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07-23-2004, 09:50 PM

07-24-2004, 12:51 AM
I don't get anything pre - Sgt. Peppers really.

07-24-2004, 07:01 AM
LSD makes people do strange things...

I blame Ringo.

Ray Jones
07-24-2004, 07:28 AM
i think it's because of their hairdos.

Dr Edison 007
07-24-2004, 07:32 AM
Screw The Beatles.

I'll take The Rutles because they have both George Harrison and Eric Idle.

Ray Jones
07-24-2004, 08:10 AM

Lord Blackadder
07-24-2004, 08:46 AM
Led Zeppellin, now there was a band!

07-24-2004, 11:02 AM
No, actually, they weren't. That was just thier front, thier cover, if you will.

They were, in reality, a loosely joined cabal of satanic arch super villians, bent on world domination by capturing and controlling the world's diamond market by using a death-ray orbiting satillite. Being a successful hard-rock band was just a side job that provided funds for thier nefarious schemes. And they were only as popular as they were by putting on subliminal messages in thier music.

They might have succeded, if it weren't for the efforts of the top agent of a super-secret government agency who battled crime in all it's many forms wearing a mask and cape.
Many people believed that he was one of the members of KISS,.. but in actuallity it turns out it was Peter Frampton all along.

True story.

Well,.. at least that's how I remember the '70's...

Dr Edison 007
07-24-2004, 03:31 PM
Does that mean I should start an insane campaign against Led Zeppellin? Burning all there records and brainwashing the world so it forgets they ever existed.

No, I'll just sit here a chill out to Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass. *whistles Spanish Flea and sips a cocktail*

07-25-2004, 04:32 AM

Dr Edison 007
07-25-2004, 05:57 PM
Doesn't it feel a little uncomfortable listening to Paradise by the Dashboard Light since the song is about heterosexual sex?

Just an observation.

07-26-2004, 04:00 AM
Originally posted by SyntheticGerbil
Why the Beatles? I don't get it.
Well, "Beatles" is very similar to the plural form of the insect called the Beetle, the change being the "beat" part, which ties in with the musical aspect.

But seriously, John Lennon said a man on a flaming pie came down and said "You shall be called the Beatles with an 'a'." Everybody knows that.

But seriously, I guess it is largely due to the fact that they were revolutionary, which is something that you wouldn't realize unless you had been old enough at the time.

But seriously, what is your question?

07-26-2004, 02:20 PM

Dr Edison 007
07-26-2004, 05:26 PM
So Sean, what the hell country are you from?

07-27-2004, 01:55 AM
way to bait everyone, gerbil

07-27-2004, 03:56 AM

Ray Jones
07-27-2004, 06:36 AM
yesyes. of course. err.. ner. i think he used the cat as pillow, again. besides i have evidence that he is french and loves candlelight dinners with his imaginary friend zoom rabbit.

Dr Edison 007
07-27-2004, 07:17 AM
Are the candlelight dinners considered something romantic they can do together because Sean has a certain dysfunction with his genitalia?

08-15-2004, 11:53 AM

...that ringo is pineapple or something in Japanese and they have an advert with him on adertising pineapple juice?! Holy flaming crap. Poor man. :o

- how many times has rundll32.exe said BUT SERIOUSLY! I think it was three.

08-18-2004, 01:36 AM

10-29-2005, 01:47 PM
Ever notice that The Beatles are an 's' away from being The Beatless...? Anyway, it was the trousers, definitely the trousers.

Ray Jones
11-04-2005, 03:50 AM

11-12-2005, 11:37 PM
Ringo is apple. You lose at the internet.