View Full Version : Help! Having trouble installing CMI

07-20-2004, 01:39 PM
I just found my old CMI disks, and ive been dieing to play it, but it wont seem to start up the install >.<

I have a sinking feeling this is due to the "Curse of Windows XP". Any help would be greatly appreciated- the disks are in perfect condition by the way..

07-21-2004, 01:54 AM
Scumm VM (http://www.scummvm.org)

The answer to all of lifes problems. Or at least the ones pertaining to running old Lucasarts games in XP.

07-22-2004, 11:31 AM
Annoyingly, ScummVM will only elt you play the game, not install it.

My guess is, yes, it is XP. Have you tried changing the compatibility of the application. Go into the CD drive and find the installer (Ibelieve it's called Install.exe or Setup.exe, it should be obvious, I haven't got the game at hand at the mo) and right click the icon and the click on properties.

Click on the compatibility tab and then check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and the select an operating system (the best one's would either be Windows 98 or Windows ME).

If this doesn't work, then I don't know what to say. It may be a problem with your disk, as, as of yet I haven't seen any problems installing CMI on XP, only playing it.

Ray Jones
07-23-2004, 05:26 AM
cmi on xp runs smoothly.. i think the setup just installs direct x. xp has a newer version. so it works (it does for me) if you start the comi.exe in the resource folder on the cd.