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07-14-2004, 11:22 PM
The Galactic Empire (TGE) for Star Wars Battlefront is still recruiting and is looking for quality members. We're looking for members to come up with strategies for maps, leading a team in matches to victory, or just kicking some Rebel butt.

TGE is also dedicated to representing the Empire in a roleplaying perpective. Skill isn't mandatory for membership, but matureness and decency are. This clan is also dedicated to tatical gameplay in matches and scrims.

Currently we will be playing Counter Strike to pass the time until Battlefront comes out.

Clan Leader: Me, Emperor XMajor
Current members: 11
Website: www.tgempire.tk
Forums: http://tgempire.proboards34.com/

TGE Guidelines
All TGE members are held to a higher standard--not of skill, but of attitude and sportsmanship.

These 'guidelines' are very serious. Any member of TGE who violates them will find themselves removed from the club as quickly as they joined it. There are many who might doubt that such swift and certain action will be taken, but I am here to tell you--we take your conduct very seriously.

1. Do not mistreat new players. They have as much right to play as you do--something to remember.

2. Obey all rules without question. By being TGE you are considered forewarned of the rules, so no mercy shall be shown to those who blatantly violate them.

3. Never argue with another member in the game! Ever! Any dispute you have with anyone can be calmly and rationally discussed either in the forums or on an IM. There is no excuse for arguing in the game, and violaters will be dealt with... that means ALL sides of the argument. If you are upset at poor conduct of another, once again you may contact an authority member by any of the aforementioned means. Screenshots are usually helpful when you need a leader to resolve a dispute.

5. Respect all leaders and those ranked ahead of you. If you have a problem with a member behaving poorly, take a screen shot and contact XMajor directly.

6. The Emperor has absolute power. He has the final word on everything. He chooses his staff based on how he sees fit. Only the most mature, responsible members will have power.

7. Always treat allies with respect and help them out as much as possible.

8. TGE will focus strongly on developing skill and strategy. Cussing, at inappropriate times especially, will not be tolerated.

9. You must be active on the forums and in the game, after the game is released.

10. To be recruited you must undergo an evaluation time period. When at least 2 weeks have past, the recruiter will start a vote on the forums. All of the members will vote after evaluating you and give a simple yes or no. This doesn't apply until the game is released. Right now you may become just by signing up! Visit the forums!

07-23-2004, 10:13 PM
Yet another new website domain. Check it out. www.tgempire.tk