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07-18-2004, 04:39 PM
20 years after the destruction of Unicron, the Transformers now live on earrth with the humans. They have now found a new energy source call Energon. This is used to power their weapons. But, now the evil Terracons have come and they are takeing the Energon. A few monthes later they were able to resurect the all mighty doomsday deceptacon called Megatron and have gathered all of the Deceptacons. Now it is Transformers VS Deceptacons yet again. The Transformers thought that after Megatron was gone the Transformers could live in peace but, THEY WERE WRONG! All of the classic heros are back. Rad, Carlos, Elexis, etc. There are also some new faces. The most important one, Kicker. Kicker has the special ability to sense Energon. It is up to you to decide the outcome of the war. (Because where I live the series hasn't ended. I'm right after where Star Scream is resurected.)

1: You HAVE to be a Transformer.
2: No main chars
3: No killing other chars
5:No swearing. ((There are a few exeptions like Damn you, @$$ as in donkey, and Hell as in the place.))
6: Have FUN!!!

Char Creation:
Transforms into:
Combines with:
Weapons are:
Minicon: ((if any))

My char
Name: Selkner
Transforms Into: A spaceship/ High Speed Plane.
Combines With: A transformer called Golkner.
Weapons Are: Wing mounted guns, Torpedo launcher on bottem, Sonic Boom attack. In it's robot form it is, A Plasma beam, ((Right arm gun)) Torpedo launcher ((It is attached to his left arm)) Sonic Boom ((From his jets on his feet.))
Side: Autobots
Minicon: Selfkner. ((Attaches to his back ((Top if he is in plane mode.)) to launch a hi charged beam ((Plane mode.) Or heat seeking lock on rockets (Robot mode)

Black Knight of Keno
07-18-2004, 04:46 PM
OOC: It's Autobots VS Decepticons
Whatever you say, we here in finland say them Decepticons. Here in Finland we never made to the end of the gathering the mini-cons. Damn lousy MTV3. Hope this RP will last long if it even gets started. Not many RP's get to the end you know. And the D&D is an never ending story...

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You're right. I missed that E thanks for pointing that out. I was typeing it the wrong way but, I was typeing so fast I messed it.:(

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07-19-2004, 03:14 PM
Name: Rumble
Transforms into: Hummer
Combines with: Doesn't(if thats allowed)
Weapons are: Plasma cannon(right and left arm) and rocket launcher(over shoulders)
Side: Decepticons
Minicon: Tumble (attackes to top(in hummer mode and front in robot mode) is a mini gun in both hummer and robot mode but can detach and become a mini-hummer.

07-21-2004, 05:36 PM
Selkner was in Ocean city. He was about to lead a raid on Jupitar. There was some Deceptacon movement there so he would check it out. With him was Jetfire who was also leading the team. Behind them was a minicon energon harvester force and some other transformers named Explosion and Firegun. "Let's move!" Selkner yelled. Then just as they launched Golkner came "You should have told me you were going on a raid. I can help alot you know." Golkner said. "We had to leave. You were busy takeing a nap so it's your own fault." Then the ships rocketed into supersonic speed. They reached Jupitar in a few days becasue of the speed that they were travleing. "Ok there's the target. Golkner come with me. Jetfire you take the others. We have to provide cover for the minicon harvesters as they harvest the Energon." Then in a flash Golkner and Selkner dissappeared and a bigger better robot took their place. "Let's rumble." He said. ((Just as an update the combined robot is Platkner.))

07-21-2004, 07:30 PM
"alright boys looks like we got company, take them out! wait tumble take out the harvesters!" rumble transformed as well did the other decepticons and they laid fire onto the autobots.
tumble drove towards the harvesters then transformed into a mini gun and tried to take out the harvesters.

07-22-2004, 09:55 PM
"Selfkner protect those harvesters." Selfkner popped out and landed on the ground. A tiny gun on his wrist started fireing at the attacking mini-con. Platkner saw rumble comeing. He opened fire on rumble. "This is the Auto-Bots defence force. Give up now or be destroyed."

07-23-2004, 02:25 PM
"hah! very effective little one!" tumble then jumped back onto rumble and changed into a minigun and started firing on selfkner, rumble shot one of his plasma cannons at selfkner, and selfkner went flying.

07-23-2004, 08:04 PM
Then they sent another mincicon "Youkner go get him." Youkner landed and started fireing at the mini-con which was now attached to rumble. Then Platkner started fireing upon Rumble.

07-23-2004, 08:23 PM
"don't you fools knwo a mini con cannot destroy me!" rumble fired both his plasma cannons at youkner and Platkner, just liek berfore they went flying

07-23-2004, 10:15 PM
((platkner is an evolved combined robot that would not go flieing by just one hit of a plasma cannon from an uncombined robot. Also Youkner was fireing at the mini-con attached to you.)) Platkner stood still. The smoke flieing. "ha and do you think that one hit of your plasma cannoin can damage me?" the two robots seperated and combined with tyheir mini-cons. Selkner starts fireing rockets and golkner starts fireing a hi powered plasmeparticleultimatedeathbeamthingey at Rumble. Then SElkner transforms and fires his beam. The beam was followed by a bunch of rockets fired from Golkner and Selkner.

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(... that was really gay luke, REALLY gay)
" stornger than i suspected" Rumble starts firing both his plasma cannons and rockets at the robots while tryign to dodge thier shots

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((Curt-Man, let's have enough of the flaming :p

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(( Yeah Curt-man, I am so sick of all of your damn Jewish complaining! :D Hehe...sorry Redwing, I couldn't resist... ))

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(sorry but i couldn't resist, he posted "plasmeparticleultimatedeathbeamthingey" what theheck is that? i mean really)

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((FINE IF YOU COULDN'T FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN THEN I'LL DO IT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plasme-particle-ultimate-death-beam-thingey. And I meant plasmA not plasmE sorry about that.))

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(um dude, chill out i didn't mean what does that say i mean you got to be joking to put something liek that in a post)

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((Curt, if you think something is stupid (I'm assuming that's what you meant by "gay", since I don't think 'hi powered plasmeparticleultimatedeathbeamthingey'-s are even gendered) then you could just say that and explain why, rather than flame. Likeydo.

And you know, it is Luke's RPG, so really, if he wants to call something that, that's what it's called. :p))

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((Yeah and Curt like you don't joke in RPG's. And sometimes they aren't even yours. I do the same thing but, useuelly I wasn't jokeing and everyone knows it and they leave the thread.))