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07-14-2004, 04:56 PM
here is my first map thanks to the help of wedge and everyone else that guided me through my hectic time of learning:

************************************************** *******************************************
"KoP Temple of Trials"
by Nalukai
Visit my site at http://c-monk.50megs.com

This is my first attempt at Mapping Hope ya enjoy!
================================================== ===========================================

Title: KoP Temple of Trials version 1.1 for Jedi Academy
Filenames: trials1.pk3, trials1.txt
File size: 3.37 megs... dont worry....the mp3 alone is 2.8 megs...^^
Author: Nalukai
Address: cmonk@comcast.net

Description: Made specifically to cater to the more advanced aspects of gameplay
and control in Jedi Academy. This map is designed to unlock your imagination. If you think
it can be done , then chances are it can.. from beginner to advanced , this map offers tons of
excitement for any level JA player. The platforms are designed not only for close combat tactics
but also provide the ability to access any of the other 5 from any location( and are exactly
one flip back and in to the center for you froggers... :) The temple room is designed for multi level
combat alowing you up to 6 possible fields of attacks into the center. The bottomless pit in the
rear will also make ya brain work....o-o

You are able to delay/stick combos from anywhere to anything. Thoroughly tested by my own
warped mind- this may be my first map but I know what ppl crave.... this map is definitely unique
in its format and hope everyone that downloads it can see what I did out of it and enjoys it
like everyone else that tested the beta for me.


================================================== ===========================================
Additional Credits:

Thanks to: George Lucas for his Greatness: Raven Software for giving me the ability to add on
to their game: Mah boys over at KoP for giving me the inspiration to make this map: Anyone else
that tries to take this game to its next level of play: and BWN for bringing great players
together and giving them something to strive for while having fun.

Credit to the music of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soundtrack (#4 Night Flight) for
providing the perfect ambience to my map
================================================== ===========================================
Map Instructions:

Unzip trials1.pk3 into your Gamedata/Base directory.
Launch game.

================================================== ===========================================

****Test Machine: 766 PIII 512 RAM standard video card
****Compiler: 766 PIII 512 RAM standard video card
In game Support - YES
BOT support - somewhat.... still having problems with the routing will be fixed in v2
Supported Game Types: Dual, Powerdual, FFA
Items/Weapons - Bacta/Shields in hidden levels and a Sniper Rifle, Blaster, Repeater, and Det
Packs for FFA... YAY.... p.s. no ammo --what you find is what ya get ^^

================================================== ===========================================

Base: New level from scratch.
Editor Used: GtKRadiant 1.4
Known Bugs: some sparklies here n there but tried to correct to my best....Teh nOOb.. :)

any other bug reports should be sent to me at cmonk@comcast.net

================================================== ===========================================
Copyright and Permissions:

You can use anything that you find of redeeming value that you want, just and long as you
give me the credit for what ever you use it for. That's all I ask!


(c) Copyright 2004 Michael Williams

Shot 1 (http://c-monk.50megs.com/images/shot1.jpg)

shot 2 (http://c-monk.50megs.com/images/shot2.jpg)

shot 3 (http://c-monk.50megs.com/images/shot3.jpg)

its waiting for approval of upload to jk2files.com will also try to get on lucasfiles and pcgamemods by the end of the week.. enjoy!!!

07-14-2004, 08:05 PM
looks good for the most part but kind of blocky

Codja X
07-17-2004, 03:03 PM
Lisi Mali is pretty fit. You're a lucky boy:)