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there is a new movie and interview at gamespot


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Very nice, thanx for the link :)

Very excited about fury......

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Sweet! Thanks for the link Lowiej! :D

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Some good stuff to hear, but some dissapointed me, like the city was named Iziz, after the little JAWA????:( , still it is just a small little thing I didn't like, everything else was great:D

07-17-2004, 06:13 AM
Iziz? Oh man! That completely slipped by me! :D

07-17-2004, 06:50 AM
I have yet to see the movie, but... you mention a city named Iziz? Woohoo, we're going to the planet Onderon! As I've mentioned in this thread (http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=129849), Onderon is the planet which is orbited by the Dxun Moon, another confirmed location.

Allow me to give you some more information about Iziz and the planet Onderon. Centuries before Knights of the Old Republic, all the inhabitants of Onderon still lived in tribes, fought with spears and were pretty much a primitive civilisation. The atmospheres of Onderon and Dxun would briefly touch during the summer season of the lunar year, and a number of species from the Dxun moon managed to migrate to Onderon that way. The peaceful Onderonians were unprepared for the onslaught of these beasts, and had to adapt. They developed weapons of death to battle these murderous beings.

All the tribes came together, and created one great walled city on the planet to defend themselves from the monsters : Iziz. The city grew over the centuries to become a vast sprawling fortress protecting several million inhabitants, eventually covering an area a thousand miles square, and even going various miles into the planet's crust. Everything outside these walls remained a savage outland. In Iziz, it became a custom that lawbreakers were cast into the wilderness, where they would be gradually killed by the monster still living there. However, the survivors learned to survive in the wilds, even learning how to subdue the bests living there, and conquer them. Over the years, the survivors grew into a powerful force themselves, having powerful worlds with great armies of vicious creatures at their command. And thus, a great war occured between the survivors and the people living in Iziz.

It became a permanent war, and when the planet wanted to join the Republic, Jedi Master Arca sent his apprentices, the brohters Ulic and Cay Qel-droma and the twi'lek Jedi Tott Doneeta to Onderon and Iziz to end the war that had been waging for dozens of years. Now, I could tell the entire story of what happens in the TOTJ TPB in great detail, but I won't :p To summarise : When the Jedi arrived, the princess of Iziz was kidnapped by the beast riders. Under orders of queen Amanoa, queen of Onderon, the Jedi pursued them. They found out that the princess had staged the kdinapping, because she wanted to marry the prince of the beast riders, Oron Kira. Furthermore, the beast riders had summoned all their forces to finally drivedeat the city of Iziz. The Jedi told queen Amanoa about this, with the princess urging her mother for a peace solution. In a fit of rage, the old queen revealed her Dark Side powers to the Jedi, and the attack on Onderon began.

Unfortunately, with the Queen's power driving the forces of Iziz, the beast riders were unable to defeat them. But just when all hope had seen lost(dramatic, isn't it?), master Arca arrived, and used his Battle Meditation powers to guide the beast riders to victory. Arca and his padawans discovered the queen near the body of an ancient Sith, Freedon Nadd. Arca drove the Dark Side power away, effectively killing Amanoa. Oron Kira and the princess of Iziz married, and became the new rulers of Onderon, ending the Beast Wars.

(There's also another story here where a group of Nadists try to recover Freedon Nadd's body and reclaim the city, but I don't have these stories so I won't give any details about that)

A few years later, during Exar Kun's Sith Wars, the Mandalorians, allies of the Sith, attack the planet of Onderon, but King Oron Kira and his forces managed to drive them back, assisted by a Republic fleet under the command of captain Vanicus. The Mandalorians fled to the Dxun Moon(the atmospheres had merged again between Onderon and Dxun), and the then Lord Mandalore was killed on the surface of Dxun. 4000 and then some years later, Leia Organa Solo would be seeking refuge here from the forces of the resurrected Emperor Palpatine, even learning a bit about the beast wars and a tiny bit of the Battle Meditation powers within her. Palpatine himself tried to kill the Skywalkers there, but was killed in the end.

All in all, the Onderon system is quite fascinating, and I'm definately looking forward to see what our party will be searching for there. I wonder if we'll see be seeing king Kira and queen Galia... and it'll surely be a treat to see the city of Iziz in full 3D. Definately a nice treat.

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That is really interesting Burrie, thanks for the info. Hey mav it's not named after that jawa after all!!:D :D :tommys: :jawa

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more info some the same but this tell you the name of an endar-spire like ship and where you will first encounter sion


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Cool Info Burrie! Ok Burrie, you are now my official Star Wars EU information centre! :D

Thanks for the cool link as well Lowiej! :D

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Originally posted by RedHawke
Iziz? Oh man! That completely slipped by me! :D

Heh, me too. Good catch Mav :D

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Huh I guess Iziz the Jawa was either named after the city for some hidden reason or it is just completely by co-incidence (most likely) Anywho I'm actually glad to hear Iziz doesn't have a city named after him...LOL, Thanks for the great info and lots of it, Burrie you probably know just as much if not more about Star Wars as George himself...LOL