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07-07-2004, 10:37 AM
I am working on a Mod which changes to rules mostly to the ones from the PnP version:
- every char gains an defense bonus based on class
- some classes (Soldier, Jedi) gain more skill points
- less starting feats (as in the rulebook)
- no Jedi Sentinel (has been changed into the Jedi Consular)
- some automatic feats are not automatic anymore
- some feats have ability prequesites

But I still have two problems:
- how to change the base damage of the weapons
- how to write a script which sets the personal defense bonus to 0 if wearing an armor (or how to change this armor bonus into a damage reduction)

07-07-2004, 12:00 PM
Sounds cool, I would like to see a new rule system, but since I never played PnP RPGs before I haven't a clue what the difference is.

Perhaps you can elaborate...

07-09-2004, 09:45 PM
I am still pretty new at modding for KOTOR, but I think the easiest way to change the base damages caused by various weapons is to edit the 2da file "baseitems".
You will need KOTOR tool to make the changes.

For instance if you want to change the base damage for all blaster pistols from 1 - 6 to 3 - 12 you would change the fields "NUMDICE" to 3 and "DICETOROLL" to 4 for the label called "Blaster_Pistol". This would make the base blaster do 3-12 dmg to shot. Since all the other blaster pistols use this as their base it will update their damage also. So the Zabrak Blaster Pistol(g_w_blstrpstl004) will now do damage of 6-15 instead of 4-9.

You could also update each individual item, but I think it is much easier to update the "baseitems" file.

Unfortunately, you will need to start a new game for the changes to take hold.

07-13-2004, 04:44 AM
That's the problem of my Mod. It will only work properly if you start a new game.

The mod will have following features:
- changed base weapon damage
- less starting feats (e.g. the scoundrel will only have blaster pistol and melee weapons, all jedi will have the same starting feats)
- every character will have a defense bonus based on class and level (will makes the jedi defense, logical upgrade and scoundrel's luck feats obsolent)
- the jedi class feats force jump, force focus and force immunity are open to every jedi
- nearly every class will gain more skill points (except scoundrel, scout, droid expert and jedi sentinel)