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07-23-2004, 06:49 AM
Just been thinking... I'll see if anyone's interested, ideal times to set the RPG in-

Human/Skaarj Wars
Post Human/Skaarj Wars Era
The Tournaments (1999-2003)
The Tournaments (2003-2004)
The Tournaments (2004-2005)

Anybody in?

07-23-2004, 08:03 AM
Oh heck, why not, i need to release some frustration... though the years only say wich year the game came out, according to the storyline it was in 2300 somewhere i think... So i'll join, if i can be skaarj. The human-skaarj wars also sound interesting, thoguh i don't know much about them...

07-23-2004, 10:56 AM
http://www.unrealtournament.com/general/timeline.php - Unreal History

My Data-

Name: Webrazar (Assasin)
Race: Skaarj
Clan: Black Doom
Status: Clan Sniper/Sudden Killer
Colour: Fresh Green
Eyes: Blue-Green
Horn Length: 4 inches
Hair: 1 foot

Favourite Weapon: Sniper Rifle/Lightning Gun
Favourite Vehicle: Raptor

Webrazar, meaning Assasin in Skaarj tongue is a battle veteran and serves his Clan, the Black Doom. This clan identifies itself by painting it's symbol on the horns and foreheads of their warriors. Assasin uses his methods of stealth and cunning to take out his targets from a safe distance, or to kill them when they're not looking.

07-23-2004, 02:12 PM
Name: Crazy
Race: Human
Clan: Red Claw
Status: Commander
Colour: Dark Green
Eyes: Blue

Favourite weapon: doul raptors and the rocket launcher.
Favourite vehicle: human DirtBike

Crazy fired his first shot when he was 5 and ever since then he has been known as a ruthless killer, he also takes on leadership roles whenever possible, his gunning skills live up to his name, he is to be feared.

07-23-2004, 02:17 PM
OOC: You got a Skaarj word list or something? cause i wouldn't know what kinda names they got. I'll edit once i get a good name.
So, what is our time setting? Human-skaarj wars?
Name: Unkar
Race: Skaarj
Clan: Iron Skull.
Status: Shock trooper.
Colour: Dark blue.
Eyes: Yellow.
horn length: 5 inches (HA!)
Hair: 1 foot.

Favorite weapon: Dual assault rifles (ranged) and claws/blades thingy's (melee).
Favorite vehicle: Skaarj fighter.

Unkar is pretty much a rookie, but he has proven his skill more than enough already. He already killed many humans, and isn't planning on stopping anytime soon. He has had a brutal training, wich made him tough enough to face more than three opponents in fair battle at once, though 'fair' battle isn't really his way...

(Is that a good name?)

07-24-2004, 05:44 AM
Curt, Humans don't live in Clans or have green skin, that's only the Skaarj.

Doom, I just made that up, make up a name of your own! (I made my horns small purposely, since I'm not an uber-warrior like Dominator)

The Situation:

We'll start after the original Unreal. The Skaarj have been alerted and are planning massive attacks on Earth. The Human empire is not paying heed to Vortex Rikers, a prisoner escaped from the Skaarj. Earth doesn't expect any attack, but the Skaarj are gearing up...

Index -


Homo Sapiens (Human) Mercenary
Homo Sapiens (Human) ThunderCrash (Elite Soldier)
Homo Sapiens (Human) Hellion
Homo Sapiens (Human) Anubis (Egyptians)
Homo Sapiens Taratis (Nightmare)
Homo Sapiens Medusae (Nightmare)
Homo Sapiens Gene-Boosted (Juggernauts)
Artificial Lifeform (Human-Made Robot)
Cybernetic (Former Human/Human Based Robot)
Gen Mo'Kai (Alien)
Skaarj (Alien)

Planets: (From UT2004)

Planet ID: JX-4230, Arborea
Planet Type: Tropical
Avg. Temp.: 27 Celsius
Population: 12 million
Main Export: Edible Algae
Main Import: Fusion Cells
Home to the Gen Mo'Kai, Arborea is a paradise planet of vast jungles and rain forests. The indigenous race relies mainly on organic technology, but anthropologists have noted increased evidence of alternate technologies in use among the population.

Planet ID: ME-334, Anubis
Planet Type: Desert Moon
Avg. Temp.: 42 Celsius
Population: 43 million
Main Export: Silicon
Main Import: Water
Nearly three millennia ago, a colony of humans from the Egyptian desert were seeded on this remote moon as part of an alien experiment. While the Egyptian Empire of Earth experienced eventual decline and passed into legend, the colonists of Anubis flourished, creating a civilization that combines the architecture of their ancestors with modern technology.

Planet ID: JX-237, Alleria
Planet Type: Ice World
Avg. Temp.: -20 Celsius
Population: 34,716
Main Export: Iridium
Main Import: Protein Bales
A penal colony for blue-collar workers, Alleria provides precious ore to half a dozen systems. The harsh living conditions and brutally long shifts ensure that only the strongest and most dangerous criminals survive.

Planet ID: MX-2389 Purgatory
Planet Type:Volcanic
Avg. Temp.: 54 Celsius
Population: 107,835
Main Export:Sulfur compounds
Main Import:CO2 Scrubbers
The Imperial Reeducation Facility on Purgatory is the final stop for enemies of the Empire. When sentenced to reeducation hardened criminals have been known to weep, or beg for mercy even as the Overseers drag them away. Many believe that these monsters get what they deserve, but the monsters that are produced in the facility's incubators would drive them mad with fear.

Planet ID: N/A, Sanctuary
Planet Type: Unknown
Avg. Temp: Unknown
Main Export: Unknown
Main Import: Unknown
The Inquisitors have suspected for some time that the Polaris Battle Group maintains communications with a colonial planet as yet unidentified. This planet, which has only been identified by the title Sanctuary, is a refuge for Mercs who have fallen afoul of Imperial Law. Despite the use of informants and interrogation the whereabouts of this planet are still unknown.

Planet ID: VX-739 Premaka
Planet Type: Sterile
Avg. Temp.: Radical Variance
Population: 0, Drones Only
Main Export: Protein Bales
Main Import: Unknown
Populated completely by drones, the planet of Premaka serves as a staging area for the refinement and distribution of protein supplements for colonial outposts. While the reason given for locating the processing facilities in such a hostile environment is to retard the growth of bacteria, some suspect that it may be simply to prevent the curious from discovering what really goes into the food supply.

07-24-2004, 11:35 AM
So we're building up for the seven day siege? Or did we already have that part? I never got that much into unreal history...

The Gen Mo'Kai are also kinda cool, methinks...

EDIT: Oh, by the way, i ran a search trough the internet on 'skaarj' and it lead me to the 'uskaarj' project, a total conversion of the Unreal 2 engine, turning it into an RTS that deal with the seven day siege and the guman-skaarj wars. Tought you might be interested... but i'm not sure...

07-25-2004, 12:01 AM
Anyways, the Human/Skaarj history is a bit unclear in the timeline, so it's free for us to create! We'll enter the 7-day seige, after some time, meanwhile, the Skaarj are preparing to assault an unsuspecting planet...
The Black Doom clan is preparing to assault third, after the Iron Skull and Hellfighters. Their assault will commence on the strengthened metropolis of Dandus (Border of France-Germany)...

07-25-2004, 06:32 AM
OOC: Dandus? is that a planet, or a city? and if so, is it on earth or somewhere else?

Anyway, during the seven day siege i'm supposed to do somehting terribly wrong, since my clan is held responsible for the destruction of the mothership back then :D

IC: Unkar was preparing for battle. Soon, he and his squadron would be giving air support for the Hellfighter landing forces, and after that, the Black doom started their attack. Nobody would see it coming...

07-28-2004, 06:45 AM
Doom, let your creativity f-loooowww....

IC: Webrazar ran to the docking bay. Skaarj were jumping in and heading out, as vanguards for the Black Doom clan. Webrazar got into one and thrust into space. He turned to Earth.The beauty and the colour, of the system fascinated him. There was the red mars, orange jupiter, green venus, teal uranus and god-knows-how-many. But there was no time to worry.
The surprised Humans were attacking, though feebly. The Skaarj were gaining here, as they were more skilled and had the element of surprise.

Webrazar's division was to assault the city of Dandus. After a "Sha-Za!" (Go, move!) from his ClanLord, he shifted to full speed and sped towards Earth. The towers on Earth came nearer and a careless trooper crashed into one. Atleast he brought the tower down.

The planet was infested with urbanizaton, there were large lakes here and there, but to the dissapointment of Webrazar, there was very less vegetation left.

He opened fire, letting loose a hail of missiles and fire, exploding buildings as he went by. The buildings crumbled and fell. The fighters of humans rose into air, startled. They were mere target-practice for the Skaarj.

07-28-2004, 03:46 PM
OOC: Alright, only i don't know that much about the Unreal universe, and i thought you were an authority on it... but i can make stuff up, sure...

IC: Unkar picked off the humans from the air. This was going even better than expected. Untill Unkar's wingman got shot out of the air. there was a smoke trail coming from behind. Someone fired a missile at him. Unkar quickly made a looping, but he didn't see the human fighter...

OOC: What next? Will out hero prevail? Will he kick some human ass? or will he go down in a fiery hail of, er, fire?

Either one works for me...

07-30-2004, 07:42 AM
Webrazar loaded up a rocket and fired at the Human fighter which had attacked Unkar. The missile hit the human, and his fighter exploded. Webrazar notified the his divsion's leader about the downed Skaarj ship.
Webrazar was not a sniper only in the field, but even in a fighter. According to his plan, he and his fellow partner infiltrated the undergound section of Dandus. The dim-lit, red area was a labyrinth of tunnels and halls. Guiding a ship through there was tough.
Through much frustration and will, Webrazar got to the Powercore of the city. He activated the sheild around his ship. 'If this thing blasts, I'm history.' he said to himself and shouted loudly, 'Frendask! (Fire!)' and the two shot their special bio-mechanical Skaarj bombs on the core. The screens were covered by a blinding flash from the core as it burst.

07-30-2004, 05:19 PM
OOC: how do you know all these skaarj words? do you make them up?

IC: Unkar saw the explosion from the air. 'Good. now let's mop up the rest of them.' he said. He turned his fighter and started bombing random groups of human soldiers. Some had Anti-air, but most were undefended and Unkar wiped them out easily...

08-02-2004, 06:00 AM
OOC: Yep.

IC: As the flash died, the vision became clearer and Webrazar was alive. He gave a sigh of relief and thanked his god for not having killed him. He then spinned around and attacked the Human spacefighters.
After half an hour of fast battling, the city was finally in ruin and Skaarj Carriers landed, to fill the city with Skaarj Troops. A communications ship set itself in orbit thousands of miles above the surface of the city.