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07-20-2004, 10:08 PM
Considering myself a experieced gamer i want to make sure i join the clan right for me.

1) Voice chat is critical i believe .

2) Since were in differnet timezones, with different activies (school, jobs) i cant make ALL practices.

So can anyone suggest a clan

07-20-2004, 10:13 PM
Also around the same age. Around 16

07-20-2004, 10:31 PM
check out Hire on Demand

07-21-2004, 12:39 AM
Well, what platform are you going to play on? If it's xbox, then the ARC trooper clan is as far as i know, the only clan for xbox yet on these forums. We still have 3 more spots. So far, we have lord tyreal, balmung, fatedsniper, stgslater and me. :jawa :jawa

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07-21-2004, 09:05 AM
What country are you from? Since ORG is BE/NL only... but we don't have voice chat anyway, at least it's not a requirement... I think they're gonna implement a system where you push a button, then you can pick from a lsit (1: defense. 2: offence Etc.) and then you press 1 and get a new list: (1: hold the line 2: retreat) and then you press 2 and then you say to your team: Retreat! If you practice a bit you can give orders very fast. But i'm drifting a bit off topic here...

Anyway, i'd say HD is the best for you.

07-21-2004, 01:14 PM
We have been a clan since 2002. We are strong and every day becoming more powerful.We are looking for recruits to join our SW Battlefront division. So if your looking for a clan to join were the place for you. Some of our rules are...

Things you must have to play for |-LoP-|

1 . X-Fire

2 . Teamspeak

3 . Speakers and a microphone or a headset (so you can use teamspeak)

4 . Dedication to the game

Things you must do to stay in the clan

1 . Be respectful of all clan members and other players ( we dont tolerate rude people )

2 . Go to all scheduled clan matches ( if you miss 1 you are demoted rank. If you miss another your will be removed from the roster)

3 . Go to all practices . If you cannot make the practice you need to give reasonable notice and explanation .

4 . Be active in the forums and other clan activities.

5 . No cheating of any kind. If found that you cheat you will be removed from the roster .

6 . Play as a team whenever possible . Very important !

7 . Respect you comanding officers

8 . Do not play 1 vs 1 clan matches ( Clans are for teamplay not single person play)

9 . Do not play a clan match without an officer present

10 . Do not badmouth other clans even if they deserve it .

12 . Last but definately not least HAVE FUN !!

If your interested in joining just e-mail me at tippercarmel@comcast.net Just leave your e-mail address so I can contact you later. Here some other info....

- Our site is at www.legacyofpain.com
- Our Battlefront section is still being worked on so hang in their with that.

07-21-2004, 03:05 PM
Here is a synopsis of Hire on Demand, the original Star Wars: Battlefront clan.

What are the requirements for joining?
There are a couple of requirements, and none of them are difficult.
--1. [HD] is a PlayStation2/PC clan. If there is enough demand, we may include an X-box division.
--2. No cursing will be tolerated. Not on the headset, not in the chatrooms. Slang and trash-talk are okay.
--3. Please don't submit any names of famous Star Wars characters. Role-play in-game will be encouraged, so use your imagination and come up with an original character.
Hire on Demand will be based on fun and consideration o other players. There is never any rules about how oten you must play or how skilled you are.
Is there a ranking system?
Currently, there is no ranking system due to the fact that players join and drop occasionally. There's nothing more frustrating than being a "recruit" on a team of "admirals", "vice-admirals", and "super-admirals".
Will [HD] be involved in ladder matches?
As soon as a good ladder is created and we have at least 10 members, we will play ladder matches.
Until then (or if the ladder is a flop), we will utilize the in-game conquest mode for clan wars.
This isn't going to be a huge, impersonal clan, is it?
Absolutely not. Our maximum number of players at any time will be 16. This way players will learn each other's voices and tactics and be able to play with each other regularly without wondering "what ever happened to <so-and-so>?"
What kind of tactical order can we expect?
For the fun of tactical combat, players will be separated into groups of four and given general objectives. Squads are as follows:
--Rancor Squad will be composed of footsoldiers and designated mainly toward defending captured outposts.
--Mynock Squad will be mainly pilots and will be in charge of air support and transport.
--Bantha Squad will be more soldier classes, but in offense instead of defense. Includes two specialist spots.
--Wampa Squad will be the snipers and their support.
Players will recieve a designation according to their squad.
How does your clan compare to others?
Hire on Demand will be very nOOb-friendly, as we were all once nOObs ourselves. That said, we will not have a complicated ranking system other than whatever the game provides (if any). We focus on fun rather competition amongst ourselves.
There will be some inside competition (there always is), but rather than let one person decide who's better and post it on a webpage, we'll let our players prove it on the battlefield.
We do not plan to have over 16 players -- this gets sticky, especially when you start appointing lieutenants, trainers, squad leaders, etc. There will be myself (Van Lingo, leader), my confidant (Max Weatherford, co-leader), and 14 other fun-seeking players.

Games like Counterstrike, Battlefield:1942, and SOCOM 2 have ladders and clan wars. Will [HD] have them, too?
Oh, yes. As stated before, if there is a decent ladder, we will be on it. If not, we will use the game's conquest mode and record the stats on our website.
How often and when will [HD] play?
Hire on Demand operates on Central Standard Time. We will play roughly three nights per week, usually around 9:00 or 10:00 PM. As with the X-box idea, if there is a need for a separate division for different times of the day, that's a later possibility.
Upcoming clan games will be posted on the "War News" section on the website.
What's with the "Tales" section on the website? Other clans don't have one...
That is a section reserved for background stories. It will be an archive of history for each player and eventually for fictions inspired by actual battles played.

Who is Van Lingo?
In the Star Wars universe, Lingo is a stereotypical smuggler. He has spent his share of time among well-known scoundrels such as Han Solo, Jivva Leea, Wade Vox, and other scum of the galaxy.
The Battle of Mindar will introduce Van Lingo as the leader of Hire on Demand. It will be posted on the website's "Tales" section.
Who is Lingo is real life?
James M, a 21-year-old gamer from Beaumont, Texas.
Goes by the name [F5] Hitman on SOCOM 2 and VanLingo on the EA Games network.
Who is Max Weatherford?
Max will also be introduced in the Battle of Mindar tale.
He also goes by [F5] Troll on SOCOM 2 and ImDaTroll on the EA Games network.
He is an incredible sniper and will be very useful to [HD] as a vehicle/turret gunner.
What kind of experience does Lingo have?
-- X-wing Alliance: Scoundrels -- as Van Lingo
Scoundrels was my first clan. We flew in GameBattles.com's WeekOfWar, but dissolved due to inactivity shortly after.
-- Star Wars: Galaxies: Scoundrels -- as Van Lingo
During SWG's development, the Scoundrels were known as the first SWG clan on the Sony forums. After two years, we dissolved due to SWG's terrible final review.
-- SOCOM / SOCOM 2: Faction 5 -- as Hitman
One of the longest-running rosters on SOCOM, Faction 5 has enjoyed many victories and losses while managing to stay focused on fun.

For more information, get your own impression at http://republic.fragism.com/hireondemand.

-- Lingo

07-22-2004, 02:23 PM
I would recommend the Imperial Expeditionary Force. I'll post the simple reasons why you should and then I'll post all the info about the clan.

1) Voice chat is critical i believe .

Since we are a PC clan it is very difficult to have every member get voice chat. IEF members will stress communication along with teamswrk, though.

2) Since were in differnet timezones, with different activies (school, jobs) i cant make ALL practices.

With the IEF we have practices all the time, even before the game is released. These practices are not mandatory, however they are very useful for you yourself. Even when the game comes out there will be no madatory practices. We just like members to make as many as they reasonably can.

Also around the same age. Around 16

the IEF is made entirely of teenagers (Except one mature 10 year old) and everyone gets along perfectly. As long as you act mature and respectful the IEF will be perfect.

Now, for all the info.

The Imperial Expeditionary Force
Formed April 24, 2004
Currently 14 Members
Website: http://iefbattlefront.greatnow.com

What is the Imperial Expeditionary Force?
The Imperial Expeditionary Force (IEF) is a clan for the upcoming game Star Wars Battlefront. The clan will be playing on the PC version of the game. The clan will stress team-based tactics and role-playing. A very fun, positive community will be formed within the clan and strong leadership will be maintained.

Are there any faction restrictions?
As you can tell from the name we are an Imperial-based clan. Therefore in all clan battles you will be required to be either Imperial or the Republic units (The Republic is, after all, the same thing as the Empire). Outside of clan battles you will be allowed to be whatever your heart desires.

Why are you forming the clan now?
The clan is being formed now because it gives the clan time to grow and develop prior to the game release so that when the game is released the IEF will be well established and a presence from day 1. It gives the clan a chance to have trial and error.

How will this thing be run?
There will be three stages in the way the IEF is run. Refer to the Governing Plan section of the website.

How strict are you when it comes to accepting members?
We will be pretty picky about the members we accept. Since 30 members is the most we will accept prior to game release we want 30 productive and loyal members. We will not accept any ol' person who says they want to join.

What will the clan be doing prior to the release of Battlefront?
We will be recruiting members and getting everything straightened out and ready to go. Lots of development will be taking place. This way, by one week into game release we should have a fairly strong presence in Battlefront.

To join email this application to boranchistanger@yahoo.com

Planned Game Name
Real Life Age
Real Life Gender
A Little About Yourself
Past gaming experience
Past online gaming experience
Why you have to offer the IEF
AIM Screenname


07-22-2004, 02:33 PM
we are a ps2/pc meaning more diverse members and many, including the clan leader and myslef will be using voice chat. The clan leader is 22, so he's a mature leader, but alot of the members are around 16. I live in the eastern time zone, and have the same problems, but you odnt have to make all of them. are you an aussie? cause I have this one aussie friend from I think queensland. send me an email at yaebginn@hotmail.com or email my leader at txshurricane@yahoo.com I hopoe you choose a cool clan. If not ours, then there are plenty of cool ones out there. Peace.

07-22-2004, 03:32 PM
Originally posted by boranchistanger
Since we are a PC clan it is very difficult to have every member get voice chat. IEF members will stress communication along with teamswrk, though.

Well our clan has a host server Teamspeak. Its open 24 hours a day, you might want to look into that Boran. Also just because your a PC clan doesnt mean it is hard to get voice chat. Have you done any research on this at all? www.teamspeak.org is freeware that is voice chat. (Most competitive clans have voice chat because they wont need to type) Just giving ya the heads up.

07-22-2004, 05:35 PM
I'll look into that voice chat.