and MALAK but were exiled from the jedi order and robbed of your connection to the force and your powers.

You know the sith are closing in though.En-route to the war-ravaged planet telos aboard your ship the ebon hawk you were ambushed and wounded. the hawk drifted into space and mysteriously you wake from your slumber in a re-generation pod aboard the peragus mining facility- the starting point to your experience.
when you first arrive there dont seem to be any miners and you can find a trace of whats happened. So your first mission is to explore the facility and see whats going on. Then you have to find and recover the ebon hawk and escape the facility.
Luckily you're not alone. the first addition to your party is standing over you when you wake obly un like trask in KOTOR they will be stickinh around. the enigmatic Kreia is your mentor throughout.
As you progress you will discover the telepathic link with kriea.

and also is the key tp recovering your connection to the force and un locking your powers. before long you meet the second key character and he proves to be as inportant as your first.Atton Rand the mandatory scoundrel role in KOTOR 2 and is vital cog in the games compostion.

whichever path you chosen in kotor it would be reflected in the second chapter.

Atton Rand will question you about the fate of Reven,Your answers will trigger dialogues and situations later in the game and decide the NPCsyou will meet along the way.

Rand also has a low down on events at the mysterious facility

following a series of fuel detonations explosians and poison gas leaks, they've been wiped out.

thats the cue for some fire works as Rand and our hero blast their way through rooms of droids with metal flying like a meccano rainstorm.

the character is shown at level 12 complete with heaps of force powers.

You will have no such luxuries when you fight theses earilt robot wars.You'll begin with nothing collecting salvage from the facility and relying on you companions for protection. you will need it.

Obsidiian are working on a AI in order to make every skirmish more of a challenge.

when you're fighting opponants you'll have yo consider them more closely and select who you want to take out first
because if you ignore certian droids they will support those around them, healing them and reapairing their shields

with Kreias help the force will be flowing throught you againand eventually you wil be given an opportunity to grask a lightsaber!!!!

there will be new force powers and 60 added in total !!!

You will also be able to feel certian caharacters strong in the force because you will see their alignment the light side will glow blue and the dark side red.

Info on a few characters......

Kriea- Dont expect to much conversdation from your mentor. Kreia wont be revealing too much about her back ground unil you've proved your worth

T3-M4- complete with some pretty handy up grades T3 makes timely return from the original game to help you off the mining facilty in the opening chapter

Mira- this bounty hunter will be your fouirth party member.Armed with Bobba-fett style wrist rockets and a uniqe feat to put them to use shes a useful ally in combat.....

STAY ON THE LEADER.....(sounds important!)

Your party in KOTOR 2 will have even greater links with your character.For one thibg your companions side quests cab beused to change their opinion of you. this can have a marked effect on how the game pans out as your own dark or light points gained are reflected in those of your party.if you have an objector in the ranks he will gain dark side points to counter your growing allegiamce to the light, and the only way ofturning her/him around is to change her/his attitude to you as leader via her/his individual quests......

this means i guess if you loose Atton Rand or Kreia you cold be screwed!!!! so i guess its important to keep important ones happy hey !!!!

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Thats some indepth info what magzine was it.:) :)

07-03-2004, 07:01 PM
Interesting read. Some info I didn't know anything about. Thanx for the hook up :rock:

07-03-2004, 08:25 PM
Aye, good find there. Keep up the good work.

07-03-2004, 08:56 PM
I don't want to read it. Is there anything that will spoil it greatly?
-stupid question

07-04-2004, 12:13 AM
Very interesting! :D

Though this early before the games release some of this could, and probably will change.

07-04-2004, 07:34 AM
Good point.

Originally posted by Nevhision
I don't want to read it. Is there anything that will spoil it greatly?
-stupid question

No, not really. Unless you don't want to know how the game is slated to open at this time, & a little bit of the back story. As it is written at this time. It's basically some already known facts IE;(not sure if this is a spoiler for you, so) whats already been said in previous magazine reviews.. the jedi order in shambles, Revan disappearing, last of the known jedi, etc. & new info stated above.

I would like to know the source myself, so I can go & grab me a copy :)

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Originally posted by FiEND_138
[BI would like to know the source myself, so I can go & grab me a copy :) [/B]

Same Here! :D

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good info. strange opening and full of potential. this is shaping up to be a real treat.

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KOTOR 2 will pwn.

anakyl skywalke
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can u tranlate in vietnamese for me please i can`t read

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Another interview.......


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Originally posted by anakyl skywalke
can u tranlate in vietnamese for me please i can`t read

Sorry...this is pretty much an English speaking site, I'm not sure if anyone can. I can't...sorry...

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Originally posted by Prime
KOTOR 2 will pwn.

I sure hope so! :D

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Part 2...........


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Thats a pretty good read, thanks for the link! :D

07-15-2004, 01:44 PM
Darth Sion is going to be one of the new villains in kotor2 and information on him shud be added today