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07-12-2004, 07:45 AM
noone else has this problem, its stupid.

I try and host and it wont let me, Ive open the ports in and out on TCP and UDP, and Ive done what people have recommended, and it still doesn't let me host.

I used to be able to, for jedi Outcast, but that was Waaaaaaaay before I got my router (solwise) and broadband. It sucks, and I seriously am worn out. I've posted more than once, and NOONE has had the same problem. Please help, I beg of you...

Threepwood (Exhausted from trying, resisting from crying)

07-17-2004, 03:34 PM
JK2 and JA use different ports.

For JA: Open 29060-29099 UDP & TCP (supposedly you don't need all of those, but for me, I had to open all those for my router to allow me to host & play properly)

For JK2: Like above, but use ports 28060-28099

Most of the time the games will use 29070 and 28070 respectively, but that's not set in stone, as anyone can set a new port to use, so you'll be shut out of those games.

Also open your "DMZ" on your router for your internal IP (such as

If you use software firewalls, set them to give full access (allow all) to JAmp.exe and JAmpded.exe (JA. for JK2, see the equivalent exe files). If you use ZoneAlarmPro and don't know much about it, turning it off may simply be the best solution while you are hosting or playing.

Good luck!

PS: If none of the above works you may need to "update the firmware" or drivers for your router. This is a somewhat techincal procedure, so contact your ISP tech support for the proper procedure or consult the manual(s) for your equipment. Then set the ports again as in the above.