View Full Version : Odd XP Glitch..

07-19-2004, 04:11 PM
I've done everything that should of been done to make the game run on XP, and yes, it does run. But, for some odd reason when I resume from a save file, I'll be missing items. I'm still in the early stages, in year 1 where you have to handle the beavers. I had the fire extinguisher, I remember picking it up and carrying it around. But now, it is no longer in my inventory. Should it just of disappeared like that?

And.. Objects on the screen will randomly disappear as well. I tried turning hardware acceleration on, and things didn't get any better, actually worse. Any solution for these problems? Thanks

07-19-2004, 04:41 PM
Very strange. I'm not sure how to solve the on-screen objects disappearing. I've heard there's some sort of "Compatibility" setting on WinXP shortucts (Still on 98 myself) that allows you to tell XP it's a 95, 98, etc. program. So try creating a GF shortcut and changing the compatibility setting to 95 or 98.

As for the inventory items disappearing: Some items will be automatically removed from your inventory once you no longer have a use for them. (If they weren't, you'd quit rather than try to find that inventory item you wanted to try on something during Year 4...) Where are you in the game exactly? If you've gotten past the beavers and the forest to Rubacava, the game may have already removed it from your inventory.