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Jin Phoenix
07-26-2004, 01:51 AM
This story takes place after the Light Side ending with a few key differences taking place on the Star Forge.

-On the Star forge Revan fought through scours of Jedi until he fought his Lover, Bastilla Shan. There fierce battle raged inside the command deck of the Star Forge and Revan was the victor. He convinced her to come back to the light through his will and his entire devotion to her. He then went on to face Darth Malak and though he tried to save him it was to know avail and Revan was forced to kill Malak. As the Revan caught up with Bastilla the Republic fleet had destroyed the stabilizer tower and the Star Forge was falling to the Star which powered it. The moment before they were out three powerful Dark Jedi destroyed the exit and trapped them inside to die as the Star Forge fell.-

-Although the rest of the Ebon Hawk crew were known as heros Revan and Bastilla's story was whispered how two lovers had killed the Sith lord, how the conqueror became the savior and this was spoken on the lips of all.-

-Carth Onasi was made an Admiral in the Republic Fleet alongside Dodonna which he had a breif love affair with but was quickly interupted and ceased.-

-Canderous Ordo and HK-47 togerther went off on their own to the unknown reaches of the galaxy and from the reports were out cleaning up the patheticness that Canderouses own species had become.-

-Wise old Jolee Bindo was raised to the level of Jedi Master and became a leading member in the Council which rebuilt an Enclave on the world of Coruscant.-

-Juhani took on an apprentice by the name of Ledu who was also a Cathar and tryed to show him how to control his instinctive nature and stay at peace with the force.-

-Mission Vao and Zaalbar went with T3-M4 back to Kashykk (sp) were Zaalbar became cheiftan of the wookies and Mission lived with him in piece for the while.-

-Seven years after the Destruction of the Star Forge all had been quiet for the time but now a Darker Shadow than even that of Revan's was entering the void that had been left. Sith Lords from all across the Galaxy were culminating under one man whos name was whispered among the ranks but never spoken. Darth Zhen was the name whispered. He was cruel and ruthless yet brilliant as his Mask which was synonamysly skull like which brought only death to those of which who questioned it.-

-This is the story thus far-

Name: Unknown
Aka: Darth Zhen
Rank: Dark Lord
Apperence: A long black cloak and skull like mask with the hood of the cloak over his head.

Darth Zhen stood inside the tomb of the ancient Sith sorceror Naga Sadow and bowed to the tomb. He looked to the dissabbled star map and then slowly opened the Sarcophagus dusk flying up in his face. He reached his hand down into the tomb and picked up two lightsabers. One was the ceremonial Sith Lightsaber which was used before the Sith Enclave was decimated by Revan. The other was a double bladed lightsaber with was very elegant and handcrafted and pulsing with dark power. He ignighted it and it sounded eerie and deadly and on the blade was a name. This name was...Exar Kun.

Darth zhen deactivated this saber and cliped booth of them on his belf inside his cloak and slowly walked out of the tomb.

07-26-2004, 10:17 AM
Can we be main chars?

Jin Phoenix
07-26-2004, 12:03 PM
(Well of course I mean I am using mr White mask guy so ya)

07-26-2004, 05:28 PM
Name: Carth Onasi
Aka: The Raiding Comet or TRA.
Affiliation: republic/Jedi
Rank Generel in Republic/ Jedi Apprentice
Appearence: The same old Onasi that we all now exept his face has a few scars and he wears a diffrent jacket.
Bio: After Malak was defeated Carth was premoted but, in his spare time he trained to be a jedi.

Carth stood on the ship "The Delta V". Delta V was an Endar Spire like ship that he was in command of. They were being attacked by a Sith SHip right above Korriban. "Why did the Republic order our weapons from Korriban?" Carth said. They were takeing heavy damage and the ship was crubleing. Carth sent a message to the ships com messenger to relay a message through the ship saying "The Sith are boarding us. All troops get to the secape pods." Then the person said "The sith are boarding us get to the escape po..." He was dead. Carth ran to his ship in the hanger called the "Comet Star" and launched. But, after launching his ship recieved damage and he was forced to land. He landed somewhere unknown on Korriban. HE needed to find the closest coleny and get the stuff he needs to repair his ship.

Jin Phoenix
07-26-2004, 09:31 PM
Darth Zhen walked back into what use to be the Sith academy and walked to the center chamber. There he called to him three Dark Jedi into his council. All three wore the armor of the Sucide Sith'swho stopped Revan and Bastilla from escaping. They walked up to him and bowed low.

"My warriors. You three are the most powerful of the Dark Jedi order and are well on your way to joining the Sith ranks. I have an assaignment for you. I'm sure you all felt the disstubance coming from space. A republic star cruiser was shot down only hours ago. I have heard reports that the Republic Admiral Carth Onasi was on this ship. Your mission is to bring him to me...Alive."

The three bow to him and fly out of the former academy on Sith swoop bikes all customized for the Sith to use with the dark side of the force.

"The last piece of the puzzle."

Blessèd Sith
07-27-2004, 02:43 AM
(((Ohhh!! I wanna join in!! As Nalaen ^_^ So um, as a Sith and all, where would I be jumping in here eh? Gimme a bit of direction so I don't get lost and end up in the wrong sector O_O)))

07-27-2004, 02:39 PM
(can i be Revan??"

Jin Phoenix
07-27-2004, 04:16 PM
:sweat: revan is dead...

Well you could always jump in as an apprentice to zhen

07-28-2004, 04:39 AM

Name: Steven
aka:Darth Solidus
Rank: Dark Lord's apprentice
Apperence: looks like Darth Bandon (pic 1)
Bio: After Revan killed his brother Bandon, Steven seeked revenge on the jedi. So at the age of 18 he joined the sith and Zhen's apprentice.


Solidus entered the Torture Room, well the remains of it "shame, looks like Revan destroyed the Torture Room.

07-28-2004, 12:30 PM
(heheheh first time doing this but o well ill give it a shot)

Name: Kolias Ronin
Occupation:Ex-Mercenary on Korriban.
Appearance:A modded Sith armor he got from one of his targets
Bio:Kolias has worked with both Republic and the Sith,doing jobs at the highest bitter.After the Star Forge was destroyed,Kolias thought his mercenary days were over,and retired.He now hopes that one day...he will get to blast someone with his blaster rifle soon.

Kolias sat where he usually sat in the Cantina,next to the prospective Sith trying to enter the Academy.He wondered how it would be having a mercenary as a Dark Jedi.Wonderous thoughts were thrown into his mind as he pictured destroying his target with a lightsaber.
"Hey Kolias! You think I would be an excellent Sith?",Asked one of the prospective's.
"I dont know . .you never were too harsh to someone . . was always a softie."Kolias replied back.
"Hey I can be mean if I want to be mean!"The Prospective pushes Kolias to the floor and pulls out his viroblade.
Kolias,who was somewhat angry,yet happy that he did that.He always wanted to kill a Sith in training.He pulled out his rifle and fired 5 rounds before the Prospective closed in on him.The prospective had fallen.
Kolias grinned as his weak enemy fell to the ground before him.
"Anyone of you Sith want some?!" The spectators were silent,all but staring eyes at this maniac.
The other prospectives rushed off to the Academy,telling what they had seen and what he had done.Kolias decided to hang low for a while.....and that he did.

Blessèd Sith
07-28-2004, 04:05 PM
(((If Revan is dead, that means this is after the other RP, right? Or is it independant of it? Doesn't matter, I suppose, either way Nalaen has gone further and developed . . . so you spoke about there being three Suicide Sith guys . . . could she be an Assassin Sith? Like a hidden Hand of the new Dark Lord, or not even someone that high up, but you know, a person that gets sent out on missions to kill people ^_^ I'll jump in if no one has any problems with that.)))

07-28-2004, 04:11 PM
(Are you talking about a loyal *hitman* like char?)

Blessèd Sith
07-28-2004, 04:35 PM
(((Er, I guess. I never thought of that. I thought in TSL there were different classes and Assassins were one of them? Anyhoo, before she gets the fleet she's always wanted to lead to crush the enemies of the Sith ^_^ she's gotta have some sort of military job, right O_O So why not have fun as an assassin and later be awarded with what she wants n_n)))

07-28-2004, 04:52 PM
(:confused: i wouldnt have a problem with it...but thats IF she can get what she wants :D ;) )

07-28-2004, 04:53 PM
(Is anyone fina pick up or shall I? :mad: )

Jin Phoenix
07-28-2004, 06:04 PM
(It is independent, the suicide sith refers to the three sith you fought if you were dark side they srtopped revan and bastilla from escaping in this story. Its up to you I dont have any problem with it.)

Zhen felt the prospect fall and walked to the room where he had been and sensed the man hiding nearby. Zhen lifted his hand and as he did the man was lifted as well and was pulled to Zhen...

"What do we have here?" Zhen looked the man over and took out his blaster and examined it. "A mercenary...I see, Interesting. Do you have a name...Merc?"

Zhen looked him over a few times but kept him in the air.

07-28-2004, 06:26 PM
(What ? ?? :confused: :confused: Well anyway)

Kolias was not surprised when he was found...but he did not give in.

"Kill me if you desire Sith..I was merely amusing myself with one of your prospectives . . . "Kolias said calmy.

"My name..I will not tell until you release me...which I strongly know you wont!"Kolias said with anger.He was worried deep down...could his life be ended before he could do something grand one last time ?

07-29-2004, 04:52 AM
Steven walked over to where his master and the merc was. "Master, i sence alot of anger in this 1"

Blessèd Sith
07-29-2004, 01:37 PM
(((Okay, Nalaen is an Assassin Sith ^_^)))

Standing back, leaning against a wall, Nalaen watched the Dark Lord, some hopeful and a suckup. She sighed and lifted her cowl up over her head, shadowing her tattooed features, her slight smirk the only thing visible. Walking over, head bowed in respect, she glanced over at the merc.

"He has backbone, my Lord," she said smoothly, turning her face to the new Dark Lord, "but also seems to have a death wish." She smiled sweetly, fingers dipping deftly into her robes. "I can take care of that, if you so desire." She was half-joking, but always ready for the kill. Though she had admired him standing up for what he did instead of sulking, he then turned her sour with his defiance in answering the Lord's second question.

07-29-2004, 02:19 PM
"Who rattled your cage?" said steven

Jin Phoenix
07-29-2004, 03:57 PM
Zhen turned his head towards Nalean and under the mask smiled

"That will not be nessacary Nalean but I do appreciate the offer." He looks him over and then throws him into the wall so hard he is left inside an imprint of his body. "I want to have some fun with this one." He again looked at Nalean and smiled once again. "In an hour Nalean, meet me at the alter outside on the edge of the academy, that will be all." He looked at Steven "I dont suggest angering her or she may rip out your throat." He turned back to the merc. "Well now lets have some fun."

He held him in place in the indent and reached in his robe for the ceremonial Sith lightsaber and ignighted it. He moved close and slowly cut his arm with shallow cuts and did this all over his body each cut getting slightly deeper

"Are you ready to talk mercenary?"

07-29-2004, 04:05 PM
"Great. your going to get a world of information from this scum" then steven had an idea "Master lets give him a bounty. We can offer his life in return"

Blessèd Sith
07-29-2004, 04:14 PM
She bows gracefully to her Lord, sensing the smile. In turn, it makes her smile in the shadows of her cowl. "But of course my Lord." Then there's a flush of pride when her talents are spoken of by Darth Zhen in a threat. Ah, to be feared, and to be appreciated.

"Then I shall leave you, my Lord," she glowered from under her hood at the other two, "and wait for you." Turning, she swept off, her robes billowing slightly, then gathering back up against her in a practised elegance. She moved as a liquid shadow, darker than the darkest recesses, black on black, Force burning brightly with passion within her. She slipped through the academy, heading to the altar where she would meditate until her Lord arrived.

Jin Phoenix
07-29-2004, 06:14 PM
Zhen looked from Steven to the mercenary. He cut the Merc a few more times.

"Tell me your name...and I will take Steven's idea into consideration."

07-29-2004, 10:36 PM
Kolias stood his ground,but it ended shortly.He knew this Sith wasnt joking around... "I should'nt cave in!! Not even to a Sith!!!" Battling conflicts in his mind what he should do as the Dark Lord still marking his body with his lightsaber. "If you want to survive tell him your name!!!" "Dont give in!!!"

"...... Kolias....Kolias Ronin..."

He was embarressed that he had gave in . .but he could after all been the greastest choice to bring him back into his hunting days . .

Jin Phoenix
07-29-2004, 10:42 PM
Darth Zhen smiled behind the mask and dropped him to the ground. "Now was that so hard. Well then Kolias I do believe that you could be useful to me. You are strong and a good shot. There is a mandolorian named Canderous Ordo. Find him and bring him and his droid to me...alive"

He dismisses Kolias from his presence and sends steven to get him a ship.

07-29-2004, 10:58 PM
Kolias went to a store to stock up. "It's showtime" He thought.After getting a few medpacs and some grenades he prepared himself.He knew of Canderous and his droid, HK-47.Word had reached his ears that he was destroying his own race (Right?) He thought he was crazy for such.
He went to the docking bay and saw his ship.It had been a while since stepped into a ship.It felt refreshing for him and it felt like he was in his prime hunting days.
The pilot asked him "Are you ready?"
He looked at his equipment,satisfied and nodded.The pilot turned on the engines and took off.Kolias did not know where he would go,or how tough his target will be.What he did know was: This is gonna be fun.

07-30-2004, 06:11 AM
"Master, i was wondering, y do u were a mask?"asked Steven "What do you have to hide?"

07-30-2004, 05:35 PM
Carth was approaching Dreshade. He just saw a ship fly off. "Well at least I know that this coleny is still active. The only thing is, the Sith will detect me. I need somehow to mask myself but, how?" He decided that he could handle a few Sith if he had to fight them. He entered the coleny and found a few Sith at the main entrence. They sensed him and started attacking. Carth pulled out a blaster and started fireing upon them. They clocked with their sabers. Then Carth drew his sbaer and hit 1 knocking him out. Then th other Sith fled seeing how strong the Jedi was. Carth put away his yellow glowing saber and continued through the coleny untill he found 3 Sith. Somehow he knew that Revan had fought them. Cartth drew his saber and readied himself for a fight.

Jin Phoenix
07-30-2004, 09:23 PM
Zhen looked back at Steven and grinned under the mask.
"I have nothing to fear or hide it just adds to the ambiance."
He lifted his hand and Steven is lifted up and then he throws him into the wall and walks up to him.
"And if you wish to live longer you will learn not to question your master."
He throws him down and walks outside opening the doors into the alter.

The three Sith stood infront of him and the middle Sith who was wearing white and black armor robes spoke. "Carth Onasi we have bneen looking for you. Our predicesors killed that fool Revan and now we shall take you to our master now ready yourself."
The three Jedi each ignight lightsabers. The middle ignights two red sabers, the blue Sith ignights a single and the red Sith ignighted a double bladed saber.

07-30-2004, 10:13 PM
After what seemed to be a lifetime,the ship landed on an abadoned docking bay.Kolias was puzzled about this.

"Where are we?"He asked the pilot.
"I followed the coordinates to here...I guess you gotta set on foot to track them down."The pilot said unsurely.

Kolias got off the ship,walking around to scout the area around the docking bay.He than saw a Duros walk out of a door,followed by Mandalorians with blaster rifles.It looked like they were going to question the Duros by the way the Mandalorians were pushing him to walk faster.

"Hurry up you alien scum"One of the Mandalorians said.
"I walk the pace that i want to walk." The Duros said selfishly
"I've had enough of your attitude..Step back guys!!" He fired 4 rounds,1 hitting his left shoulder,2 in his chest,and 1 in his head.

Kolias walked over to where the dead Duros was,blaster rifle in hand.The Mandalorian scanned him and suddenly realized who he was.

"Kolias I presume?We've been expecting you."A mandalorian said.
"Do you know where Canderous and his droid his?"Kolias asked who seemed to be the leader of the squad.
"Yes..he's been giving us trouble...I am Felias,squad leader of few who have survived their wrath's.There are a few squads,but most wont survive the night.." Felias said with worry.
Kolias understood now why Revan kept them.They were the perfect killing combo.And he was sent alone to capture them.He didn't know how,but he knew he would need assistance.
"You say you've been waiting for me Felias?"Kolias asked him
"Yes...Lord Zhen told us you would be coming..do you represent him?"Felias asked.
"Well...yes I guess."
"Then we are under you're command.."Felias bows before Kolias and so do his followers.Kolias knew this was what he needed...and he would need the rest of the squads to follow him.
"You may rise Felias."Kolias said politely.
The Mandalorians got up."Where to master?""We need to bolster our forces...just me and you guys wont be enough if two people can wipe out a whole Mandolorian squad.We need to unite to bring them down...alive.Felias..do you know where the others are?"
Felias nodded and put the coordinates in Kolias's datapad."It'll be a long way...since they are very distant apart from each other.." "Then Let us waste no time...Move Out Boys!!"They got into a box formation,Kolias and Felias within it,and they marched off...to find the Squad of Nobu.

07-31-2004, 04:34 AM
"Carth is mine. He'll pay for what he did to Bandon." Stevens angry starts to get the better of him again "I'll cut his big empty head like how revan did to my brother. But before that i'll blast him he did to bandon. He shall pay!

07-31-2004, 12:53 PM
Days past and the group had grown tiresome."We will rest right here."said Kolias.The Mandolorians sighed with relief when he said that."Get some fire over here"Felias yelled at two mandolorians.

It had been a peaceful rest until night came.Felias heard gunfire coming over where Nobu's squad was at."They're being attacked again.." "Come! We must aid them!We might even catch Canderous in the process."Kolias yelled and rallied his soldiers to where Nobu's encampment was at.

It took a while to get to where Nobu was at.When they finally came half of his squad was on the ground with holes in their armor."Fall back men!!" Nobu said.The Mandolorians gathered their stuff and tried to run off.Some didn't make it for the droid's perfect targeting system. "Men!! Supressing fire!!"Kolias shouted at his troops.The troops crouched and started firing everywhere.Canderous and his droid retreated into the shadows."Nobu,are you ok?"Felias asked him."I'm ok . . .but most of my followers arn't..."Nobu glanced over the battlefield,scanning his dead followers."Kolias here has come to represent Lord Zhen..he has been sent to capture those two."Felias said with pride.Nobu bowed before him and stood back up.
"It is honor to meet you in person Kolias..I've heard of your many exploits and killings...with no doubt you'll capture those two.."Nobu said.
"In order for me to do that...I need all the help I can get.That's where you and the other squads come in.We need to unite the other Mandolorian squads under the flag of Lord Zhen."Kolias said.Nobu understood what he was talking about."There's another squad a few miles west from here,the leader's name is Jaggy." "Then lets get going."Kolias said.

(I'll make this short :D)

They walked and walked talking to the squads and convincing them to join them.Now five Mandolorian squads unite under Lord Zhen.
"Remember...Lord Zhen wants him...alive.."Kolias said.
They marched to where was supposidly their hideout,a large abandoned cave,which looks like it used to harbor a krayt dragon.
"Careful men...they could be anywhere."Felias said.The Mandolorians gripped their weapons harder when he said that.Kolias could tell they were afraid,going up against two of the most deadly killers in the galaxy.Soon after they met Canderous and his trusty killer droid.
"I dont want to hurt you Canderous...I'm here to bring you to Lord Zhen alive.."Kolias said politely."Don't resist..."
"Never!!!We only offer our alligence only to Lord Revan!!If you want to take us in,you'll take us dead!!"Canderous said angrily and fired his heavy repeater blaster rifle.The droid followed his lead and started shooting as well.The Mandolorians took cover and activated their stun rounds and started firing.
"Die you dirty meatbags!!!"The droid said while killing one Mandolorians.After half of Kolias's soldiers were killed he decided to be bold.Kolias charged at Canderous bringing him down.He pulled out a stun baton stick and stabbed him in his neck.
"Argh . .. ugh......."Canderous fell unconcious.
"Statement:I am going to kill you for killing Canderous Ordo."The droid said calmly.
"Throw your ion grenades now!!"Kolias shouted as multiple ion grenades exploded around the droid.The droid was going crazy.
"Bring the statis cells in!!"Jaggy said.Some Duros came into vision holding two statis cells.The team dragged the droid and Canderous into the cells and activated its shields so they couldn't escape.
"Lets get going . . the sooner we get back to my master .. the better."Kolias said unsurely.They went back to the ship and they flew back to Korriban.Kolias and the squad leaders went directly to Lord Zhen.
"I have done what you have told me to my Lord.."Kolias said humblely.He ordered the Duros to bring the occupied statis cells to be placed in front of Lord Zhen.
"Are you satisfied?"Kolias asked.

Blessèd Sith
07-31-2004, 01:50 PM
(((K, all i have to say is WTF is going on?!?!?! I'm stuck somewhere else so should I come back and jump in or what?! I mean, this is . . . *gestures vaguely* Yeah . . . help!! >_<)))

07-31-2004, 03:06 PM
(:confused: I just came back from my little own rp journey :D I dunno its up to you i guess...come join me :D )

07-31-2004, 03:27 PM
"Oh great just what I need. 3 Sith who were sent by some mighty sith lord to kill me and another Sith who wants revenge on me for killing that Bandon fellow when it was Revan who did it. Just my luck..." carth dodges a swing then counters but, it was blocked. Another sith came behind him and another 1 went to another side. There was only one side that was free but, it was into the cantina which was where the other Sith who wanted to kill him was.

Blessèd Sith
07-31-2004, 03:37 PM
(((Well, I'm meditating outside, waiting for Darth Zhen. Then suddenly all this stuff started happening in the academy, but I'm waiting outside like a good girl O_O so should I come back in and help or should I just wait for the Dark Lord as instructed?)))

Jin Phoenix
07-31-2004, 05:16 PM
Zhen walked into the alter and sat down infront of Nalean and lit three candles between them each was tall and black. He looked at her through the mask and smiled slightly.

"Nalean I trust your mission on Manaan was successful."

He spoke to her softly.

Blessèd Sith
07-31-2004, 07:14 PM
Her head stayed bowed for a moment; she could feel the heat of the candles, the air around the altar so much cooler by the surprising warmth the tiny flickering flames were able to throw off. Head lifting up, she could feel the Dark Lord's eyes on her. After a moment, she gave him a small, satisfied smile.

"My Lord," she said on a murmur, "have I ever let you, or the Sith, down? Manaan was perfection." Her eyes glinted, the candles on the altar reflecting literal fire in them. "What I would give, my Lord, to hack up those slimy Selkath and see if walking fish taste any different from those that swim." A wicked grin alighted her face as her head cocked.

Liesurely she took in the mask, the black robes; he was so many contradictions. Beautiful but horrifically frightening, simple yet so complex. An enigma, as she supposed was best for the Dark Lord of the Sith. Especially with the current history. So much turmoil: to have others predict your moves or your very personality was folly, a dangerous thing. Her loyalty was sound though: she knew her place.

"Is there anything else my Lord wishes? Or do you have more questions about Manaan?" She dipped her head in respect. "I live to serve."

08-01-2004, 12:32 AM
Name: Kira
Aka: N/A
Rank: (Are there Sith Knights? Forgive me for not knowing Sith ranks)
Appearance: Kira's eyes are pale blue-grey. Her hair is shoulder length and deep red. Both lightsabers are wrapped in black leather and the blades are crimson red. From neck to foot, she is completely wrapped in black, down to black gloves and black boots.
Bio: Kira grew up on the streets. She dispised the Jedi, merely because they paid no attention to her. At a young age, she was taken and trained by the Sith. Her knowledge and power grew quickly. Now, at 29 years of age, Kira is not a Sith you'd want as your enemy.


Kira walked the streets with a smirk. The only attention she got was the occasional glance. These people knew not to stare. They knew what happened if they did. Above all, they wanted to avoid any encounters with her.

As she walked, she glanced around. Her pace slowed slightly as she noticed Darth Zhen seated at an alter with another. Kira's smirk softened into a smile as she realized that another mission had been completed successfully. Zhen would not be sitting so still if it had failed. Kira's smile faded. She had learned that the hard way.

Her hand went subconsciously to the scar on the back of her neck. Zhen had not killed her. She was too important for that, but her lesson was learned. Do not return from a mission until it is complete.

Kira's smirk returned and she continued walking.

08-01-2004, 04:57 AM
Steven pushes Carth against a wall. "This is for Bandon!" Steven threw a knife at Carths head

08-01-2004, 09:49 AM
Carth dodged it but, the knife gave him a clean swipe on the cheek. Cart felt the blood. Gripping his hand on his cheek he used heal to heal the scar. Then Carth jumped over to Steven. "Do you want to try that again, Sith?" Carth kicked Steven. Then he left the Cantina and ran for a little shop that was recently set up. Upon arrival he force pursuaded the shop owner to give him the parts for free ((BAD CARTH BAD CARTH ;D!!!!!!!!!)). The man did so and Carth returned to his ship in the wilderness. He starts repairs and hopes that the Sith don't find him out there.

Jin Phoenix
08-01-2004, 12:48 PM
(It's ok well call them knights till I can find a better name lol.)

Zhen smiled beneith his mask Nalean had always been one of his best students and he believed it was time for her to take her abilities to the next level.

Zhen hovered a kettle of tea over and poured a cup for them and then set it down and looked up at her.

"Nalean you have been in this enclave for a long while now and always have you been one of the best I have ever seen. Through the ranks of the Dark Jedi your name is spoken and feared. Now I have an offer for you. Would you take it if I told you I am willing to make you a Sith warrior. Above all the Dark Jedi you are the best and I would like you to become one of the Elites."

08-01-2004, 02:39 PM
"Your not getting away sith." Steven ran after Carth and catches up with him. "Do u know how old i was when i saw You, revan and some other scum kill Bandon? u can understand why i'm twisted cant u?"

Blessèd Sith
08-01-2004, 04:14 PM
(((*SCREAMS* I LOST MY WHOLE EFFING *LONG* POST >_< I don't even know what to do to express *twitches a few times* my effing *twitches* anger >_<

I think last time I said that whenever I wrote, that I always had Sith Warrior = Jedi Knight. It's not canon-something I guess, but meh, it'll do right?

Oh, and this as a much more upset feel to it than my original post because I'm pretty angry ><

Did it a third time: luckily i cut and pasted. And steven, are you TRYING to be turned back to the lightside?)))

Nalaen's hands gripped the tea, her eyes wide in stunned silence. She knew she didn't look like the composed, cool Sith Assassin she usually was, but this news was big. It was just a hope that her Lord would forgive her shocked look and her quiet thinking. A Warrior? But what brought this on? Her senses started to get a bit worried and bring her down from the elation she had just felt. Was she not good enough as an Assassin? Was she to just be another Warrior, one of many, instead of her specialised skills? Had he been displeased? But no, he had complimented her and he treated it like a promotion. Why then, did it have the connotation of a demotion?

It was just at that moment, no less, that she felt the patronising airs of a fellow Sith. Oh great, more competition? Was this why the Dark Lord was removing her from her semi-special spot of lone Assassin to run-of-the-mill Warrior? Had he found someone better? Reaching out, she tried to get a sense of this fellow Sith. Would they be competition or an ally? This job shift was starting to leave a bitter taste in her mouth. No longer would she be someone with a certain talent, the only person to do a special job. It had always made her feel good, being above everyone as she was the one the important people went to when they needed something done. Now she was one of many, to be glanced over and sent out as a nothing.

Her head hung slightly as she took a sip of the tea. It helped cleanse her out, but her mind was still filled with hurt thoughts.

"Is there a reason, my Lord?" she asked, sounding near tears. "Have I done something to displease you? I mean, I am ever greatful for your compliments and for your thoughts, but . . . Forgive me, my Lord, but it seems that this is a demotion. That you're putting me down with the normal Sith, that I am no longer . . . special." She went red then. "Forgive me again, my Lord, I mean no disrespect and I mean not to be self-centred: my focus is as it has always been, for the Sith. But . . . I don't quite understand. I've never quite known the Sith heirarchy: I've always been on the fringes doing what I do best, since I was a young child. I-I do not mean to burden you or have you speak to me longer than you would have wished to, but what is my job now? If I'm a Warrior, what does that entail?" Biting her lip, she lifted the tea to her mouth. She took a few gulps, trying desperately to calm herself, unaccustomed to change. What if he was slowly weeding her out for someone better? But wouldn't he just kill her outright?

No, she had heard his words, she had skills. He could still take advantage of those while getting rid of her. Mind settling back to that other Sith, her eyes blazed with hatred and anger. Were they a friend or a foe? Were they the cause for this? What if she was actually overreacting and becoming a Warrior was the next step to her dream, to her desire. After all, he didn't say she was at the bottom of the heap. But was she still special, or was she just like everyone else? That made her scared, for she had always been treated differently; now, to have that change, to be one and the same as everyone else. Ignored by the students, by the instructors, always paid attention to by the best of the masters, the military leaders, the Dark Lords. For she had been raised by her people to serve them directly one day. But to suddenly be stripped of what her people were, to be a normal Sith like some normal human from another planet? Normal, the same, mediocre. That was scary and unnerving.

Not only did she have to face this change in career, but she would have to speak to this other Sith . . . Friend or foe?

A sick smile twisted on her lips as the cup of tea lowered, black thoughts leaving her for the moment. For their sake, a friend. For everyone knew what she did to her foes.

Jin Phoenix
08-01-2004, 07:36 PM
He looked through his mask reading her thoughts carefully and sipped his tea and calmly spoke to her

"Nalean you have misunderstood me and that is reasonable. Many warriors in this enclave and in the galaxy alike believe at a certain point you just become a Sith, this however is not the case...not with me anyway. You see to become a Sith and not just work for us you must undergo training, trials and finally an ancient ceremony. When I say warrior I do not mean one of the rest you ay still take and keep your post as an assasin if you wish, however many more choices will be open to you."

He said this then lifted the tea off the ground to his mouth and sipped then set it back down.

"At this point in time under the Lords and myself you are a Dark Jedi working for us however for you in a month you could become one of us if you accept. The power of the universe will be harnessed in the palm of your hand. No Nalean you will not be a part of the crowd, you will control it."

Blessèd Sith
08-01-2004, 08:11 PM
Her eyes lit up at the Dark Lord's words, her heart beating faster with joy. She felt uplifted, free, wonderful.

"Oh my Lord," she said breathlessly, her eyes once again wide, "I, I thank you. I . . . I have always followed the ways of the Sith, was born a Sith, and I have always just been waiting . . . waiting for this day!" Tears nearly welled up in her eyes as emotion overcame her. This was the most glorious of days: she would join the ranks of the best, she would be a TRUE Sith. Not just training, not just a student, but A SITH.

She trembled with eagerness, happy beyond anything she had felt before. She had undergone training since she had literally taken her first step. That's when the bo had been shoved in her hands, that's when the training to become a hunter began. Her people were Sith of themselves, like a private academy, to always serve the the Dark Lord, his secret force.

And to be here. To take the final steps to be one of his own Sith. Her life had been trials and training for this. Also, her life had been filled with ceremony. She knew that this would be no problem for her, she would go forth into it with the eagerness only a youth could have.

"My Lord, I look forward to every step that will make me your Warrior. And yes, I would very much like to also keep my post as Assassin, if that is permitted." She grinned brilliantly then and downed the rest of her cooling tea, feeling pride and glory flowing through her. Her people would be proud.

08-01-2004, 10:44 PM
Kolias made his way to the Cantina looking for people who were space ready.He decided he wouldn't be staying on Korriban anymore.He recruited people of all different species.Kolias sensed his presence wouldn't be needed on Korriban anymore.
After short talks with a few people,he picked the best of the best.Looking over his members,he didnt see a Sith or a Jedi.This could be a problem.Kolias decided to train his melee crew against saber attacks.Time after time,Kolias's melee teams picked on Sith trainers,masters,and students.When Kolias thought they were ready,he would give them the lightsaber of the one they had killed.Double or Single bladed,his hand-to-hand fighting members were a force to be reckoned with in a short time.As for his Mandolorians,they remained loyal to Kolias and Kolias alone.Kolias and his gang went to towards the docking bay,where his ship to capture Canderous and his droid were still at.
As Kolias expected,the pilot had gone to take a break in the Cantina.He ordered his best pilots to take the job.They turned on the engines and flew off Korriban,to kill more Sith or Jedi.If he was bold enough...take on a Capital Sith Ship.
He recruited more members throughout the galaxies.Rumor says they were the next fearsome gang to the Mandolorian Clans and Revan and Malak's fleets.
Soon after Kolias practiced lightsaber combat.While he was no force sensitive,he could still use a lightsaber.He knew he would be at a disadvantage with that disability.He thought he would only use it if his enemy gets up close to him.
Kolias still kept his occupation,to become a freelance mercenary,whether fighting for Sith or Republic.

08-01-2004, 11:06 PM
((1 I'm not a Sith and 2 there is no way you could find me in that vast dessert Steven.))

08-02-2004, 06:20 AM
(oh yes there is!)

08-02-2004, 11:18 AM
(Lmao you can only catch up if u have force powers . .good ones. Period.)

08-02-2004, 01:19 PM
((Kome is right cus I used Speed. Force Speed. and there is ABSOLUTELY NO way you could find me out in the dessert.))

08-02-2004, 02:52 PM
(Well he could spot a big hunk of metal in the desert and go there and wait for you :D )

08-02-2004, 03:54 PM
(very true Kome. theres nothing to block e from seeing you is there?)

08-02-2004, 06:18 PM
((He couldn't have been there before me when I had a MAJOR lead on him now could he??? And guess what, finding a hunk of metal in the dessert is like trieing to find an oasis in the dessert. It is VERY unlikely. Noot to mention you're b0th N00B's;D))

08-02-2004, 06:25 PM
((Come on, now, let's get back to RPing, shall we?))

Kira entered the Sith Academy, intending to go to her quarters. On a second thought, she returned to the street, deciding to have a little more fun watching the locals cower around her. None of them made eye contact... well, almost none. Only one stared at her and she scowled at him.

"What're you lookin' at, Sith?" he spat. Her scowl deepened and the crowd surrounding him parted. She turned and walked toward him. The crowd stayed well out of her way. Her mouth turned up in what could be taken for a smile.

"You're not from around here, are you?" she said sweetly. The man laughed.

"Not exactly, no," he answered. Kira's nose wrinkled in disgust. This man was clearly drunk. Kira's smile disappeared.

"Tell me," she said, tossing her head. "Why should I be afraid of a bounty hunter who has had too much drink for his own good?"

"So you know me?" he said, his words slurring. She nodded wordlessly. He laughed again. "Then you know why you should be afraid of me!"

"Actually, no," she replied, her smile reappearing. "I have heard that you are nothing to be afraid of. I, on the other hand, am not one you would like to go up against." Her scowl came back to her face. "You call yourself a great bounty hunter, one who is capable of destroying the Jedi. I know the true story."

"And what's that?" he snarled, wondering if he really wanted to know.

"You destroy Jedi Padawans," she snapped. "You don't even give them a fair fight. A stun grenade at the feet and their abilities are severely lessened. There are no Masters or Knights around when you do this, so you can get away with it."

"I don't believe you!" the man slurred. Kira laughed softly.

"It's not your desicion," she answered. "It is what you do and there is no way around it."

In a second, his blaster was out, aimed at Kira. She laughed and in less than a second, his blaster was scrap metal. His eyes widened and he backed away. Kira stepped forward once more.

"You are pitiful," she hissed. "Do not think that you could defeat a Sith. We are stronger than the Jedi and you have only killed their children. I loathe you."

"Don't hurt me!" he screamed, finally understanding the danger of this situation. He thought he had screamed too late. Kira's lightsaber was already on it's way toward his neck. She stopped mere millimeters from his neck.

"Why?" she asked softly. Her voice was barely audible. He stammered and her blade went through his neck. Shaking her head, Kira stepped back and placed the lightsaber back on her belt.

"Foolish foriegners," she muttered. "They never learn."

The citizens had learned. They knew not to ask Kira for money to clean up the mess she made.

08-02-2004, 07:18 PM
((Ok.)) Carth finished the ship and took off. He returned to Coruscant and got a new ship the Gamma X. Another Endar Spire like ship exept it is the best of the best of the Endar Spire like ships. It took off and went to the Unknown planet where the republic had established a base. He went to the Hanger of the Gamma X and took his ship to the planet. Je landed at the base and went to the New Supreme Adrimal. "Sir I have failed in my mission. I am now requesting a new mission." "Permission Granted. Go to The Republic embessy on Mannan to get started." "Yessir." Carth returns to the Gamma Z and enters hyperspace.

08-03-2004, 03:55 PM
"Dam it !" steven saw carths ship fly away. "we shall met again"

Blessèd Sith
08-04-2004, 10:34 AM
(((Anyone gonna post O_O I'm kinda stuck in my spot at the moment . . .)))

08-04-2004, 05:35 PM
((I'm sort of stuck too... I was trying to join, but others had other things going on. I guess I can come and chat with you:D ))

Kira turned back to the Sith Academy, feeling she had seen enough cowering for that time. As she was getting closer to it, she noticed the Sith that Darth Zhen had been talking to. She was standing alone now and Kira wondered what had gone on between the two. She decided to introduce herself.

"Hello," she said pleasantly. "I'm Kira. I couldn't help but notice you had a conversation with Lord Zhen. I can only assume you completed a mission successfully, as he did not get anywhere near making you headless. Allow me to offer my congratulations."

Blessèd Sith
08-04-2004, 06:04 PM
(((Okies, sounds good ^_^)))

Nalaen's eyes lifted slowly, glowering up at the other Sith as she pulled her cowl up over her head. However, she kept her face visible, the fabric drapped loosely over her hair. Standing, she kept her eyes locked on the Sith, feeling with the Force to get a sense of her.

Familiar. Her lip twisted slightly, the words matching her earlier sense. The condescending one. Her head tipped to the side slowly, taking the woman in. Did she think she had a favoured position, more power, greater talents? What made her act like she was so much better?

Was she truly challenging Nalaen, was she competition?

"I do not see why he would harm me," she said as a low murmur, almost a hiss, "and I don't need to be patronised!" Her voice rose slightly and became a tad rough in anger. Since she had been a child, competing, hunting, training, she had hated being patronised, hated those who naturally assumed they were a few steps above her.

She paused then, calming down slightly in curiosity. "What made you think it was about a mission?"

Jin Phoenix
08-04-2004, 07:54 PM
Zhen looked over at the two and inside the mask he smiled softly. Kira had been accepted into the Sith not long ago and had always been strong however she was not without flaw. Unfortunatly for her before she was a Sith she had not completed a mission on a rather bad day for her Lord and he had struck her with his saber. In the ranks of the Sith she was feared but not at the top and yet her potential radiated off her much like Naleans did. Zhen stood and walked over to the two women and stood in between them.

"Nalean, this is Kira she is a Sith not so different from myself. At the moment I believe you are training under Darth Cordil for Dark Rage correct? And Kira this is Nalean if she can pass the trials she will become the newest of the Elites."

08-05-2004, 03:35 AM
Steven walked past his master and the others and headed straight for the valley of sith lords.

08-05-2004, 06:36 PM
Carth arrives near Manann. He goes to his ship and flies to the dock. He pays the fee and heads for the embessy. He gets a missioon. He has to destroy a Sith base at the planet of New Taris. It was created recently. It is really a large asteroid that was somehow modafied to stay in the same location. It was such a Large asteroid that it was the same size as Taris! They created a large dome around it and called it a planet. They named it New Taris. After that they made it a large city under the dome and created an artificial gravity gnerator. Carth arrived at the large dome and came to a large airlock. He goes to his ship and requests to enter. He gets permission and enters. He docks then pays a docking fee.

Blessèd Sith
08-05-2004, 10:59 PM
Nalaen gave the Dark Lord a fleeting smile and a little bow. Then she returned her attention to the other Sith, eyes blazing.

"Kira, is it?" she murmured after a tense moment. She knew that creating an enemy was a stupid thing, as all Sith were needed to band together. But she also didn't want someone around who would try to tell her better, or that she was doing something wrong or constantly reminding her how she was lower and worthless.

For now she gritted her teeth and forced a smile. It irked her that Darth Zhen almost seemed to be vying for Kira's permission, but she could figure things out later. Right now wasn't the time to pick apart any situations, as they hadn't even developed yet. As far as Nalaen knew.

08-06-2004, 12:17 AM
Kira immediately noticed Nalaen's displeasure and frowned. She had no intentions of creating an enemy within her own group, but she understood that Nalaen may have other plans.

"It is," she replied, her tone just as short as Nalaen's had been. She shifted her weight, placing most of it on her right leg.

"In answer to your earlier question, I have rarely known Lord Zhen to speak with us on things other than missions." She paused. "I was correct, was I not?"

Kira clearly saw that Nalaen felt that she was somehow superior to all other Sith. This was something that Kira did not appreciate. She could not appreciate. She shook her head slowly, making up her mind not to do anything to irritate Nalaen, though she would love to. Now was not a time for the Sith to fight one another.

Blessèd Sith
08-06-2004, 01:01 AM
"It was, and it wasn't," she said simply, eyeing her fellow Sith. She couldn't understand how this woman could just storm in and think she owned the bloody place. Anger swirled about Nalaen, as she thought of all the struggle she had been through, of all the training to perfection, of scraping and bowing and always gladly being in submission to those greater than herself. Of constantly learning, fighting, training, learning, being beaten, being tortured until her mind reached peak performance . . . The hell she gladly went through.

For that to be mocked by someone . . . For someone to act like they came so easily to power, that they were greater than everyone else and to not have to get their nails dirty . . .

But all the Sith were needed at this point in history. Getting along was not an option. And Nalaen did need a friend.

All Nalaen wanted to be was a Sith, fight and die for the Sith, work for the Dark Lord, lead men and fleets into battle and win for the glory of the Sith. Now she was afraid that her hopes were going to be torn away.

Kira's attempted perfection patronising then disapproving of her grated Nalaen's nerves. But Sith were Sith . . .

08-06-2004, 04:30 AM
Steven ignites his saber and set up a training program

08-06-2004, 01:41 PM
Carth finds the base and enters. A few Sith tried to stop him but, they failed. Carth went to the controll center and planted a charge. Then he left and detonated it. The base blew up and Carth went to the Republic embessy. They gave him a bounty removal right and he went to a bounty removal office. He got a bounty off his head. Then he went to the republic embessy and waited to speak with the admiral on the planet.

08-06-2004, 07:39 PM
Kira forced a smile. "Vague, but why should I care. Your business is your own." Then, with a slight hint of sarcasm in her voice, she said, "It was nice to meet you, Nalaen."

With that, she turned and went into the Sith Academy, straight to her quarters. There, she let out a deep sigh. It would not be easy being an ally to Nalaen, but it was necessary. If they were to fight, one of them would have to join the Jedi. Kira knew it would not be her.

Blessèd Sith
08-07-2004, 03:59 AM
(((I was thinking that Kira and Nalaen are forced to go on a mission or something together and they just DON'T get along, even though they're responsible enough to work together, knowing they're allies. I was thinking that that's how they'd end up friends: Kira is threatened by a Jedi, is in danger and Nalaen won't have it. Not caring about their animosity, the Sith mean more, so she'd cast aside her previous thoughts and do what she could to help . . . then from there on, they'd develop a friendship or something . . .

Just an idea to develop, it could easily be the other way around, but I dunno if Kira would be like that, because I don't know her well enough ^_^ Just a general idea that could be gradually developed, so that way we don't end up at each other's throats O_O

I have nothing to add really . . . so continue on guys n_n)))

08-07-2004, 04:55 AM
Steven entered A tomb to pass to time. "I sence a lot of dark energy here." Steven heard som1 some run behind him and turned around. "Who's there!?" He heard the running behind him again "Nalaen is that you?" This time he heard the noise above but when he looked no1 was there. "It's most probally one of Nalaen prical jokes" he said to himself

(i have an idea. Nalaen and steven could fall for each other)

Blessèd Sith
08-07-2004, 05:32 AM
(((Nalaen isn't exactly someone you would casually date. And she'd definately be asking the Dark Lord for permission first. If she even bothered to like you n_n)))

She watched from a dark corner, her arms crossed, eyes glinting wildly. Her cowl covered her brown hair, shadowing her face in deeper darkness. She wondered if he could sense her, if he'd be able to find her. Reaching back into the corner, she started to climb up it, like backwards up a tree, bracing herself. Could he find her not in such an irregular position? All the way up to the ceiling she went, until her shoulders were against it, looking down into the tomb.

This was supposed to be her time. Students didn't like coming into this tomb as it was so strange. But she went in there to meditate because it was so rarely invaded by others. Though sometimes other students did go searching through it, like any other tomb. She wanted her own private time with the ancient Dark Lords though . . . ah well. Patience was a virtue she still needed to learn in her youthful brashness.

08-07-2004, 05:40 AM
Steven walked deeper in the tomb,still hearig those noises. "Nalaen, stop actng so children" he shouted and turned around to See a huge spider sstaring right at him "never mind" he pushed the spider back and threw his saber cutting off his head "Well that takes care of that" and turned around to where he was heading to see more giant spiders "Oh hell no!" he started ranning back wards.

Near the end of the tomb gathered infront of steven stopping him from escape. but steven pushed them out of the away and ran out to the vally of the sith lords.

(y would any1 ask som1 if they could fall in love? "exuse master but can i fall in love please?")

08-07-2004, 08:02 AM
(sorry for douple posting)
As steven thought he was save of the spiders they ran out of the tomb and started attacking the sith in the vally. the spiders seemed to be attacking the enclave.

As the spiders reached steven he either killed them with force lighting or his saber

08-07-2004, 11:40 AM
Originally posted by Blessèd Sith
(((I was thinking that Kira and Nalaen are forced to go on a mission or something together and they just DON'T get along, even though they're responsible enough to work together, knowing they're allies. I was thinking that that's how they'd end up friends: Kira is threatened by a Jedi, is in danger and Nalaen won't have it. Not caring about their animosity, the Sith mean more, so she'd cast aside her previous thoughts and do what she could to help . . . then from there on, they'd develop a friendship or something . . .

Just an idea to develop, it could easily be the other way around, but I dunno if Kira would be like that, because I don't know her well enough ^_^ Just a general idea that could be gradually developed, so that way we don't end up at each other's throats O_O

I have nothing to add really . . . so continue on guys n_n)))

((Sounds good to me.))

Blessèd Sith
08-07-2004, 02:16 PM
(((Okies, great n_n And to Steven, her whole life has been for the Sith, since she was bloody well born. She wouldn't do anything that could have life-altering effects without permission of her Master/Dark Lord. And if he said no, she'd accept his reasons for he knows better than she does.)))

Nalaen was relieved in a way when the other Sith was chased out of the temple. The problem was that she had seen spiders: massive spiders and she was no great fan of them. But they didn't normally give her trouble, so she hopped down from her perch and looked around. It was a hope that they wouldn't come from their nests to bother her as well.

As she walked deeper into the surprisingly large, rapidly cooling tomb, her eyes darted back and forth. She couldn't help but take in the beauty of the sculpture, the carvings on the walls: the fact that this had been done thousands of years previous, and it was still here. That she was looking at it, treading where ancients had once stepped. A steady sound of water dripping echoed lightly through the corridors, as it did most of the tombs. She went to the hall on her left, it sloping down gently. Usually she didn't have to deal with creatures and beasts, but today the air seemed to be a bit different. The spiders, for one, usually never came out. Perhaps they liked her, perhaps they drove away the intruder. They were right near the entrance, so it would stand to reason that they could be as active as they liked and would get the most traffic.

Down here though, there really shouldn't have been anything. It had been cleared out. But . . . she could have missed a nest and they had grown. As it were, she heard cries and squack; moving closer, she heard the thrum of air under wings. Running towards these creatures, her sabre lept into her hand, igniting, as she unleased lightening on them. It stunned some and helped her cut through the throng. The fact was that it didn't so much matter how an obstical came to be, it was just important to get through it. You either succeeded or you didn't. Reasons and outside forces were just excuses.

The winged things at her feet, she pushed them aside with her feet. When she came back, she would drop them off into the abyss in the other corridor. For now, she had a dead Dark Lord to meditate with.

08-07-2004, 03:21 PM
(did Nalaen go down the tomb steven went down?)

Soon in hours the spiders had taken over the enclave and were resting. While Steven headed into the same tomb. She also saw the sculpture. But he took a bit more time with them. he tried to understand them

Blessèd Sith
08-07-2004, 03:33 PM
(((er, she went into the tomb she always does, so i guess so. why have spiders taken over, i mean really, they're just spiders. if the students cant get rid of them, I'LL get rid of the STUDENTS!)))

Nalaen's eyes shot open and the apparition of the old Dark Lord faded from sight, though she could still see him there. Something disturbed them both, though she got the distinct feeling he had waited to see when she would pick it up.

"Someone invades this sanctum," she growles, grabbing her sabre, eyes narrowed.

He's trying to study the carvings and sculpure, she heard like a faded dream. Turning she bowed gracefully to the invisible dead Lord, and ran out of the temple she had created to him, in his most private chamber, where his body still lay.

The door opened easily for her as she flew down the corridor at full tilt, wondering who was in here. She never interfered with students examining the tomb for the better of the academy or for prestige or something, but . . . She liked to watch them. She was obsessed with history, obsessed with preserving and gleaming all knowledge possible from the tombs: it was how she had been raised and taught. It was a possessiveness that made her guard the tombs, especially this one.

In the shadows, she watched. Why had he come back?

08-07-2004, 03:47 PM
(there gaint spiders and theres millions of them. half the studants ran)

"The spiders shall protect my body. If My tomb is disturbed my ceatures shall take ot all those who live here."Steven read."well i didn't go far enough in the tomb to disturpe anything."

Blessèd Sith
08-07-2004, 03:55 PM
Hears the mumblings of Steven as he struggles to translate the cryptic writings: not only in what they say, but the actual carvings themselves are rather odd. Her brow furrows, tattoos crinkling up. She didn't remember reading that. Why wasn't she ever attacked -- well, not anymore . . . It could be a worth thing. The spiders never really bothered her: she hated spiders, but they never attacked like they had at first.

She didn't know whether to creep back to the Dark Lord and speak with him, or to stay here and see what Steven was up to, and if he would translate anything else she had missed . . . It didn't take much to make her stay. Her curiosity was too strong.

08-07-2004, 04:01 PM
Steven noticed Nalaen "When did u get here?" he asked

Blessèd Sith
08-07-2004, 04:27 PM
She snarled, surprised that she had been seen.

"I'm always here. This is my sanctuary. I think the better question would be what are you doing here?"

08-07-2004, 04:44 PM
well this seemed to be the only place the gaint spiders down come. Wait u havn't been down to the tomb have u?

08-07-2004, 04:56 PM
Carth got a new mission. He was to do some things at the Sith Acadamy. HE knew that he was a well known jedi and that it would be hard but, he had a bit of special surgery to change his appearence. The doctors said that they could restore him to normal as soon as he returned. Next he had to modify his power in the force. He needed to change Dark to Light. It would be hard but, Carth was successfull. He got a new ship and landed at Dreshade. Next he had to prove to someone that he deserved to join the Sith. Carth knew that it couldn't be done so e lured a Sith into a drak empty room and knocked the sith out. Carth took the robes and the medalion. Also the sabers. So after that was done he tied the Sith to a chair and Carth went to a recruiting Sith. Carth showed her the madalion and he quickly gained access to the temple. Now he had to skeak into the valley and do a little work.

Blessèd Sith
08-07-2004, 08:45 PM
She frowned at Steven, studying him closely.

"This whole place is a tomb. If you mean to the Dark Lord's resting place, what is it to you? Do you mean to loot it?"

Looking around, she wondered if anything else was going to come down on them. But the area seemed relatively calm and she couldn't hear any telltale scurrying.

"What is it to you where I go? Leave me be." She turned sharply and made to go back down the corridor.

08-08-2004, 03:59 AM
"Well thanks to u we're trapped in his tomb. "he said.

"what makes things worse i'm stuck with u"he said to himself

08-08-2004, 10:48 AM
((Read the posts Steven ;D. The place didn't come down so your aren't trapped exeot for the Spiders and how is it Naleans fault? And you aren't stuck with her you can stay in two completely diffrent rooms.))

08-08-2004, 01:21 PM
(she's enough to drive anyone crazy being on the same planet)

Jin Phoenix
08-08-2004, 09:52 PM
(Sorry bout not posting in a week or so I just havent had the time to come online.)

After the Sith and his newest prospect had left he made a treck out to the Valley of the Dark Lords. Zhen was curious to see which students took the time to learn the history of the Sith and so he made an apperence in the four tombs. Until he made his way to the tomb of Naga Sadow he had been dissapointed for only three students had been seen in any of the tombs. Two in the tomb of Ajunta Pall and one in Marko Ragnos'. He waved his hand to open the large door to the tomb and walked inside and used the force to stretch out and find any students he could. He smiled when he felt Nalean's energy. So long and still she wanted more. He also was glad to feel Steven here for he did not believe he would be one to come to this place on his own.

Zhen walked forward and ended up in the tomb in which his students stood.

"Hello my students."

08-09-2004, 03:20 AM
(just to let u know gaint spiders have taken over the enclave. There r millions of them so there not going to be easy to kill off)
"Nalaen have u ever had a relationship with som1?"

08-10-2004, 01:53 PM
Kira was in yet another Sith Tomb, spending her time in the complete silence there. She found her thoughts still on Nalaen. This woman's actions grated Kira's nerves and she wondered how they would ever learn to work together. She hated the idea and hoped they would never have to do any such thing.

"Lord Zhen seems to appreciate her," Kira thought aloud. She shook her head. It seemed to her that Zhen wanted two of his most talented followers, Nalaen and Kira to learn to work together. She would not deny that Nalaen was amazingly talented, but she could not bring herself to dismiss Nalaen's arrogance.

Kira let out a sigh of frustration. This tomb had often given her the peace she needed to calm her feelings against other Sith, but her negative feelings toward Nalaen would not disappear. She stormed back toward the Sith Academy, her cloud of frustration growing around her as she walked.

08-10-2004, 03:21 PM
((This isn't my thread but, do you know how annoying instant messenger talk is when you aren't doing instant messenger?)) Carth enters Naga Sadows tomb and sees Darth Zhen. And alot os Spiders. ((remember I have clouded my light side energy and changed my appearence so you wouldn't know it's me.)) "LOOK OUT LORD ZHEN!!" Carth hits a spider that allmost hit Darth Zhen.

Blessèd Sith
08-12-2004, 02:34 PM
(((I don't think just anyone would make it into the tombs, let alone warn the Dark Lord about anything if you aren't Sith -_- So I'm just gonna respond to Zhen's post . . . cuz I haven't been online in a few days n_n Hey, wait, isn't Ajunta Pall gone? I killed his spirit for being too weak. Why would he foster a nurture someone strong in the Dark Side?)))

Before she could see the light from the door open, before the familiar voice, she felt him. Beyond the dead Dark Lord, she felt the presence of another Dark Lord: Zhen was coming. She shut her eyes briefly in the gloom, then looked to Steven.

"You made your choices, now you must live with them. If you are too weak to accept the consequences of your actions, you aren't deserving of life." She took a step towards him, anger bubbling up inside. "You dare blame me for anything?! Was it not you who decided to come in here? Are you so ignorant that you cannot leave on your own? And as for being around me, are you too stupid to go into a different room or a different corridor? Must everything be handed to you on a silver platter?" Her lip curled as he seemed to ignore her and ask a rather irrelevant question.

"A relationship? No, do I have a need for one? I wasn't with my people long enough to find a mate -- for the Gods sakes, I was a child when I came here. My whole life has been to further the Sith." Another step towards him as light flooded into the corridor, the Dark Lord coming towards them. Her eyes were locked on Steven's, but she could sense the Dark Lord; it was hard not to.

"What about your life, Steven? What is your life?" She turned away from him and looked up at Zhen as he spoke. Immediately she dipped in a graceful bow and forced a weak smile. "Hello, my Lord," she said through gritted teeth, still furious over Steven.

08-12-2004, 03:30 PM
"I was a child when i was Bandon die. My Life has only 2 goals at the moment. Become a sith master and kill the old ebon hawk crew."said Steven as he bowed "so, what are your goals at the moment?"

Blessèd Sith
08-12-2004, 03:36 PM
She started laughing and she couldn't stop. Clutching her stomach, not caring for the moment that she must look like a total idiot to the Dark Lord, she gasped for air. Looking up at Steven from her bent position, a few giggles still escaped her.

"You're that upset over such a weakling? By the Force, that was years ago: your life plan seems pretty restricted and immediate." She shrugged nonchalantly then brushed her robes out. Mulling over Steven's question, wondering when the Dark Lord would put his foot in and say something, she gave it some careful thought.

"My goal," she said slowly, "is what it has always been. To serve the Dark Lord in any way fit. To further the Sith. To train hard and to have my own fleet for the glory of the Sith, to crush the enemies of the Dark Lord." Her eyes glinted. "That is my goal."

08-13-2004, 03:47 AM
steven got very angry "at least i've had som1 to call family. At least he did give me away when i was youngh. At least my goal isn't to serive."

Blessèd Sith
08-13-2004, 05:21 AM
A dark brow lifted slowly at Steven's ignorance. Give her away? Not have family? Well, that was certainly a laugh. It was a tossup, however, if she were to . . . educate him. To inform him of her past, to tell him what her people and her family was like.

But keeping people in the dark was to have an edge over them. Though once she had let someone into her past, though a glancing brief of it. And that hadn't harmed her in any way . . . She shook her head to clear herself of such thoughts. No, her friends had been different. But had they been so different at that time? An almost wistful smile touched her lips. She remembered loathing them, scorning their stupidity and weaknesses. How a tramatic event could change the path of your life forever. It had come to the point where she had had no choice but to speak, and they had learned and they had all grown . . .

Her green eyes flickered over to Steven, wondering about him. His past, who his people were, his tribe. If he even had a tribe. That made her snicker. She couldn't see any markings on him, no tattoos of status or religion or position within the temple and the realms of the Gods: to her people he would have been nothing. Except that he was adept in the Force: perhaps he would have become something, but as it were . . .

"If you had listened to me," she said smoothly in a soft tone, kneeling down with her hands folded in her lap at the feet of the Dark Lord as always, "you would have realised I said nothing about my survival. Service. Loyalty. The Force. Those are what I live for. Service to the Dark Lord and hence, to the Sith. I do not care if I die, for if I do I was weak. I however, am not weak, so I do not fear death. I will forever serve the Dark Lord and the Sith. I have for my life and I will for my life."

Her head tipped slowly to the side as the steady drip-drip of water echoed lightly through the caverns. It was such a familiar sound that it was actually comforting. Like the soft rustle of the wind through the trees near the temple, or the few grasslands that smelt of herbs and flowers when you dashed through them. Bugs would spring up as animals scattered about . . . Her eyes closed slowly as a smile touched her mouth.

"I had family. I have family," she corrected needlessly. "My siblings, mother and father; my tribe. My people, the priests and priestesses, the masters and instructors, the Elders: oh, I had many people, and still do if I so chose to return. But to return home would be a mark of shame: I am not a full Sith and to go without victory would be horrible. I could never do that to my people." Eyes opening, they flashed, anger flickering up her stomach and into her chest. "And I wasn't given away, fool. I was sent here as a child, instead of a teenager, so I could be closer to the sacred land and learn from the best, learn right in THE Sith academy. There was no greater honour than to be sent here."

She knew her place. It was with the Sith, with the Dark Lord, and she wouldn't let some Sith brat try and tell her otherwise. If he still didn't understand where she was coming from it was his own fault. It wasn't her job to explain any further, and even then, she may have said too much. But no matter, there was nothing in her words that could have been used against her. Glancing up at the Dark Lord, she gave him a smile, feeling a fluttering in her chest replace the loathing as she knelt there. Would he speak? Or would he be content to watch the two underlings bicker amongst themselves. Perhaps it was amusement to him: though she was loathe to be used for amusement, who was she to say no to the Dark Lord?

08-13-2004, 06:19 AM
"i can't blam them for wanting u to go. your enough to drive any1 crazy being o the same planet. I'm starting to like the ebon hawk time alot more than you." steven walked futhur into the tomb. "Maybe i'd find som1 better to talk to."

Blessèd Sith
08-13-2004, 07:48 AM
"You're an idiot and a fool," she spat, venom dripping from her words. "If you had spent a minute listening to me, instead of making things up in the dreamworld in your mind, you may have learned something. Go choke on something and die, you annoying twat. I'm not wasting my time on you any longer. Leave."

She turned her attention back to the Dark Lord, her anger tensing her muscles. Her spine felt strained, her jaw set as the frustration welled up inside, the burning hatred begging to be released. Yet she did nothing. She couldn't act. It was at the Dark Lord's descretion.

Jin Phoenix
08-14-2004, 08:20 PM
Zhen smiled at his pupils behind his mask and then his attention turned to Steven. He spoke quickly but effectively.

"She is correct Steven. If you want to avenge someone find someone who is worthy of avenging. Bandon was not one is worthy of your compassion. He was nothing because he followed Malak who was also nothing. All Malak was was an empty shell filled with evil and lust. These alone cannot show you the way to leadership and therefore Bandon is not worthy because he followed a man who wasn't worthy of his post as Master of the Sith."

He then looked over at Nalean and nodded at her smile. Through her years at the academy Zhen had become quite fond of the girl and now he would bestow upon her her first bit of Sith power.

He turned to Steven and spoke softly.
"In the future I do suggest you watch your tounge around her. You Steven are a Dark Jedi not a Sith and soon she will have the power to decide wether you live or die... Now leave us.

After he had gone he leaned against the wall of the tomb and looked at Nalean studing her for a moment. He then spoke almost tenativly.

"Nalean, may I ask you something?"

Blessèd Sith
08-15-2004, 01:51 AM
Nalaen kept her hands folded neatly in her lap, still kneeling, sitting on her calves, her feet crossed over the other. She sat as she had been taught to before the Elders and Priests and Masters . . . Well, everyone above her really. Even if it wasn't customary to these Sith, she would still bestow the same respect. When the Dark Lord had spoken, she watched him at first, somehow able to picture his features. Yes, she could only see the mask, but she assumed everyone who was accustomed to watching facial features could see the mask move with speech; though it was truly a trick of the eyes. Or perhaps it was her sensing something beyond the visible. No matter what it was, it was that, with his words about her that made her bow her head. First it was out of embarrassment at such acknowledgement and by The Dark Lord no less. His finishing words though made her eyes sparkle with pride and eagerness. She couldn't explain it, and didn't want Darth Zhen to think less of her if he could see it, so she kept her face down, waiting.

"Nalaen, may I ask you something?" His words floated about her head and slowly sank in. Breathing in slowly through her nose, she nodded and lifted her head slightly to look up at him, into that blank mask that somehow conveyed all the passion and power in the galaxy.

"Of course, my Lord," she breathed.

08-16-2004, 06:04 AM
"i know Bandon was weak. But he was the only real family i had" he walked deeper into hte tomb until he could not be seen by the others.

Jin Phoenix
08-16-2004, 11:51 AM
He nodded to her and after a moment finally uttered this question.

"Nalean eairlier you told Steven that if you were weak you deserved to die, Do you truly believe life, your life is that worthless that it should be thrown away because you are defeated?"

He looked away for a moment and watched as his breath slipped from his mouth in the cool tomb.

"Everytime I kill, I fight I know that both of our lives are precious. My opponent only wants me dead, he never thinks of my family, my friends and all the people that may miss me. I however do. Ever kill saddens me slightly for I know those people will never see their husband or son or wife or daughter again. Life is precious Nalean and I suppose that is why we must take it for the greatest is taking precious things."

At this moment the Dark Lord had shown himself to her. He did not know why but his inner soul had come out and he found she could be trusted.

08-16-2004, 04:24 PM
Steven walked deeper into the tomb. "Ok. now i think i'm lost. i seem to be going in circles. This tomb goes on for as far as the human eye can see. thats if the human eye could see in here"

Blessèd Sith
08-17-2004, 11:38 AM
Nalaen stared up at her Dark Lord with wide, almost frightened eyes. Her nose started wrinkling in child-like disgust as words attempted to form into sentances in her mind.

"Um, my Lord, er . . ." She coughed as her brain scrambled still to get something of context. Finally something clicked as her voice came out dry and blassé. "I'm a Sith and a warrior, my Lord. The hunt and the kill are what drive me. I love watching my victim die, his life flowing slowly out of him; or quickly at my hand. To allow your enemy to live out of pity is an insult to both your and thier honour." Life started to creep into her tone. "My Lord, I surely hope this is a jest, or at least some sort of test. No life is worth more than the life of a Sith. To even consider life and empathy for your enemy is to give them an opening to kill you. They do not have the same consideration for you: if they could kill you they would the very second it presented itself. You can either be ruthless and respected, or get slain. That's the facts of life, my Lord, and I do hope you realise I see them." She continued to gaze up at him, this impenetrable pillar of cruelty -- or so she had thought. She had always thought she could depend on him, that he was glory upon glory: but now . . . now, if he was being all sappy, well . . .

"Plus, I take sadistic pride in knowing I've ruined his family. As should anyone."

To put it lightly, she felt like her world was about to crumble.

08-17-2004, 01:06 PM
"i'm starting to think Master Zhen is in love with Nalaen. He seems to say she's the bes.. ahh!" steven seemed to trip other somthing "what the ****" He ignited his saber and used it's light to see what it was. " a box?" he opened it and found a small sith artifact inside. He put the artifact into his pocket and headed to where he came from.

Jin Phoenix
08-17-2004, 05:31 PM
Zhen studied her for a long moment then nodded.

"Well Nalean to be honest it was no jest. However empathy and pity are not emotion I convey. I pity no one in war for they truly are expendable from the moment they join either side. Still though cruelty alone will not take any farther than our predesecors. Why I will succeed where they failed was all their lives they had been in it and truly only had hatred left. I however have watched from afar and I had enough clarity to see all and I know what they were missing. Full emotion. It is like a color spectrum. Without one another doesn't make sense. It never transicions. I however know all feelings. Cruelty Malice compasion anger hate love happiness fear all these and more are mine and that I suceed because I have all that is needed."

He smiled at her.

"I hear the disgust in your wors and in your thoughts. How can dark lord know all these and still be who he is. It is because of who I am that I can know these for without them I would not be where I am today. And without ever action in your life you would not be here now. Do you understand what I am saying?"

08-18-2004, 03:20 AM
Steven seemed to be more lost when he headed back "How nalaen gets though this tomb i shall never know" he heard a few noises behind him "nor care"

Blessèd Sith
08-18-2004, 03:54 AM
The switch wasn't even noticeable, but the results were. One minute she was bordering on absolute disgust; the next, her face was beaming.

"Exactly my Lord. The Code says Passion. Not passionate hatred nor passionate cruelty. But PASSION. It runs a full gambit. And there is no way to truly understand one emotion without having experienced its converse." She hung her head then in shame. "I am sorry for doubting you my Lord, I should be most severely punished." Her voice was a choked whisper. "But I had to make sure that you were . . . still you." Here she flushed slightly around the tribal markings. "I thought . . . that you were thinking like a Jedi. Mercy where mercy is most certainly not due. Those sorts of idiot thoughts. Forgive me, I beg you." Prostrating herself before her Dark Lord, her nose to the stone ground, she could smell the mildew and rot and dirt of ages past. It wasn't pleasant, but to those like her obsessed with history, it wasn't unpleasant either. No matter how she felt about this uncomfortable position that easily cramped muscles, the cold and the smell, she would stay there until given permission to rise. Though she didn't even want someone to consider that she thought she could put words in the Dark Lord's mouth, or guess what he was going to say or do, she got the vague feeling that he wasn't going to kill her. Perhaps not even harm her. However, now that she was assuming as such, he probably would just to prove her wrong. And she knew she would deserve it.

She waited.

08-18-2004, 05:48 AM
Steve had finally found his way to the others "hey hoy"

08-19-2004, 10:40 AM
Just as Kira got to the entrance of the tomb she had been in, she heard some movement in another that was nearby. She turned and walked over, hoping there was some way to vent her rage inside. A large spiderlike creature scuttled away from the entrance, making a loud screech. Kira grinned, knowing a battle was on.

In a flash, she was holding both lightsabers. Mere seconds later, she was flipping and twisting, staying well out of the way of the giant spiders, but managing to kill them as well. She vaguely realized she was heading deeper into the tomb, but she didn't care.

Jin Phoenix
08-19-2004, 11:22 PM
Zhen smiled at her softly behind the mask his features hidden from her.

"Arise my child. You have done nothing wrong for in possision I would questioned myself aswell for not understanding what I had meant. I shall not harm you Nalean now go I must stay here for a few moments to collect then I may perhaps have a mission for you."

Zhen smiled and nodded at her

08-20-2004, 05:13 AM
"master, what happened to that merc that u sent to kill that mandolian with the droid?"

08-29-2004, 11:01 AM
The four heard some sort of chanting from deeper inside the tomb

"whats that?"asked steven as he reached for his light saber

08-29-2004, 12:41 PM
Kira slipped further into the tomb, growing tired of the constant fight with the spiders. She opened a nearby door and slipped through, closing it again before the spiders could come through. She continued moving deeper into the tomb until she found Zhen, Nalaen, and Steven.

Her greeting to Nalaen was civil, if only that. She nodded her respect to Zhen, but merely stared at Steven. Then he asked a question about the chanting that had just begun.

"I don't know, but neither do I care," she answered. "This is the tomb of a Sith Lord. What goes on in here is not always explainable. Understand that and stop trying to explain everything."

Blessèd Sith
09-01-2004, 11:23 PM
(((Sorry for not being around in such a long time!!!. . .)))

She glanced sidelong at Kira and smirked. Listening to the chanting, she tried to prevent it from affecting her. From her spine straightening and her shoulders setting with strength and pride. Hopefully they would all become too uneasy with it and not search the tomb. For some reason she didn't want anyone to stumble upon her private place.

Looking to the Dark Lord, she nodded and swept out of the tomb, doing what she had been told. It was up to him to tell the others to leave as well.

09-02-2004, 09:09 AM
Kira caught Nalaen's smirk, but did not react. She turned to Zhen and bowed. Then, she turned to leave as well. She could see Nalaen's back, but made no attempt to catch up with her. They didn't need another confrontation.

09-02-2004, 10:30 AM
"This is boring"he turned to the exit of the tomb "acuallty i'm going to see where the chanting is coming from. any1 coming with me?"

09-03-2004, 11:05 AM
Kira paused when Steven spoke and she sighed.

"You are too curious for your own good," she said. "Learn to calm your curiosity."

With this, she continued walking. Nalaen had disappeared from her view by this time. So much the better, she thought. What better way to avoid confrontation than to stay well away? There was no better way in her mind, so she walked slowly in order to remain behind Nalaen.

09-04-2004, 12:10 AM
"I take that as i no then" he took out his lightsaber and walked deeper into the tomb

Blessèd Sith
12-03-2004, 11:13 AM
(((C'mon guys! Let's resume these old goodies n_n Don't make me go all DS on your arses :P)))

12-03-2004, 11:40 AM
As steven walked deeper into the tomb. It seemed different to him and the chanhing grew louder. He knew he was most probally walking into a trap set by the force but the only way he felt alive was facing death stright in the face. "hmm, i wonder how the others are" he said quitely. He'd left them behind a few hours ago

Blessèd Sith
12-03-2004, 07:49 PM
Her room was cool, as every room in the academy was. It was almost like the tombs, though not as saturated with knowledge and power. Nalaen had returned to her room to meditate, as her time in her private place had been interrupted. That was no big deal though; she could return at any time. She did hope that Steven, foolhardy though he was, wouldn't get into anything over his head. The stupid deserved what came to them, true, however he was a fellow student and no matter how she felt, he was her peer and didn't deserve the death waiting the ignorant tenatious ones. Very few could get past the traps and the dark energies and the "games" the spirit of the Dark Lord enjoyed playing. She suspected the only reason why she lived was because she, in her youth, never considered that she could truly be killed. Confidence attracted Masters, not rebuked them. But the largest part of the equation she thought, was her obsession with history and the fact that she just wanted to learn. What dead Sith Lord wouldn't want to pass on his knowledge to ready ears and an eager mind?

Perhaps Steven was ready and the Dark Lord wouldn't kill him. But there were protections to her private place, her temple, the ancient Dark Lord's tomb. He had had them built, and she had added to them. Unless he were allowed in there (if he even found the door, which was unlikely, though he may find where the door is generally located) he probably wouldn't have too easy a time actually passing the threshold.

She sure hoped not. It was her place, it was the Dark Lord's tomb, his final resting place, and someone without respect and reverence for their ancestors and the ancients shouldn't desecrate it with their unknowing minds, their clumsy steps. What if he did find it, find her temple? Would he attempt to open the sarcophagus? Or muss around with her altars? The decorations and things she had put up -- with permission of course -- would he do something to them?

Her paranoia was starting to get to her. Without knowing it, she had been worrying her lower lip and was near drawing blood. Quitting the nervous habit, she took a deep cleansing breath. The Force flowed in and out of her. She tried to centre herself. Whatever happened would happen, and save going back to the tomb and stopping Steven -- thereby admitting to something of great interest in the temple and her own interest in it -- there was nothing she could do.

Closing her eyes, she tried to drive her thoughts out of her mind and focus on the Force. She also wondered if there would be a new job for her to partake in soon. Or if there were any new lessons to learn: she was sick of practising that which she already knew. Half meditating, she waited.

12-04-2004, 12:32 AM
Steven took the artifact ,he'd found earlier, out of his pocket and looked at it "hmm, what happened to the chanting? i can't hear it anymore. WOAH!" steven stepped foward only to find there was a huge floor. Steven quickly jumped back before he fell in "great. now what?"

He saw a switch with a hole in it. the hole was the same shape as the artifact he'd found early. So he gave it a try and placed the artifact into the switch. Sudnelly, he found himself in a huge room, lighted up my torches.

"where am i?" he asked himself

Jin Phoenix
12-04-2004, 05:09 AM
Later that day after he had returned to the academy Zhen sat in the central room and slowly lifted the two lightsabers off his belt and placed them in front of himself. He then lifted the one which had belonged to Exar Kun with his mind and made one of the blade receptors parrelel to the ground. He then in one instant jerked his head and the saber was split into its two halves and the deep red crystal was revealed. Zhen smiled softly inside the darkness of his mask. The red crystal floated slowly to the ground, and he reached into his robe and pulled out a translucent black crystal. He lifted it and put it where the red one had been and with another jerk the saber was whole again. He stood and plucked it from the air and in a swift wovement ignighted both ends of it. If the room had been dark then it became pitch black with the shadow cast by the black and white blades. He grinned and deactivated the blades. But now he needed to test them somehow. He turned to the Sith Saber and raised it and suspended it in the center of the chamber and levitated above it waiteing for someone to accept his challenge.

Blessèd Sith
12-06-2004, 08:28 AM
Meditating and half asleep, Nalaen was jerked back to full consciousness by the Force. She felt tendrils of eagerness creeping through the academy, even with her less-than-perfect abilities. Someone really wanted something . . . Touching the Force with her mind, she recognised the vibration in it almost immediately. The feeling of the Force from the Dark Lord had been something she learned quickly. He wanted something.

Well, even if she couldn't give it to him: she doubted she wanted to be on the receiving end of this, she could still go speak to him. Standing slowly, she pulled her cowl over her head and walked out of her room, following the Force to the threshold to the room where Darth Zhen stood. Watching him, head bowed in respect, she waited for him to acknowledge her.

She really needed something to do.

12-06-2004, 09:08 AM
((Well, well... what have we here?:D Didn't realize this one was back going... not entirely sure what to post:p ))

Kira had returned to her room, a little tired from the exercise she had gotten by fighting the spiderlike animals in the tomb. After a brief meditation, she fell asleep.

Moments later, she awoke again, sensing a challenge. She was never one to turn down a challenge, so she immediately leapt off her bed and lunged for the door. As she sped into the hallway, she nearly collided with Nalaen. This near collision caused her to forget Darth Zhen's challenge. Instead, she stood still, staring at Nalaen.

"You have answered his call for a challenger as well," Kira finally said, standing back a little. Her voice was dripping with tension. "By all means, go ahead."

12-06-2004, 10:36 AM
"where am i?" he asked himsel for the hundredth time. He'd been stuck in this room
"your in my tomb!"said a voice.Steven looked around him but couldn't see anyone "and mine. HAHAHAHAHAHA"
"I take when you refered to this as your tomb, your the acient sith lords who's body was bearied(sp)." said steven ignited his saber
"that's right. and by looking at you your bandons brother. He came here once but couldn't defeate me. He escaped before i could kill him though" said the voice, but louder this time
"how? i don't see a door anywhere"
"fool. you trust your eyes!"

Blessèd Sith
12-06-2004, 10:49 AM
(((You do realise that if you find the tomb and Nalaen finds out [as its her temple], she'll gut you with her bare hands n_n Oh, and wb wildjedi :D)))

Nalaen stared at Kira as she took a step back cautiously. Smoothing her robe she studied the other girl then shook her head slowly, peering up from under her cowl.

"Shockingly enough, I'm not here to challenge our Lord." Her tone was dry as she ignored the tension. "If you wish to die," here she gestured towards Darth Zhen, "then go ahead. I'll stay in the shadows until he acknowledges me." A slight smirk alighted her features. "I'm just waiting for some work."

12-06-2004, 12:46 PM
"I was just waiting to see if someone else is stupid enough to accept his challenge," Kira retorted, almost sounding as if she wished Nalaen would be stupid enough. "The shadows hold us both, but if you can't stand me, perhaps you'd better find a different shadow."

Blessèd Sith
12-06-2004, 05:55 PM
Her too sweet smile was all that was visible.

"I remember being here first. But no matter, there are plenty of shadows. Besides, weren't you the one rushing over to the Dark Lord?"

She shrugged nonchalantly, glancing over at Darth Zhen. When would he acknowledge her? Was he too filled with bloodlust to bother speaking of work? If someone would only challenge him, she could get something to do! But she didn't want to be the one putting her life on the line.

12-06-2004, 06:55 PM
"Does my haste in arriving imply an eagerness to fight one so decidedly above me?" Kira asked, keeping her voice calm though her rage was building inside. She sighed, allowing some of the tension to escape. Then, with a smirk, she said, "We have only a little while to wait. One of the others will have heard Lord Zhen's challenge and approach our powerful master."

With a little laugh, she rubbed the back of her neck, where her scar was. "We both know how that will end."

Blessèd Sith
12-06-2004, 07:27 PM
After a brief chuckle at Kira's statement, an honest, sudden grin spread across her face as she pulled her cowl back.

"I just had an idea," Nalaen said quietly as to not disturb the Dark Lord, her finger trailing thoughtfully down one of her facial tattoos. Her eyes were glinting excitedly, knowing that if there was one person who would agree to this, it would be Kira. "Why don't we go get Steven? I'm sure he could use the . . . practise."

There was, of course, her own modivation to this: it would get him out of the damned tomb.

"Well?" she said, crossing her arms gently.

12-07-2004, 06:40 AM
"the last person to visit me was a sith women."said the voice
"Nalaen?"asked steven
"thats her"
' no wonder she didn't want me coming down futher. She'd keep somthing like this to her self' he thought "so why am i here?"
"i'm going to test you. to see if your strongh enough for my wisdom"
"okay... so whats the test?"
"you must kill all of my spiders" a big tile fell front the ceil, steven jumped out of the way just in time, and then the gaint spiders came out of the hole. Steven was able to defend them off for 10 minutes but one was able to bite him and made steven even more angry.

Steven unleashed a forcepush so powerfull that it though all the remaining into the wall squishing them "where did that come from?" he asked himself. He knew at no apprentis at his level could do somthing like that
"your must hold the key artfact. this one that enables you to enter my tomb"

(erm sith, it's not 'her' temple. she's not the one who's burried in it is she?")

Blessèd Sith
12-07-2004, 09:49 AM
(((I never said she was interred there. That tomb is her temple and her secret area. It's where she goes when she needs to be alone, or wants to learn more, or meditate . . . or whatever. It's "hers" and having someone else in on her secret will make her very angry. VERY angry. Note: it's her TEMPLE. I really hope for your sake, if you make it in, that you don't touch her altars or anything -_- Y'know, if you don't wanna end up bantha fodder or something ^_^ Oh, and a powerful Lord wouldn't be so petty, but that was just my thought. I mean, why would he TELL you what to do?! He's SITH, not jedi! Wouldn't he just try to kill you, then if you're able to pass his "tests", then he'd grudingly let you in? Again, that's just what I figured.)))

12-07-2004, 03:38 PM
A genuine smile spread on Kira's face. "It's a deal."

Blessèd Sith
12-07-2004, 09:11 PM
Taking one last glance at the Dark Lord, she nodded towards the shadowed hallway behind them.

"Then let's go," she murmured, "or he'll get himself killed before we can." Glancing about furtively, she then lifted her cowl back up to cover her head, all but her mouth going into blackness. Reaching out with the Force, she touched a tendril to her double bladed sabre, finding comfort in its presence. They could fire Steven up, get him eager to challenge their Lord and whatever happened would happen. It would get him out of the tomb at least.

Plus, it would be fun to play with him.

12-08-2004, 08:05 AM
After spider fight the spirit seemed leave so he decided to do the same. He made his way to his quaters, packed his stuff and started to load his ship in the hangar

12-08-2004, 10:36 AM
Kira closed her eyes, and reached out with the Force. Suddenly, her eyes snapped open in surprise.

"He's by the ships!" she exclaimed. Shaking off her surprise, she turned to run in that direction, calling back to Nalaen over her shoulder. "Let's go."

Blessèd Sith
12-08-2004, 11:52 AM
Hearing Kira's words first shocked her; then her beckoning put her into gear. Running along behind and gradually closing the gap between then, she reached out with the Force. It was more difficult to do when running full tilt, but she managed to get a hint of what Kira had felt: he was indeed somewhere around the ships. She couldn't get anything more accurate as she was trying too hard to not stumble or smash into walls as they careened around corners.

What the hell was he doing at the ships? This thought flashed through her mind as she put out her hand to avoid a collision with the cold stone of a corridor wall. Why did he leave the temple: did he find her temple? And if he did . . . but no matter, the larger question was why he was getting a ship. That probably meant he was leaving. Why was he leaving?

Robe trailing behind her in a twisted mess, flying out at the rather fast speed they were going, Nalaen chanced a glance at Kira. Perhaps she wasn't so bad. The animosity had faded, at least for now. There were bigger fish to fry, and it was better to have an ally than enemies all around. Especially when hunting.

12-08-2004, 12:39 PM
Kira attempted to slow herself as she approached the entrance door to the hangar, but the floor was too smooth. Her boots began to slide and she immediately realized that she was going to ram the door if she did nothing. In a quick movement, she leapt off the ground, placed her feet on the wall, and backflipped over Nalaen's approaching form. The result was satisfactory; she dropped solidly on her feet behind Nalaen and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

"Not every day you're faced with something like that," she said, grinning like a maniac. Then, she joined Nalaen at the door and waited for it to open.

Blessèd Sith
12-08-2004, 03:39 PM
Nalaen had seen the hangar door just before Kira, and was able to slow herself more gradually, avoiding the slip on the smooth floor. The other girl went up over her head and landed in a well-executed backflip. She grinned back at Kira with a short laugh.

"No, it isn't -- nice flip, by the way," she added smoothly, her grin fading into a genuine smile. She was starting to . . . like this other woman. It wasn't often Nalaen made friends; she was too busy trying to become the best of the best: or at least one of the best, to bother socializing. Or on missions and killing people for the Sith. But this girl . . . she was so much like herself: in a good way. Not enough to be grating, but enough to be able to work with her. Perhaps their previous animosity could be put behind them. After all, it did seem that they made a good team. But the real test would come in a second.

Turning back to the door, she watched as it opened in its own leisurely time. It didn't seem to understand the situation and wouldn't hurry for them. Or maybe it was her impatience which made the door seem like it was moving a bit slower than usual. Once more, she reached with the Force to touch her sabre, just to check. She wondered if she would need to use it.

After all, why was Steven fleeing? A Sith getting up and leaving for no apparent reason was never a good thing, unless sent on a mission by the Dark Lord. Which she knew hadn't happened, unless it was a long outstanding order.

The door finished its slow trek and she peered into the hangar. Taking a step in, hoping that Kira was with her. If she was going to get into a fight with a fellow student, she wanted someone else there to back her up. Not on a fighting level: she had handled Jedi before, though hadn't won without being completely unscathed. No, it wasn't for the extra skills or blade. It was for the moral support. They could feed off each other, and know that if the other was doing what she was, then they were doing the right thing. After all, she didn't want to be punished by Darth Zhen.

Now: where was Steven?

12-09-2004, 06:23 AM
Steve got into the cockpit of his ship. He flicked a few switches and his ship started the lift of the ground. He left the enclave and then the planet. While in space he looked at his map of the galaxy "so where shall i go to train? How about Ord Mantell"

He landed at a spaceport on Ord Mentell. he got out and went to a hotel for the night

12-09-2004, 08:05 AM
Kira rushed forward at the sound of a ship being started, but it was too late. Steven's ship had lifted off and flown away by the time she reached the spot it had been. She gave a sigh of disappointment.

"Gone," she grumbled. Then, she had an idea. Turning to Nalaen, she grinned. "Do you want to follow him?"

Blessèd Sith
12-09-2004, 02:01 PM
She opened her mouth and closed it a few times, eyes going wide. First, she was stunned at how easily Steven had got away: if given another chance, she would have dismembered him immediately, instead of waiting. Now, she had the choice to follow.

"Uh," she gaped, "shouldn't we ask Lord Zhen about this?" Her eyes darkened as they narrowed, a snarl twisting her face. "I don't like how this smells. He searches a tomb, tries to pry into my privacy, then suddenly leaves the academy. This smells VERY bad. And it's getting out of our hands. The Dark Lord wants blood. We will give him that blood."

She started walking out of the hangar, the Force around her thrumming with anger and loathing. Looking over her shoulder at Kira, she said, "You coming? It's time the Dark Lord did something about . . . Steven . . ."

12-09-2004, 03:35 PM
Kira's eyes widened as she listened to what Nalaen was saying. Finally, the other girl finished speaking and Kira nodded wordlessly.

"I'm coming," she said slowly, shaking her head. "You're right... something's wrong here."

12-10-2004, 06:32 AM
"hmmm, i bet the dark lord would be wondering where i am. I'd better send him a message." he said getting up.

He walked to his ship and got in. He flicked a few bottems a message to the academy saying "Master Zhen, I'm tracking down one of the ebon hawk crew who killed a bandon. After that i'll be doing some training. If Nalaen and Kira ask to follow me, please don't let them, they'll get in the way"

Blessèd Sith
12-12-2004, 07:19 PM
Nalaen strode purposefully through the dark, cool corridors to where she supposed Darth Zhen still stood. She knew it could be dangerous to approach him when he wanted an opponent, but that had to be pushed to the back of her mind. There were other things that had to be taken care of, had to be brought to his attention. Glancing at Kira to make sure she was still with her, she took a deep breath to centre herself and remove all inner trembles. What would the Dark Lord say? What would he do? There was really only one way to find out.

Entering the large chamber in which he was standing, Nalaen walked over to him, then dropped down, her head bowed. She couldn't see what Kira was doing and at this moment wasn't concerned.

"My Lord, I come not to challenge you, but to bring you word of . . . occurances of late. Steven is up to something," she said in a rush, chiding herself for her meekness. Stablising herself, she continued: "He just fled the academy." There she paused, knowing she didn't have to say anything more. He would sense her desire: that she wanted to hunt Steven down and skin him like the beast he was.

12-13-2004, 11:19 AM
He did sence her disire. "man, what dose that women have against me? the fact that i don't listen to her or the fact i made her temple a bit mesy?"

He got on a speeder when sped into a canyon.

Jin Phoenix
12-13-2004, 04:54 PM
Lord Zhen opened his eyes from his perch and acknowledged her. For a long moment he had nothing to say as he was quite perturbed at the fact that she had come to him yet brought no challenger. In a very low and haunting voice he spoke to her never touching the ground.

"I am aware of this Nalean. He sent me a message which said he was going to hunt down a member of the stryke team which killed that weak family member of his. I cannot bring him back and I will not have you leaving to chase him. You will have a chance to cut into him." He stopped for a few moments and sighed softly then returned to his older predisposition.
"For your final test you will fight Steven to whichever end I choose. Then and only then will you become a Sith."

He became quiet again and acknowleged her no more.

Blessèd Sith
12-13-2004, 07:59 PM
Her jaw dropped. She was so shocked that she didn't bother checking herself, nor did she bow away gracefully as was proper. Disappointment began to well up in her: not because he had said no, but now it was because she felt she had failed him.

"M-my Lord, I . . . I am most apologetic. I never meant to . . . to . . ." she failed for words for a moment, "to try and make decisions for you. If there is something else you would have me do, rather than chase that weakling down, then I will do it. My will is yours and I serve humbly." She didn't even know if he was listening, but she had to speak, even out of place.

"Is there something else you wish me to do? . . . I will challenge you if that is your desire." Mentally, she winced. Challenging him meant he could strike her down: she didn't want to die. She only wanted . . . to make him happy. That was odd. Checking her thoughts, she realised that she was correct in her assessment. Well, better to have him pleased with her than angry. He wouldn't kill her, right? It could be a learning opportunity for her, he could teach her something in the mock battle -- and he would get his challenge.

Jin Phoenix
12-15-2004, 02:38 PM
He floated still in complete silence. He thought for a few moments wondering to himself why she was so apologetic. She had done nothing wrong and he understood that. Why then was he tempted to cut her. He supposed it was because she was so apologetic, but he decided against it.

"Nalean you have done nothing wrong. I do not have anything for you now yet I do not wish for you to face him without my presence. If you are to challenge me then take the saber. But keep in mind if you dissapoint me I may be forced to cut you. No I will not kill you but your limbs are not sacred."

His voice was calm and stotic as he spoke to her very softly.

Blessèd Sith
12-15-2004, 07:00 PM
She stood, eyes going hard, the Force wrapping up around her body. Lifting up her hand, her double-bladed sabre flew into it, igniting the moment it hit her flesh. With one hand she gripped it, standing ready before him.

Her voice was like steel, as stony and vicious as her expression. "Then I accept the challenge, my Lord." She could sense part of what he was feeling, but knew that if she had not been apologetic, it could get her into worse situations. Besides, what was said was said, and she had meant it.

"I will not be a disappointment." In this she knew she was right. She had been brought up since she could barely walk to weild a bo, then soon after, double-bladed weapons. Since childhood she had been an eager killer, learning how to battle both in theory and out in the field. Against both man and beast. Added to her warrior heritage, the priests and Gods were also warriors, adding a comfort with the kill. And of course, she had been brought up Sith. Her whole life was based on her abilities to destroy others, to slaughter all that stood in her way. Naturally, she had earned her fair share of scars and near-death occurences and there had been the odd time she had failed: but those things only served to better her. If the Dark Lord said he wasn't going to kill her, then she knew she had nothing to fear. She was powerful within herself and had been taught well on her home planet. In her young mind, she would never fall.

12-16-2004, 06:08 AM
After an hour of riding (witch he spent most of his time having fun,eg. doing tricks) he stopped and took a break. He had a slight head ache ever since he meet the spirit. but now it grow even worse. He took a nap witch ended up in a long sleep because when he woke up it was night time. The head ache had stopped, for now.

He hoped back on his swoop and carried on

(who should be the guy i'm chasing for killing my brother?)

12-16-2004, 01:44 PM
To this point, Kira had been standing by silently. She felt that she could do so no longer. She stepped into what little light there was in the room, wondering if she should have done so. Her lightsaber was in her hands, but she had not yet ignighted the blades.

"In one moment, I formed a bond with Nalaen," she said, her voice almost inaudible. "We were united in our quest against Steven. I do not want this unity to fade..." her voice left her, but quickly returned.

"What must I do?" she questioned. "Even if I am told to stand aside, at least I know I am doing what is desired of me. Lord Zhen, Nalaen, is it the will of both of you that I stand aside and watch this struggle?"

Jin Phoenix
12-16-2004, 06:42 PM
He dropped to the ground so quickly it was almost unseeable. He levitated the double bladed saber from his belt and grasped it into his hand. He looked at Nalean and then to Kira.

"Kira it is your choice. I will not kill either of you. However if I am dissapointed I may need to punish you. But it is your choice whether or not you wish to fight."

He looked a Nalean again after he spoke. Under his hood he smiled softly. He was very fond of both of these girls. They were strong and beautiful and knew their potential. But much they still had to be taught and he would be the one to teach them. The saber was raised in his hand and the blades were ignighted. As they lit the room darkened with the shadow the black blades cast. This shadow over powered the light from her saber and was very hard to deciefer where the blade stopped and the shadow began.

"Come at me my dear girl."
His voice was cold and calm as he held the blade in the center of the handle like a bow in one hand.

Blessèd Sith
12-16-2004, 11:29 PM
Nalaen centered herself quickly and looked to the Dark Lord. Ignoring the attraction she felt, ignoring his benevolence towards her for just this time, she got herself ready for the attack. She saw him as her prey; she was returned to childhood, on the hunt for a fresh victim. To honour her ancestors and her people. And in this she would not fail.

She lunged, going at Darth Zhen with all she had, drawing the Force around her like a blanket. Protective and invigorating. Her blades twirled, striking at him one way, then in a split second, coming from the other side. Her body twisted and moved in a fluid dance of death, her sabre an extention of her body.

It was like being back in the temple with her bo, the priests and priestesses chanting, the neophytes, students and Sith on the temple mont. There she had done a dance like this, many times, for different seasons. For the ancestors, for the Gods. And the Force had always been with her then. To her, this was pure existance. She knew that technically she could see but she had no memory of any vision, of what her eyes had just passed. Everything was guided through training, both brutal and caring, and as always: the Force. Her eyes were glazed and she had no need for the trickery of first-sight. Even if she felt the searing touch of blade to flesh, she would not yeild. It was something she had been instructed in so long ago, something she was proud of. In her own world, stroked and enflamed by the energies both around and inside her, she continued her attack, feeling at home.

12-17-2004, 12:37 PM
Kira joined Nalaen in sparring against Lord Zhen. At first, she used only one blade of her lightsaber, but quickly realized that Zhen was fast enough that she would need to use both. In seconds, she had flipped backward, away from the battle just long enough to ignite her second blade. Then, she rejoined the sparring again.

Blessèd Sith
01-21-2005, 11:32 AM
(((Can we continue this? Where's the dark lord? :P)))

01-22-2005, 01:17 AM
Steven had just exitted the cannyon. He saw a small hutt. He talked towards it. Ignited his saber. But as soon as he reached the door mandalorians appeared from nowhere

"freeze jedi!"

01-26-2005, 06:37 AM
((Nalaen and Kira are somewhat stuck until Zhen does something...))

Blessèd Sith
01-26-2005, 08:56 PM
(((Scheisse >_< Damn it Zhen, MONKEYS!!)))

02-07-2005, 05:32 PM
((....... monkeys??:eek: :p :p oh, Jin... you're needed here! I'm gonna RP a little without you, just to prove I can:evil2: ))

Kira was knocked clear across the room, slamming into the wall with such force that she was knocked breathless. Dropping her saber, she fell to her knees, gasping for breath. Nalaen was keeping Zhen at bay... sort of. In seconds, Kira had regained her breath and leapt forward into the fight again, calling her lightsaber to her hand as she went.

Blessèd Sith
02-22-2005, 04:13 PM
(((Pssst, what are we gonna do here? Someone needs to put Jin's sleeping hand into some warm water n_n That oughta get him up in a wet hurry)))

02-23-2005, 06:29 AM
Steven woke up in the same place he was knocked out. right in the middel of the canyon. "damm, they didn't take me to there base or kill me". He was able to find his swoop and went back to his ship.

He was now above Korriban and saw a republic fleet heading towards the sith academy. He tried to contact lord Zhen thoug the force but failed. "darn. well here goes nothing" he used the force to talk Nalaen "Nalaen! A republic fleet is heading your way. I suggest u get out of there!"

02-23-2005, 07:36 AM
Originally posted by Blessèd Sith
(((Pssst, what are we gonna do here? Someone needs to put Jin's sleeping hand into some warm water n_n That oughta get him up in a wet hurry)))

((would do that if I knew where he lived and it wasn't too far away..... should we keep going without him? Perhaps the fight between him and Kira and Nalaen is over now... we could be sitting somewhere and thinking of the fight. If he comes back, he can put his character in somewhere.))

Blessèd Sith
02-24-2005, 09:14 AM
(((I suppose we could, and he could figure out how to jump in later. Or we could message him or something o_O)))

02-26-2005, 02:32 AM
(how about the battle was disrupted with the attack of the republic fleet)

"Nalaen! answer me! you need to get yourself out of there

Blessèd Sith
02-26-2005, 08:20 PM
(((I suppose that could work. Or not the whole fleet, but a group of Jedi and soldiers or something, scouting the area or somesuch. I dunno, ask our Kira if it's cool :p)))

02-27-2005, 05:53 AM
((Sounds fine to me.))

Blessèd Sith
02-27-2005, 10:30 AM
Whipping around, sabre still ignited, she glowered at Steven.

"What did you just say? Why are you speaking to me?" she snapped quickly. But even through her annoyance, she felt something else. Her face slowly rose to scan the dark ceiling; she could feel a . . . tremour. A prescence of the Force that she didn't like.

"Someone's here," she articulated slowly, glancing around as she licked her suddenly dry lips. "What's going on?"

02-28-2005, 07:22 AM
"a huge scouting party or a small fleet. I'm not too sure but there coming straight to sith academy. We have a spy or they read my mind when the captured me. I don't know witch but u need to get out of there!!"

Blessèd Sith
02-28-2005, 09:30 AM
Twirling her sabre casually, looking at the wall, she smiled. She liked seeing Steven squirm.

"This is your fault. Interesting. But beyond that, we are a school of Sith. We have masters and near-masters and many other well-trained students who could easily take these bastards on. How about instead of running like a beaten kath hound pup, we fight back? Y'know, amass our own little army. I mean, we've all only been taught how to kill Jedi." She shrugged nonchalantly there, bloodlust filling her eager veins. It would be so much fun to kill, to really kill other people. Instead of just wishing it.

02-28-2005, 10:38 AM
"If the fleet goes missing their bound they're go searching for it. Use your head!u need to evacuate the area to keep our secrite safe. I relise we can take the fleet but their numbers are high and ours are not."

Blessèd Sith
02-28-2005, 10:45 AM
"If they're coming here they're probably wandering aimlessly in hopes of finding something. They did. Block their comlinks and everything: if they can't send message back to the mother fleet or command base, no one will know they're here. And we slaughter them."

She knew Steven had a good point and would be willing to concede to it if this was an actual planned assault. Besides, she wanted to kill.

02-28-2005, 02:53 PM
"No one will know they're here and we'll not let any escape to tell the story," Kira said. She was like Nalaen in the sense that both wanted a fight. "It's the perfect training exercise."

She laughed, but her laugh died away and was replaced by heavy breathing. Her face formed into a blank stare and she dropped to her knees. Her lightsaber went clattering to the floor. For an instant, her black hair lightened into a reddish brown, but in a moment, it had passed. She got to her feet again and retrieved her lightsaber.

"Strange," she muttered. She was still frowning, but the blank stare was gone.

((The way I have it in my mind, the Derthag Quest takes place before this RPG... am I right? I'd better be.))

Blessèd Sith
02-28-2005, 05:54 PM
(((Does it even happen in the same dimention? Or are they completely separate plot lines or something? And I really don't know what to post right now . . .)))

02-28-2005, 06:02 PM
((I thought one was a sort of sequel to the other... that's how I've been writing in this one.))

Blessèd Sith
02-28-2005, 06:35 PM
(((Well, it doesn't mean you can't keep your character the way she is and all . . . because having her and Nalaen end up hating each other with Korth around will end up impossible.)))

02-28-2005, 06:49 PM

One thing you might post is a little concern for Kira... after all, she very nearly collapsed just a second ago...;) ))

Blessèd Sith
02-28-2005, 06:54 PM
(((Oh yeah! Kindness! :p)))

Nalaen looked over at Kira, her brow furrowing. That had been strange. Her body went all weird and her hair changed . . . Her Force aura had become different too. Yet now she was back to normal.

Eying her, she chanced some worry. After all, animosity between them with real enemies coming around would be stupid.

"You alright?" she grunted, crossing her arms slowly. "You went all . . . funny." Glancing at Steven, she then looked around. "We need everyone gathered together. Strike teams, sabotage, we have to seperate groups like that. We need it done now or else we could be in trouble." Looking to Kira, she smiled crookedly. "You feel like being a leader?" Her muscles flexed. "Because I'm craving Jedi blood."

02-28-2005, 07:00 PM
"I... I'll be fine," Kira said, shaking her head. The... thing that had just happened to her almost terrified her. She had caught a glimpse of a smiling eighteen year old girl. The girl had blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Then, she saw that girl morphing into Kira herself. The smile was gone and her hair had gone black. Her eyes had gone a silvery blue rather than the dark blue they once had been.

She tried to shake it off. "No," Kira said. "I'm no leader right now. I'm still weak from... whatever that was. You lead. I'll follow."

((Take note, this is a BIG change for Kira. Normally, she'd love to be in charge.))

Blessèd Sith
02-28-2005, 07:19 PM
Nalaen nodded sharply, professionally. She knew it was tough for any Sith to concede power. But something was wrong with Kira, and they all needed to be at their best.

"Stick by me," she said, twirling her sabre in her hand. "The others can work on stragglers and the younger ones. We'll take the strong ones. And we need someone to destroy their ship." She looked around, then studied the room exit for a moment. "We'll stick to the shadows. Come up behind them. Steven can organise the groups. We have to hit now, and hit hard. Cut of the leaders from the subordinates. Without their precious masters," here she smiled evilly, "the rest of the weaklings will fall."

03-01-2005, 11:42 AM
He used the force to rest of the academy "Everyone! we are under attack! I want all the anti air turrets online and firing at the republic ships as the enter atnosphere. I also want a squad of fighters to begin the take out the fighters and when the transports land i want all the siths to drive them into the canyon near academy. I want them to meet a few spider friends of mine. The same ones who attacked the academy. You all have your ordres. Follow them because i know my master. He dosn't acept failure!"

He scanned the ships and saw an Air cruiser. There powerfull artillary could destroy half the academy in 1 shot. There was no way he could destroy it unless... His thrusters powerder up and his ship headed straight toward the crusier. He'd reached it before the republic ships knew he was there. He Crashed into the bridge and his ship had a bomb on it witch he installed incase som1 stole his ship. As soon he'd crashed the bomb blow up before steven and the cruiser.

03-03-2005, 04:55 AM
"It's as good a plan as any," Kira agreed. Then, her face screwed up in pain and she leaned against the wall, slumping to the floor. For a second, her hair turned blonde and her eyes deepened into a very dark blue. Her clothing lightened from black to reddish brown and several rips and tears became visible. A scar appeared on her right cheek.

"Where am I?" she asked quietly. "What's going on?"

Then, in another instant, she returned to normal and stood.

"If this happens during the battle, I will be of no help to anyone," she said. "Perhaps I had better simply find a place to hide."

Blessèd Sith
03-04-2005, 05:35 PM
Frowning, she shook her head resolutely.

"We need every Sith we've got, and you're a good warrior. Pull yourself together. Use the Force. You should be the one in control." She examined her sabre. "Now, let's go out there and kill people." A sadistic little grin appeared on her face as her eyes glinted. Oh how she wanted to cut down those Jedi.

"Besides," she said as she started walking away, her robe drifting behind her, "Sith don't hide when it comes to slaughtering Jedi."

03-07-2005, 09:10 PM
Kira hesitated, but nodded slowly and followed Nalaen. "You are right," she said. "It was just a moment of weakness. I can control it."

04-25-2005, 02:23 AM
((Are we gonna let this one die? I was having fun here! I just read through the entire thing and I was thinking that this one happens after the Derthag Quest... Blessed Sith, you mentioned that Nalaen and Kira hating each other between then and now would be rather difficult thanks to Korth, but I've got a plan in mind that would erase that problem.

In the other one, you already know that Kira and Teri are the same person. Nalaen doesn't know that at this point. Because of my 'playing with time', it would appear that Kira can't survive if Teri dies, but there is a way.

When Teri's life force leaves her body, it will enter Kira as she's dying. It will revive her, but she will be a terribly confused person. She'll run from Nalaen and each will find their own way off the planet.

When they meet again, Kira has forgotten all about Nalaen, as is obvious from their meeting in this RPG. Nalaen sensed something familiar about her, but hasn't figured it out yet. Kira is beginning to remember again who she once was, but I don't think it will harm the current relationship between them.

What do you think?))

Blessèd Sith
04-25-2005, 11:21 PM
(((Actually, yeah, that could work. It's complex . . . but definately do-able. *returns to the post a few minutes later* Whoa. When you wrote that Nalaen had said that Kira was familiar, it wasn't that I didn't believe you, but I couldn't remember writing it. So I read back through it [and the rps were SO much better with a Dark Lord >_<] and I really DID write that Kira was familiar. And I have no idea why, or the context o_O There's an example of my freaky writing for ya! I write things that don't make sense until way later :p)))

There was a pricking in her memory. Something was tugging at her and wouldn't let go. The flashing changes in Kira's appearance . . . it settled in her brain and triggered a familiar feeling. She turned slowly, her eyes narrowed in cautious curiosity. Something was going on here, and she had a vague idea what.

"I fought you," she said, half to herself, "it seems so long ago . . . you were so . . . light." She shook her head gently, as if trying to dislodge the thoughts. There was no point in reminding Kira of the past. It could change her over to what she once was completely, and there would be a Jedi right in her midst and quite unexpectedly. And it wasn't so much the Jedi factor that was the threat, but that it could happen without Nalaen realising it until too late. Then again . . . she hadn't changed when they were trapped . . .

"We have Jedi to kill," she said sharply, turning back around, heading off once more, "they'll be storming us if we aren't careful. We've wasted enough time; let's go."

04-27-2005, 01:49 AM
In a flash, Kira's dark hair faded to blonde and her eyes deepened into a very dark blue.

"My name is Teri Korr," she said. "I am the opposing half of Kira. You are correct; we fought. You killed my father and it drove me mad. I became Kira." She paused, as if trying to remember what had happened. Her hair suddenly grew into a dark red and her eyes paled once more.

"I cannot suppress her entirely," Kira said. "But it will be enough. Lead on, Nalaen. I will follow."

05-10-2005, 04:47 PM
((I think I'll return to this RPG, just not as Carth. I'm releaseing Carth from my grasp. It's an alternate dimension because this is Revan Light side and if you remember Rise of Revan is after DS ending.))

Name: Korth ((No not the same Korth))
Aka: None
Affiliation: Sith
Rank: Knight
Appearance: Like Korth in Derthag Quest, yeah like Kratos AUron from Tales of Symphonia, but he has black angel robes.((Kratos' angel robes but black))
Bio: Unknown

Blessèd Sith
09-05-2005, 04:06 PM
Nalaen marched resolutely out of the Academy and gazed up at the sky. She needed to see for herself what they were up against. Squinting against the light, she took in many large ships. Crap. Well . . . the best plan was to hide all the Sith, let the Republic or Jedi or whoever it was land and examine the area. Then, small groups of Sith could ambush any separated groups of Jedi (as they were most likely to split up. Anyone off the main group was active prey) because surprise was a wonderful tactic of both hunting and war. Also destroy all communications with ion or something, preventing any regrouping, requests of aid or reinforcements; and . . . try and guide the masters up to the school. Alone. Where they could be slaughtered like the animals they were.

"I," Nalaen said slowly, moving quickly back into the darkness of the Academy, "have a plan. All we need is everyone in the main hall so I can tell them. And get Steven back here before he effs it up anymore."

09-05-2005, 04:19 PM
'This aint good.' Steven had coward out of his plan and was able to manage landing on the air cruiser without any chance of being detected 'Nice work steven. You've got yourself into somthing you cant get yourself out of. What is this. Steven got a vision from inside the republic cruiser 'Mecka you traitor! You told the republic about this place!! Damn you!!

09-05-2005, 07:05 PM
"My only request is that we do what must be done as quickly as we can," Kira said quietly. "I am unstable... I cannot keep the Jedi restrained so much as I would like." She groaned and put a hand to her head. "She's pushing... Augh! If she breaks free, she will attack the Sith!"

A moan. "Go, Nalaen... The fight between Sith and Jedi is yours. The fight between myself and this single Jedi is my own... I will dominate her."

Blessèd Sith
09-09-2005, 01:53 AM
Nalaen nodded slowly, sorry to lose someone with talent. But she was too great a risk now. If the blasted jedi-half of Kira got out . . . well, no telling what would happen. Taking a deep breath, truly becoming in charge for the first time in her life, she headed resolutely to the main chamber. By way of the masters, she was able to get the word spread quickly. Damn it. She was used to taking orders, not giving them out. For the Gods sakes, she was an assassin, not some General. Still, she did have an idea and some knowledge of war, so she may as well share with the Masters. They could make the final decision as to what had to be done.

Bowing her head slightly, Nalaen huddled into a group with the Masters of the Academy, the Sith students somehow hovering about aimlessly in the packed room. They were twitchy -- nervous. There was nothing Nalaen could do about that, nothing any of them could do. However, once they got their orders, things would change. They'd become normal once more, and gladly die for the cause. But, if things went according to plan, very few if any need die.

"I think," Nalaen said softly, sounding somewhat unsure, "our best bet is to lure them. Force them to break off into smaller groups to search seemingly innocent occurences or sounds. Or feelings. Find the students who are good with mental manipulation. They can create the feelings of lost jedi, and their 'comrades' will go searching . . ." a malicious grin lit up her face momentarily. "Also, we need to blast the area with ion fire once we start killing. It may harm us slightly, but if we're ready for the ion strike, we shouldn't be hit too hard. Not only will it daze the Jedi, giving us a momentary advantage, but it will wipe out communications. Something very bad here. Last, we need to get the Jedi Masters here, where the best -- preferably some or all of you Masters," she nodded respectfully to them, "will be hiding in the shadows, masking your presence in the natural dark side aura of the area. Spring the attack and slaughter them. Nice and tidy and no one back home figures out what happened to them. Hyperspaced into a black hole." A smirk and she looked up from under the hem of her hood to study the older Siths' faces. There wasn't anger or unease. No, instead she saw thought and consideration. At least she had brought something to the table for them to chew over.

09-09-2005, 08:01 AM
Kira had gone to her room to wrestle with Teri. And that's how it began.

"I am stronger than you," Kira growled. Then, she heard her own voice coming out of her mouth, but it was not something she would have ordinarily said.

"Only in your mind." It was Teri. "I have lived through your entire life as a Sith."

"Don't joke with me," Kira snapped. "You entered me when I was eighteen... not at birth."

"At birth, you were me," Teri pointed out. "I could say that, at eighteen, you killed me in time for me to save your life."

"Excuse me?" Kira demanded.

"You have forgotten," Teri said. "Nalaen killed my body and you started to die. I had to possess you to keep you alive. We fought then and you gained control... I let you gain control. After all, this body is yours... not mine."

"Then why don't you leave?" Kira snapped.

"We are to closely connected," Teri answered. "If I were to leave, you would die. That may change in time, but I hope we can learn to live together for the time being."

"Do we have a choice?"

Teri laughed. "No."


And with that, Kira/Teri dropped to the floor to meditate on what had just happened.

09-09-2005, 11:18 AM
"Kira...Im parked on the republic cruiser and have a good few of the fleet. Whats the situation down there?"

09-09-2005, 11:37 AM
Kira's eyes snapped open and she used the Force to bring her communicator to her.

"Ask Nalaen," Kira answered shortly. "I am not in the fight."

09-09-2005, 05:10 PM
"Well get into the fight. We need someone with yours skills. And I cant find Nalaen. Listen, the jedi and republic know we're here. Do you remenber the spider creatures I woke up and they attacked the temple? Well I think we could use them to our advantage"

Blessèd Sith
09-09-2005, 05:12 PM
Nalaen was in the main chamber, kneeling on the floor in near meditation. She kept herself conscious enough to speak when needed and to understand what was going on, but this wasn't her place to give out the instructions. The Masters were standing above her, telling the others where to go. Her plan had taken root in their minds, and now they were using it as they saw fit. Which worked fine for Nalaen. She hadn't been quite sure on the execution. She only knew what had to be done in theory.
There was a shaking and gentle beeping from her cloak. Scowling, she reached in and took the communicator in her hand.
"What?" she demanded, hearing Steven. Listening to his question, she grunted. "We're sending out recon teams and ambushes. We're getting ready for battle. Nothing major is happening yet, but soon communications will be out. What are you doing right now. Oh, and don't eff this up for us." She sounded almost weary. She waited semi-patiently for his reply.

09-10-2005, 05:56 AM
"Im on the republic cuiser. I have a perfect view of them and they have no idea Im here and I dought they'll be able to see me. And I can blow his thing to a crisp but theres a chance I could screw up your plans. So what is your plan?"

09-10-2005, 12:17 PM
"Why do you wrestle so much with what you truly are?" It was Teri. Kira growled at the voice in her head.

"I am Sith," she snapped aloud.

"Are you?" Teri asked.


"Then I must not be the perfect Jedi," Teri concluded.

"What?" Kira was taken aback by this.

"I saved your life," Teri pointed out. "Did it ever occur to you that I wanted you to live a full life?"

"Why are you resurfacing now?" Kira demanded.

"Because you cannot go into this without knowing the fighting techniques of the Jedi," Teri answered. She laughed. "Am I plotting with the Sith against the Jedi?"

"That's what it sounds like," Kira growled. "Either that or you're trying to get me to join the battle so you can take over and kill Sith."

"If I wanted to kill Sith, why wouldn't I simply destroy your spirit and take over the body?"

"I..." Kira stammered. "You don't want to kill Sith?"

"It has been a rather interesting experience, floating around in your mind," Teri answered. "I have seen much more of the Force than the Jedi will ever teach me. I understand that, occasionally, somebody needs a mild dose of lightning or choking."

"Are you sure you're not Sith?" Kira gasped. Teri laughed.

"Call me a shadow Jedi," she answered. "Not fully light according to the Jedi, but not truly Sith."

"Then we can work together," Kira said. It was not a question.

"I would hope so," Teri answered.

"Do you want to join this fight?" Kira asked.

"No," Teri replied. "The woman... Nalaen, I think you called her... she thinks you're in here trying to wrestle with me for control of the body. So that is what you must pretend to do. When the battle is over, we will break the news to her gently that I am still here and not so unwilling to help you."

"Why gently?" Kira wondered.

"She will kill us both if she thinks you're getting friendly with a Jedi," Teri answered. "And the shadow Jedi explanation won't work for her."

With this explanation, Kira was satisfied to meditate on what she just heard.

Blessèd Sith
09-10-2005, 03:52 PM
She growled, thoughts flashing like lightening through her mind. If they blew the ship, then the ground attack might not work out. However, wiping out a group of the Republic was too perfect a chance to pass up.

"Alright," she said slowly, "I have an idea. It needs to look like a militaristic accident. Reroute the lasers. Turn the power back in on themselves. When they fire -- and trust me, I'll give them a reason to fire -- it'll blow the ship. Make sure you put the output back into the input." She paused. "However, if you have an easier way, I'm all ears." Pacing now, her eyes hard, glittering with malicious calculation, she kept the comlink in her hand, suddenly realising how smart The Dark Lord had been for giving her encryptions on it. "Okay, we're setting up ambushes. We need them to think this place already evacuated, so they can see no one and have no sense of Sith still being here. We're all hiding. Then once we pretty much take out everyone," hopefully, she added mentally, "we're luring the Master Jedis to the main chamber. Then our Masters will slaughter them like the animals they are." She smiled then. "Do you have a plan compatable with that? I still think the 'accident' route is the best one. It'll be a tragedy, I'm sure," she added with a fake pout, clear in her voice, "but it won't betray the fact that there are active Sith actively taking the Jedi and Republic out."

Taking a deep breath, having spoken longer than she would have thought herself able to, she stopped pacing. Her hands were trembling slightly. Never had she been in an attack such as this. Usually it was her tailing someone, or in a group of Sith slaughtering Jedi. Nothing like a real war or battle. Standing there, her robe flitting slightly around her ankles, the only betrayal of her nerves, she wondered where The Dark Lord was. With him to rally around, it would be only too easy to take on this threat. Now she felt it was on her shoulders and she did not like that. She wanted someone else to take the responsibility. This was not fun. She was an assassin, she was still a child. For her to have other Sith students on her hands . . . following her plans at the orders of their Masters . . . It made her spine feel a lot softer than usual.

"Steven? Your verdict?"

09-12-2005, 06:54 PM
((Nothing's happening... :( and I can't really post anything more... Kira and Teri are sort of getting along at the moment... Steven, Nalaen asked you a question :) ))

09-13-2005, 11:37 AM
There was a pause for a moment "Go for it. I can get becons on all of the republic cruisers to help you have more accurate shot. I sence that the jedi master are on the middle cruiser."