View Full Version : programmers: help me please...

07-06-2004, 12:42 PM
if you understand how the scumm backgrounds are recorded, so you could help me... i'm sure !!!!

i'm working on Monkey Island 2 (CD). I have a BIG projet with this game.

Several tools can show how the game is composed ( Scumm revisited, Scumm16....):
- The CLUT file is the palete
- The RMIM is for the backgrounds , it contain SMAP...

We can dump those files with Scumm revisited and i've create a tool who can replace those files by other ones.

That i wanna do is to find a tool which transform a BMP (or GIF) file to SMAP, RMIM or CLUT files !!!

After that, i have just to replace those new file (with my own tool) and we'll have changed the backgrounds of Monkey Island 2 !!!