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07-13-2004, 07:29 AM
Well, i usually just RP on the battlefront forum, but the action (And the best RP'ers) has been gone for quite some time, so i decided i'll go and have some fun here. oh sure, they still have active threads there, but most of them died and there aren't as much as there used to be.

Alright: Time setting = During the OT. The Empire has attacked the rebel base on Hoth. But, hidden somewhere in the abandoned base, now full of wampa's, the rebels left behind an ancient Sith artifact they once stole from the Imperial labs. It is said to hold great power. Unfortunatly, Imperial Intelligence tracked it there after the assault on hoth. They have sent some bounty hunters and strike teams back to the base to retrieve the artifact. In the meanwhile, The bothan Spynetwork has informed the Rebel Alliance of the Empire's search for the artifact, and they, too, have sent in bounty hunters and strike teams.

Character buildup:
Alias: (Not necissary)
Age: (Not really necissary)
Alignment: (Rebel, Imperial, bounty hunter. But make it clear for wich side you work as a bounty hunter.)
Vehicle: (If you have one)
Weapon: (Keep it a bit realistic)
Bio: (Give a small description and background story.)

Name: Dann Wermo.
Alias: Stupid.
Race: Human.
Age: 27
Alignment: Bounty hunter, working for the Empire.
Vehicle: Stolen X34 landspeeder (Think Luke's landspeeder from ANH)
Weapon: E-11 Blaster rifle he borrowed and never gave back.
Bio: After the hunt for Yaeb Ginn, Dann continued working for the Empire. He's a treacherous coward, and isn't much of a fighter, But he can talk his way out of most nasty situations. You can always find him ont he winning side, and he isn't afraid to steal something if it would help him track down his bounty. Infact, he has to, since he's always broke. He hopes to become as great as Boba Fett himself, but currently, he's far from it. Tracking down the artifact is his second assignment.

There. I'll wait 'till we got s'more characters before i start.

07-13-2004, 12:59 PM
Name:Neo Stevens
Age: 27
Alignment:Imperal bounty hunter
Vehicle: Imperial 74-Z Speeder Bike
Weapon: DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol and Force Pike
Bio:Neo's really name was Trent towers but he got could in a bit of trouble with the imperal after he killed a bounty who was an moff in the imperal fleet. He died his hair and his eye colour and his name. he started as a gaurd. He had to gaurd a hutt called Bolla the hutt.He singaly handed beet off a whole gang (of 30 adavanced gangester) with just his force pike. Bolla made a deal with the imperal, that if he sent out his best man to find the artifact , the imperal would help gaurd Bolla's gang. Bolla chose
*drum roll*
Josh towers! (bet u didn't see that coming)

Black Knight of Keno
07-13-2004, 01:08 PM
Name: Not known
Alias: Tepe
Race: Human
Age: 25
Alignment: Imperial bounty hunter
Vehicle: Unmarked Lambda-class shuttle
Weapon: E-11 Imperial Blaster rifle
Bio: This bounty hunter that worked with the Rebels before the assault of Hoth. As he heard that the Rebel's had been crushed there, he skipped to offer his weapons to the Imperials. As he was offered a huge rewards for a sith relic in Hoth, he agreed as he owed money to many people on Coruscant, Nar Shadda and Tatooine. He may seem like a rookie, but is not.
He uses a Imperial trooper armor, with a modified helmet and the colour is red. His helmet looks somewhat like a Human face, but it has two small horns coming from the chin part.

07-13-2004, 01:35 PM
OOC: Nice... but i hoped for some resistance as well... Aw heck, the rebels will come, let's start!

IC: Dann was in his room. This was the first time he travelled aboard a star destroyer. They'd arrive on hoth in about fifteen minutes. Dann was preparing his gear, when suddenly the comlink beeped and the captains voice sounded trough it: 'Will the team for operation Artifact report to the bridge please.' 'That's me.' Dann said to himself. 'Operation artifact for crying out loud. As if they want the bothans to know every detail about us.' After asking soem stormtroopers for directions five times, Dann finally made it to the bridge. There, his companions were waiting for him. A motley bunch of bounty hunters...

07-13-2004, 02:30 PM
Neo was training with his force pike with the droids when he heard 'Will the team for operation Artifact report to the bridge please.' "got to go boys" he said as he left. He reached the bridge "whats up?"

07-13-2004, 02:44 PM
OOC: Muahahhahahahha! I'm a sithlord baby! I;m nearing the 1000! Could this be a dream?

IC: Another bounty hunter came in. The last one. 'What's up?' he asked. 'I was sort of hoping you could tell me.' Dann replied. 'But i think the captain's gonna brief us on the mission.' And he was right. 'Greetings strike team.' The captain started. 'As you know, your mission is to retrieve an ancient Artifact hidden somewhere in the abandoned Rebel base. You will be dropped.... here' He said, as a holo-projector in the middle of the bridge turned on and showed a map of one of the many snowy plains of Hoth. 'From there, you'll need to make your way to one of the bases entrances. The closest one is located... here, but you should also memorize the others in case it should be locked or collapsed. Once inside the base, you must search for the artifact. It is most likely to be located at the heart of the base, but we have no precise information. Expect minimal resistance; The base is abandoned and all you should encounter is a few Wampa's that worked their way inside. Well, that's it. Any questions?'

07-13-2004, 03:26 PM
"yeah. i have one: Are we working as one group?"

07-13-2004, 03:29 PM
'that is up to you. It is advisable, but not necissary. If the mission needs you to split up, do so. well, if your transport will be leaving 15 minutes after we arrive, any extra infomation has been uploaded to your datapads. I suggest you get your gear ready.' then the captain walked away again.

Black Knight of Keno
07-13-2004, 06:58 PM
Tepe had standed near the group the hole time.As he had learned in the business, keep your mouth shut, even if the commander, admiral of moff, would ask if anyone would have any questions. This exact captain was not one of his favourites in the Empire, they had argued many times for manny reasons, and the captain usually won. Tepe left the bridge and into his chamber. He packed a bag full of supplies and then waited for the call

07-14-2004, 08:41 AM
OOC: If you see a guy named Bim_blaster_bob or somethign like that, he's a total n00b that takes pleasure in ruining RPG's with spammy and sexually oiented posts. Do NOT pay attention to him in any way. He's been busy in the SWbattlefront RPG forum already, and i don't want him to get busy here, seeing how many threads there are here for him to spoil.

IC: Dann Didn't have much to pack. he was waiting with the shuttle already. His speeder was useless on Hoth, it was build for a warmer climate. Luckily, he could borrow an imperial speederbike. And then 'forget' to return it... Then, he saw the blue stripes of the hyperspace tunnel ffade, and he could see Hoth trough the forcefield shielding the hangar bay. Suddenly, the captains voice sounded trough Comlink again: 'Attention all troops. A rebel cruiser has been spotted behind the planet. Gunners, to your stations, pilots, to your fighters! Let's end this quick and teach them not to mess with the Empire!'

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 10:15 AM
Tepe stepped out from his room as the alarm sounded. The ship was allready taking fire from the rebel ship. Troopers were running around the ship as the shaking of the ship continued. In a small part of the ship, where Tepe was right now, started red lights flashing. One shot had penetrate the shieldings and throught the outer walls.Troopers were directing people away as Tepe was running allready to an elevator. Soon he found himself on the hangar level and walked into the hangar where Dann was waiting. Tepe was quiet, looking throught his helmet's visor where was a small screen on the side, counting the time when they would leave

07-14-2004, 10:29 AM
'Dammit. These Rebel terrorrists prove to be more of a threat then i first thought' Dann thought, when the ship started to sshake on all sides. Probably, the captain thought the same, because he called the bounty hunter strike team. 'Strike team, get to the Hangar bay ASAP. Your mission has been sped up. You will be escorted by two TIE Interceptors untill you reach the plant's surface. But we won't be able to give you any support whatsoever untill this battle is won. Go!' With that, Dann jumped aboard the shuttle...

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 10:40 AM
Tepe pressed a button behind his ear on the helmet that put the clock away. He smiled under the helmet as he stepped into the shuttle

07-14-2004, 11:00 AM
OOC: Alright guys, that bim guy, it's clear now. Appearently, a friend of his, that was into starwars roleplaying, told his friend about this site and said you could post funny things there. But, i believe he doesn't like starwars as much as the rest of us, so he went a bit over the top.

IC: 'Where are the others?' Dann asked. 'We had a team of six. Are they dead?'

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 11:04 AM
Tepee shook his head aas he didn't know what had happened to the others. He was quiet, like he wouldn't be able to speak at all.

07-14-2004, 11:32 AM
Neo ran in the hanger."The rebels sent a missile to the side of the destroyer. It hit the corridor witch i was in with the others. I use able to escape but they didn't"

07-14-2004, 11:52 AM
Moments later, the shuttle took off. It was a rough trip, one of the interceptors was blown out of space, but they made it. The hatch opened, and Dann jumped on his Speeder bike. 'finally a chance to try this thing out!'

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 01:03 PM
Tepe slowly climbed onto one of the speeder bikes. He had gotten one too, as did the others for this trip. He started the bike and put his legs ontto two small pipe kind of things coming outside from the bike. Tepe set a small keyboard onto his bike and started pressing buttons very fast. Screen appeared inside his visor that showed the map, distance and the shots he had left in his blaster. he let out a small laught and saw one of the communications troopers give signals to them as there came information from the cockpit. He saw the trooper show ten seconds was left. Tepe nodded slowly at the others just before the trooper counted with his fingers. Five, four, three, two, one... Tepe launched his bike that fell many meters down to the snow out of the hatch. He pressed a button on the keyboard and imediatly get the signal and distance to the base. Now he spoke first time to the others throught the comlink in his head. "North-west" he aid and turned his bike towards north-west and the base the planet seemed empty, but he knew there was many odd creatures lurking in the planet. He cursed that he hadn't get the heat-update to his mapping system, and so only saw his place, the other bounty hunters and any other that had the same heat level that a human, that the wampa's didn't have.

07-14-2004, 01:12 PM
'watcha doin?' Dann asked Tepe. 'Do you knwo where the base is? All i can see is that wrecked shield generator. Man i wish i memorized that map.' Suddenly, he heard something. He grabbed his E-11 and swung it around. 'Anyone there?'

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 01:53 PM
"The map is set in my helmet, I can see some buildings, and our current location, but not the wampa's..." Tepe stopped his bike and turned it to face Dann. "What was it? What did you hear?" he asked and looked at him, ready to draw his blaster.

07-14-2004, 02:02 PM
OOC: Wow, look at my post count :) I never thought i'd make it this far! i put up a thread in the swamp to celebrate!

IC: 'I thought i heard footsteps. Maybe we'd best try to get inside as quickly as possible, these Wampa's can be very sneaky crea...' At that point, a massive claw hit Dann in the chest, knocking him off his speederbike. 'Oof.... Shoot it dammit!'

07-14-2004, 02:10 PM
Name: Alaro Quintano
Alias: 'Freak'
Race: Devaronian
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Rebel
Vehicle: A-Wing
Weapon: Two DL-68 Heavy Blaster Pistols
Bio: A small (by human standards), wiry Devaronian ex-Hunter, Alaro was a footsoldier during the Battle of Hoth, where he suffered massive destruction to both legs and his right arm.

Pulled across the snow by a devoted friend, he was brought to the last transports in the nick of time. (Fortunately, Devaronians bleed quite slowly) Taken via transport from Hoth, attended by medical droids, he was brought a Medical Frigate, where he was fitted with prosthetic legs and a prosthetic right arm.

These new limbs, while their metal parts are uncovered and lend themselves to his nickname, grant him ferocious strength and speed. The loss of his limgs, though, has scarred him deeply, and he is very unlikely to show any mercy to any Imperials or their allies that he runs into.

This is his first mission since he recovered from his injuries.

Alaro kept an eye out. The others were inside- most of the team were security specialists, ex-bounty hunters and bounty hunters, about as close to a commando force as the Rebel Alliance had. And the Rebels did not have much of anything these days.

He shivered. The last time he'd been on this world... he shuddered at the memory of being dragged across the snow, staining the white cold with his black blood. The shock of looking down and seeing stumps were his legs used to be... he cocked an ear. Was that a speeder bike he'd heard? The day was clearing up, with the snowstorm settling down. Anyone counting on cover from the snowstorm was bound to be disappointed. He knew this planet and its funny snowstorms.

He was hidden behind a pipe sticking up out of the base. His radio headset crackled and the voice of one of the few of his party who was not there to shoot came on.

"We're close to the Artifact," said the man. "We have to slice through the door locks, though. Whoever sealed this up didn't want anyone getting in quickly." The snow was settling quickly, and Alaro thought he saw movement. He brought up his macrobinoculars. There were 4 men in armor that was not standard Imperial issue. The one was in red, another was wearing dark clothing, none of them apparently realizing that this made them hideously easy to spot.

The 8 Snowtroopers with them, though, seemed to blend in easily. Freak transmitted to his companions. "We got company. 4 bounty hunters, and 8 snowtroopers. 2 of the troopers are bringing an E-Web. No other heavy weaponry visible. South-East entrance looks where they're headed." Fortunately, the South-East entrance was well blocked. The only thing that really worried him was the E-Web, which was a swiveling tripod-mounted anit-infantry heavy gun that required two men- one for the gun, and one for the power source and the chest-high tripod.

Suddenly, out of the snow, a Wampa jumped up. Freak was amazed. It had blended in so well, he'd never even seen it, not even with the macrobinoculars.

07-14-2004, 02:14 PM
OOC: Nice. Not noly do you look liek a good RP'er, we also needed some resistance. Thanks.

IC:The snowtroopers quickly killed the Wampa and pulled it's dead body off of Dann. 'Thanks. I suppose. Now i got Wampa blood all over me. Let's get to the base. What's-your-name, you lead the way.'

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 02:29 PM
"Let's move out... We must get to the artifact soon..." Tepe looked around. "And watch out for wampa's. We must travel the hole time, not stay standing around" he said again and turned his bike back to north-west so they could get to the south-eastern door.The company moved fastly, a couple of troopers up ahead, scouting the terrain for wampas or rebel groups. Suddenly, the other trooper shot at a cave where a white figure was coming out. "Holy... That's a big wampa" he whispered to himself as the two troopers shot at all they got. "Go and help them. Kill the wampa" he said and five more troopers went to help as the others continued their way. It wasn't a long way anymore. the shield generator was allready showing clearly from the snow. Tepe hoped the rebel's hadn't allready gotten inside and activated the defense mechanism that would kill everyone that came too close.

07-14-2004, 02:36 PM
Neo landed som1 where different so he took a different path inot the base. as he entered the base two wampas attacked him. 1 wampa was on both sides. 1 of them tried to smack Neo with it's paw but Neo ducked and hit the other. The other wampa got angry and attacked the wampa who attacked it. Neo escaped and went deeper into the base leaving the tow wampas to fight amongst themself

07-14-2004, 02:43 PM
'Alright Tepe. You lead us to a door. Great job.' Dann said, as he walked up to the giant doors. Apparently this was the hangar bay once. 'A real great job. Especially since there's no way of opening it from this side. Hrmph. And the snowstorm's coming back too. We need to get inside before we freeze to death. Erm, anyone got explosive charges with him?'

07-14-2004, 02:49 PM
OOC: Thanks, and no problem

The Imps were decidedly closer, and running into big problems with Wampas. Where did those Wampas come from? wondered Freak. Suddenly, his comlink crackled.

"Shoot! -On the left, watch it!" - "There's one!"- "Gotcha! Look out!" - "There he EEIIIGHH!" The screams started and seemed to go on forever. Someone was shouting about Wampas being everywhere. Then nothing more. He shivered again, and called quietly into his headset. Finally, he got a response.

"Hello?" A woman's voice drifted out. "Who is this?" She sounded frightened.

"Alaro. I've got the roof, and am covering the East entrance." The East was where the Rebels had come in. "Who and where are you?"

"Jensa. I've got the North entrance." He nodded to himself. With the East and North entrances covered, that left the West entrance. They'd never checked that one, so he didn't know whether it was open or not. "What do we do?" she asked.

Alaro looked, and spotted the Imps. They had found the South-East entrance blocked, and were attempting to blow it up. "They are gonna blow the South-East entrance, looks like." he said. "I'm gonna run across the roof and drop down by your door. So please check your fire. I'll be the Devaronian."

He hunkered down, watching the Imperials make their way. They were very cautious now, but there probably shouldn't be anymore Wampas. He noticed they'd lost a trooper. He was wishng that they'd actually managed to get the power in the station working- they could ahve had the auto-defenses up.

He decided to make an ambush from above, and moved for the Imps...

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 02:53 PM
Tepe looked the door. "We could just try and cut it... It's thick, but not impossible" he said and looked at Dann. The troopers were with them too. "Try and cut the door with your blasters" he said and looked around. "My map has detected something near the base. Maybe another group. We shouldn't worry about it right now as we are so few"

07-14-2004, 02:54 PM
snowtrooper:i have some.

Neo entered deeper into the building. He was sirpirsed there wasn't much wampas in side the base. He reached the controll and saw two wampas fight over a leg of some sort. he shot both of the wampas and started hacking into the computers

07-14-2004, 03:00 PM
OOC: Er... steven. i think you're proceeding a bit fast. And you're fighting a bit, er, fast as well. We're still outside the base. And then there's the entire base for us to walk trough. Wampa's could be hiding around every corner. And there's sure to be some Rebel resistance.

IC: After five minutes of non-stop blasting the doors, there still wasn't a scratch. 'Alright, it's clear. Tepe, you have the map. Any other entrances? Nearby, i mean? We need to get out of this snowstorm before it turns into a blizzard.' He paused a moment and looked around. 'And those damn wampas may return...'

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 03:00 PM
"Hmmh..." Tepe looked around and then noticed a slight bleeping in his map. Someone was coming closer to them, from the roof, propably, because if it would come from inside, they would allready be dead by the automatic defense mechanism. "Weapons ready. Just in case" Tepe said, drawing his blaster.

07-14-2004, 03:04 PM
Dann raised his rifle. 'Got that. What do you see?' He looked around. He didn't see anything. 'Another Wampa? Has the Base's defense system been activated? what?' Then he turned to the snowtroopers. 'You guys, go find another way in. Whatever this is, we'll deal with it.' The troopers did as they were told and disappeared around the corner. 'Alright. bring it on.' Dann said.

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 03:10 PM
"You got a grappling hook?" Tepe asked and launched a hook and a rope to the roof. He soon got to the ledge, but stayed behind the ledge, hanging with the rope

07-14-2004, 03:14 PM
Alaro sneeked a peek over the top of the Base, and a succession of blaster bolts flew through the air, entirely too close for comfort, as he ducked back down. A shout, just to make sure that he knew he was spotted, rent the air.

The troopers were gone. It was just the 3 bounty hunters. He activated his headset. "Just to let you know: change in plans. They look to be leaving the North-East entrance. I just tried to ambush them, and the new I was coming. They have snnsors of some sort." He got up anc crouch-scuttled his way back towards the East entrance, pulling his blaster pistol. He peaked over the edge, and squeezed off a shot, hitting one of the troopers in the back of the knee. The man went down, screaming, and the others parted and wheeled quickly, seeking cover. Damn. These were veteran troopers.

A blaster bolt hit the snow just to his left, and he dropped down again. One of the Hunters had mvoed quickly around the corner, waiting for him.

He stuck a pistol over the edge, holding it in one hand, and blasted a few random shots down, then scuttled like a spider, low and quick, across the roof, towards the North Entrance.

A blaster shot flew past him, adn he realized now why there'd only been 3 Hunters before. One of them was up on the roof. He ducked behind cover and pulled out his second pistol.

07-14-2004, 03:46 PM
'hey!' Dann shouted. 'What the hell is going on up there? Hold on, i'm coming' Then he heard something behind him. 'Oh ****.' Another Wampa. Only this time, Dann reacted in time. He blasted it's shoulder and ran the hell away. 'Help! There's a wampa on my tail!' He shouted, while he ran towards the snowtroopers, who immediatly pulled him down into cover as he reached them. 'What's all the noise, bounty hunter?' 'There's a friggen wampa after me you nimrod.' With that, the trooper shot the wampa and informed Dann of their current situation. 'You see, there's a rebel sniper somewhere up there and he gotus pinned down. At least, we think he does. He already gunned down one of our men.' 'Why don't you send in the bounty hunter, sir?' A trooper asked. 'Good idea. Hey you, get your ass out there on the roof.' 'But there's a snipe-' 'NOW!' 'yessir.' And Dann walked to the base. 'Well, sir, he ain't dead yet...'

Black Knight of Keno
07-14-2004, 04:03 PM
Tepe jumped up to the roof ans started shooting at the rebel. He was quite accurate with all his blasts as he ducked behind a small snow pile. His armor was red, he knew that, and so he was a nice target.

07-14-2004, 04:09 PM
Dann heard more shots, and grabbed his cable as well. He got on the roof, and saw the rebel lying behind a heap of snow, with his back towards him. He quickly grabbed his rifle and aimed. 'The back. My favorite target.' He whispered to himself...

07-14-2004, 04:35 PM
I really should have anticipated their having some grapples, thought Alaro. He heard a clank from behind him as a grapple hit the railing. Someone was coming up from behind him. He turned around, and the man was already there. Damn, that was fast. A modified grapple?

He shot left-handed, not really trying to hit the man, but just trying to make him flinch. The man did, and Freak brought his right gun in line with him. The other man fired, hitting his right leg. The prosthetic leg, it was, so luck was still with him. All his prosthethis had enough armor to stop a couple of shots and ablate one more beyond that, so it was lucky that the rifle hit that leg. His right hand, more accurate, aimed for the man. A shot hit the snow on the ledge in front of the man, and blazed through it. It was ablated enough by the snow that it just made the man's armor get a bit warm.

The second bounty hunter got behind cover and Freak used his powerful right leg to propel himself away in a superhuman jump. He landed about 15 feet away, and rolled behind some cover. He stopped for a moment to get his breath back. He didn't often jump that far, as it could be taxing on him when he landed.

He looked around. Time for a sprint for safety, maybe.

07-14-2004, 08:29 PM
Name:Junn Kinoto
Alias: Warrior
Age: 26
Alignment: Rebel Bounty Hunter
Vehicle: y-wing
Weapon: Modified double sided vibroblade and heavy mandalorian pistol
Bio:Junn grew up in the traditional mandalorian home but his parents were killed by imps so he has been traveling around as a bounty hunter ever since he was 12, and getting better at it every second.

Junn landed near the north-east exit, he saw some storm trooper running away and other bounty hunters attack Alaro, junn ran around the fight near the base of some cliffs, he saw alaro jump from the building to 10 yards form junn " don't worry i got your back, alaro, lets see if we can get them from the side" junn then started to sneakily run around to the side of the building.

07-14-2004, 11:20 PM
"Junn- I'm glad to see you," said Alaro. He recalled the face of the man who'd dragged him from the trenches to the hangar, stopping ocasionally to deal with attacing Imperials. That man had saved his life. That man had been Junn Kinoto, who'd been collecting on a bounty for the Rebels when the Imperial Fleet attacked.

He followed Junn. "Contact with the team inside was lost rather abruptly," he said. "I suspect Wampas did it. There's a survivor who was guarding the Northern door. She can let us in easily."

07-15-2004, 05:14 AM
'Dammit. They've got reinforcements! Who knows how much more rebel scum may be out there!' Then, Dann's comlink beeped. 'Mister Tepe, and Stupid, we found a way in. meet us by the east entrance.' 'Finally an entrace that's open? Good.' 'Well, hat's one way to put it, but it seems more like it was blown open...' 'Probably the Rebels. I'll be with you as soon as this sniepr giver me a chance...'

07-15-2004, 06:28 AM
Name: Sabrae Hozir
Alias: Serce Nilt
Race: Zabrak
Age: Approximately 23
Alignment: Freelance Bounty Hunter, currently working for the Rebel Alliance
Vehicle: None, steals ships
Weapon: Vibro-Blade, Disruptor Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Bio: Serce Nilt is a novice Bounty Hunter. He changed his name to Serce Nilt when he had to hide from a group of stormtroopers. Since then, the name stuck.
His first mission was the Hunt for Yaeb Ginn, where he was ditched by his former partner Dann. Serce is now harder and more sure as to whom to join and whom to ditch. Serce lost his blaster rifle in a mission and now works as an efficient sniper and melée fighter.

IC: Serce landed on the snow-filled planet. He hopped out of his 'borrowed' ship as soon as the cockpit opened and looked around. The snow was blocking to much sight, but he was sure he was near the base.
'Well, this is the place.' he said and ventured ahead. Using his inra-red binoculars, he zoomed into Alaro. 'Well, well.' he unsheathed his vibro-blade and advanced slowly to the two strangers.
'Who's there?' he asked in a loud voice.

07-15-2004, 06:33 AM
Dann slowly crawled away, backwards, to the end of the roof, and softly dropped himself. 'Tepe' He said in his comlink. 'You kepp 'em busy. I'll go inside the base.' Without waiting for answer, he went to the door. The stormtroopers were already waiting for him...

07-15-2004, 09:31 AM
Alaro turned as the man with the vibro-blade approached. "I'm Alaro," he said, hefting his blasters in no uncertain way. The blasters were aimed at this new man. "I work with the Rebel Alliance, as does Junn here. We're dealing with some Imperials who are trying to break into the base."

He had no idea if the man was with the Rebel Alliance, but at least he asked first before attacking. Nonetheless, he didn't tell the man everything right away.

07-15-2004, 11:35 AM
*Neo started hacking into the computer.*Hmm, this looks enteresting."said Neo
"roar!"cired a wampa. It through it's fist at Neo before he was able to get the data he wanted. The wampa knocked Neo out and Neo woke up in the wampas cave. "I need to get out of here"

07-15-2004, 11:35 AM
*Neo started hacking into the computer.*Hmm, this looks enteresting."said Neo
"roar!"cired a wampa. It through it's fist at Neo before he was able to get the data he wanted. The wampa knocked Neo out and Neo woke up in the wampas cave. "I need to get out of here"

07-15-2004, 02:43 PM
junn took out his double vibroblade since the new man was close for enough for melee combat "if you are wiht the alliance please come wiht us and let us move on" Junn thne put his vibro blade back on his back(:D) then quickly moved on around the base

Black Knight of Keno
07-15-2004, 03:30 PM
Tepe attached his long range scope on the blaster and quickly aimed at the two men. They maybe didn't know that they were an easy catch, but Tepe sure did. He attached a small box looking thing on the end of the blaster and shot towards Junn. There was only the very small click as the trigger was pulled backwards and the laser bolt shot towards Junn's chest. He crouched fast behind a snow pile and waited a second before rolling to the edge again and aim again at Junn, this time lying on the snow.

07-15-2004, 08:01 PM
(wait did you hit me?)
" geez! i think he was over there, but i'd rather get cover first!"
Junn crawled over behind a snowbank almost impossible to be shot at.

Black Knight of Keno
07-16-2004, 02:58 AM
(Your choise. I just said that I shot at you and then got to another place to aim)

Tepe saw Junn jump behind a snowbank. "Damnit..." he said to himself and now aimed at Alaro. "Dann, do you hear me? Get into the base and take over the inner weaponry, manually, and get me some damn cover!"
Tepe said into the comlink and shot towards Alaro.

07-16-2004, 06:48 AM
Serce rolled behind a snow dune. Setting himself upon it, he crouched and aimed with his disruptor rifle for Tepe. After a while, he pulled the trigger and let loose a fast ray of energy.

Evil Dark Jedi
07-17-2004, 03:07 AM
Name: Zoric Bastar
Alias: Unknown
Race: Human
Age: 27
Alignment: Imperial Bounty Hunter
Vehicle: Speeder Bike and Stolen X-Wing
Weapons: Dual Blasters,Snipe Rifle,E-11 blaster,frag grenades
Bio: Zoric is an expert bounty hunter who has been on over 500 missions all a success.His parents were killed by rebels during a battle on his home planet of Alderaan.

Zoric was in the Rebel Base on Hoth as being part of the earlier detatchment.His group had been killed by wampas.He was near the east entrance when he heard blaster fire coming from above him.He headed to the east entrance and saw that it was open.He saw another bounty hunter and several snowtroopers.The snowtroopers looked surprised to see Zoric.Since Zoric was all scratched and covered in blood he supposed that he looked very weird.The bounty hunter was talking into a comlink.

07-17-2004, 07:32 AM
'Hello? Tepe? Yes, i'll try.' He said. then he looked around. 'who the heck are you? Friend or foe?' He asked Zoric. 'Answer wisely, because there are four rifles pointed at you.'

Black Knight of Keno
07-17-2004, 08:03 AM
Dann heard nothing. Suddenly, a thump was heard from the comlink. Then only a crackling noise and a high pitched bleep. The disruptor rifle had hit the snowpile taht's behind Tepe was hiding again.

Half a minute before

Tepe took his helmet off. It was useless as the rebel would launch the disruptor rifle. He pressed a button on his belt and the suit started turning white. It wasn't so fast so he couldn't just run away, so he had to start running towards the east entrance. Suddenly, Serce shot with his disruptor rifle.The blast knocked Tepe down on the snow. "Where the hell did that come from" he said to himself as he hadn't noticed Serce. He rose up, threw a thermal detonator to wards where he thought the disruptor rifle had been launched. He ran now as fast as he could and soon dropped from the roof. His suit had allready changed, including his helmet. He put his helmet again into his head. Now the power was out of his suit. He needed to recharge the batteries. He took the scope from his rifle and the silencer allso. He was in a hurry to the others. He started running.

Evil Dark Jedi
07-17-2004, 08:32 AM
"My name is Zoric Bastar and I was part of the last squad down here to get the artifact and my team got killed by wampas"said Zoric."So im a friend".

07-17-2004, 08:34 AM
Serce saw the thermal detonator fly towards him. Serce knew this meant trouble. He jumped from the dune and chased Tepe, who was camoflaged. 'Where the hell did he go?' Serce said. The detonator shot behind, and it's shock wave knocked Serce down. 'Where'd those two hunters go?' he said, looking for Alaro and Junn.

He went back to his disruptor scope and hid behind a snow mound. He could see something moving. Was it an illusion? Was it a mirage? Was it real?

He loaded up and shot hard, inaccurately.

Black Knight of Keno
07-17-2004, 08:52 AM
A disruptor rifle's blast hit the snow only a few meters away from Tepe. Another a few meters back. The two were quite mild and mase Tepe lose his balance and drop again into the snow. He cursed and drew hs blaster. He put the scope back and crouched behind a snow pile. A red flash came from his blaster and a red laser bolt hit the snow just next the pile that's behind Serce was. Another hit the pile. Another, another, another and another. Tepe started running before the enemy would get loaded up again

07-17-2004, 08:57 AM
'Another survivor, eh? Your team must've landed after us. And, is the ship still intact? Oh well, never mind. As you can see, we've found an entrance. C'mon, let's go. You go first' Dann said. So i will be safe from any wampa's hiding in the dark... he thought.

Evil Dark Jedi
07-17-2004, 09:02 AM
"Ok".Zoric walked in and saw wampa.He fired his blaster and hits it in the head.It dies and Zoric sees a person around the corner."SSSHHH"whispered Zoric to the people behind him.

07-17-2004, 09:30 AM
Serce roared and ran from cover to cover, avoiding the rain of lasers. He disarmed his disruptor and returned fire with his pistol. He fumbled in his jacket and found a frag grenade. He hid behind a snow pile and threw it at Tepe.

07-17-2004, 02:16 PM
Junn rolled towards another snow pile then popped up and shot a 5 round burst at where serce was shooting then ducked behind the pile again
" serce, you hold him off me and Alaro will cut him off, come on alaro, this way!"
Junn crawled quickly and stealthily around where tepe was and started piling up snow to make another bank, junn sort of saw a white figire moving around in the snow but he couldn't tell.

Black Knight of Keno
07-17-2004, 03:45 PM
Tepe followed Serce's movements and shot at him, not even making a mild confusion. This guy was very well trained. And experienced. It felt he knew him from his own rebel times, but put this matter aside. He was working for the Imperials, Rebel's were their enemies, and even if it would be any of his old friends, he wouldn't care. He changed his position and saw small movement. It was Serce's friends. He cursed in his mind and threw a thermal detonator at the small pile of snow that was rising. Tepe decided to split. It was three against one. Not fair, but a very nice challenge...
...and Tepe loved challenges.
He rose up as the thermal detonator allmost hit the ground. He threw another into the same direction as he ran towards the east entrance. He got just behind a corner and looked back. He had to hurry to the others, but then a laser shot hit the snow net to him. He jumped into a hole in the snow. It was a good place to hide. It was a part of the old defense line of the rebels. It was the closest one to the base. Maybe made by the large cannons of the AT-AT's in the battle. He was a log way from the place he was a moment ago. He started scoping for the enemy

07-17-2004, 10:05 PM
Junn seeing thermal detonator fly towards him he grabbed alaro and jumped away just as it blew up and then a second explosion was seen, junn figuring out the enemy was too smart to stick around, junn got up and ran in the direction of the thermal detonator then hit the snow and crawled for a bit but he couldn't go too far or he would get lost so he turned around and crouch-ran back to alaro
" he's gone, i don't know where but he left, lets focus on our mission and lets get going, SERCE! JOIN US WHEN YOU CAN!" junn hoped serce heard him, thne he ran off towards the rebel base.

Evil Dark Jedi
07-18-2004, 01:52 AM
Zoric went around the corner and sees one of the members of his team."I thought you died"said Zoric.The survivor says"I escaped the wampa you saw me go behind it not get eaten by it"."Oh well the more people the better.This is part of the second squad down"said Zoric as he pointed at the snowtroopers and the bounty hunter.

07-18-2004, 08:06 AM
IC: 'Hey, you. Did you by chance see the artifact?' Dann asked.

OOC: Sorry, that was a bit short post, but there's not much more i can do...

07-18-2004, 09:04 AM
'Alright!' Serce shouted to Junn. 'We'll meet again, invisibleman.' he said under his breath.

He creeped up and followed Junn. 'A tricky fellow, he is. Watch for him, he's my prey.' he told Junn.

Black Knight of Keno
07-18-2004, 09:20 AM
Tepe didn't see the rebel's anymore. They had split the scene. Tepe had to do that too. Soon he found himself pointing his blaster towards the darkness of the inside of the base. He walked inside, carefully. He needed to find the power switch. If the others only would be on his way to the deeper levels of the base. He ran to a blaster door that was closed. He was all alone for the moment. He didn't know if anyone was near, his suit was out of power and there was wampas everywhere. He was very lucky there wasn't wampas around when he was shooting at the rebels. It seemed he was a bit over lucky. Something was lurking in the lowest levels of the base, and he didn't want to know what it was.He go the door to open with a hiss. A roar sounded from behind the door. Tepe had been warned by his friends in the rebel fleet not to go anywhere near the Hoth system. They said something bad lurked in the small corridors of the base. He had heard the rebel's had built the base over a huge community of wampas and the leader had broken into the lower levels and then locked there. Nobody went there. Then the imperials attacked and the rebels scattered and left the planet. Tepe forced himself throught the door and rabn down the corridor and towards the elevator.

07-18-2004, 09:30 AM
Originally posted by Evil Dark Jedi
Zoric went around the corner and sees one of the members of his team."I thought you died"said Zoric.The survivor says"I escaped the wampa you saw me go behind it not get eaten by it"."Oh well the more people the better.This is part of the second squad down"said Zoric as he pointed at the snowtroopers and the bounty hunter.

(is that survivor steven???)

Evil Dark Jedi
07-18-2004, 11:01 PM
Originally posted by steven
(is that survivor steven???)


IC:"Yes we found the artifact but there is more but wampas gaurding it.We walked in and about 12 wampas attacked us and then this thing appeared.It looked like a Sith.It raised its lightsaber and attacked us.We couldnt hurt it because it seemed to be a hologram.I think it came from the artifact"said Zoric

07-19-2004, 01:24 PM
Alaro, Junn and Serce moved as fast as they could for the North door. "Contact with the team inside has been lost," said Alaro to Serce. "They didn't really have time to say what the difficulty was, though I suspect Wampas."

As if called by name, one of the creatures rose up from the snow right in front of the group. It went down easily, with the three of them concentrating their attacks on it. Just around the corner was the North Entrance. Entering it, Alaro spoke into his com. "I've picked up some friends," he said. "And we're just inside your entrance."

A moment later, Jensa stepped forward, out of a dark passageway. Serce's head-mounted light fell on her, and she held up a hand to block the light. "Damn," she said. "Turn that light out, or stop pointing it at me." Serce angled his head to the side, so that the light fell on the snow and ice.

Alaro looked at her. Small, no, diminutive by human standards, Jensa stood just under about 4 feet, 10 inches. Her jaw angled out, like someone used to using a domineering personality to take control of a situation. Perhaps that had something to do with her height. Perhaps not.

"This is it?" she asked. "Ah, well..." she looked at them. "Guess we have to get to the Artifact. Might as well get going." She moved to the front, as the point in their odd caravan. Alaro moved next in line, with Serce and Junn behind him. They all stayed spread apart, so that it would take more than a couple of Wampas to bring them down.

The power was still off, so it was a special sort of ungodly murkiness and dark within the base. The head-mounted lights bounced off the walls in odd formations, here, there, and now over there, reflecting off the white snow, and piercing the deep and gloomy dim.

Alaro felt a certain sense of claustrophobia as the darkness rolled around him and his light. Where the light was, there, he could see. As he moved his head, though, he could see, out of the corner of his eye, the inky dark roll back in where just a moment ago his light had shined. It made him feel paranoid. If there had, perhaps, been a Wampa or two to confirm his paranoia and release some pressure, he might not have been so jumpy when Jensa popped up in front of him, her light off. He nearly shot her, and then cursed at her.

"Quiet," she said, motioning the other two closer. She motioned also for them all to shut off the lights. They did so, and sat there in the dark, Alaro feeling all the more jumpy now for not being able to see anything. "Voices down the hall- must be Imps, or they'd have answered the occasional calls we've still been putting out over the Rebel coms."

"Did you find out what we're up against?" asked Alaro. Then, behind Jensa, he saw a light similar to his own recently extinguished light bounce off the wall of the hall, which made a sharp turn just ahead. Someone was coming up the hall. Another light joined it. Alaro spoke, cutting Jensa off in the middle of some sarcastic reply. "Imps coming up the hall. Junn, Serce, get further down the hall and be ready to provide cover fire. Jensa, you go over to the left side of the hall- no, my left side. Snuggle up beside something on the ground, and lay there like a dead body. Let's see if we can't take them noiselessly."

Alaro suited words to deed, and crawled forward, closer to the sharp turn up ahead, found an old pipe on his right and sort of curled up around it, and then held very, very still.

The lights reached their highest brightness, and then 2 snowtroopers popped around the corner, proving themselves to have some idea about how to round corners properly. The light was nearly on him when he closed his eyes. He could see the light through his closed eyelids, and heard the muttering of the troopers. "Why are we even checking out this hall?"

"That one Hunter thought he saw something. We get to check it out. You know how it works." A pause. "Well, I see some bodies here, nothing suspicious. Best check out that next corner and then back to the group."

"Good. This place gives me willies, Sarge." The crunch of trooper boots on snow, and then Alaro was up, and had his single vibroblade in one hand. With a quick motion while rising, it was on, and then he stabbed the trooper with it in the soft spot of the back of his neck, between helmet and backplate. The man crumpled, just like Jensa's man, who'd been slashed across the throat.

07-19-2004, 02:32 PM
" good job you too although i was expecting some action" Junn whispered as he retracted his double vibroblade and then searched the bodies and found nothing of great use. Junn then turned his light back on and motioned for the group to carry on, and they did junn taking the back looked around at the hall, clumps of bloddy fur,blaster holes, so much death had and will happen here.Junn turned his head to see more fur, but this time it was moving towards him, junn soundlessly took out his double vibroblade and slashed the wamps head clear off.
"i like to keep my blade sharp" junn said as he wiped the blood from his blade the retracted it.

Black Knight of Keno
07-19-2004, 02:56 PM
Asmall explode echoed throught the empty corridors of the base. Tepe put his grappling hook on the side of the elevator and lowered himself with the cable. As he got to the level he had remembered the power would switch on, he placed an explosive onto the door leading there.
Another explode echoed and Tepe lowered downwards to the exploded door. He swung himself in throught the door. He pulled the cable and the hook fell down with the cable. Tepe catched it and lit up two of his lights on his shoulders. He walked down the corridor with his blaster pointing to the ground(Like SWAT holds their wepons).

He finally got to the power switch. It took him hard work and lots of bullets into wampas, but he got there. He first loaded his suit from a smaller box. He looked around him all the time. As the suit was back in full power, he tried to make contact with the others. "Dann, can you hear me?" He said into the comlink and waited for an answer as he opened the box. He looked the cables and lights.Everything was ripped apart. Wampas were obviously well organized...
He started connecting the wires as his suits info told him. Only a few minutes later he got the wires connected and held the switch. He was ready to pull it as he heard a roar and launched his grappling hook onto the ceiling, onto a part that was broken so he could get to the small ventilating pipe system. He looked down and saw a huge wampa running just below him as it thought Tepe had ran away.
Tepe heard the wampa run further and further. It was safe to drop down, like he did. He called for Dann again as he hadn't gotten an answer the first time. He pulled the switch and some lights in the ceiling exploded. Wampa roars were everywhere. The only way out of this level was obviously the ventilation system. He had no time to go through all these pipes and so ran towards the elevator. He heard roars again and so he knew the escape to the upper levels had to be fast. He juped down the elevator shoot and launched the grappling hook that stated pulling him up. As he got to the upper level, he smiled as tthe lights were on...
((This took a while, and he hadn't heard anything from Dann, so you have quite free hands untill someone of you decides the powers came back))

07-19-2004, 04:31 PM
Neo got bored for waiting for one of his fellow bounty hunter. We got knife from his belt "Man i'm glad Wampas ant bright" He smashed the ice with the knife so it broke the ice.
The wampa turned to Neo as he reached the ground
"roar!" The wampa cried as it goes to attack.
"holy cow" neo quickly grapped his blaster witch was on the floor and shot the wampa in the arm. Neo ran out of the cave.

ooc:i'll carry on with my role play tomorrow.

07-20-2004, 06:36 AM
Serce searched the bodies, but found nothing. He proceeded through a nearby corridor. 'In here,' he motioned, ' think this "artifact" is buried deep inside the base.' He turned towards the two. 'It would be wise to enter here, I think.'

He took out a spy bomb and threw it down the corridor. The bomb rolled and apparently fell and a small clang was heard. Serce checked the controls. There was a small room where it had fallen and it was filled with controls.

Serce exploded the bomb and rolled down the corridor, and leaped off the ledge into the room, via a ventilation pipe. As his friends followed, Serce check around the controls when a large, white hand seized his shoulder. Serce turned, but the Wampa flung him on a wall. He took out his vibro-blade and blocked the Wampa's attacks. With careful timing, he jumped and sliced the Wampa's throat.

He heard rumbling. It might have been his friends coming, but unfortunately, it was the cry of two more wampas coming...

Black Knight of Keno
07-20-2004, 08:34 AM
Tepe woke up suddenly. He had blacked out as soon as he got out of the elevator. He had looked around and then saw a white, large hand hitting him. now he was being taken somewhere. The place was dark and his lights were off. He didn't see anything except a furry wampa carrying him. He tried to reach his vibro-blade or blaster but couldn't reach. It was a few inches too short. A white hand hit him again and he blacked out. He woke up again, hanging from the roof. It was one of the upper levels. He looked around and swung himself to catch his blaster. He started shooting at the ice around his feet and he dropped. He finished hismelf off from the ice with the vibro-blade and started running. The power was still on. He jumped into the ventilation pipes and soon found himself looking into a darker room. It was the control room. He had found it. But there was five wampas in the room. He knew the presence of those furry creatures. He looked his blaster. It was still in one peace. The scope and the silencer was still there. Tepe shot towards the white figures one at a time. Everyone of the ten shots hit the wampas. Head was his main target, some hit the neck. He saw something on his map. "What the... Someone's in the room... A human..." he said to himself and lit up both his lights and took them off of his suit. He started pointing his lights around the room. He saw someone hanging from the roof. Three more. It looked like they were rebels.

((I think I would like to think it was you four hanging there. And you do know that wampa's don't just die from one shot's. That's why I hid in the pipe as the wampa came))

07-20-2004, 11:30 AM
(I hate to make an all OOC post, but when you say 'you four' in reference to the 4 Rebels hanging from the ceiling, are you referring to the Rebel RP characters?)

Black Knight of Keno
07-20-2004, 01:32 PM
OOC: Yeah... I just didn't know how to put it :p

07-20-2004, 02:20 PM
(wait you said you saw 3 rebels hanging thne in your OOC you said you 4? what's going on wiht that?)

Black Knight of Keno
07-20-2004, 02:29 PM
OOC: Maybe I didn't see the fourth? :D

07-20-2004, 03:56 PM
Junn woke up to see someone shooting at the wampas, he couldn't reach his vibro blade or blaster, the y were on the floor a little to the right of him, so he decided to wake up the others
" hey guys! wake up we were attacked by wampas, if one of you could reach your blaster, or mine either and shoot us down that would eb great"

07-21-2004, 06:29 AM
Serce woke up and blinked a few times. He caught Junn's words. He looked around, apparently somebody was attacking a wampa.

He tried to take his weapons, but they were not there. 'Damn!' he cried. He hanged where he was and then wiggled a bit. His last thermal detonator popped out. Serce tried to catch it, but only managed to fling it towards the Wampa. A second later, there was an explosion and a sound of a dying Wampa was heard. He felt the ground, apparently he had fallen from his hanging. Smoke filled the iced chamber, and nothing was certain...

07-21-2004, 08:13 AM
OOC: What happened? My connection was down for three days...

07-21-2004, 10:19 AM
Alaro woke up with a pounding headache, wished he hadn't done so. His right arm flexed, metal clicking on metal, as he slowly returned to conciousness. He opened his eyes, and immediately shut them again. He was not about to tolerate his eyes acting oddly.

After a brief inward lecture to his eyes to straighten up and stop trying to pull tricks on him, he opened them again.

The world remained steadfastly upside down. He began to contemplate this. The last thing he remembered was Serce suddenly grunting, Jensa yelling something, and he'd turned around to shoot the wampa that had been in the middle of attacking Serce. Junn had been thrown to the side by the Wampa's initial attack. Alaro had looked for a shot, but the way the Wampa kept a hold of Serce, he couldn't, really.

Then he'd been hit from behind. That bothered him, as the Wampas had apparently been taking lessons in tactics since he'd been on Hoth before. He'd been part of a team to clear out a nest of the things in the lower levels of the main Rebel base, and they hadn't been bright enough to use sneak attacks and diversions before.

Matter of fact, the Wampas seemed to be behaving much more intelligently ever since he got here. Lying in wait, letting the snow cover their bodies up, and then jumping up out of it to ambush passers-by. He puzzled over this a moment until he heard someone groan loudly. Junn was talking about reaching their blasters. Alaro quickly searched his body. His weapons were not there. He shrugged, and pulled himself up to his feet. He pulled his right arm back and slammed it into the ice surrounding his feet three times, and then fell to the ground.

A moment he lay there, trying to get his breath back, and then a thermal detonator exploded. He was thrown by the concussive wave across the room, and into a bank of computers. Ice and snow raised up in the room, filling it with sort of a cold cloud. He twitched his legs, and stood up for a moment, and then started looking around for his blaster.

Black Knight of Keno
07-21-2004, 10:24 AM
A small explode sounded in the room and stone flied a few meters away from the rebels. As the stone and the explosion made some dust flying around, Tepe dropped out of the pipe and landed on his feet with a small thump. "Good evening" Tepe said sarcastic tone on his voice. "Am I right that you are the rebels I met outside. One of you had a very good sighting with the disruptor rifle?"
Tepe looked around. "Dont worry about me. I may be one of the Imperial's, but now that I'm lost from the others, I'm not really sure what to do" he said again, pointing his blaster at the roof and started to shoot the ice around the last two's feet. "Besides, I'm outnumbered. I shouldn't do anything dumb" he said as Junn dropped from the roof.
He put his blaster away and looked Serce

07-21-2004, 02:24 PM
" thanks i guess" junn said as he got up and picked up his blaster and vibro blade " we should get out of here before the wampas come back, and you, you will stay in the middle where we can see you, and yes i trust no one"

07-21-2004, 11:35 PM
Alaro found both his pistols on a desk, along with the others' weapons. Had the Wampas figured out to do that all by themselves? And why would they? It wasn't like they had any great pressing need to stockpile weapons. Alaro looked around uncomfortably.

He looked at the Imperial Bounty Hunter with a certain vehemence. "Your loyalties are as thin as the Empire's justification for this war? Somehow, I am not surprised to find it so." His feet, both of them metal prosthetics, tapped the floor. Where 4 toes were on a normal Devaronian, there were now 4 metal claws. A kick from one of his legs could tear open the man's face... He smiled a toothy Devaronian smile, and the man smiled back, little knowing what caused Freak's smile.

"Please, good sir," he said, his voice dripping with sarcastic smoothness, "Be so good as to hand over your weapons." He extended his right hand to the man for the weapons, his metal arm catching the light.

Black Knight of Keno
07-22-2004, 07:04 AM
((Well, that's a little fast. Maybe you should... umm... read what's happened?))

Tepe threw his blaster into the air and catched it from the pipe. As he was giving his blaster to Alaro, he kicked a small button on his other boot and a vibro-blade flew up to his hand. He catched it and gave it to Alaro. He took the four thermal detonators from his belt that were left and gave them to Alaro also. "You want the explosives too?" he asked saracstic tone on his voice. He took his helmet off. "Ah, much better. You know, this helmet is hot. And if I'm right, you seem like the one that shot with the disruptor rifle" he said, turning back to see Serce. "Name's Tepe. Rebel hunting for money in the Imperial team"

07-22-2004, 08:25 AM
OOC: D'y'know how freakin much that is? And besides, a lot can still happen. You can steal it from me, more people can join (reinforcements) i can get knocked of my feet by a wampa, and after this scenario we can continue on with another... But alright, i suppose i should try to read it all... Thoguh it would've been a lot easier had someone just said what happened to them and where they are now.

EDIT: Alright, i deleted that last post, since it didn't really fit in... But i'm outta sync here. And having a hard time getting back in...

Black Knight of Keno
07-22-2004, 10:31 AM
OOC. It's not much. In one forum, I tried to get into an RP. I was five pages behind, and the guys were still posting. Like every muinute there was a new post. Try it sometimes.

07-22-2004, 02:23 PM
"alright enough wiht the pleasantries, lets get out fo here, wait i think i reactivate this console, thankfully i had a brother who was a master at computers, he taught me everyting i need to know"
Junn walked over the contorl panle, pressed a few buttons, pulled a few levers, and ti started up, he acsessed the video panels and searched through until he found the romm where the artifact was
"ah ha! i got it, its guarded by alot of wampas, wierd i didn' think they were smart enough to guard something, whatever, it looks like we can get in form here" junn pointed to numourus(sp) screens and saw a path " alright, lets go" junn walked over to a door and opened it "move tepe"

07-23-2004, 06:45 AM
Serce looked at Tepe, a stern gaze. 'You escaped this time, but you will not come alive next time.' he said and walked around the room. The smoke cleared and Serce was feeling a bit better. He strecthed (sp?) himself and went over to the party. He thought about the cunningness of this bounty hunter and asked Tepe, 'Speak Up, do you know where the Artifact is?'

Black Knight of Keno
07-23-2004, 06:57 AM
"I have no idea. I knew where the power switch was, but I have nothing in my map that would seem like an artifact" Tepe answered. "Basically, as I was in the middle levels, wouldn't I go get the artifact in the same time. Besides, there's huge wampas in the middle levels. I hate to think what size they are in the lowest level..."
Tepe said and followed Serce with his eyes.

07-23-2004, 02:15 PM
"right... i'll take the rear, lead on serce, quickly now, more can come any second" Junn walked behind the group solemnly, keeping watch on tepe and thier surroundings, they were moving quickly and quietly through the halls
" tunr left here, ive seen this hallway on the video screens"

08-02-2004, 06:05 AM
Serce nodded and whispered, 'Keep quiet. There will be legions of Wampa's here. It will be advantageous(SP?) to use stealth here.'
He turned left as Junn advised and crouched through the hallway. The cold grew. They trudges for sometime and often Serce would look back at the party as some sense would alert him constantly.
He eventually landed up in a control room. The screens around him were broken and smoke was coming from them.
'Somebody has been here before...' Serce murmured. Unknown to him, there was an open ventilation shaft above him.

08-03-2004, 08:36 PM
Junn regarded serce's words and sneaked off he reached the control room after exploring a dead end hallway, he looked out and saw that there was the artifact with a bunch of wamps around it, he saw no way in, the only way in was through a door, that was now blocked by ice, he looked around him and saw a ventilation shaft above serce and himself, he looked at serce and noted to him the shaft, and that he would boost him up.

08-04-2004, 05:39 AM
Serce looked up to the shaft and observed it. 'Okay' he whispered and gave a boost to Junn. He then rummaged for his grappling hook, but it was lost somewhere. He jumped into the air and with much difficulty and clambering, got into the shaft. It wasn't like any other shaft, but was ice-covered and had circular walls. Junn was in the front.Serce motioned him to move further.

08-04-2004, 09:36 PM
junn was about to crawl further down, but realized he would have no grip, he pressed a button on his boots and small spikes came out he kicked into the shaft and pressed off, he went sliding down the tube, he would have yelled yeehaw, but the wampas would have heard him and killed him.

08-05-2004, 12:52 AM
'How nice!' Serce thought. He forgot to install one more accesory... 'Oh well,' he put his hands ahead and crawled, slipped and tried what he could to get grip. He lost his grip and gained speed, ultimately crashing down another shaft entrance, ending in a storage room. He got up and rubbed his legs and body, where he was hurt.
There was broken junk and boxes, and other useless items dumped here. Junn had apparently dissappeared somewhere else. Serce staggered away a while and dropped down. He blinked a few times, then got up and used his vibro-blade for support as he walked.

08-06-2004, 12:02 AM
Junn went flying down the shaft, faster and further than he wanted, he went sliding aorund corners, and then dropped down a shaft, he fell pretty hard but got up and was fine, he looked around and saw he was in an extra room, it was completely empty, and the door was covered in ice, junn took a thermal detonator and plcaed it on the ice wall, he activated it and ran to the other end, it blew, when the smoke cleared the ice was blown apart but still it covered the door, junn figured it was useless so he tried to get back up into the shaft and he barely got in, he slowly this time went down the shaft looking for the one leading to the artifact, he had no clue where serce had gone.

08-06-2004, 07:00 AM
Serce continued staggering through the room, until he came to a tunnel. He went in and as he turned,a Wampa roared. The powerful roar threw Serce off his feet. Serce made a weak roll beneath the Wampa and planned a sneak attack, but the Wampa gave a furious blow to Serce. Serce cried out loud and sank at the feet of some crates. Then everything was black.

08-06-2004, 08:38 AM
Neo skided down the hills while the wampa still chaised him. He pulled out his vibro blaster and stabbed it straight into the wampas heart. But then he saw loads of wampas entering the base "Oh hell no!" he opened up his com-link "All bounty hunters working for the imperals! an army of wampa seems to be tnering the building. Maybe the artifact is more that what it seems"

08-06-2004, 09:11 PM
Junn slid down the shaft until he heard a cry, it sounded like serce, he turned and exited the shaft, he hit hard and then kept running he went out the door to see a wampa carrying serce down the hallway, junn took out his vibro blade, and ran after him, the wampa heard him and turned aorund, junn then javalined(sp) his vibroblade right into the wampas head, it dropped down dead, junn ran over, and retrived his vibroblade, he picked up serce, and tried to wake him up, but he was knocked out cold, junn took him into a room and sat him down and tried to wake him again but it was useless, so he just sat by serce until he woke up.