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07-17-2004, 01:55 PM
Here it is. Part 13. Normally I'd ramble on about how much it has changed, but I think we all know by now. Let the story continue...

07-17-2004, 06:11 PM
The State of the Galaxy

(Note: This is for the benefit of any new players who want to know what everyone in this galaxy should know ;)

All this takes place 20-30 years after Return of the Jedi, although no one is really sure. :D)

The Rise of Cracken

Emperor Palpatine's heir, Cracken Palpatine, reveals himself and units the Imperial Remnant, with a new superweapon - the world-destroying Crimson Star battlemoon - at his disposal. The Republic had become placid, and in only months, the Imperials had taken over much of the galaxy.

The Unexpected Peace

Cracken brings the Crimson Star to Coruscant and for a brief moment holds the New Republic government hostage for power. Then, suprisingly, he turns back, takes the superweapon to the remote reaches of space and destroys it. In the ensuing months, a peace treaty is forged between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic.

No ordinary citizen in the galaxy knows the explanation for Cracken's change of heart, but it is rumored that war hero Deac Starkiller and Agamarian diplomat Taklin Flax had something to do with it.

The Imperial Schism

Unhappy with Cracken's peace treaty, rebellious Imperial commanders split off to form a rival faction. They come to be known as the Imperial Separatists, while those who continue to follow Cracken are known as the Imperial Loyalists. The Separatists and the Loyalists clash in a brief civil war that ends when Cracken razes their hidden capital planet, Ulna Shardes.

The Republic Schism

Alien creatures from ages long past called "vampires" appear on Coruscant. After causing much havoc and slaughtering many beings (including Jedi), they use unknown mystical powers to darken Coruscant's sun for several hours. They are all finally eliminated, but in the chaos corrupt Republic Senators stage a coup.

The Rise of Reletha

Those loyal to the true Republic form a new Rebellion. A brief war ensues, culminating in the destruction of the Senate buildings, with most of the corrupt Senators inside. Unfortunately, this only opens the way for a new Dark Lord - Reletha Darkstar - to take her place at the head of the corrupted New Republic. The remains of the Imperial Separatists rally behind her.

Meanwhile, Cracken has disappeared, and the acting leader of the Imperial Loyalists has been rumored to be captured and imprisoned by the New Republic and the Imperial Separatists.

That brings us here, and I'll make an actual post later ;)

07-17-2004, 06:53 PM
((OSS: You missed a bit.))

The Rise of Lord Flax

Following the fragmentation of the Republic the Rebellion returns to the Outer-Rim, a new leader emerges, Taklin Flax. Frustated by the bickering of loyalist senators and burocrats the Military Council appointant Flax Dictator, with a six month mandate to destroy the corrupt Republic. This one man now has total control over the remaining Jedi and the War Machine.

07-17-2004, 07:15 PM
((Myself and Cracken briefly sorta discussed it in August, this should be around 10-15 years after ROTJ. In his overwhelming opinion...))

07-17-2004, 09:16 PM
((OOS: BD: I was abbreviating, and I don't remember that. But still, "the rise of Flax" doesn't count as a landmark for a timespan, plotwise ;) and you'll notice I wasn't posting character info.

Speaking of which, I think I should do that...

Note: I have alot of characters, so these are just the publicly known ones. (Others I'll post later, when convenient, I guess...) (edit: Now it's "just" the ones that are actually in this dimension at the moment ;))

Scar, I dunno about the timing. *shrug* If Cracken feels strongly about it, tell him to come back and tell me himself ;)))

Galactic Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]

Name: Termand Rwos
Gender: Male
Species: Unclassified [Gargoyle]
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Brown skin, beak, pointed ears. Claws on hands and dinosaurian feet. Wings like a bat's. Silver, black, red and blue armor. Very tall.
Public Knowledge: Known ally of the New Republic, but generally out of the public eye. Disliked in the underworld. Friend to certain Rebellion heroes. Extradimensional origin is not public knowledge but most of those "in the know" or in the upper echelons of galactic governments are aware of it.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, in custody of other Blades
How to Contact: Through New Republic channels


Name: Nereli
Gender: Male
Species: Unclassified [Dark Elf]
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Tall, ash-skinned, eerily beautiful. Elvin ears. Looks otherwise mostly human. Black, ornate outfit.
Public Knowledge: New arrival to the galaxy, known only (so far) to Halren Flax and his close associates.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with other Blades
How to Contact: None Available [Yet]


Name: Gilian
Gender: Female
Species: Human Vampire
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blade [Extradimensional]
Description: Appears somewhat like a normal human, African in origin, if you don't see the teeth...and overlook the strange Blade outfit, black light armor with red and silver adornments.
Public Knowledge: None; New Republic government agents know of her as an associate of Termand Rwos and a hunter of other vampires.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with other Blades
How to Contact: Through Termand Rwos


Name: Ida
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Tall, tanned, Caucasian, short black hair. Blue, black and violet Blade outfit.
Public Knowledge: None; New Republic agents know of her as a somewhat hostile associate of Termand Rwos.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with other Blades
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Tari Mazk
Gender: Female
Species: Unclassified [Orc/Orka]
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Tall, bronze-green skin, statuesque. Thick locks of black hair carefully cut to hang just over her long ears. Metal and stone in her outfit.
Public Knowledge: New arrival to the galaxy, seen only (so far) by Halren Flax and his close associates.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with other Blades
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Slythe Trimsky
Gender: Male
Species: Unclassified [Elf]
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Sharp-eyed, elven appearance. Blonde hair that spiked upward. Light-colored outfit.
Public Knowledge: New arrival to the galaxy, seen only (so far) by Halren Flax and his close associates.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with other Blades
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Lady Knight Sieze Akaver
Gender: Female
Species: Unclassified [Gargoyle]
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Black skin, pointed ears. Claws on hands and dinosaurian feet. Wings like a bat's. Armor embedded with crystals of an unknown sort. Heavily armed. Very tall (even for a gargoyle)
Public Knowledge: New arrival to the galaxy, seen only (so far) by Halren Flax and his close associates.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with other Blades
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Unknown [Shane]
Gender: Male
Species: Unclassified [Altered Human]
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Pale-skinned, appears human, except for the fact that his eyebrows and hair appear to be flaming torches. Dresses in black and silver.
Public Knowledge: New arrival to the galaxy, seen only (so far) by Halren Flax and his close associates.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with other Blades
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Unknown [Raschel Sekuna]
Gender: Female
Species: K'Beran
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Olive scales and green skin. Short square snout, long mane of white hair with the barest hint of pale blue. Large eyes, thick alligator tail.
Public Knowledge: New arrival to the galaxy, seen only (so far) by Halren Flax and his close associates. Observant Agamarian agents may note that her appearance is nearly identical to that of New Republic Intelligence agent Raschel Sheire, who is also the only known representative of her species in this galaxy.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with other Blades
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Orion Rish'tal
Gender: Female
Species: Unclassified [Gargoyle]
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Blades [Extradimensional]
Description: Red skin, pointed ears, Asian features. Claws on hands and dinosaurian feet. Wings like a bat's. Tall. Dressed in a black cloak. Observant Agamarian agents may note that despite being in the company of Blades she does not dress like one.
Public Knowledge: New arrival to the galaxy, seen only (so far) by Halren Flax and his close associates. Also known to the Aesir as a hostile companion of Termand Rwos.
Current Status/Location: Ulna Shardes, with Blades
How to Contact: None Available


Galactic Faction: Imperial Loyalist

Name: Starr Hailfire
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Faction: Imperial Loyalist
Description: Varies [is extremely skilled in using the Force to create illusions] Normally seen as tall, with black hair and brown eyes, and wearing light armor.
Public Knowledge: Once posed as a reformed mercenary. Apprentice to Cracken Palpatine (who is technically the current Dark Lord of the Sith). De facto leader of the Imperial Loyalists in his [unexplained] absence. Considered a neutral party in the Republic schism, but favoring those loyal to the true Republic. However, is still a disciple of the Dark Side...
Current Status/Location: Coruscant space, captured by the SSD Vigilance
How to Contact: Through Imperial channels

Galactic Faction: New Republic [Corrupt] and Imperial Separatist

Name: Jene Luthen
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Faction: Imperial Separatist [Now allied with the corrupted New Republic]
Description: Tall, gaunt, with a sallow face. (If Moff Tarkin had a twin sister, it'd be her)
Public Knowledge: One of the few Separatist admirals who survived Cracken's assault. New rising star in the combined New Republic/Separatist fleet. Newly in possession of anti-Force-user Vanguard warriors from an unknown source. Admiral of theSSD Vigilance.
Current Status/Location: Coruscant space, with the NR/IS fleet
How to Contact: Though appropriate government or military channels

Galactic Faction: New Republic [True - AKA Neo Republic]

(none yet, unless you count Rwos)

Galactic Faction: Independent

Name: Farran Darkholme [Real Name: Ariel Kasen]
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown [Extradimensional]
Faction: Independent, [Former Blades [Extradimensional], Former Imperial Separatist]
Description: Somewhat tall, sharp-eyed, raven hair and chestnut eyes
Public Knowledge: Known as a major politician in the Imperial Separatist movement; presumed dead when Cracken razed the Separatist capital. In reality, is alive and has been tentatively recruited by Lily Aren. On the run from his former allies, the Blades. Extradimensional status unknown to everyone except the Shadows
Current Status/Location: Unknown [Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine]
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Artemis Omicron
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Faction: Independent [Former Imperial Separatist]
Description: Medium height, nondescript appearance, brown hair and light brown eyes.
Public Knowledge: Imperial Scientist. Creator of the successful Vanguard Project - sponsored by Farran Darkholme to create warriors immune to the power of the Force. [Note: it is known to some government higher-ups, especially among the Imperial Loyalists, that the Vanguard Project used extradimensional technology.] Presumed dead in the attack on Ulna Shardes. In reality, left the planet with Farran Darkholme.
Current Status/Location: Unknown [Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine]
How to Contact: None Available


Name:K'Warra K'laar
Gender: Male
Species: Unclassified [Gargoyle]
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Independent
Description: Seven feet tall. Long white hair that flows up rather than down. Blue-green skin, bat wings, claws, tail. Dinosaurian feet. Humanoid face with spiked ridges for eyebrows, long canine teeth, pointed ears and spiked chin.
Public Knowledge: None. Encountered during the Coruscant vampire incident by New Republic agents in two separate instances, the first time with Sejhan and Cyrus Duncan, the second time alone and attacking. Acted as if sleepwalking. Is apparently under mind control [see Sejhan entry]. Apparently unkillable.Considered extremely dangerous.
Current Status/Location: Unknown
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Sejhan
Gender: Male
Species: Unclassified [Shifter]
Origin: Unknown [Extradimensional/Extraplanar?]
Faction: Independent
Description: Wears a robe. Ridiculously scarred but otherwise humanoid face.
Public Knowledge: None. Encountered during the Coruscant vampire incident by New Republic agents on Coruscant. Has no physical form, so cannot harm or be harmed. Apparently using the extradimensional being K'Warra K'laar as a sort of pet bulldog via mind control. Also working with another extradimensional calling himself Cyrus Duncan.
Current Status/Location: Unknown
How to Contact: None Available


Name: Cyrus Duncan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Extradimensional
Faction: Independent
Description: Wears unusual clothing - even for extradimensionals - described as "18th century Earthlike". Wears a coat of armor with that of even stranger style. Long hair. Dark eyes.
Public Knowledge: None. Encountered by New Republic agents on Coruscant and attacked
Current Status/Location: Unknown
How to Contact: None Available

Galactic Faction: Criminal

Name: Lily Aren
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown [Extradimensional]
Faction: Shadows [Extradimensional]
Description: Unknown, dealt with through agents
Public Knowledge: Gaining a reputation in the criminal underworld for a dealer in expensive but extremely effective alien weaponry and other goods...many of which have never been seen in this galaxy before. None of her clients are aware that she is from another dimension, though they may well know she isn't from "around here"...
Current Status/Location: Unknown [Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine]
How to Contact: Underworld channels; it is rumored that prospective clients can visit the cantina in Mos Eisley, Tatooine, and ask for "shadows" to get in contact with her.

((edit: Added more characters XD

edit #2: Added in the rest of the Blades, and changed locations. Gee, this is getting long))

07-17-2004, 11:59 PM
((Oh boy how about mine... :)
*copies Redy's idea*))

Galactic Faction: Imperial Loyalist

Name: Irvine Sung-Won Palpatine
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Faction: Imperial Loyalist
Description: The long lost son of Cracken Palpatine. Started young, red headed, uncorrupt and kept away of the dark side of the force, but like his family, even kept far away from what could happen can happen. He found his father and traveled to the dark hidden temple of the Valley of the Sith, there where he allowed his own longing to know of his linage the dark side found an easy target to corrupt.
Now the raw power of the Valley had given to him for waht he cannot control fully yet, he slowly forgets of what morals he once had...
Public Knowledge: Hardly any, although meny Jedi and Imperial Loyalists have someknowledge about him being the son of the Dark Lord
Current Status/Location: Currently attempting to obtain a ship or a shuttle to continue his pursuit of Reletha Darkstar. Possible fractured leg. ((:)))
Contact: Personal Imperial Channels, dumb luck (either end)


Galactic Faction: Independant

Name: Irvine Cracken Cracern
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Faction: Independant
Description: Irvine Palpatine's Clone, also a 'fused' individual of two versions of his oringal self, one from an alternate timeline.
He's somewhat mentaly instable, and twice and force powerful. Since reset events he's obtained a long lost fleet of the former Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious
Public Knowledge: None
Current Status/Location: Enroute to Byss
How to Contact: His fleet, Separatist Channels


Name: Havok
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unla Shardes
Faction: None
Description: A young boy with empressive gifts and force powers that have yet to be harnested. He was cloned from the genes of Syrnl Darkstar, Irvine Cracern and some unknown strands. It is unknown why those strands had entered the gene pool...
Public Knowledge: None but to his peers
Current Status/Location: Onboard SSD Luficer
How to Contact: None


Galactic Faction: Unknown

Name: Talon
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Faction: His own.
Description: Appearing to be a tall human, with long dark hair. He's a powerful individual whom lived for at least 5 centuries and appears to have yet even see middle age on human standards. He dewels from another galaxy hundreds of thousands of lightyears beyond the furthest ships in this galaxy can travel.
Public Knowledge: Unknown to any thus far
Current Status/Location: Remains of Unla Shardes
How to Contact: None

07-18-2004, 01:04 AM
Galactic Faction: Their own

Species: Unknown [Aesir]
Origin: Unknown [Asgard]
Description: Tale, fair skin, Odin has one eye, white bread and hair. He wears a blue gray cloak, and tunic. Armor is hidden underneath his clothes.
Public Knowledge: Very little. Mainly that He exists and leads a powerful race. However, that is only known to the top echelons of the Imperial Seperatist/NR, Flax and his government and the Imperial Loyalists.
Current Location/StatusGodsheim Station (Location known only to Flax) drinkings with his children

Species: Unknown [Aesir]
Origin: Unknown [Asgard]
Description: Tall, brown hair, ice blue eyes. Where's dark blue Mithril armor.
Public Knowledge: None
Current Location/StatusGodsheim Station (Location known only to Flax)

Species: Unknown [Aesir]
Origin: Unknown [Asgard]
Description: Red hair, tall and muscular. She wheres the red gold armor of the Valkries.
Public Knowledge: None
Current Location/Status:Godsheim Station (Location known only to Flax)

Species: Unknown [Jotun]
Origin: Unknown [Utgard]
Description: Brown Hair, one eye of ice and one eye of fire. She is a little over twelve years old
Public Knowledge: None
Current Location/Status:unknown

Species: Unknown [Jotun]
Origin: Unknown [Utgard]
Description: White hair and eyes of ice, very tall
Public Knowledge: None
Current Location/Status:unknown

07-18-2004, 08:33 AM
[Ooooh Cool!]

Galactic Faction: Neo Republic

Name: Deac Starkiller
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Atredis
Description: Average height, reddish brown hair and grizzled beard. Slightly discoloured synthflesh patches hide cybernetic augmentations
Public Knowledge: Known jedi and leader of Atredis. Commended Rebellion soldier.
Current Location: Unknown....beyond our dimension..
How to contact: Republic channels

Name: Elella Starkiller
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Deac's daughter. Atredian ancestry, birth-world unknown
Description: Crimson hair, short with green eyes. Also a jedi, but untrained.
Public Knowledge: Not widely known
Current Location: Agamar
How to contact: Contact Agamar government, the only one to know of her existence.

Galactic Faction: New Republic

Name: Reletha Darkstar
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Deac's niece. Homeworld= Byss. Daughter of Syrnl Darkstar
Description: Also has crimson red hair. Tall and with dark brown eyes. Sith Master.
Public Knowledge: Supreme Chancellor
Current Location: Coruscant
How to Contact: New Republic Channels

Galactic Faction: Imperial Seperatists

Name: General Stormbaltz
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Description: Bald and blue eyed.
Public Knowledge: Not know, has been in hibernation since before ANH
Current Location: En route to Ulna Shardes
How to Contact: Imperial Fleet

[Hope that's everyone]

07-18-2004, 02:54 PM
((Lokpihet!! (if he comes back :D)

Hmm, now with all this, i wonder if anyone's up to making some JA models :D

j/k ^_^))

07-18-2004, 05:37 PM
((What have I created? XD What have we created, for that matter? That's ALOT of thread space for just character and history info, and not everyone is done yet :D

*Edits in other characters to character-sheet post since has some extra time ;)*))

07-18-2004, 05:37 PM

Made using Hero Machine 1.0, available at www.heromachine.com

Only a rough approximation

07-18-2004, 05:50 PM
((Deac, you need to fix the image URL...plus you need to convert it from BMP format, coz it's ridiculously large :D

Edit: Never mind, see attachment. ;)

Heh, I never realized Deac had a beard :D

edit edit: attachment removed))

07-19-2004, 04:44 PM
[Sorry, hosted it from my Freewebs site (www.freewebs.com/themaninthehat if you're interested) so that may be it. Deac was strongly moddelled on my Dash Rendar action figure who sat atop my monitor when he was dreamed up]

07-19-2004, 07:20 PM
((Yeah, dash is cool. but needed a better engine for that game :)))

07-20-2004, 04:20 AM
((That's not it; you put "http://" twice in the URL ;)

Youre website is weird. :p But---

Name: Warner Brothers Network
Crime: Cancelling "Angel" without a decent reason

I think I love you. ;)

Okay, NOW, time to start off the actual story...

...in my next post, I swear :D))

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Nevermind Red [glad you enjoyed the site and fixed the image], this is now...the Discussion thread, for all cantina related paraphanelia!

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Deac make thread, he must :D

07-21-2004, 11:06 PM
If any have wondered what my characters look like. I show you:

The Aesir (http://www.asgard.nahallan.com/aesir.htm)

If you can't figure it out: The Men, The women and The Valkyries are links

07-21-2004, 11:14 PM
if i knew how to model (and model good)

i'd show some sweet ass things that i could think up of all the characters :D

07-22-2004, 09:40 AM
Cool models, Admiral. Morrowind, I take?

07-22-2004, 11:07 AM
Yup Morrowind, those are from my mod A Dream of Asgard

07-23-2004, 01:34 AM
So is this where we should put our character info, in case people want to know the whole deal about our characters again?

07-23-2004, 10:51 AM
well it started AS the actual thread
but deac desideed to change it to a discussion thread
what ever.... :D

start it already!


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07-23-2004, 02:55 PM
Originally posted by wildjedi
So is this where we should put our character info, in case people want to know the whole deal about our characters again?

It is now, yes. :D

07-23-2004, 11:37 PM
Name: Commander Jessica "Eva" Davidson
Gender: Female
Species: Demonic human
Origin: unknown
Description: Alike meny high ranked demons, she appears to be human in every aspect, expect for a few key marks...

She is related somehow with Lord Talon, with that out of the way, she was able to get a good placement. Also with her bloodline her demonic power are near best among her demonic elemental type
Public Knowledge: none
Current Location: Ulna Shardes
How to contact: None

07-26-2004, 12:32 AM
((In that case...))

Name: Nom Vilnov
Occupation: Mercenary/ Assassin
Weapons: An assortment of blaster pistols and rifles. Sniper rifle on his back.
Bio: Nom was 16 when he saw his parents killed by a man who was high up in the leadership of the New Republic and vowed revenge. He got it a little over a year later. He had constructed six blaster pistols and was carrying four at the time. By that time, he had also bought the sniper rifle. With the best secrecy he could muster, he an and ran. What made it worse is that his sister was away from the house when it happened, so he feared that something had happened to her. He was relieved when he found out that she survived.
Nom, now 27, has his own ship and has been darting around the galaxy, making it impossible to find him. He is wanted on more than 60 planets for his various mercenary jobs and his first assassination. The authorities still don't know who did his other assassinations. He is helped by his sister.
Though he doesn't realize it, Nom is force sensitive, very much so.

Character No. 2

Name: Tarila Vilnov
Occupation: Mercenary / Assassin
Weapons: knives, daggers and swords.
Bio: Tarila was away from home on an overnight school field trip. When she returned, she found from her brother what had happened and she, too wanted revenge. While Nom was on the building top, Tarila went inside and made her way secretly into the office of the man, but she was caught. Nom's shot, distracted the guards holding Tarila and she was able to get away, but only after providing a good cover for Nom to get away.
Since then, she has become good enough that she can get into any building and sneak up on somebody, close enough to do the dirty work with her daggers. When she uses her swords, she is very deadly. She works in a spinning, flipping and rolling movement that makes her almost impossible to hit and does this until she is close enough to kill somebody.
Tarila is only 17.

07-30-2004, 09:04 PM
Nice bios, wildjedi...but you didn't put anything like contact information in :D

Because I like making things more complicated - what do you think about becoming involved in one of my strange plots? XD

07-30-2004, 10:02 PM
I'm confused, Red... what is it you want?

07-30-2004, 10:13 PM
Look at everyone else's bios (except for Admiral's, because his characters can't be just happened upon) and you'll see "Contact Information".

That's in case you want your characters to seek out or "accidentally" come across someone else's characters, which is of course the best way to get more involved in the plot of the RPG ;)

edit: What I'm trying to say is, can one of my characters contact your characters? Or would you rather that not happen? ^.^

07-30-2004, 11:54 PM
Ah! I get it now... I was hoping Jokemaster's characters would do that, but since he doesn't seem to be around, go ahead.

08-02-2004, 06:21 AM
New character info! (New to Cantina, anyway...)

Galactic Faction: Criminal

Name: Riss Dul'ur
Gender: Male [Apparently; none have yet had the opportunity to check]
Species: Unknown Humanoid
Origin: Nar Shadda
Faction: Karathi Assassin Guild [Former], Independent Assassin
Description: Humanoid and ugly, with dark green skin. A natural semi-chameleon who can stick to nearly any surface. Fast and agile. Sports long retractable claws on his fingers.
Public Knowledge: Among the top assassins of the famed Karathi Assassin Guild. One of few members to survive the Galactic Civil War. Considered extremely dangerous.
Current Status/Location: Unknown [Last Sighted: Mos Eisley, Tatooine]
How to Contact: Known to those who deal with or hire assassins

08-06-2004, 06:18 PM
Hmm, to come back or not to come back.....Depends, offer me some bribes, and maybe what's been going on. :p

08-06-2004, 07:47 PM
*points at three doors*

Now let's see what our contestant chooses! And remeber you can only pick ONE DOOR! :D

08-06-2004, 08:02 PM
Jokemaster, nothing has really happened with the plot your characters are involved in, because BD is AWOL, Deac's characters left this universe temporarily, and my, Scar's, and Admiral's characters are all doing their own things. :D

(speaking of which, I'm wondering why Admiral hasn't posted like he told me he would...>.>)

08-06-2004, 09:40 PM
Originally posted by Scar Da Kookee
*points at three doors*

Now let's see what our contestant chooses! And remeber you can only pick ONE DOOR! :D

I'll pick whichever one has the hot chick behind it.

08-06-2004, 10:11 PM
*Looks at the judges*

Sorry sir, you have to select a door, and no, there is no hit chicks behind there!! :P

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I didn't ask for a hit chick, I asked for a hot chick.

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08-07-2004, 09:10 AM
Right, I'm off on holiday for two weeks. So, I won't be able to post until then. So, just fill me in when you get back.


08-07-2004, 01:49 PM
Galactic Faction: Their own

Species: Unknown [Aesir]
Origin: Unknown [Asgard]
Description: Brown hair in braids, tall and muscular. She wheres the red and gold armor of the Valkrie. The symbol for the Valkryies on her armor has the addition of two swords showing her to be a member of teh Valkyrie Hunters.
Public Knowledge: None
Current Location/Status:Valen Minor

08-07-2004, 04:27 PM
the asgard rules :D

09-30-2004, 09:15 PM
Deac, BD:

I need an idea of Coruscant's current defenses, the kind that an Imperial Loyalist intelligence agent might know. (and thus Starr.)

BD, what were the defenses like when the corrupt Senators were in control?

Deac, what changes has Reletha made, if any?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: And a separate question, for BD only:

Who are the main decision-makers of the New Republic at this time? Clearly Taklin Flax is the main guy, but who would be beneath him? Who would make decisions to, for example, make an arms/supplies/etc. deal with a third party? How would that be handled? (An answer of "this option wouldn't be considered" is also a valid response, I'm not going for the whole "in theory" thing here. ;))

Note I don't mean pure military strategists, so someone like Ackbar is out. :)

(Also, are you ever going to post your character bios, as everyone else has on page one? ^_~)

10-01-2004, 02:52 AM
Okay, ordering Homeric Last First.

3. No. Why, do you need them?

2. It depends who is offering, arms requisition would be handled by a Senate Commitee in the Republic. Anything has to be stamped by Flax at some point.

Currentlly Flax is opperating what might be reffered to as a Principate. Flax is Princeps, or first citizen, beneath him it gets a bit complicated.

Flax delegates power. He can pass laws on his own but when his five and a half months is up he wants to retain his standing democratically so laws are usually passed by the Senate and then the General Assembly before being signed by the Dictator.

Hal is Flax' military Right Hand, while Mirra fills the same political position, which previously was held by Sophae.

Kal is out of the loop with Deac.

The Senior Officers of the House Gaurd are responsible for a lot of Agamar's Military administration and various Staff Officers perform the same function in the wider Military Machine.

The Military of the various Sectors is overseen by the Military Counsel:

Bel Iblis
Admiral Hektor Thran
Gaurd General Rasnar Telaris-Flax
Gaurd General taes'Windrider

I suppose any contracter would meet with a Senate Commitee and a Staff Officer.

1. Double Layered Shields you want get through without an ISD.

Three Rings of Golon Defence Platforms

24 Ground Based figher Wings, mainly X- E- and A-Wings


6 MC90s

8 MC80b's

2 MC100s

24 Strike Crusiers

42 Frigates

Numerous Corvets, Gunships and support vessels.

Roughly one quarter of this fleet is on station at any one time the rest would be on patrol in the surroundign systems and would arrive in a matter of hours.

10-01-2004, 10:58 AM
3. No, but it's convenient, since it's hard to remember who is who especially with the similar names. I can't recall who Sellena even is, for example, and I keep forgetting Taklin Flax' first name, and what Kal's relation to this whole family is. Another confusing thing is that you call him "Flax" when it's the last name of a whole bunch of your characters. Bios would help with this. ;)

2. Where might a potential contracter go to speak with someone about this? One with little to no previous contacts in the Republic? Even if they would be rejected out of hand if they weren't already an old ally. (Yes, I am going somewhere here, and it is somewhat important. :))

1. Okay, thanks. Deac, my earlier question, what changes - if any - would Reletha have made here?

10-01-2004, 01:16 PM
3. Okay then


Name: Lord-General Taklin Flax.

Titles: First Lord of House Flax, Earl of the Black Wall, Lord of Agamar, Defender of the Rim, Warden of the Unbroken Towers, First Right to the Crown of King Malken of the Ancient Line. Jedi Lord

Height: 5 foot 10

Build: Relativly lean

Age: Around 50 (Born 19 BBY)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Statas: Commander of the Rebel Forces, Father of Halren, Kalren and Mirrali Flax. Widower to Sophae Flax. Brother in Law to Sellenna Windrider

Gen Decs: A Warrior, pilot, leader, politician and Jedi Taklin Flax is one of the unsung heros of the Rebbellion. Present at the initial assult on the First Death Star, Commander of the escort pilots at Hoth and Commander responsible for the defence of Home One at Endor; Taklin Flax rose steadily though the ranks rather than rapidly, that is, until he met Deac Starkiller. A chance encounter with an NRI agent on Tatooine brought about a chain of events that saw Taklin's potential finally realised. Through the Crimson Star Episode to the Negotiation with Empire to the Second Rebbellion Taklin Flax met evey challenge and succeeded. Despite his current level of power Flax is no mythical hero.

With a fighter pilot's height and build he is dignified rather than overly handsome. Despite his age he remains healthy and vigerous. He holds the destiction of being and excellent swordsman with energy or Steel, having mastered the elegant Form II of Lightsaber Combat.


Name: Knight-Colonel Halren Flax.

Titles: Second Lord of House Flax, Jedi Knight

Height: 6 foot 2

Build: Relativly heavy set

Age: Around 27 (Born 3 ABY)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Statas: Son of Taklin Flax, Military Attache to the Embassy to the Aseir.

Gen Desc: A military minded individual like his father Hal is not the most centred Jedi, however his rigid adherance to The Code and his strong sense of honour ensure he will never fall to the dark side. He is a very powerful Jedi, his skills are honed to a fine combat adge and he is skilled, if less experianced tactition. Hal uses either one or two lighsabers or a blaster in combat, he is an excellant pilot, like his father. His only weaknesses are his short temper and his eye for women. He has been known to have a biting sence of humour.


Name: Kalren Flax.

Titles: Lord of House Flax

Height: 5 foot 9

Build: Lean

Age: Around 22 (Born 8 ABY)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Statas: Son of Taklin Flax

Gen Desc: A thoughful and quiet individual with a calm disposition. Kal takes after his mother and would rather avoid violence, he is strong in the force and his talents lean towards defence, healing and psychic powers. The Death of his mother hurt him. His aprenticeship to Deac Starkiller has been an on-off arragement and he remains inexperianced

10-01-2004, 01:22 PM
Gah, you did the Hero Machine thing too? :D

Give me a second, and I'll save and attach the image, if you want. ;)

I suppose I should draw my own characters as well (although I don't have exact mental images for some of my characters yet...) so watch this space. ^_~

edit: The reason for this is that a third of my characters were created directly from drawings, a third of them were created from specific mental images for the same world, and a third were created specifically for this RPG. The first two thirds, I know exactly how they look. The last third, though, I don't really know. :)

Category 1: Rwos, Shane, Raschel, K'Warra, all PtH characters except Misae, H'lena and Trael from Crisis.

Category 2: Nereli, Gilian, Ida, Tari, Slythe, Sieze, Orion, Farran [original, "Ariel"], Riss, Celeste, Kvana from Mrear/Crisis, miscellaneous characters from Crisis.

Category 3: Starr, Luthen, Farran [Imperial version], Artemis, Sejhan, Duncan, Aren, Saria, Misae from PtH, side characters from Mrear, A'melie from Crisis.

Oh, and fine, BD, be that way ;)

10-02-2004, 04:34 AM
Red, the Hero machine thing is pretty good but I decided thats not the particular version I want you to see.

10-02-2004, 12:35 PM

Reletha has continued to phase out Republic Starships with Imperial Ones. She has also added Interdictor Cruisers to all hyperspace points, and installed more planetary batteries, along with the deployment of her personal skyhook.

10-07-2004, 03:37 PM
Deac, JM: Do you want me to specify specifics for your assassins' augmentations, or do you just want to ad-lib on that? :D

10-07-2004, 04:49 PM
Eh, whichever way's fine.

10-07-2004, 06:51 PM
Yeah...which is why I'm asking :p ;) heehee

10-07-2004, 07:03 PM
I guess you could specify some, and let us ad-lib some.

10-08-2004, 01:14 PM
Red, I ripped mine off of Deus Ex. So they're pretty much decided on.

10-08-2004, 01:44 PM
Heh. XD Alright, then. :D

Cmdr. Cracken
10-09-2004, 11:14 PM
Question: Are the Imperial Shipyards at Bilbringi and Kuat still under my control, or have they been captured to be used for Relentha's purposes?

10-10-2004, 05:28 AM
Bilbringi's still yours, Stormbaltz told his men to head there in case of his death. Reletha's got Kuat, and that's where she's mass producing new SD's.

10-10-2004, 03:47 PM
Oops, I actually missed that Reletha had Kuat. Ah well.

10-12-2004, 11:20 PM
Deac: What has been done with the SSD Vigilance since Cracken and co. escaped?

Important for my next post. (Blades coming to check it out. :))

10-13-2004, 06:40 AM
The Vigilance has been destroyed. Once the command codes are locked, they're locked in. Most of the crew did manage to get away as Reletha turned the lockdown off after cracken escaped.

10-13-2004, 10:57 AM
Deac: Okay, then. Two more questions:

1) Is everyone else cleared out of the area?

2) Have they done/are the doing anything in the way of salvaging the wreckage?

BD, JM: Raschel Sheire in PtH was part of New Republic Intelligence, a member of a small "branch" that had an as-yet unknown purpose, was based on Coruscant, and kept top-secret. (I don't actually remember what I had intended for that, so it's up in the air.)

Raschel also knew Talkin Flax, although not Halren.

Wondering if this could be worked into the current plot somehow, just as a side thing? (i.e. Raschel is part of NRI intelligence trapped or left on Coruscant, etc)

10-13-2004, 02:10 PM

1] The Fleet is still holding position, collecting survivors and salvaging the wreckage.

2] See above

3] There is a resistance group on Coruscant. It was the same group that Beler Jil lead to destroy the senate building. Raschel could easily be part of that and on the run.

10-13-2004, 03:24 PM
BD: A quick question on Flax and Sellenna. Both are Jedi correct?

If so why are they planning to betray their allies (the Empire). That to me appears to be the most blatant violation of what a Jedi is suppose to do. Not to mention a little dishonorable.

10-13-2004, 04:35 PM
Thanks, Deac. :)

BD: Currently the Empire is disorganised, we had hoped Palpatine would not reapear for another six months or so. That would have allowed the Imperials to fully fragment and we would have been able to eliminate one War Lord at a time. If Palpatine has reapeared then we will have to find another way to win this war.

What War Lords? Those were the Separatists. Cracken annihilated them. (Or most of them.)

And the Empire is not that disorganized, and the disorganization that is there is because of Reletha. Destroying Reletha would have (and will still) simply strengthen the Empire and allow it to finish reorganizing.

Cmdr. Cracken
10-13-2004, 10:10 PM
Redwqing speaks thy truth. Starr has been in control of the Loyalyst Faction of the Empire since Cracken left, and since Cracken's return, has ceeded power back to Cracken.

if i recall, the Seperatists during the Imperial Civil War were, rightly so, annihilated by the Loyalist Imperial Navy and Army, leaving Relentha to take control of the remaining few Seperatist forces, F. Irvine, and overthrow Corusant.

The Loyalists are ever organized, and loyal to the Emperor and his apprentice, and his children. There are no warlords in the Imperial Loyalists faction (Mine).

10-14-2004, 03:11 AM
Okay, thats a lot of questions.

Admiral: Easy, Flax and the others intend to honour the treaty however the existance of a large Sith Empire can only be percieved as a persistant threat.

The only reason the Republic accepted the treaty to begin with was because it was on the ropes. No Sith is ever going to be trusted by the Republic or the Jedi. THese people aren't planning to betray anyone, they're preparing to be betrayed!

Flax, Sellenna, Hal, Kal, Mirra and Jammes are all Jedi.

Cracken, Redwing: This is simple political theory. The Empire was being controlled by the Apprentice, since the Empire is run through fear and power politics the absense of Cracken and the fact that Starr is running around doing stuff on the ground, not sat on a command chair in an SSD is going to begin to create a power gap.

Over time you would expect the Empire to begin to break down at the edges, as this happened the Republic could pick off these pieces without violating the treaty.

I'm not suggesting that this had happened, just that it was eventually going to and that the Republic was waiting and biding its time.

10-14-2004, 10:34 AM
BD: Ah, but Starr has only been running around on the ground since he left to 'retrieve' RH Irvine, and Luthen captured him. ;)

Granted I never said (and don't know) how long he was on that SSD. But it couldn't have been too long.

Also, do note that the Empire's current holdings either A) joined voluntarily or B) chose to stay after Cracken's original conquests, choosing the Empire's order and stability over the continuing chaos of the New Republic. It's not like they're desparate to get away.


Deac, about that blaster. (As I did think it out fully, since it's Aren's personal weapon. :D)

First of all, it's not an anti-cyborg blaster specifically; it just works on them as well. The idea behind it is that it can kill through any impact armor, by ignoring the armor and destroying organic/sensitive material.

Also, it's got a fairly short range before its 'charge' wears off, and the bullets move fairly slowly [for bullets], so no sniping with it. ;)

10-14-2004, 01:42 PM
Red, its political theory. The vacume has more to do with the fact that THERE IS NO EMPEROR.

With All this bare in mind that my characters are not privy to the motivations of other characters, as far as they are concerned Cracken is the son of the most evil man the Galaxy ever spawned and he's a self declared Sith to boot!

10-14-2004, 02:12 PM
I know it's theory, I was correcting a factual error in it. ;)

I know the latter, too. I think I even pointed that out earlier, with Starr. XD

10-14-2004, 02:34 PM
Yeah, but Starr could have only stated that Cracken sat on his 'throne' at a remote location, Korriban perhaps

Even anything Starr being the devil's advocate, everyone would see him more then they'd see the emperior

look at Vader, Maul and Dooku for examples

Starr could have just said that he was relaying the Emperoir's wishes/commands/orders/what-have-you

10-14-2004, 07:04 PM
I just have to chime in: BD right it is a political theory. Still doesn't mean it going to happen. :) if that was the case it would be a political law (like the theory of relativity vs the Law of energy conservation)

10-15-2004, 01:52 AM
I never siad it would happen, only that it could and that the Republic was waiting for it to happen.

10-21-2004, 02:03 PM
Originally posted by jokemaster
Greer: Simmer silk for dress, got it. I think I'll rescue the Solos too, seeing as this will probably be easy compared to some other missions I've been on.

Man, Greer is just ASKING for something terrible to happen to him. This is like bait. :D

Unless it was sarcasm, and I missed it. ;)

Okay, question on Coruscant mission: Deac, are you going to have your resistance group involved? [And are they even communicating with the rest of the NR?]

10-21-2004, 02:22 PM

10-22-2004, 12:34 PM
The resistance group are cut off from Republic communications, save for a few messages they are able to smuggle on galactic mail ships [they still have them, there's a short story in "Tales from the Empire"] back to fleet command.

10-27-2004, 12:42 PM
((Actually, Scar, IM me. That could be a pretty good Shadows tie-in, if you're willing to ignore BD's blatant godmoding ;)))

10-27-2004, 01:04 PM
((i did already reddy ol boy
remember when you complained how i misspelled karathi))

*In the med bay, Santago is straped in, and for somereason passed out en route.

The medical droid is almost done with a report, saying that there were no forign substances found in Santago's system.

Suddenly Santago awakens convulses and dies, with blood dripping from is ears and tear dicts...

A small note found in the coat of Santago's held the ensigna of the Karathi.*


*meanwhile, near a spacedock a guard finds a discarded medic's uniform...*

10-27-2004, 01:19 PM
((you're jsut as big as a dolt JM :P

BD is godmoding

cus i had Santago DIE and an assassin killed him XP

no drugs envolved (other then the poison))

10-27-2004, 01:23 PM
((Whoops, I must remember not to ignore all your posts to read every post. Skipped that one, but remember Greer wouldn't know if he died))

10-27-2004, 01:40 PM
((but He dont have spice, so you're post has no need

frankly by bd saying that santago has something which i would say that he wouldnt would be godmoding ;)

and by you having your character continuing that, you're helping ;)

edit your post XD))

10-27-2004, 02:22 PM
Okay, Scar, my idea was that if you wanted to let BD have Santago be really involved in the spice trade, that would provide a pretty good reason to have the Shadows send an assassin to take him out. If he was one of those people who totally wouldn't associate with the 'strangers'.

OR, maybe he knew something about the Shadows, and they planted it on him to discredit him, then sent an assassin to finish the job. :)

That aside, BD, your post is total godmoding, although I know you're enjoying it immensely. :xp:

10-27-2004, 02:22 PM
Well, if RW can godmode, so can I

see PTH to understand.

10-27-2004, 02:24 PM
That wasn't godmoding. That was an error in judgement. *cough* :D

Plus I edited.

And, I keeeeell you if you try anything. ;)

10-27-2004, 02:48 PM
Originally posted by Redwing

And, I keeeeell you if you try anything. ;)

10-27-2004, 03:07 PM
*Finger hovers over ban button*


10-27-2004, 06:24 PM

10-28-2004, 01:59 PM
*Massive grin.*

1. All I did was have security find a pile of drugs in Santago's quarters, thats not godmoding. Fine the guys dead, I never said he wasn't.

2. Its my ship, so if I want I can have an entire deck devoted to air hockey!

3. Calm down.

4. I'm laughing my arse off!

5. One, more post then I'm done.

10-28-2004, 02:03 PM
Originally posted by BattleDog

2. Its my ship, so if I want I can have an entire deck devoted to air hockey!

*imagines a star destroyer deck devoted to air hockey*

*Goes off to make a character that owns a star destroyer.*

10-28-2004, 02:47 PM
naw, gotta be ping pong or mario kart

but seriously i agree w/ jango on this one

Mario Kart HAS to be an olympic event
and legal too!

you cant cheat
you cant use steriods to improve your performance (and damn if you smokey da weed one would know ;P)
and everyone can play ;)

it'll be awsome XD

10-28-2004, 04:48 PM
Other olympic events:
TRIBES: Vengance
Joint Ops. IMagine a 50 VS. 50 game on the olympics?

10-29-2004, 12:54 PM
Flax: We found a medic's uniform by a garbage chute outside the infirmery. We've been over it. I have the two techs who picked the Colonel up confined to quarters, 2-1B is locked down and under gaurd, I'd like you to interview the techs and have one of your lot check the droid over.

the idea bd was that no one could find the person who wore it and dropped it off ;)

fine enough though, one of the medics could have been beaten up and his gear stolen *shrug* :)

fact is, is that I wanted the assassin still at large ;)

10-29-2004, 01:31 PM
Back on subject, here's some information on Vanguards and Kioet. [It took me so long to write this that I figured forget keeping it behind the scenes only. ;)]

Vanguard, Base

Integrated Weapons:

1) Rocket darts [30 darts, 15 per arm]

External Weapons:

1) Rapid-fire Concussion Blaster Rifle [50 shots]
2) Cortosis-alloy Staff, Spiked [Spikes retractable]

Passive Abilities/Powers/Equipment:

1) Force Defense: Channel Force energy of opponent and use it for power. Imitate passive Force powers (Strength, Speed, etc.) Block active Force powers (Lightning, Destruction, etc.) Time Limit: None.
2) Armor: Cortosis-enhanced. Blocks lightsabers, vulnerable to explosives.
3) Shield Belt: Blocks energy/explosive attacks. Recharges very slowly when not under fire.
4) Breather: Allows survival in hostile/underwater environments. [Although not the vacuum of space.]
5) General Energy Defense: Can partially channel a limited selection of unknown forms of energy similar to magic or the Force. Can partially or completely block a somewhat larger selection of unknown forms of similar energy.

Active Abilities/Powers/Equipment:

1) Jetpack. Time Limit: 2 minutes of fuel. [Recharges when not in use, 1 minute to fully recharge.]
2) Target/IR Scanner. Time Limit: None.
3) Grapple [Range 50 feet]
4) Teleporter. Teleport anywhere suit has been in within the past five minutes, or to a teleporter marker. [Vanguards generally carry none on them.] Must be within visual range. Can set one teleporter 'mark' in the suit itself, which lasts for five minutes and does not require visual targeting.



- Anything tagged [Magic] must be concentrated on to be used, and cannot be used concurrently with something else also tagged [Magic].

Integrated Weapons:

1) Rocket darts, double power of a Vanguard's. [30 darts, 15 per arm]
2) Toxic acid/poison cloud weapon on right arm. [Magic, lasts 20 seconds before recharge required]
3) Flamethrower weapon on left arm. [Magic, lasts 20 seconds before recharge required]
4) Lightning weapon on right arm. [Magic, lasts 20 seconds before recharge required]
5) Frostthrower weapon on left arm. [Magic, lasts 20 seconds before recharge required]
6) Holdout blaster attachment, enhanced power. Meant as a last-resort weapon. [5 shots each arm]

External Weapons:

1) Rapid-fire Concussion Blaster Rifle, enhanced accuracy. [50 shots]
2) Modified Cortosis-alloy Staff, Spiked [Spikes retractable]. Spikes enchanted to pierce armor. Weapon enchanted to resist magical destruction.
3) Scoped Stormtrooper Rifle, enhanced power. [100 shots, sniper uses 10 energy units per shot]
4) Seeker Rail Detonator, enhanced power. [6 shots]
5) Flash grenades, enhanced effectiveness. [Carry 6]
6) Thermal detonators, low blast radius, enhanced effectiveness. [Carry 6]
7) Repeater rifle, enhanced power. [300 shots]
8) Sequencer charges, can set power - normal to double normal. [Carry 12 in pack]
9) 'Tank Gun' attachment. Intended for antivehicle usage. Heavy, must be attached to an arm. Enormous destructive power. [10 shots]

Passive Abilities/Powers/Equipment:

1) Force Defense: Channel Force energy of opponent and use it for power. Imitate passive Force powers (Strength, Speed, etc.) Block active Force powers (Lightning, Destruction, etc.) Time Limit: None.
2) Armor: Enhanced to block lightsabers, energy attacks, and resist magic destruction.
3) Shield Belt: None. Removed.
4) Breather: Allows survival in hostile/underwater environments, including the vacuum of space.
5) General Energy Defense: Can partially channel a limited selection of unknown forms of energy similar to magic or the Force. Can partially or completely block a somewhat larger selection of unknown forms of similar energy.
6) Magic Defense: Channel Magic energy of opponent and use it for power. Imitiate passive powers, and block active powers.
7) Augmented Regeneration: Kioet's natural Trandoshan regeneration abilities are increased dramatically by a factor equalling his sync ration with the suit. [50% SR = 50% increase]

Active Abilities/Powers/Equipment:

1) Jetpack, enhanced to resist magical destruction. Time Limit: 20 minutes of fuel. [Recharges when not in use, 10 minutes to fully recharge.]
2) Target/IR/Enhanced Scanner. Can detect magic, Force, and other energy signatures.
3) Grapple [Range 100 feet]
4) Teleporter. Teleport anywhere suit has been in within the past five minutes, or to a teleporter marker. [Vanguards generally carry none on them.] Must be within visual range. Can set one teleporter 'mark' in the suit itself, which lasts for five minutes and does not require visual targeting.
5) Kioet can use his own innate power to enhance his strength, speed, etc. for a few seconds at a time [limited by sync ration with suit and mental strain felt when doing this]
6) Telekinesis. [Range 50 feet, limited strength] [Magic.]
7) Physical Shield. Blocks all physical attacks. Time Limit: 1 minute maximum, can be activated/deactivated at will. Takes twice the amount of time used to recharge. [5 second use = 10 second recovery. Magic.]
8) Invisibility. Can still be seen via shadows on body. Time Limit: 2 minutes, takes same amount of time to recharge as it was used. [Magic.]
9) Portable spycam droid. Can cloak itself and feed images, etc to Kioet's suit. Range: 500 feet.

10-31-2004, 06:08 AM

No one wanted to confront F. Irvine before he left?

10-31-2004, 10:41 AM
Nope, Stormbaltz is trusting him...for now.

10-31-2004, 07:08 PM
BD: I'm slightly confused as to the first part of Flax's letter to Odin. Why is Flax telling Odin this and why is it being done such a covert manner. (I could see why sending a letter, but not why it would have to be delieved when no one was around especially given the location.

Second: I hope when you say the republic will turn inwards you mean as in securing their borders and uniting the systems that are part of the republic and not all of it focusing on Agmar.

11-01-2004, 01:48 AM
1. It's a sort of excuse for the second part. Also, this is very much privilaged information. If Flax wer to announce this now his territories would face sanctioned or opposing Lords might start the jolly Medievel war early. Think about it, if he's not on-planet the other nobles won't stand for it. There's some other stuff but basically he needs to be on Agamar fo this to work.

2. Not one planet, two entire sectors would be distabalised.

Bassically, to minimize loss of life in a situation like this factions engage in Tourament.

The Planet is devided into terretories and battles are fought on pre-designated battlefields with strategic importance. This prevents wars from spilling over to the civilian population and avoids nasty things like orbital bombardment.

Concievably Flax Might have to fight 30 or more battles. This would mean that two fair sized sectores will be in ecenomic shutdown for at least a few months.

This will send ripples of de-stabalisation outwards.

(If anyone's wondering why Flax is doing this, lets just say he knows something you don't)

11-01-2004, 11:30 PM
Deac: Up to you whether Reletha senses Rwos' presence on Coruscant or not.


*Done with reading up*

Scar: Okay...so Chavo was with Fused Irvine for a while, ended up with RH Irvine. RH Irvine took him to meet his rogue Jedi faction, and Chavo signed a contract with Chi to work with that faction.

Chi wanted to have Chavo make sure that Irvine's siblings were not falling to the Dark Side.

AHA, I see why Ctrl + F wasn't working for a section of the story...Chavo's name spontaneously changed to Chavez for a couple pages. Damn you JM :D

*Another attendent walks in and gives Chavez Chavo sets of almost authentized identification for both the Republic and the Loyalist Empire.*

Attendent "I was told to give you these. And tell you: 'There is something going on with the empiral royal family, get some information about it from afar. How ever we won't send you unprepared.'"

*In comes a black suited man with a wide suitcase, inside contains approx. $2500 in currency transferable cashiers checks, a repeater rifle, two changes of clothing, and a lightsaber (blue).*

Black suit "It's the standard assortment for most of our agents."

They also provided Chavo his ship.

Chavo then went to Ulna Shardes, just missing the razing of the planet. Apparently he almost hyperspaced right into the second sun created by Lokpihet (IIRC) above the planet. Then he popped back towards Coruscant.

Hm, then he kept trying to get to Cracken, and somehow couldn't each time. :D

*Chavo exits hyperspace soon after. He looks around, and sees nothing. He lets out a string of swears that would embarass a sailor*

I'm pretty sure that's the last time he appeared. XD

So RH Irvine should totally recognize him. ^_^

11-02-2004, 12:59 PM
I wanted to stop you from cheating with ctrl f RW.....

11-02-2004, 01:50 PM
but chavo wouldnt identify RH Irvine, if i'm correct?

11-02-2004, 01:59 PM
He would, 'cause he saw his face and unless RH Irvine has changed REALLY radically in the last months, he would remember his face.

11-05-2004, 04:15 PM
A couple notes on F. Irvine, Scar:

Sleeper abilities are different depending on the person; they manifest as different ways of altering reality. In other words, it's okay if you use Cracken's eye-glowing, but don't base F. Irvine's Sleeper abilities on Cracken's.

By the way, it should be impossible for F. Irvine to block Jedi - or a mage - from sensing his Sleeper powers when he's using them.

11-05-2004, 04:38 PM
thats where his personal drones come in

he used them to distort his presence to mask it when he's not using his powers

11-08-2004, 12:45 PM
*While asking the next question Greer sends the photograph for every camera's recording on the ship be scanned for anybody resembling the sketches. He showed them to the medics*
Greer: Are these images close?

The idea on the situation was that not even the cameras got a good shot at him

and eventually Flax and Greer could 'stumble' onto him on accident ^_^

(note what game he plays... :))

11-08-2004, 01:26 PM
I meant the sketches on the datapad, he doesn't want to send out the sketches and have them turn out completely wrong.

11-08-2004, 02:53 PM
meh, what ever JM :)

Sophae: Oh you have no idea, Ivrine.

*The Dead Jedi walk foward, each exicutes a flurry of attacks, the sabres simply pass through anything they touch but every time they make contact with either Ivrine he feels the pain of the death blow he delivered.*

I how ever am going to red flag this one

bd, you sure your Jedi are Jedi?
taking revenge on someone, and not only that they're dead, and they're interacting with the person who killed them (who obviously is still alive)

from what i remember, taking revenge is strictly not Jedi like, but to come back to inflict that revenge while they're still dead. Thats is just for spite.

although Jedi can interact with those who are force sensitive (talk and what not). which of course i have no problem with

but they're dead, and i can figure alot of other dead Jedi looking down on that

11-08-2004, 03:06 PM
What's up with the Jedi ghosts, one with the Force, performing Dark acts of revenge, BD?

Also, if this was possible, don't you think all the Jedi killed by Anakin would've gone after him? [Note: Will need to wait for Episode Three to say this for sure, but Obi-wan certainly didn't do this to Vader after being killed by him.]

I know it's dramatic, but it totally doesn't fit Jedi at all. Maybe if they were Agamarians.

Also, isn't it correct that Force ghosts can be destroyed (Exar Kun)? Just pointing this out because I have no idea where this ghostly vengeance thing is supposed to be going...so if you're planning on having them haunt F. Irvine forever, or anything...

Edit: To clarify why this concerns me, this storyline has a severe limit, so it cannot be drawn out. :)

11-09-2004, 10:04 AM

1. These aren't the actual jedi, think of it like an echo from what Fused Ivrine did. We know this happens because every time there is a major force "event" it tends to leave a mark.

2. There is a really big differnce between revenge and justice. Fused Ivrine is being punished for what he did, the mode of that punishment comes from his own subconcious and is simply vented by Sophae's ghost.

As a more general point about interaction Kun broke Corran Horn's arm in I, Jedi.

3. As to Sophae's motive, she doesn't want her son dead. Plus Fused Ivrine is a Dark Jedi and must therefore be destroyed. (Touch of Agamarian there.)

11-09-2004, 10:16 AM
so if you're saying that its coming from his own subconscious, that would mean that you're controlling him?

look bd, I do not have time to be on any side plots, As of 4pm today (11/9) I have fourteen days left to do this.

Cracken has yet to fulfill his promise ;)

11-10-2004, 05:36 AM
So you are saying that having killed all those Jedi there is nothing in Fused Ivrine's subconcious that is afraid the dead won't come back to haunt him?

How about you let me kill him.

If he gets away what do you think will be the first thing Kal does?

11-10-2004, 02:13 PM
No, i wont let you, you're techincally getting in the way of a serious plot line BD, and its annoying me.

and no doubtfully Cracken.
didnt you read the posts that Red and Cracken did when Cracken made his recent return?

no "what if"s "and"s or "but"s about it. It'll end with a fight between those two. And I wont accept you to try and do other wise

oh yeah, at that time, F. Irvine wasnt exactly all there upstairs
not to mention you let Sophae die, she could have been just bruised a bit and got up, force healed and laughed at F. Irvine
until sometime after that he got stability

remember how Flax let him go? And F. Irvine basically said something along the lines of 'wanting to exceed his natural potantal with controlling the force'?
that could easily be understood as his first declaration of being a sleeper, to come and think of it...

*Flax aproaches F Ivrine.*

Flax: So, why the killing spree?

Fused Irvine "Because, we have untapped power. Untapped potental, however there is a part of us that still resists..." *voice changes to a much darker with a slight growl* "...the darkness..." *voice changes to normal, if there was one...* "If I had killed someone who you cared, I'm sorry, she asked for the fight."

*Fused Irvine turns around to face Flax.*

Fused Irvine "Notice our face, it is not that of one whom is dark, we could choose to live our life not for this face to change, but that power will not be tapped. But we desire to find our full poetental, to find our biological limit, and break it! The force is known to be boundless, I, we desire to find out if it truely is, if possible! But that is only but a small part the final goal... First some curtain individuals must die." *Turns back around.* "I bid you farewell..."

Note: At this time F. Irvine refered to himself as 'we', cus his true 'F. Irvine' personality hasnt been structured yet

I do have an idea when F. Irvine is more on the 'throw down' and using his powers alot, he'll lose some of that mental stability consentrating on multiple things at once (so not careing to refer to himself as "I")

*Flax considers following, but decides to wait.*

if you think i'm BSing you, check yourself: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=99406&perpage=30&pagenumber=12

11-11-2004, 02:25 PM
*waits for Deac with anything he might do with Stormbaltz before he gets going with plot*

11-12-2004, 02:57 AM
Scar, you are bull****ing.

Originally posted by Scar Da Kookee
((BD you are obviously ignoring me. If I stated taht he wasnt there and was hiding, that means that I'm choosing not to play that character for the time being.

Nest time I WILL ignore any such posts that you are attempting to 'interact' with any of my characters...))

.................................................. .....

*Fused Irvine, with a combination with force speed and jump, asends rapidly into the air, and vanishes...*


Funny how you missed that bit out. You made it clear that you didn't want oplay so I let it go.

I also now draw everyone's attention to this

Originally posted by Scar Da Kookee

btw: BD, I did however plan on something a little later in time with a character that you possibly do control to take care of F Irvine))

You should research better.

11-12-2004, 10:26 AM
you know, what ever. I'm saying i cant play with your characters on their crusade to kill F. Irvine. They can very well try and catch up to him coming up, but sophae could very well start rooting for Cracken about now

11-12-2004, 11:14 AM
Maybe we should be being a bit more clear on this stuff. :p

All previous plans with Fused Irvine are kinda nixed.

In case it hasn't been obvious, we're building up to a confrontation between Cracken and Fused Irvine. :)

So "you" (by which I assume you mean one of your characters :p) getting to kill Fused Irvine is not on the agenda, unless you can manage it without godmoding, which I doubt. ;)

11-12-2004, 12:13 PM
i should prolly qrite up any future plans wiht my characters incase i am able to get onto a computer in AIT...

*has some good ones, VERY good ones*

11-13-2004, 07:08 AM
Yeah, I get the Craken-Fused Ivrine thing.

I just didn't want Scar to get away with saying that I let Fused Ivrine go. :D

It's actually quite good for me because I'm desperatly looking for a reason for Flax to go after Cracken.

I CAN'T FIND ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of Sith is a conciencious, caring family man. If Flax killed him he might actually feel bad! :D

Cmdr. Cracken
11-13-2004, 11:26 AM
uh..... well, BD, he;'s probably gonna hit Coruscant before you....

11-13-2004, 11:32 AM
Since so many problems center around that world, how about we just let the Aesir blow Coruscant up? and let teh fighting happen at a new planet. ;)

*since J/k seems to be overlooked, the above was a joke and should not be taken seriously.*

11-13-2004, 12:14 PM
My god........did Admiral........ did he just make a joke?!


11-13-2004, 12:55 PM
Originally posted by BattleDog
Yeah, I get the Craken-Fused Ivrine thing.

I just didn't want Scar to get away with saying that I let Fused Ivrine go. :D

It's actually quite good for me because I'm desperatly looking for a reason for Flax to go after Cracken.

I CAN'T FIND ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of Sith is a conciencious, caring family man. If Flax killed him he might actually feel bad! :D

From the Evil Overlord List (http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html):

142. If I have children and subsequently grandchildren, I will keep my three-year-old granddaughter near me at all times. When the hero enters to kill me, I will ask him to first explain to her why it is necessary to kill her beloved grandpa. When the hero launches into an explanation of morality way over her head, that will be her cue to pull the lever and send him into the pit of crocodiles. After all, small children like crocodiles almost as much as Evil Overlords and it's important to spend quality time with the grandkids.


edit: Fixed link. :p

11-13-2004, 01:05 PM
care to fix that link Red.

11-13-2004, 01:59 PM

Except when Flax bursts in and Cracken says:

"Now explain to my granddaughter why you have to kill me"

Flax will kill him then explain. Poor logic, my heros all have IQs above 100.

11-13-2004, 02:11 PM
Originally posted by BattleDog
Pore logic,

Originally posted by BD my heros all have IQs above 100.
But they have pore logic and floorless skin.....

11-13-2004, 02:17 PM


*Unleashes his most terrifying weapon on JM, Hal, after Allessa has told him she has a headache.*

*Hal proceeds to take out his frustration on JM with a lightsabre.*

11-13-2004, 02:27 PM
Better Hal than her......

11-13-2004, 02:31 PM
*scar casualy walks in and subdues the Jedi with his cattleprod of doom.

....and gives JM a kookee* ^_^

11-13-2004, 02:32 PM
*clones kookee*
*eats the clones*

11-13-2004, 03:07 PM
Originally posted by BattleDog


The kicker is that you edited wrong. You want "pure" logic, not "poor" logic. :D

Originally posted by BattleDog
Flax will kill him then explain. Poor logic, my heros all have IQs above 100.

11-13-2004, 03:11 PM
Damnit! I'm surprised I haven't picked that up! :D

11-13-2004, 03:16 PM
I was gonna post that but then I thought, nah, it'd be overkill if I did it.

11-14-2004, 10:21 AM
No, I was saying that your logic was poor, Red!

11-14-2004, 06:28 PM
Sure. If you say so. :D

11-15-2004, 01:12 AM
I hate you.

11-15-2004, 02:22 PM
I love you too. :D

Originally posted by BattleDog
You put an assassin on a spacebourne warship, in hyperspace, and he isn't getting off for 36 hours. (...) Now Flax and Sellenna know where he definatly is on board so he really is dog meat. How the hell is he going to survive the next 36 hours?))


((What the hell does confertinations mean. Its not in my dictionary and I can't even find it with a google search.))

A) Depends who the assassin is, if it's 'sabaac man' then either Scar has to get creative or he's screwed. If he's one of the less arrogant assassins, who actually took some of the super-technology, depending on what he took he could have an out. Stealth, superpowered weapons, etc.

B) Confertinations = Confrontations.

Finally, as to Flax and Sophae knowing anything:

Independence: Rec Room

*In the far corner a small crowd were watching a tech and an engineer are playing a game of Sabbac. The the tech sat with his back away from the bar, and was embarassingly losing. The engineer sat there with his cap on, he was looking down at the table, so the brim of his hat obscured his face.*

Scar never did say this was his assassin. It could be just some random engineer guy who's good at sabaac. The assassin could be long gone. :)

11-15-2004, 03:28 PM
a) yes, thank you. The idea was that it'd be Sabbac-man,. but reguardless even if thats the travel that needed to, I do have ways getting around the 'quote-unquote' month trip.

IE: the same method that Talon uses to get from planet to planet ;)

in anycase i was planning on a future plot between Sabbac-man and Talon, as in that the Sabbac-man was infact Davin (about after crisis, or jsut plainly 'after he died' (leave that one open later ;))) + 500yrs, just like Talon would be Talon in Forgotten (which he hadnt been introduced more directly into the story yet)

that aside, Davin would of course being a full fledged demon would obviously be stronger, faster, etc then a human. Plus that fact that he's been around for about as long as talon would, so he 'powers' could rival that of Talon's in crisis.

so technically agenst a Jedi, it would definately be no one-sided fight.

and yes, he did take some weapons too
nothing like a super equiped p-90 and a customised sword :)

b) thank you for the spell check ^_^

c) yup. and i could be a jerk and do that too...

11-15-2004, 06:13 PM
Damn you all for not noticing my post. It was inspired by an uncle, a cousin, and I in a Llamborgini driving down the road and suddenly seeing a huge SUV that I swear, it could run us over and the driver would only feel a little bump.

11-16-2004, 09:48 AM
As usual, Homeric First Last:


C: I sense a disurbance in the force, bear in mind that Sellenna (NOT Sophae) is very high on the empathic scale, like her sister and Flax is no slouch.

B: That was what I figured, he could have just put "problems"

A: Well yeah, thats my point. I'd be willing for an out if he hadn't just killed the guy.


Putting aside my general feelings about Davin (I don't like the guy much, the Ivrines in PtH, they're fun) I would point out that the following are on the ship.

Flax: Megga-baddass-Sith-killing-Jedi

Sellenna: Lets just say she's not someone to play hide and seek with, she has all the abilities of her sister. Remember the cloaked assassin that would have put Starr to shame?

Drago: No longer immortal but still, the guy has 200,000 years of sword practice.

20 Random Jedi Warriors: For Coruscant

38 Agamarian Legions: Thats alot of housegaurds

The Security forces

3 Divisions of ground troops

Wedge: Nuff said.

So I don't see him getting out of this with his whole skin, maybe half.

11-16-2004, 09:57 AM
Greer: Rose high in NRI, means automatic pwness in:
1. Counterintelligence
2. Interrogation
3. Investigating

The Vilnovs=more assasins

So your guy is probably screwed. Unless he can teleport.

11-16-2004, 11:01 AM
Originally posted by BattleDog
Sellenna: Lets just say she's not someone to play hide and seek with, she has all the abilities of her sister. Remember the cloaked assassin that would have put Starr to shame?

Drago: No longer immortal but still, the guy has 200,000 years of sword practice.

As for putting Starr to shame: That's what you think. :)

As for Drago: He's not immortal anymore? When did this happen? I must have missed something. o.O

As for Davin: I don't really care for him either, but it's possibly because I don't understand his character. (And think Goliath is too cliche ;))

A fight could be interesting here, if there was time for it to happen. (Remember who has to leave in about seven days)

11-16-2004, 11:29 AM
okay, now that i know what he's up agenst, i might have to get more in detail about him now ^_^;

although a little bit ago while relieving my oneself, that well, he doesnt exactly have that option of teleporting out of there

IE: using demons to create a gravitmetric portal. in which the ship itself is traveling through hyperspace, that is theoretically impossible. I'm surpised i was the only one who caught that ^_^

Davin's intentions might actualy surprise you :D
you have Talon who's some form of a tyrant, who is a ruler over several worlds, and is practically the most powerful demons around (of his and davin's kind)
Davin on the other hand, has been around for just as long, and as a long standing grudge agenst Talon (if anyone paid attention, that was really really kicked it over by Talon basically taking Davin's kid and rasing as his own.)

so in another train of thought, there's this tyrant who's ruling over a **** loads of people. perhaps maybe there's an underground movement ;)
and that he did Flax a favor to knock off someone who's doing not so good things anyway, and is getting a few bucks on the side (Ie currency for this part of the galaxy that obviously with talon he just got in)

11-16-2004, 02:04 PM
Red: Sophae created an illusion so convincing you all thought it was real and anyone who ran afoul of it thought they had died.

Drago fulfiled his quest during the Vamp crisis. Basically Scar's little rip in space time allowed his to do the mojo on Lelan and make her human again, via the immortal Micheal (Hay I can do cliche as well.) I thought it would make him more interesting if he had to care for a mentally disturbed wife than if he was a hard drinking unkillable warrior.

Plus I get to do the immortal thing in PtH.:D

11-16-2004, 06:35 PM
As Starr does every time you look at him...:)

And remember that fake Sith that Flax and everyone was totally fooled by before he knew Starr was a Sith? (If you don't remember, Starr created an illusion to make the others think they - he, rather - had killed off Cracken's apprentice.)

If Starr can fool Flax...:) (See how this illusion stuff goes?)

As for Drago: I thought the Immortals were a race in Mrear. You mean to say each Immortal has a quest which, upon fulfillment, makes them lose their immortality? :D

Oh, and something I missed mentioning before: Since when has Taklin killed a Sith? Ever?

11-17-2004, 12:42 AM
Flax has killed lots of Sith, during the Civil War, then there was the duel with Cracken (technically a draw) and I'm sure he fourght some rebourne or something at some time.

I covered this at the time, some immortals are born to human parents and some are "made".

What is made can be un made.

Sellenna has had more practice, plus shes a woman and therefore can naturally qrap any man around her little finger.

11-17-2004, 06:36 AM
There weren't any Sith during the Civil War, unless Flax killed Palpatine and Vader (which, sorry, he didn't. ;))

Reborn suck, and don't count as Sith. :)

Since I don't know how old Sellena is, as you never posted her bio, I can't say whether she has more practice at illusions than Starr, but I doubt it, unless she has been spending a large portion of those years of her life devoting herself to the study of Dark illusions (there are no predecessors to study on for Jedi illusions, since the Jedi archives are gone and I don't think Corran Horn wrote a book, not that many pages of "I do it naturally and am totally better than Luke and all the other Jedi at everything except TK so I'm not totally godmoding but I still roxxor" would help a student much).

Remember Starr, to get many of his techniques (before you say anything, yes he has great inherent ability in illusions as well), has studied many, many teachings of the ancient Sith. I hope Sellena hasn't been. :)

As for the second part, either you're being facetious or the propaganda is working, in which case I shall say no more... ;)

11-17-2004, 08:24 AM
Originally posted by jokemaster
Greer: Rose high in NRI, means automatic pwness in:
1. Counterintelligence
2. Interrogation
3. Investigating

The Vilnovs=more assasins

So your guy is probably screwed. Unless he can teleport.

My characters got dropped out of the story... what do you mean by 'incoming'? Are they actually going somewhere now? If so, where? (it scares me that I'm this much out of the loop concerning my own characters!:eek: :p :p )

11-17-2004, 11:57 AM
Greer just contacted you w/ a location for you to meet up with the ship and trade the hostage, and, if it's still on, help with the assasin situation. And yes, I am doing this for the conflict it will result in with the new guild's price on Flax's head and Greer already having paid the Vilnovs to not kill him.

11-17-2004, 01:47 PM
The Vilnovs have taken no contract yet, JM, and when they do it doesn't have to be Flax. :D

Plus, you don't really have to get thru Greer to kill Flax even if they had that contract ;)

11-17-2004, 02:19 PM
Well, gee if they find out they're gonna be on the same ship, I think they'd try to take it. And you don't think greer's gonna let 2 assasins run wild on a ship with so many important people in it, do ya?

11-17-2004, 06:28 PM
Oooooo.... this could get very interesting:) Me like:p

11-18-2004, 01:58 AM
Grrrrrrrrrrr! POST EATEN

*Goes to happy place.*

*Comes back to thread.*

AS I posted before, there were lots of Dark Jedi under the Emperor.

The Emperor's Hands for one

Then there have bean numerous other EU references.

What about the seven Dark Jedi in JK. How do you think Sarris got that skull plate. ;)

11-18-2004, 03:28 AM
Mmmmmm JK ^_^

nothing like playing THAT game at 1600x1200 ^_^

11-19-2004, 11:12 AM
Calling all Deacs, calling all Deacs, the focus of the RPG is going to be shifting to Coruscant in the next few days, before Scar leaves on Monday...where are you? ;)

11-19-2004, 11:38 AM
Originally posted by Redwing
RPG is going to be shifting to Coruscant in the next day

11-20-2004, 02:25 AM
*Staggers back in*

Self: Half....Life...Two....greatest....game...ever


[Sorry, will be getting back to it posthaste]

11-20-2004, 03:54 AM
*toasts w/ deac*

11-20-2004, 12:09 PM
*Lurches through the door.*

Halo....2....Going....To....Kill me!

*Collapses due to exaustion.*

(I was playing for six straight hours, my feet fell to sleep.)

11-20-2004, 12:35 PM
Right, my characters have previously been accused of being un-Jedi like. I would say that is accurate, all my characters have a floor of some kind and they lack the calm of prequel era Jedi.

Now to the case in point:

1. Flax has already stated that he does not follow the chivalric code, because it's fake. (I am working on my own honour code, which warriors are required to follow but every mercy will be counter balenced by an expediant.

2. Assassins are the lowest form of life.

3. The only reason Flax consented to a duel was because the alternative might be some dead Alliance soldiers, or the assassin's escape.

11-21-2004, 05:36 AM
Oh, I'm sure that assassins aren't the lowest form, easily...

I'm sure you have that opinion on F. Irvine already. :)

11-21-2004, 06:50 AM
No, assassins are the lowest form of life, they make a proffesion of cold blooded killing. FYI, they're closely followed by rapists and child murderers.

11-21-2004, 07:13 AM
thats in your opinion imho

what you stated after would be my opinion lower

true its not the most perfectly honest thing

but the difference between a rapist and murders, assassins either believe it enough that they are doing it for a cuase or they're just doing it for sport OR just for money. child murders are just mentally unstable and what not. and Rapists are just too perverted and cant keep their cock in their damned pants

11-21-2004, 12:00 PM
I'm surprised no one noticed BD using floor instead of flaw ;)

and I do have to agree with Scar, while assassins do kill for money, it doesn't make them the lowest life from around.

Looking purely at SW, there are many lower levels. For instance Palpatine, Tarkin, Vader.

They killed in cold blood on a massive scale, and more often then not the reason was to keep the populace terrified and under their control.

and there are plenty more...

11-21-2004, 02:43 PM
Originally posted by BattleDog
No, assassins are the lowest form of life, they make a proffesion of cold blooded killing. FYI, they're closely followed by rapists and child murderers.

Flax is free to think this but it's patently ridiculous. Better to kill someone or a few someones for money then kill millions or horribly ruin lives.

Oh, as for what happened to Behemoth, wondering how that doesn't qualify as godmoding. (Although it sort of needed to happen, Scar has to leave tomorrow...)

11-21-2004, 08:08 PM
yeah how does it not f***ing qualify as godmoding.

11-21-2004, 10:02 PM
Also, BD, wondering what Flax meant by "a demon". Scar's demons aren't literally demons and they certainly aren't inherently evil. Even if they were literally demons they're not any demons Flax could've encountered, being from another universe.

Plus, B. called himself a dragon, not a demon. The two are in no way equivalent. And, red scales do not equal demon. And and, the so-called 'demons' previously seen in these RPGs are not invulnerable to blaster fire.

Okay, about what happened to Behemoth:

If that was a Force power, it's ridiculously over the top and is certainly godmoding. (Yoda couldn't have pulled that off!) Also, it was a patently cruel, patently Dark Side, no excuse, no two ways about it. If that was technology...well, going out on a limb I'd say it was completely impossible, first because it sounds ridiculous, and there's no purpose to having it in some random hallway if it really did exist.

And before you say that it was necessary to move the plot along, and Scar is overreacting, remember you threw a fit when I had a character who was temporarily ridiculously powerful, unique, the archvillain, and doomed to die in the RPG anyway, telekinetically throw Flax out of a skyscraper window. [Along with a bunch of other characters, including my own!] That seems extremely minor compared to this. :)

11-22-2004, 12:25 AM
1. Had to happen, not even going to argue about that

2. The Force power is legit, all Flax did was create a force field and suck the air out through a hole, then block it up. Wurth Skidder did it in NJO. Thats where I got the idea from.

3. Demons are a concept Flax has, Behamoth used a key word Dragon. That's to Flax what WMD is to a world leader. To Flax Dragon and Demon are the same thing.

4. Never said the trick killed him.

5. I assumed Scar would just come up with a way out of it anyway. How's this, there's an air supply good for two days in there. If Behamoth respires like a human he has a good six hours to come up with something.

6. Had he not been immune to blaster fire I would have shot him with a stun bolt.

7. Reff assassins: I can accept that murderers and rapists are patently sick in the head and are basic wackos. Assassins are people who make a rational choice to enter a proffession which is centred around killing in cold blood.

Mass murderers, child rapists and megalomaniac evil warlords are not even forms of life.

11-22-2004, 03:40 AM
dude it don't matter, something like that requires years of training anyway

and don't give me that 'oh he has been for several years'. One character can only train and do so much stuff (Ie rule over a race of people, isnt that what Flax's occupation is again?)

but seriously, i cant look at any of your agamarian (what ever you spell it) Jedi, as Jedi in ANY sense

they're too arrogant, you make em so that they have too much power when its not possible, even with a force boost from Soephae. the human body can only take so much, reguardless if its 'boundless'

if even that, just generaly that you have characters that seem to know powers with out training
use them in the manner definately not jedi-like

and with soephae give her 'revenge' on F. irvine by making him 'feel pain'

look, if someone's a jedi, no matter which race you look at it. they HAVE to be devoted to what they're doing. if their ont he light side, act it

there is one constant in theSW universe that i definately know that exsists in our little universe. is that the each side of the force isn't quite one or the other, in more then one ways it has shades of grey. but if you're light, you can't be acting arrogant and such. granted i don't know EU as much as anyone here, but f**k, if your entire 'agamarian' race acted like all of your characters are now, they wouldnt have been noble.

i dont care if that dont make sense to you or not. just stop and think about what your character is going to have before YOU MAKE IT

i know my characters have flaws
f**k, f. Irvine's personality has changed so meny times i have no idea what the count is. but that fits his character

Irvine he's way too emo-ish. but heck the whole trip itself has been stressful on him anyway, Ie from a possible soon-to-be-jedi to on cracken's ship en route to korriban. he made the mistake in his life that he uses the force too much that he relies on it. so when cracken had ysamari (correction pls) he fliped out, he went into a force depravision. (correction pls)

then of course being somewhat corrupted being on the very soil of korriban (which made cracken pleased anyway), with that the very dark power thats on that planet he struck out agenst cracken when he heard that he had a sister and cracken kept htat from him. but continueing on he got upset that he didnt know what to do on the executor during the trip to it, cus of his sister sititng right next to him, and he just remembered why didnt cracken tell him. it really ticked him off....

Sir-vin and cracern. earily on from what i heard from red and admiral, that i made the two characters have the same personality reguardless of what side of a conversation that eac would be on.
well i just let the characters grow a bit, change what they do in the long time skips, even a name change :rolleyes:

[edit]let's not forget one more thing. what is not Flax who dressed up in shards and robes, and whom used stealth and what not to kill F. Irvine on a moon of coruscant? Sure he may not have doen it for money, but he sure did use it in a very 'assassiny' method.

if you dont remember it, i sure as hell do. its after the aesir drop f. irvine and a few more people on coruscant's moon before he becomes all more evil-like

IE: his corpse becomes reanimated by the ghost of Vertmor, and there fore he turns it into his body.

forgot how i got back F. Irvine tho...

11-22-2004, 08:33 AM
1. It could have been done simply in a different way. A gravity trap. A mind trick. Leading Behemoth into some sort of other trap. [That larger area he requested for example.]

2. I can't find details of this Force power online, so taking it at face value. Simply put, Jedi cannot make impenetrable force fields. Certainly they can make force fields, but can you imagine Protection lasting 5+ minutes when being presumably pounded on by near-superweapons. And, if Flax can actually do that, it's definitely godmoding.

3. No, because while WMDs exist dragons do not. Before you say "Mrear" and "Drago", no, at least some Mrear dragons aren't anything like, close to, or resembling demons. (Up to Deac for specifics obviously.)

Now look what 'dragon' actually means in the Star Wars universe context (http://www1.theforce.net/cuswe/search.asp?search=dragon).

I see lots and lots of dragons but no mention of demons.

4. We/I know. Not the issue.

5. *Shrug*

6. See above.

7. Neither murderers nor rapists are necessarily sick in the head. Many make rational choices to do what they do and for worse reasons than money. And they can cause alot more damage because it's often personal.

Mass murderers, child rapists and megalomaniac evil warlords are not even forms of life.

They are living so they are forms of life, which makes them lower than assassins. ;p

Anyway, I'm pretty much going to drop this last subject, because discussing it is both pointless and distasteful.

11-22-2004, 08:59 AM
I just have a simple question.

How does the presence of Dragon Scales imply the person is a dragon/demon. In PTH Drago had a Dragon Scale shield. Behemoth could simply have dragon Scale armor.

and just for fun:

If assassins are low forms of life since they kill for money that means every soldier is on the same level since they get paid to kill the "enemies of the government." Snipers are assassins except they work for the military.

Since we are not considering anything other then getting paid to kill a person in determining their position among forms of life, Flax is worse then an assassin. Consider that he knowingly sends people to their deaths, gets paid to kill people and puts a lot of thought into it before hand, is seeking vengenance against others, and is about to wage a war to gain a title and more power.

Well when you strip Flax of his reason and motivations and look at him purely in this light he is no better then palpatine or Vader.

A jedi should know that there may be mitigating circumstances to any actions and would not act so quickly. A Leader would know that and wouldn't if he was good and not evil would not condemn a person knowing only the most superficial and possible wrong information....

11-22-2004, 10:51 AM
Well, its about an hour before i go.
i dont think deac's going to reply anytime soon, and i'm sure that BD's going to be too much of a douche to reply anytime soon, until i leave (remember you can flame all you want after this, but it wont make a lick of difference cus i wont be able to see it!!)

Red, you got my characters :)
you know what i want with F. Irvine ^_^

as for RH Irvine, let em get to his home planet :)

11-22-2004, 11:25 AM
Right to explain the Dragon thing:

In the Lahara Sector, on the edge of the Cowl Crucible is a planet named Tarsis. Tarsis is a lush and verdant world, with a dark secret.

Any ships that remains on the surface for more than 30 minutes totally loses power, the same is true for anything that uses any kind of power cell. The same effect prevents orbital bombardment.

The cause of this phenomonon is unknown since it has never been studied. What is known is that the native population is a mix of extremly nasty sentient species.

The Agamarians take it apon themselves to fight these creatures on their home world because the beings once escaped causing catastrophic damage.

One of the creatures on the planet is an extremly vicious bipedal lizzard, commonly reffered to as "Dragons" along with several other aparently related species.

All the creatures on this planet are refered to as Demons.

I have to cut this short because I want to edit what Flax did, since everyone was so upset with it, hopefully Scar will see it before he leaves.

11-22-2004, 11:55 AM
Right, to continue with the appologies and explanations.

I still feel Scar got himslef into this mess, all he had to do was capitulate to the two blasters, the truth is I over-reacted because I got angry and I just wanted to kill Behamoth and move on. That was out of character for Flax.

As to skill I would point out that Flax is very strong in the Force, has been trained from age five and is now just shy of 50.

As to another way of stopping Behamoth. Flax can't do any kind of mind trick beyond the basic "I hear a pebble over there" sort of thing.

He also can't read minds very well beyond a general sence of the person.

He is also still a little unbalenced for the moment.

I do feel that general attacks on my characters are unfair.

Flax may seem a bit arrogant, well okay. He is a little bit, his temper is his weakness, as I've stated before.

I can only plead stress on my own part and a frustration with Scar and this whole bussiness. I'm afraid I'm under some stress at the moment and it shows through my characters.

I drop the point about assassins. I just don't like to be proved wrong.

11-22-2004, 01:10 PM
Alright, I understand.

Okay, so looks like I'm playing Fused Irvine and RH Irvine for the remainder of this RPG. Ack. Well, I wasn't planning on it, but Scar is right, I do know exactly what he wants to happen, having extensively discussed it on IM (and I helped design F. Irvine's Sleeper powers.)

But right now, I need to write, proofread, and rewrite a five-page paper in about 2 hours and 20 minutes, so I won't be replying until tonight. Unless I finish early. ;)

11-24-2004, 06:07 AM
Originally posted by jokemaster
Well, gee if they find out they're gonna be on the same ship, I think they'd try to take it. And you don't think greer's gonna let 2 assasins run wild on a ship with so many important people in it, do ya?

It would help if you actually recognized that Nom and Tarila have arrived at the coordinates you specified...:D

11-24-2004, 09:07 AM
I think JM's gone on vacation or something :D

11-25-2004, 09:43 PM
So I guess I'm stuck till he gets back:(

11-26-2004, 07:14 AM
Well, it is Thanksgiving. Was. Yesterday.


11-26-2004, 07:20 AM
True... he'll probably be getting back soon then... my family has never gone out of town for Thanksgiving... yesterday was the first time in about 9 years that we've been able to celebrate as a family.

Cmdr. Cracken
11-27-2004, 10:35 AM
Figure i better repost this.... it's been awhile.....

Emperor Cracken Hideki Palpatine

Age:50? (Best Guestimate by NRI)
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"?
Weight: Unknown
Weapon: Lightfoil


Emperor Cracken Hideki Palpatine was born at the beginning of the Clone War. Hidden from public eye, he was wisked away to Korriban, where he learned of the Dark Side of the Force, and began his studies in Sith Lore and Power. His father new that should the Jedi ever find out about his hier, he would be meet with death.

His training during the beginning was from Count Dooku, also known as Lord Tyrannus, who taught him his Lightfoil techniques. After the Clone War, his father and Lord Vader, once Anakin Skywalker, continued his trainning in Saber combat and Force wielding. Many consider him to be the most dangerous Sith Lord in Galactic History.

2 years before the Battle of Endor, Cracken was stationed on Corellia, where he meet a woman, whom he eventually married and had twins with. Despite Lord Vader's protests, this was allowed; however, Cracken was called away 2 months before his children were born.

When his father died 1 month later, 1 month before his children were to be born, Cracken took a portion of the fleet and fled to the Unknown Region, where he was instructed to wait until the completion of his fathers lastest project, the Crimson Star, being built in secret into one of Coruscant's moons. It would be a weapon so devastating it could alone claim victory for the Empire. Thus, Cracken's children grew up not knowing anythig about thier father. Alysara and Irvine were seperated at birth, to prevent any threat to the throne should thier heritage be found out, and have death marks placed on thier heads for relation to Emperor Palpatine.

Leading up to the Crimson Star War, Cracken encounterd Deac, and his band of fighters, whom he quickly befriended and eventually betrayed. His death was not his end however, as he used an ancient Sith Mind Transfer Technique upon his death to transfer to the one clone of his body that had existed. The physical now didn't match the mental, as it is believed Cracken's age of about 50 no longer meets the appearence of a 30 year old male.

Following the Crimson Star War, now Emperor Cracken took control of the Empire, and carved out a treaty with the New Republic and laid claim to a portion of the galaxy. Following this was the Imperial Civil War, an uprising amongs the Imperial Elite who wished to continue the fighting. This was easily won by the Emperor, who annihilated Ulna'Shardes in a massive weapons test that firebombed the entire planet. Reletha Darkstarr survived.

Cracken went missing sometime during the Vampiric Invasion of Coruscant, and until recently, his wear about have been unknown. He has resumed rule over the Empire, and named Alysara as his heir, and applty, the title of Princess.

((Alysara's profile will be posted later.))

11-27-2004, 01:05 PM
I suppose I should post this.

Jammes Windrider

Age: 52 (ish)

Race: Human

Height: 6'2"

Build: Lean

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Blue

Weapon: Sabre Staff/Light Rapier

Bio: Jammes windrider is the older brother of the twins Sophae and Sellenna Windrider. Like his siblings he grew up privilaged and became a Sword Brother at the age of 17, skilled with the longsword, rapier and staff he is a warrior virtually without compare.

When his two sisters left to join the Rebellion Jammes set out to find them, his sense of duty soon drew him into the conflict and he became a Jedi Knight under Master Tae Akaris, after Master Akaris' death Jammes sought out and exicuted his mentor's murderer, this was the first dark Jedi he killed, but not the last. In the final years of the Rebellion Jammes hunted and exicuted the servants the the Emperor, including an Eperor's Hand.

Jammes formed a friendship out of neseccity with Taklin Flax, lest he drive his beloved sister from him. However, Jammes never felt easy with Flax, the man raised on a farm became the most powerful Earl on Agamar and Jammes always resented this.

After Sophae was murdered by th derranged demon known as Ivrine Cracern Jammes blamed his brother in law for not protecting his sister.

"Lord Flax is the one responsible for Sophae's death and I will have his head on a spike!"

11-28-2004, 07:54 AM
Cracken, Reletha Darkstar wasn't on Ulna Shardes when it was destroyed. It was Lokpihet Darkstar. Reletha had disappeared after the destruction of the old Imperial Council and didn't reappear until she became Chancellor of the New Republic.

11-29-2004, 04:05 PM
*Wakes up from post-thanksgiving hibernation period*
I'm baaaaaaaaaaack

12-01-2004, 09:44 AM
About Jammes being disabled: if I had to make a judgement call, I'd say that power should last only as long as Cracken is concentrating on it, and it should be able to be broken with enough of a mental battle. I didn't say anything beforehand because I didn't notice that Cracken had the effect lasting after he teleported away.

Thoughts? (Especially from Cracken, since I haven't had the opportunity to discuss this with him on AIM and I usually do so with Sleeper stuff)

12-01-2004, 11:55 AM
I don't like the fact that he's stuck there, its unnescessary and he's now basically dead, since once he breaks out he has to get through all those troops.

Cmdr. Cracken
12-01-2004, 08:10 PM
Ok, i'll edit it out.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

12-08-2004, 10:34 AM
Somebody PM me when my characters have something to respond to again.

12-08-2004, 01:27 PM
Sorry, my fault for not posting during thanksgiving.

12-09-2004, 08:08 AM
If you were in a place that you could post, I growl at you... GRRRRRRRRRR!!! :D see? Said I'd do it and now you know I would.:p

If you weren't in a place that you could post, don't worry about it... thinking about bringing in another character anyway... not sure yet if I'll do that or not.

12-16-2004, 07:22 AM
Just a little FYI. Since alot of us are going through finals, some of us, most importantly Cracken, won't be posting much/at all till next week. (Or longer. Not sure about Cracken since I didn't ask him for specifics :D)

In fact, I should be studying right now myself...;)

Just so no one thinks the RPG's dead before its time :)

12-16-2004, 10:36 AM

12-16-2004, 02:05 PM
Hooray for Jokemaster!

I don't suppose I should tell anybody that I'm done with high school... oops, I did! :p

12-16-2004, 02:20 PM
So've I, but I'm talking about college finals here ;)

12-16-2004, 02:26 PM
of course, you had to ruin my fun there, Redwing... but I don't have those yet either... I'm at the happy stage of being in between high school and college (unfortunately with a job that pays me next to nothing (still money though, right?):D

12-16-2004, 03:09 PM
Eh, famous quotes from exam week. All of them real
My bud *shaking random student yelling hysterically *:WE'RE ALL GONNA FLUNK! FLUNK I TELL YOU!
Exam proctor: All right, you're going to take this test, you're gonna flunk, if you finish early just sit quietly and think happy thoughts. If you have a question raise your hand and I will do my utmost to confuse you.
*after final exam is over*

12-17-2004, 02:01 AM
HA! Crazy Americans have exams before christmas!

(I have mine in January, well some of them.)

12-26-2004, 01:15 PM
No exam week BD?

FYI: Prepare your cliffhangers if so desired. Thread should end VERY soon (if there's no objections) :)

12-27-2004, 05:56 AM
We have exams between May and July. There are lots of different exam boards, so depending on who's exam you do you get a different date.

About cliffhangers: I nead all overt Non-Republic forces OFF Coruscant. I need to do a time skip at the start of the next thread because I have MAJOR new characters introduced next thread and I'm going to really stir things up. I also specifically need Cracken's lot out of Republic Space and back on their Capital World for this to work.

This is going to be BIG!

12-27-2004, 07:42 AM
care to elaborate BD?

Cmdr. Cracken
12-27-2004, 08:50 AM
BD, can you wait until Craken and Irvine have thier little shinding? I'll retreat the Imperial Fleet, but Cracken unfortunatly, has this one last thing to do

12-27-2004, 09:41 AM
BD, care to elaborate? That throws a big monkey wrench into my plans in particular, Scar's plans peripherally.

How long is this time skip?

How important is it?

What, generally, are you intending to do to stir things up (for instance, if you have "OMG BD'S CHARACTERS TOTALLY RUN THE NEW REPUBLIC NOW AND GUESS WHAT FLAX IS KING" some people might have some objections)?

Also, it doesn't look like you're setting things up for an interesting cliffhanger - "we win (or lose)" may work for a PtH endpoint, but Cantina endpoints tend to happen on cliffhangers, and time skips happen in the threads themselves :)

I'm whinging because frankly there's a pretty good cliffy opportunity here that I don't want to miss without a good reason :D (that, and it's from Scar's To Do list that he left me ;))

12-27-2004, 10:43 AM
I have no cliffs to hang:p

12-27-2004, 10:53 AM
That's because you suck.

j/k :D

12-27-2004, 12:55 PM
Originally posted by Redwing

What, generally, are you intending to do to stir things up (for instance, if you have "OMG BD'S CHARACTERS TOTALLY RUN THE NEW REPUBLIC NOW AND GUESS WHAT FLAX IS KING" some people might have some objections)?

Dam you got me! (J/K)

FYI: I actually considered having Sellenna as the "evil sister"

The plan was for her to seduce poor old Tak, now that her sister's out of the way, and use him to take over the Republic. Once he had re-captured Coruscant Flax would use the massive political clout that gave him to engineer his election, then declare martial law.

Then Flax' Agamarian shock troops would sweep across the Galaxy as the spearhead of a New Order.

Few would remain to oppose him, only the bravest, including his son.

However I decided against that.

I really don't want to give this away. I have no problem with Cracken and Ivrine duking it out but I really need everybody who isn't NR off the Planet. This is what I have planned:

1. There will be a meeting of the Jedi Council at the start of the thread, Jammes will be tried as a potential Sith.

2. The Council will then discuss a matter of great importance, they will send Jedi, and others of a mission of grave significance.
(This is why I need this thread properly resolved, since I'm going to be giving NR characters an actual quest)

3. There will be a very great disturbance in the Force.

4. A MAJOR new character will be introduced

5. The Galaxy will be changed forever.

6. By this time the Treaty between the NR and the Empire will have been declared void, this will happen in the next few posts. I think everyone would like a little adjustment time.

7. Time skip will be about 2 weeks

8. Have you ever considered that by having each thread so linked to the last you make it virtually impossible for new people to join because the story gets so conveluted.

9. We didn't used to have a cliffhanger every thread.

10. I've already said alot more than I wanted to.

12-27-2004, 02:37 PM
BD by taking control of all the Republic, you're effectively taking control of all the 'Good Guys' who aren't from another dimension. I wouldn't have a problem with this, except your Jedi and Canon characters/organizations all seem to be two things:

1) Extremely militant

2) Always bending to the wishes of the Agamarians.

So your #5 really makes me quite nervous, and not in a good way. :) ESPECIALLY factoring in the time skip, which prevents anyone else who doesn't like where the New Republic is headed from RPing their own characters in the NR government to give their own opinions a voice. (Why do you think when Cracken created the NR peace treaty, the next thread introduced the Imperial Separatists...)

On the bright side, you've made me curious enough that I want to see what happens ;)

Also, for a current issue: The NR, and the Jedi, seem to be deliberately overlooking the fact that without Cracken's help a huge chunk of the galaxy would still be under Reletha's control, the war might have taken weeks rather than a few days (only hours over Coruscant!) with many times more civilian casualties than the situation now. Yet you have Luke agreeing that he is as black as his father before him. And what the heck are the Jedi doing meeting when war is still going on around them? They'd be out there helping their side, saving the injured, protecting their allies etc...which is what CRACKEN is doing right now (did you miss the entire Imperial Palace sector almost being taken out?), while his "allies" take time off to conspire against him!! (See what I mean about your Canon characters? ;))

Incidentally if you don't want to cliffhang now, this thread is going to last a fair bit longer (page at least). (It's already the second longest Cantina thread, ever. :D)

edit: to clarify: I'm on board with your idea, already replanned what I had planned for cliffhanger. Just voicing doubts about plot things here ;)

12-27-2004, 02:42 PM
Originally posted by Redwing
That's because you suck.

j/k :D

To be truthful, it's because my characters aren't important enough... that's why I'm bringing Alyssa in when I get the chance.

12-27-2004, 08:23 PM
Eh, as long as I'm not stuck I don't really mind. So whatever.

Cmdr. Cracken
12-28-2004, 08:42 AM
BD, i also am curious on why the REpublic is now hell bent on seeing me die/eliminated.

First, if you had a better idea of bringing down Coruscants shields, you should have communiqued it to Cracken. I offered every assistance, yet you refused, ergo, i took things into my own hands.

The ends justify the means.

Also, i coulda just let the damned ship ram into the planet, causing mroe death and destruction, rather than detonate it as soona s the shields fell.

second, if it wasn;t for Cracken and his Super shield of Protection thingie, The imperial palace, and several blocks/layers of Coruscant would have been destroyed, along with NR Forcces.

COnsider i saved people also. as many as i killed in the initial assault.

and void the treaty, the Imperial Armada is srong enough to hold Coruscant.

12-28-2004, 09:41 AM
OMG! I forgot to write a whole fricking chunk of my post!:o

By the time you read this I will have edited so that the Seperatists will have surrendered.

About the whole Agamarian slant thing. That will end this thread. I'm actually trying to find eleven Jedi so that I don't have Flax and Sellenna on the Council. Bear in mind that this and the last thread you haven't been seeing the Republic, but instead the Rim Worlds. Everyone else came up with Neo-Republic. You'll remember I used Rim World Coalition as the title of this organisation. Effectivly it was set up with the sole purpose of defeating the corrupt Republic.

Flax became Dictator because it was all going on in his back yard. Had they managed to retreat to Mon Calamari Ackbar would have had all the cloat and Flax would just be another general. Which is what he now is again. So its really a question of

"When in Rome."

I can promise that there will be no major moves in the time skip. I want to skip specifically to let everything settle back down. The idea is that by the time the next thread starts the Republic will be more or less functioning again, Leia will be back in charge, the Jedi will be just finishing untangling themselves.

The "militancy" as you see it stems from a very bad decision that my characters were forced to take way back along. Namely an alliance with the Empire. You accuse me of being out of character, I'm trying very hard to get back into character!

You seem to be forgeting that Cracken is a SITH. Now while we are privy to his private thoughts Luke, Flax and everyone else are not. It was hoped that, given his apparent new found hummanity, that he might renounce the dark side. Given his actions over Coruscant this has to be re-evaluated.

Originally posted by Cmdr. Cracken
The ends justify the means.

No they don't. There are many much better ways of doing it.

As I said Cracken is a Sith so all his actions have to be seen in that light, given his most recent actions, as a member of the Republic, you would be inclined to think that all his "good" actions were merely a cover for some sinister plot.

I used the wrong word ealier. The Republic will disolve the treaty, not break it. There will simply be no diplomatic relationship between Empire and Republic, hostile or peaceful.

The Republic will not begin a war, they will simply tell Cracken then the Republic can no longer be alighed with him and to remove his forces from Republic Space with all speed. He should understand that this in no way represents an aggressive move by the Republic.

The Republic fully expected Cracken to attack when he returned. To strike both halves of the Republic while they were divided and weak.

You have remember that we're dealing with Star Wars here. At no time in recorded history has an actual state of peace existed between the Republic and the Sith. Whenever there was an apparent peace the Sith were always planning the destruction of the Republic.

The Republic CANNOT trust Cracken, by nature, especially the Jedi. You seem to forget that the treaty was effectivly forced on the Republic. Cracken's fleet was breathing down their necks and it was basically sign or die. The fact that Cracken could have destroyed the Republic and instead took only half her worlds would suggest he saw advantage in that.

At this point I'd like to remind everyone that Cracken Godmoded his way into his position of power, remember the one post war where he basically conquered the whole galaxey. Don't get me wrong, I don't care about that now but I was effectivly railroaded into the treaty, it's not something I would have done willingly.

As I said at the top I missed a massive chunk of my post, so it doesn't make much sense, my very bad.

12-28-2004, 10:10 PM
As for the Separatists: Well that does make a bit more sense.

I'm actually trying to find eleven Jedi so that I don't have Flax and Sellenna on the Council.

Find? By that do you mean create new characters? Because the Jedi Council is really "everyone's" territory...and I certainly have some Jedi characters I want to eventually introduce. (Wanted to finish my current characters' storylines first beforehand...)

The "militancy" as you see it stems from a very bad decision that my characters were forced to take way back along. Namely an alliance with the Empire. You accuse me of being out of character, I'm trying very hard to get back into character!

How exactly does making a treaty with a hated enemy in the name of peace translate to "militancy"? The Republic just hates this damned peace so much that they're itching to start a war? And by "in character" I don't mean "in the ordinary canon/EU situation". What I mean is taking actions that make sense. An alliance with the Empire made sense for the characters involved and you seem to be dissolving it on out-of-character pretexts for the sake of "getting back into character" (read: "getting back to SW normalcy".)

An in-character reaction for Jedi would seem to me that they would confront Cracken, their ally, on the terrible thing he just did (as they see it). Not this passive-aggressive "our alliance is over" type stuff. Not without other reasons than you've given them.

Plus, how can the Jedi afford NOT to try to redeem Cracken? Frankly he could slaughter the entire Council at this point, and they should know it. (Cracken's demigodlike powers won't last, but the Jedi don't know that.)

You seem to be forgeting that Cracken is a SITH. Now while we are privy to his private thoughts Luke, Flax and everyone else are not. It was hoped that, given his apparent new found hummanity, that he might renounce the dark side. Given his actions over Coruscant this has to be re-evaluated.

I find it hard to believe that Luke Skywalker would break off all relations with a very powerful, potentially very dangerous Sith Lord who actually has a sense of humanity and a spark of Light in him, and is willing to talk. Again, he'd try to redeem him. (I can fully believe that Taklin Flax would break off all relations, though...)

"He's as dark as his father."


What Cracken did LOOKS LIKE, to an outside observer, as an act designed to take out a deadly enemy as fast as possible, uncaring about the collateral damage of innocents it might cause. Such an act is Grey; for a good cause with bad effects. A Dark act would slaughtering all of Coruscant with, say, orbital bombardment, to eliminate all the Separatists, killing those who surrender, targeting innocents etc.

Sure I can see Taklin Flax saying that. But not Luke and the Jedi Council agreeing.

I used the wrong word ealier. The Republic will disolve the treaty, not break it. There will simply be no diplomatic relationship between Empire and Republic, hostile or peaceful.

You had the Jedi Council make a decision to break off all diplomacy? What?! I'd hope a decision like that would be at least contested! And FYI breaking off a diplomatic relationship automatically puts things in Hostile territory. Plus: Dissolving a treaty is no different from breaking it.

At this point I'd like to remind everyone that Cracken Godmoded his way into his position of power, remember the one post war where he basically conquered the whole galaxey. Don't get me wrong, I don't care about that now but I was effectivly railroaded into the treaty, it's not something I would have done willingly.

That was a series of posts, actually. (He took over the Outer Rim and Corellia in one post.) And reviewing it, the Republic was roleplayed by you, me, and Deac to have small forces who could hardly stand against Cracken's blitzkrieg attack. I hardly think that's godmoding. It was in fact interesting. You might as well say Thrawn was a godmoded character. Anyone could have stepped in if they didn't like it. They didn't.

And "you" weren't railroaded into a treaty, the Republic was (after a fashion). You were privy to Cracken's inner thoughts and knew he wouldn't have destroyed the Republic with his remaining (heavily-damaged-by-Aesir) forces. Frankly some other character could've made a treaty and Flax could've disagreed, maybe had influence enough to split off from the NR. Like what happened when Cracken bullied his will onto the Imperial Remnant.

And if you want to say that every major development in an RPG is godmoding, you effectively bar anything from taking place. Including whatever it is you want to do.

Finally, that bit has no relevance whatsoever towards the in-character-ness of the 'Good Guys'' actions. Surely there's a more logical alternative to the Jedi acting like paranoid politicians that would achieve the same ends you're looking for here...or it could at least have been RP-ed out.

Last question: Why is it that the Jedi Council seem to have missed the fact that Fused Irvine, a terribly powerful creature that slaughtered alot of Jedi last time he was around, is running around the Imperial Palace sector? He just came from devastating a bunch of worlds on his way to Coruscant, surely the Jedi felt those disturbances in the Force. Maybe they ought to try and stop him rather than plotting against Cracken? THEY don't know that Cracken's about to defeat him, just because you may have guessed it! :)

Sorry for the disjointedness in this post, I'm posting while tired :D

12-28-2004, 10:33 PM
Just wondering: Has Flax given up all intentions of becoming King?

I personally still want some more information on this plan/idea of yours BD. Especially since as you say the "galaxy will change forever" because of this idea. This effects essentially everyone here and could possible change or even destroy some of the plots that Red, I, Deac, Cracken (whoever else has a plot idea) have been working on, or it could help those plots along and they could be connected.

We definetly need more info there, but also some more info on this great distrubance (is it people die? or something else?) or this mission the Jedi Council is going to send people on. Finding out now can get people to set up Jedi characters early so they have a little history.

As far as current NR goes, they are just as bad as the Empire. Actually they seem worse. I will say the worlds that the Empire took from the NR, choose to go.

I see the NR renegotiating the Treaty so worlds may freely leave/join either government. Maybe with some economic benefits. Also given that the just finished fighting a civil war and are going to need time (more then a couple of weeks) to recover you do not, and I repeat do not want to tick off your "ally" by breaking your treaty.

*Just a side note: Bombs are more effective (aka destructive) if detonated above the ground. It may have been better if the SSD just hit and rammed into the ground (Hard to say since well no place like coruscant exist on Earth)

12-28-2004, 10:41 PM
Originally posted by Admiral
*Just a side note: Bombs are more effective (aka destructive) if detonated above the ground. It may have been better if the SSD just hit and rammed into the ground (Hard to say since well no place like coruscant exist on Earth)

*Still just a side note: Coruscant has many, many layers. Detonation in sky = one level in the sector/s sprayed with shrapnel. Ram into ground = multiple, possibly dozens of levels in the sector/s obliterated.

12-28-2004, 10:58 PM
As I said Red it is hard to tell. Detonate the ship far enough above ground and you will have little damage. If done at the optimal height, the damage would be significatnly greater. *Don't ask me what that height is though since I have no way of telling* Still the damager should be greater since there is gravity.

You have large chunks of SSD falling into the city and spreading outwards and downwards. As the SSD debris can/will take out buildings (some anyways). These buildings fall downards taking out structures below them. Very possibly reaching to Coruscants actual ground if not below. You also have the shockwave of the explosion being able to reach farther and cause even more of this.

Now if the SSD hit iniside the devestation would still be great, but it shouldn't be as great. The buildings around the crash would act as a barrier to the rest of the city. It would also be more localized and one could argue that is better for search and rescue.

Anyways this is not saying that Cracken did wrong but it could be seen as him trying to get the most bang for his buck so to speak.

12-28-2004, 11:10 PM
Well I see what you mean. However it was stated in-thread that the SSD detonated as soon as its nose took out the shields by main force and that chunks were flung into orbit. SSDs are triangular-shaped and are enormous altogether, but the nose is the smallest part, being the point of the triangle; the nose falling would create significantly less damage than the entire ship falling. Still alot, but significantly less than the entire bulk and probably covering less area. The earlier it detonated, the less debris would not go into space. Of course, alot depends on the placement and nature of the explosives. If enough explosives were placed in the nose of the SSD, it's possible that the fragments would have been disintegrated more and caused less damage due to size difference. (Although a higher velocity may have to be taken into account depending on how much force was applied by the explosives...)

Really Cracken will have to specify this stuff, though :)

12-29-2004, 04:24 AM
We could start it with a possible veto if we don't like it...

12-29-2004, 04:43 AM
Ramming an SSD into Coruscant at any speed would cause massive earthquakes. It's part of Admiral Daala's plan in The Jedi Academy Trilogy, and she's only using an ISD.

Now, as the for the aftermath situation, BD, if Flax has found himself leader as the Neo Republic was formed in his backyard, then it would seem best that he would chair the holding of new elections to the senate and they would then decide what changes, if any, are to be done to the exisiting treaty. Revoking it could cause further civil war.

As for the problems of the republic being as bad as the empire, the people would most likely readily accept the obvious scapegoat: Reletha.

12-29-2004, 09:57 AM
Right, for starters I think Leia should be chairing elections.

Hey, actually how does everyone feel about having a sort of election. We could each post a candidate for the Presidency and then vote for who we think would be best to run the Republic. (If we're going to do this I think we should have no two faced characters, we don't want another Palpatine.)

I take all your points as valid. I'll edit again, you know what, lets do the council thing now: You want to preview new characters? Well okay.

As far as the next thread, fine:

1. A pair of beat up old ISD-Is will arrive in Imperial Space from the direction of the Unknown Regions.

2. Onboard will be 3,000 dark Jedi, predominatly human, who are the result of a project initiated by the Emperor just prior to his death. A hyperspace malfunction caused both ships to get lost and they have only just returned to Imperial Space.

3. The Leader of this group will be a man named Agric Palpatine, a son of the Emperor. One purposfully hidden from Cracken, just as Cracken was hidden from him. You know how the Emperor always liked a backup.

4. Agric makes the usual Sith pitch to Cracken, pointing out that with his Jedi and Cracken's fleet they will be unstopable.

5. The various Jedi have sensed something dark at the edge of known space and it has made everybody a bit jittery. Fortunatly a holocron was unearthed as a result of damage to the Jedo Temple during the fighting.

6. The holocron details a plan made during the darkest days of Darth Malak's War, during which a number of Jedi, perhaps as many a 1,000 (In fact rather less) were cryogenically frozen, for a purpose which is now lost. The Council will send some of its most trusted Jedi, along with some new Republic perosnnel in search of the concealed facility.

Before everyone points out the extreme improbability of the facility surviving that long, I have it covered.

Naturally, everyone is free to have as many characters as they like in either group.

P.S. Thanks for continuing to unwind my knotted up little brain. I'm ashamed to say my general hostility to Scar has really screwed up my character templates.

Flax particually is totally out of character.

Cmdr. Cracken
12-29-2004, 10:01 AM
The SSD Vengence was as soon as the lower shield fell, to try to minimuize collateral damage if we had detonated it later. Consider that ramming the SSD into the shields, the ship itself was already disintegrating , about 1/5th of the ship was already destroyed as it was plowing through the shields.

Thus, the remaining 4/5th of the super structer was remaining, now, i admit, there is no good way to blow up a ship in upper orbit and NOT have it destroy a good chunk of land underneith it. Thus, we did it high in the atmosphere, creating a larger cone of debrie falling to the planet, dispursing the damage across a wide area than a concentrated area of destruction, which would hav eprobably plowed into the sub levels, causing more structeral damage to the city than the wide spread destruction to only the UPPER LAYER.

ALso, explosions in enar zero G enviroments are circles. there fore, i would say out of the 4/5th of super structer left, about 1/2 of that made it to conact the surface, over a VERY LAGE and WIDE area, the other 1/2 is either moving away from Coruscant at high speeds, or now in orbit.

Now, if I really wanted to piss off every faction in teh galaxy, that SSD woulda just his the surface, at flank speed, annihilating COruscant. If i was a real Sith Lord, Malacies beam would have killed you all.


Yet Cracken has shown now on two occasions to attempt to preserve life.

This could be what Skywalker is looking for, this spark of life and desire to preserve to try to turn Cracken. In now way would he want him dead, because Cracken's mastery over the Force, if turned, could be a powerful Light Jedi, on par with Windu, near the expertise of Yoda. and who wouldn't want that?

12-29-2004, 12:07 PM
Originally posted by BattleDog
. I'm ashamed to say my general hostility to Scar has really screwed up my character templates.

*Puts on Freud mask*
JM/Freud: And how does that make you feel?

And Cracken: How bout I have Greer report Cracken's saving lives, and someone else controls his reaction to that....

12-29-2004, 02:03 PM
Well, I've done some very rapid re-evaluation. I'm not convinced that you could actually persuade Luke that Cracken could be turned. The impression I initially got from your post was of wide spread devistation.

All that aside what do you guys think of my idea.

It should be especially interesting for Cracken.

12-29-2004, 10:53 PM
Well BD: Are you forgetting how Luke handled Darth Vader?

Luke has heard from a Master "Once you start down the Dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny" and seen him proved wrong with his father's redemption. And Vader gave no signs on 'slipping' from the Dark Side as Cracken has. But even if you are right, I'll go out on a limb and say that Luke would at least confront Cracken before forming an opinion as a judge.

As for your ideas for next thread, I like them. And the cryogenically frozen Jedi from KotOR 1 time frame I particularly like, since as I've played Jedi in KotOR and I haven't read recent Jedi-related EU from post-RotJ to pre-NJO, it'd be easier to roleplay the KotOR Jedi. :D

The idea of Agric makes sense, especially considering the fact that Palpatine knew about Cracken's little thing about love. Agric may have even been intended partially to ensure that the faint Light tendencies of the elder [?] son weren't...exacerbated in the future. Perhaps he foresaw Cracken as a peacemaker, just as he foresaw that Taklin would kill Cracken before his power 'peaked'...and engineered that to act as the key-in-lock for the Crimson Star's activation. That's all just idle suggestion of course :D

More iffy is his 3000 (!) Dark Jedi, but I'm assuming you have that covered plotwise. (After all, worse has been explained away in this RP before :D)

An election would be interesting, but how would it be handled? And when (in RPG time)? Would this be a simulation of an actual election in the RPG?

BTW: Who is on the Jedi Council you have meeting? I may have read too little EU in recent times (okay, maybe a year or two), but I don't even recognize Kam Solusar. (Are some of the characters "blank" characters, for instance?)

A side note: Whatever happens, the nameless assassin guild's priority hit list is going to go through some interesting changes depending on what happens by next thread :)

12-30-2004, 04:36 AM
Wow I actually provided an idea that's gonna be used...

12-30-2004, 05:25 AM
Kam Solusar *Checks spelling.* Yes thats right.

He was one of the first students at the Academy, he's probably about ten years older than Luke. He's described as a hard edged man and by the time of the NJO he is both Master of the Academy and a member of the Council.

As the the 3,000 Darksiders, well consider that Jedi multiply exponentially and that it really doesn't take very long to train a darksider. All you really have to do is teach them basic force abilities then turn them loose. So Agric has been collecting anyone with a chip on their shoulder.

As to Luke and Vader, may I point out he never tried to turn the Emperor to the light side, just his father.

12-30-2004, 08:00 AM
There was no Good in the Emperor. There was in Vader, and there is in Cracken...

So you never anwered my Council question :)

12-30-2004, 09:20 AM
Sorry Red.

NPC Members:

Luke Skywalker


Kam Solusar

Kyp Durron

Player Members:

Taklin Flax




Absent Members:

Corran Horn (NPC)




12-30-2004, 06:16 PM
I'll take one of the council members......ermmm, someone help me pick out a name.

01-01-2005, 10:30 PM
Ack, sorry for holding up the RPG. Will post tomorrow ^^;; (Out of time after replying to PtH...oops))

I claim Council member too :x

01-02-2005, 05:26 AM
I'll take one.

01-04-2005, 08:40 AM
Absent members? Does that mean that they're part of the council, but not physically there for the meetings? Are they off somewhere else in the galaxy working on things? If so, that could be a good spot for my character... though she'd probably end up coming back... I'll take one of those if that's what it means.

01-04-2005, 11:34 PM
Thats what is means.

01-06-2005, 05:04 AM
Ok... that's what my new character is. Remember Alyssa from the Holiday Special? That's her... only she won't have the tiger with her... that's sort of a useless character right about now.

01-06-2005, 09:19 PM
*whistles as RPG fails to move for another three days*

Darned holidays ;)

01-06-2005, 09:36 PM
I'll take one of the absent spots on the council.

and no Red, it is not an Aesir...

01-07-2005, 01:32 AM
Ok, claiming closed, we have one free spot which will be filled by an NPC.

Cmdr. Cracken
01-09-2005, 07:31 AM
sorry, i've been a bit busy. i wil post today

01-09-2005, 08:05 AM
Now, back to the actual thread!

01-10-2005, 04:45 PM
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Homeworld: Born on Coruscant, lives on a planet known only as the W.atchtower. It is situated on the far edge of the Outer Rim.
Affiliation: Jedi

Appearance: 5' 5", 125 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin

Attire: Unlike most Jedi, Alyssa does not wear robes. Her clothing is a mixture of black and dark gray and does not restrict any movement.

Weapons: A single burnt orange lightsaber that she built. A single green saber that once belonged to her father. It was taken and given to a clone of Alyssa, but she has since retaken it.

Bio: When she was 15, Alyssa Renolin's parents were killed in what was thought to be an airbus accident on Coruscant. The same day, her brother, Rical was pushed off the lower observation deck of the building they lived in. This left Alyssa entirely alone in the galaxy. She had no family or friends.

That day was a full one for Alyssa. She was kidnapped when she went to the lower observation deck to explore, hoping she might find some explanation to her brother's death. When she awoke, she found that certain things had been done to her.

Her aging had been slowed down extremely and she had the ability to speed herself up to the point in which everything and everyone else appeared to be standing still or moving very slowly. Using these abilities, she escaped from the building she was in and by accident fell into an air taxi.

Cheif of State Leia Organa Solo and her husband Han Solo were in the taxi. At first, Han drew his blaster, thinking some crazy kid was attempting to kill his wife, but the misunderstanding was corrected and they took Alyssa back to her home. From there, she was taken to an orphanage, but Leia never forgot her.

During her time in the orphanage, Alyssa was allowed an hour each day to return to her parents' home and go other places, searching for the truth about her parents. During one of these times, she had a brief encounter with Luke Skywalker, who was visiting Leia at the time. He sensed how strong the Force was in her and attempted to follow. She ran from him, thinking he was one of the ones who captured her before.

After eluding Luke, Alyssa discovered that the crash taking the lives of her parents was not an accident. It was planned by the same men who killed her brother and took her captive. They were building an army of Force sensitive children. That day, Alyssa returned to the orphanage much later than her allotted hour and found that somebody was there to adopt her.

It was Han and Leia. Because of her age, they wanted to be sure she wanted them to adopt her. She agreed and they told her that, if she wanted to, she could stay in her old home. She refused this offer, but requested that she might go there whenever she pleased.

Alyssa Renolin Solo lived with Han and Leia until she was sixteen years old. Then, Luke came for another visit. After his visit, Alyssa left Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi by Luke Skywalker. Thus, she followed in the footsteps of her birthparents.

Alyssa's training was done by a rather unknown individual named Riebe Sothe.

Alyssa enters this story at the age of 30.

Ok, so I want to add Alyssa's former master as well.

Name: Riebe Sothe
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (appears to be in her early twenties)
Homeworld: the
Affiliation: Jedi

Appearance: 5' 2", 115 pounds, black hair, bluish gray eyes, light skin.

Bio: Very little is known about Riebe Sothe. Not even Luke Skywalker knows of her past. When he is asked about her, he merely says, "What can I say? I know very little of her, just that she is older than I... perhaps even much older."

Riebe has been living with the Jedi since Skywalker created the Jedi Academy, but he became acquainted with her when fleeing Tatooine in the company of Ben Kenobi and Han Solo. Kenobi seemed to know more about Riebe than he would admit. Even after his death, Obi-Wan would only tell Luke, "It is for her to tell when she wishes. Treat her well... she is not one you want for an enemy."

Luke took his old mentor's advice and asked Riebe to become an instructor at the Jedi Academy. She agreed and began training her first student, Alyssa Renolin Solo. The two were inseperable from the start and remained so until Alyssa's training was complete. At this time, Riebe gave her personal fighter ship to Alyssa and left Yavin IV in one of the Academy's shuttles. She has been seen only rarely since.

Riebe Sothe is a small woman, but not to be taken lightly. She is very powerful and knows both sides of the Force like the back of her small hand. She has found everyday ways to use the Dark Side powers as well as damaging ways to use Light Side powers.

"Force lightning," she says, "when properly used can do anything from killing to welding to... well, toasting bread! Such power is not always to be used for evil."

She is currently on Coruscant, but is about to return to the W.atchtower. She, like many others, has been trying to rediscover her past... before what she calls 'the disruption'.

One final note: I'm not asking that Riebe be given a spot on the Council as well. Only Alyssa holds that because she is much more involved with the dealings of the Jedi... even if her homeworld is so far away.

01-10-2005, 05:45 PM
WJ: Sounds oddly familiar....will I have to cross my char over too?

01-10-2005, 06:13 PM
Not if you don't want to... they may have been separated.

For those of you who don't know what we're talking about, I once started a thread in Star Wars Roleplaying (in JediKnight Series) called "The Sith Hunters". Riebe was the leader of them, but (as the story goes in my head) they were killed off one by one. Riebe faked her death and disappeared.

These events took place long before our current story and will most likely be drawn out in bits and pieces in conversation with Riebe (and JM's char if he decides to put him in).

If you decide to use your char as well, please take note: The Sith Hunters are very old by now and would be reluctant to share their stories... they've been laughed at too many times when telling the story. As time goes on, you'll understand why.

01-11-2005, 02:10 PM
I think I'll use him.

Better hope EJ doesn't come over here though
*images cantina/POTC/LOTR/Matrix*

01-11-2005, 07:30 PM
LOL:D no kidding! that thread was waaaaay too messed up... let's keep our characters fairly normal, how about it?

01-12-2005, 05:26 PM
Other than the peter pan syndrome you mean?

01-12-2005, 07:07 PM
well.... I suppose you could call it that... they are aging, but rather slowly... Riebe came into that story at 17, I think I said and she looks mid 20s...I'll PM you on how long it's really been for your RPing purposes.

01-19-2005, 09:02 AM
JM, clean out your PM box so I can do what I said I would.

02-03-2005, 02:43 PM
((WTF? :D

*takes a drink* ;)

Now where the hell is Cracken...*goes hunting*

FYI, it would be GREAT if someone could go on AIM and remind Cracken to post...because my new job is eating up too much of my time for me to haunt AIM as often as I generally do :)))

02-03-2005, 05:38 PM
((I keep trying to raise him over comms with no aval... :())

02-03-2005, 06:26 PM
Hey scar, can't you get some of your buddies to trace his ISP, get some helicopters and threaten him at gunpoint to post?