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07-09-2004, 02:46 PM
If you conevrted the Monkey Island saga into a movie, who would you have playing each part?

For the most part i'm unsure, but i have made my mnd up on a few ideas.

Stan:stan: = Jim Carrey.

Only an over actor could play Stan with the grotesque style required. Jim (in all his films) has a very O.T.T. style which would suit Stan in the best way.

Otis = Jean Reno (the guy from Leon and Ronin)

What can i say, he rules. His silent but deadly style you covert well over to the cowerdly charcter of Otis

LeChuck = Brian Blessed

yes he'll need some work to pull it off, but he is just so dominant on screen that he'd pull off the role brilliantly.

Herman Toothrot :toothrot: = George Carlin

All you need is a crazy white haired man, and this guy fits the bill

Largo LaGrande:largo: - Danny DeVito

he's short and funny, what more could you need.

Hippy Judge = Jeson Mewes

A stoner playing a stoner, what more could you want.

The captin on Scabb Island (who you need to steal the monicle for) = Lenny Henery

His jamaican accent in Harry Potter was hilliarious, it fits so well.

Erm, thats all i can think of ATM

I'll add more when i can think of em

Shout your ideas, as mine most probably suck.

07-10-2004, 03:23 PM
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