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07-15-2004, 01:35 AM
I'm thinking of making a strategy site. Here's a lil bit of stuff I threw together so far.

I'm posting these here since aliens are an underdog when it comes to scrims...so we may as well just have some tips if you ever wanted to try aliens.

Here's a few quick tips

First...always have your tail out and charged. When you see someone, snap the tail then immediatly pounce them. You'll do a double combo attack. Often, it's an insta-frag point blank.

Know your sounds. If there is water in the map, keep an ear out for the sound of a pred decloaking from it. You'll know exactly where he is. In maps like leadworks just outside of the tunnels, hear people shooting and note if it's getting louder or farther. If it's getting farther, go in...because they'll more than likely be facing away firing at something down the hall. If closer, wait and pounce as they turn the corner.

If you have alien buddies and you're going against a toughy...like a rocket spammer, have your strongest alien get their attention. They do NOT attack...just jump from wall to wall, pounce around, whatever. Gain their attention....then have your quicker aliens come in from behind for the kill.

For runners.....one shot...and it's lights out. You gotta evade, and be very good at it. Here are a few pointers.

For some basic approaches...the last thing you need to do is to rush right in on them. You can bunny hop towards them but they'll probably catch on. Here is one of my favorite approaches.

When you are in this scenario, head on will kill you. SO....


Pounce onto a side wall, then quickly move to the ceiling and onto the opposite wall


Do not go to the ground. By then, they'll think you're just going in circles and aim ahead of you. Instead, head back to the ceiling.



Quickly move past them on the ceiling and pounce from above


The pounce PROBABLY will not kill them, but the stun will give you enough time for your final tailwhip or claw swipe.

In the next scenario...you have no walls to use, so you must do your best with jumping by.


Start at red, then to teal, then green, then purple (which is past them), then yellow (which is jumping BACK towards the direction you first started). If done directly, they'll hopefully think you are continuing jumping the same direction and you'll catch them off guard, like so.


Proceed to feast on their flesh!

In this scenario, you are too far away to make any use of walls or hopping.


Pounce onto a ceiling, or in this case...you are lucky....a vent.

and quicky drop down the other side and attack from behind. Sometimes they'll notice what you are doing, but you should always have your tailwhip ready once you drop down beside them


This is useful for either escaping, or a counter-attack.

Just a side note...you can pounce-stick from wall to wall. Example is like this...but it isn't effective in small maps. Larger outdoor maps are far more effective.


Anyway, that's a couple of lil new runner tricks you can use to help you survive. I'll post some more advanced stuff soon.

I'll also post on how to go up against preds as a runner.

Just a quickie...if they are pistol users or any type of explosive... just run by and scare 'em up...but dont attack. Just pounce from wall to wall. Half the time, they are noobs and start firing their pistol all over the place and run out of energy very quickly. If it's explosives, they don't have much, and will run out.


Pistol Spammer or Explosives

Pounce to a wall and tail + pounce from behind



If you're going against a melee. Do your best to jump around and stun them...


then superjump over their head...


and tail + pounce from behind.


Otherwise, they have a 50/50 chance of 1 hitting you with their claws/combostick. The lag makes it nearly impossible to time a dead on attack against a swing.


07-15-2004, 01:38 AM
oooh me likey.....maybe i should go get that game as well :-\ hmmm

07-15-2004, 01:42 AM
$10 bucks...$20 if you get the gold edition.

but dont bother playing gold addition multiplayer...they screwed up the netcode. Do normal avp2 multiplayer.

07-15-2004, 06:19 PM
wtf normap avp2 has screwed up netcode :s i love the **** outta that game but ever game i ever played on it lagged :( besides, aliens suck, preds the way to go :) at least, it was a no brainer on the mp test befoer the game was out :) preds still rule tho. in tdm working in twos, one heal/recharging, the other killing, u can mow down enemies. :D puny aliens, pfft

07-15-2004, 07:09 PM
Not if you played vs me ;)

My runner alien owns all!

and yes...primal hunt expansion has an awful netcode. I get 50 ping on avp2 normal, and 500 ping on primal hunt.
It's a well known fact. They were tweaking the netcode but then had their funding cut, and we were left with a screwed up netcode.

Darth Groovy
07-17-2004, 06:38 AM
Good thread man! Especially for guys like me who always seem to get thier ass kicked on this game in MP. If I ever get my broadband restored, I will take these pointers under consideration.